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Ameda Users

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by babypowerz, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. babypowerz

    babypowerz New Member


    I'm calling out to all Ameda Dual Lactaline Pump users to share with me the brand of rechargeable batteries they are using. Currently I'm using disposable batteries and I find it pricey and cost consuming. I did try to use rechargeable batteries (fully charged for 12 hours) but my pump would not work till i decided to replace with disposable ones.

    I used the pump frequently at work to express milk and sometimes while expressing the pump just died on me. Very depressing especially when the milk is about to come out and the batteries just went flat.

    there was no socket in the room im using to express milk. my colleagues who used medela had no problem using rechargeable batteries. I did try to use their batteries but still it wouldnt work on my machine.

    please share the brand and the specs of the rechargeable bateries you are using and where I could get them.


  2. akachan04

    akachan04 Member

    Hi Scrooge,

    You may want to call the distributor and check with them. Infantree @ Tel : 64541867. I have just bought the Ameda pump recently. Will only be using it after my baby is born so cannot advise much.
  3. babypowerz

    babypowerz New Member

    Hi, J&M!

    Thanks for the contact. I've called them up and was told that Ameda pumps cannot use rechargeable batteries as the voltage is low ie. 1.2V only. So can use only disposable batteries or adaptor. Disposable batteries - Energizer or Duracell - as their voltage is higher ie 1.5V.

    Been using the pump for 3.5 yrs now and find it an expensive machine :p Nevertheless, it has serve me well to date. :)
  4. akachan04

    akachan04 Member

    Hi Scrooge,

    Glad to know that you have found the problem. Thanks for the info on the correct kind of batteries to use for Ameda pump. I guess it benefits all mummies who intends or are using the pump now.
  5. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

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  6. willting

    willting New Member


    Can i check how many is the charges for changing the motor for ameda pump?

  7. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    do i need to buy adaptor for ameda breastpump?

    is ameda lactaline and purely yours the same thg?
  8. musicbox

    musicbox Member

    Hi jan jan,
    Yes, they're the same.
  9. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    shd i get the pumps b4 or after delivery?
  10. adrian_4781

    adrian_4781 New Member

    hi all i am intending to buy this pump for my wife...but i realise tat it not a "popular" brand in all the big mall...as i only see modela brand...

    so can i check hw is the performance for this pump and is it strong enuf? also hw is the warranty like...is there any local distributer, or main store sellin this product?
  11. musicbox

    musicbox Member

    you can buy from Robinson. but the cheapest is to buy from ebay from this uk seller hellobaby at around $230 including shipping charges for brand new set and ship to singapore directly. i bought 1 myself and when the motor spoilt they give me a BN replacement set directly.
  12. adrian_4781

    adrian_4781 New Member

    hw is this pump compared to modela?

    sorry if i shouldn post this comments here...
  13. mymelody20

    mymelody20 New Member

    hihi, i am considering getting ameda after hearing all the good feedback. however, can i check with all mummies what is the normal retail price it is selling for in sgp? cause my delivery is only in dec, so i plan to wait for good offers like baby fairs before purchasing it.

    btw, does ameda allows you to set the pump faster during the initial stage? cos i heard from my colleague tt avent pumps simulate that of the baby, whereby in the initial stage it will pump faster just like the baby suckle as there is no milk during intial pumping. pls advise - thank you!
  14. banazz

    banazz Member

    hi janjan, i'm a ameda user n i strongly recommend buying before delivery. for me, i only bought it a week after delivery as initially, i was afraid that i had no milk, so i decided to use a hand me down manual avent pump. that was a bad decision. in order to ensure that my supply kicks in, i pump every 3 hourly , even in e night. being new to using a pump, plus the fact that my nipples were sore and crack, i din managed to master e "skill" of using a manual pump. in the end, i was badly engored and that's when my massage lady recommended me to this pump. i got my sister to buy it for me and gosh, the effect was immediate. the milk juz flow out n i had never seen that much milk. till now, 20 months later, i'm still breastfeeding. i gave the credit to a good pump. if i din try this pump, i may have given up breastfeeding within weeks as the initial stage was really hell. in short, this is a good pump to try if u r determined to breastfeed.

    hi adrian, i hv not used medela pump before but i did a search on this pump when my massage lady recommended it to me. i remember seeing some comments comparing these 2 brand n e conclusion i drew was unless u r getting e medela dual pump model that cost ard $700+, ameda is still a better choice. not that e $700+ model is better than ameda, rather, it's that the cheaper medela models can't match ameda. there's not much comments comparing the $700+ medela model to ameda. in terms of the noise level, ameda is not as noisy as medela, regardless of the model. hope this help.
  15. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    do u think if i choose total breastfeeding, do i need a electric breastpumps?
  16. banazz

