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Ameda or medela breast pumps? Which is better? I need help desperatelysob!!

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by xaviers_mummy, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. xaviers_mummy

    xaviers_mummy New Member

    I need help here! I have been breastfeeding for almost 6mths. I express 3 times a day for more than an hour each time (yes, a very long time!!)
    However, I only express 8 ounces in a day. Recently, my work load has increased and expressing for more than an hr each time is too time-consuming now. Currently, I am using the Medela Mini Electric (single pump). I called the Medala distributor and she said either the swing or the Medela pump in style advance is suitable for me. I am really interested in getting the Medela pump in style advance because it stimulates more milk and considerable reduce the expressing time. Problem is that it is too expensiveIt cost around $700 which is out of my budget. Is there anyone out there who can kindly advice other alternatives. I heard that the ameda pump has the same functions but cost much lessso, is the Ameda dual pump better or the Medela pump in style advance better?

  2. juju

    juju New Member

    Hi Linda,

    Great to hear that you are trying your best to breastfeed. Good for both baby and mummy. I fully breastfed my baby for more than a year too. [​IMG]

    It's worth investing