    banazz Member

    i read posting by some mommies before, saying that there is no need to use breastpump since baby latches on directly. but for me, pump is a must during my 1st yr of breastfeeding. especially after my 3 mths maternity leave was over cos i'll express in office to maintain my supply. i only stop using electric pump after the 1st yr... occasionally, i still use manual pump after my 1st yr but it is really once in a blue moon kind. in short, a good electric pump is still a must have for me
  17. preciousthots

    preciousthots Member

    hi mummies,

    i am keen to purchase ameda before i deliver but i heard that the power for ameda is quite slow and hence more suitable for mummies with good milk flow..I was advised to observe my milk flow first after giving birth before getting ameda coz if milk flow is not that good, better not to get ameda. Is this true? can share your experience?
  18. adeline28

    adeline28 Member

    i think its not true that it is only suitable for mummie with good milk flow.. my second baby was admitted back to the hospital on day six due to to jaundice and i've been using the pump to build up my supply since then cos i was not able to latch her.. i got another fren who did not even latch on at all cos her baby was in NICU.. but she gt so much milk.. she was fully expressing.. We are both using Ameda..
  19. adeline28

    adeline28 Member

    Those who wan to buy Ameda can also buy from Baby Kingdom at Kaki Bukit.. Isetan at Scotts.. or Mumsfairy at the Business thread.. I think now GSS sale, the departmental store or baby kingdom should be having sale..
  20. cocoswirl

    cocoswirl New Member

    Hi mummies,

    I'm having problem holding my Ameda pump straight while pumping as milk tends to drip from the funnels.. think its the angle of the funnels.

    Anyone with the same problem?
  21. ticktock

    ticktock New Member

    not me. Are you using the correct size funnels?
  22. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    anyone know how much robinson is selling ameda breast pumps? do ameda comes w/ an adaptor in the box?
  23. banazz

    banazz Member

    janjan, its going at $388 and it has e adaptor
  24. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    thanks banazz,

    i didnt see ameda at isetan, does it still sell ameda pump? anyone knows? how much is it?
  25. adeline28

    adeline28 Member

    jan jan,
    I have seen it at Isetan Scotts before.
    Isetan Tampines dun carry it.
    I think the pricing is the same, unless gt promotions or private sale.
  26. jo_tan

    jo_tan New Member

    You can buy it online from mum's fairy.
  27. verafoon

    verafoon New Member

    Hi, just to share my experience. I used Ameda pump after I was discharged from hospital. Initially, it was quite good, can pump quite fast as my milk flow is coming in.

    After using for 3wks, my milk supply drop. Then I have big difficulty pumping. I can see the milk coming out, but when I tried to pump, it just wont come out. Instead, I can express more using hand. Hence, I switch to a manual pump and I can express out all the milk..

    So, my conclusion is that if you have good milk supply, it is very good. But if your milk supply is low, a manual pump might be better.
  28. donroxx

    donroxx Member

    sharing my experience too. i been using ameda pump since day 4 when i got home (used hospital's pump when i was there). got it from mum's fairy as a package - pump plus extra pumping pal funnels n hands free thingy that holds the pumps.

    i 'tortured' my pump - 2/3hrly pumps that lasts up to 1hr and sterilization after every use. (usually pple pump 10-15mins only and recommended is sterilized once a day. i dun care la prefer to sterilized aft every use)

    it was very strong in the first few weeks but it got weaker from 6weeks. I do not know if it is because of excessive usage. now at 17 weeks, i switch from dual to single pump before i feel the "power".

    maintenance wise, it is very easy to clean and assemble. all parts that come in contact with milk - funnel and valve - can be scrubbed and sterilized. it's also very portable n not v noisy.

    my grouses are about the valve and funnel. The valve is impossible to scrub without destroying it. You can rinse it only. i've since changed 4 valves ($8 each) due to scrubbing. As for the funnel, it is a PC funnel. If you want PP funnel have to buy separately. Also my PC funnel just cracked yesterday after i screwed on too tight. i use glass bottles so i guess glass is too hard on the plastic?

    folks in previous posts commented ameda is better for pple with good milk flow. i do not know if is true since i belong to the "hardly have enough" category. wat i can comment is i pump same amount of milk while using a manual medela pump.

    would i recommend ameda? absolutely.
    -it survived long n frequent pumping, fits all my glass bottles (nature pure, nuk n similac glass bottles)
    -relatively quiet, not heavy
    -easy to clean (i dun like cleaning my medela pump, impossible to scrub parts that are in contact with milk; regret buying)
    -most imptly, cheapest dual pump ard
  29. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    Do you find your ameda breaks down easily?

    Mine like k/o after a while... I used for 4 mths, after that kept in storage for abt 6 mths, passed to my friend to use, and her baby haven't turned 1yo the pump died. Mine is the Ameda truely yours. My friend's Medela pump in style can last her 3 kids.

    I regret buying the Ameda. But its like what you pay is what you get... :p
  30. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    can ameda pumps fit into pigeon standard bottles n piyo piyo bottles?

    where did u buy the replacement valves?

    did u sterilise all pump parts incl d pipes n valves?
  31. irishcream

    irishcream Member

    i have 2 ameda (one for work, one for home), both work beautifully. Also able to use recharageable. I used 1800/2300 rechargeables whenever I travelled. No problem at all.

    pump can be fitted to any standard size bottles.
    accessories like valves can be bot overseas, which is cheaper. checked out the overseas sprees, esp those organized by prettycloud. She's very helpful.
  32. donroxx

    donroxx Member

    jan jan.. ameda fits standard neck bottles. dun have pigeon bottles so can't try for u [​IMG]

    i bought valves from mum's fairy. can also buy from baby kingdom at kaki bukit.

    for sterilizing, i sterilize funnel and valve after every use. i dun sterilize the bellow or tubes since it does not touch milk (wash only).
  33. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    do u wash the tubes after every use?
  34. shook

    shook New Member

    Ameda pump can fit pigeon n piyo piyo standard bottles but the prob is these bottles can't sit in ameda pump bottle holder. Any one found bottles other than ameda bottles sit well into ameda pump bottle holder?

    Dun wash the tubes U can use wet cloth to wipe the exterior of the tubes
  35. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    r the milk bottles come with ameda pump bpa free?
  36. donroxx

    donroxx Member

    jan jan
    i wash when it is dusty loh. oh dun let water go in else hard to dry.

    no sure abt bottles. i'm not using them to be safe. actually the funnels r not bpa free (assuming u r buying locally). if u buy separate bpa free funnels (PP funnels), be aware that the bellows dun fit n the whole thing does not work well.
  37. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    then where can we buy accessories that fit? do u buy the same non PP funnels n they fit?
  38. angieng

    angieng New Member

  39. musicbox

    musicbox Member

    Hi Angie,
    I prefer Ameda coz silent. Medela is very noisy and to me it hurts. I normally use the pump (both) with Avent pedal cushion. But Ameda do have some problems with the accessories especially the valve. Really have to take care if not the pump will not function well. If you can stand the noise level (when i first use it i really tot the motor spoilt), (especially if you need to bring to office, then you really need a silent pump), then go for medela, if not, ameda is a better choice. And i'm not sure if I'm the only one have so many problems with the valve, other mummies seem to like the pump a lot.
  40. angieng

    angieng New Member

    Hi Musicbox,
    Thanks for your feedback, it will be useful for me to jubge which to buy. Beside the noise level and the valve problem, do you notice that their power are equivalent? Seeing the feedback from others, seems like the power will get weaker for Ameda pump after awhile? Did you found the same problem?
  41. musicbox

    musicbox Member

    hi angie,
    I've no problem with the power, but i think ameda uses bigger vottage. both chargers are big compare to avent's. Durable wise i think medela is more durable, but ameda is lighter and if you really take care of the parts it can last also. Just don't steam or boil the parts, all the parts are fragile including funnel, bottles, valve, below. But given a choice i'll still buy ameda than medela, coz really can't stand the noise. Now i only put my ameda parts in after i off the gas for boiling, never never boil or steam the valves. If possible buy more valves to standby, some valves even drop off from funnel after a few seconds of putting it on. Other than the fragile part, ameda is good to use and carry around.
  42. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    where to buy ameda accessories?
  43. preciousthots

    preciousthots Member

  44. musicbox

    musicbox Member

    hi jan,
    can buy from retails like robinson or the service company infant tree. But i think cheapest is from bulk purchase or from ebay. just do a search on this forum or ebay and you shd be able to find good deals.
  45. angieng

    angieng New Member

    Thanks Musicbox,
    Appreciate it for your sharing.
  46. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    anyone know if i buy ameda pumps n accessaries at robinsons, is it charged at regular price? when robinsons sometimes has 20% off storewide, does ameda have discount?
  47. mag_s

    mag_s New Member

    Hi Mums,

    I bought Ameda Lactaline pump and have been using it since 8 Aug. I pump every 3 hrs and just sterlise the funnels and bottles once a day.

    After each pump, I will just wash and rinse all the parts with water. Is that safe?

    I ordered the PP funnel from Mumsfairy just yesterday, someone was saying that it doesn't fit the bellows nicely. Oh dear... should I cancel my order then? Anyone else tried the PP funnels from Mumsfairy?

  48. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    where did u get your amdea, and for how much?
  49. mag_s

    mag_s New Member

    Jan Jan,

    I bought my Ameda pump fr Baby Kingdom for $350 (during the recent GSS sale time). Baby Kingdom is at Kaki Bukit Area. You can find the address online or in the forum, I've seen it being mentioned before.

  50. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    hi everyone,

    i jz bought ameda pumps over d weekend.
    reading the menu, seems like all the part can b disassemble, but i tried, but cannot detach cap, bellows and breast shell, and valve from breast shell.

    when u all talking abt funnel, r u referring to the breast shell (that wat it is called in d user guide)

    the guide said before every use, must boil all parts except double connector, tube and cap. but can u all detach other parts?

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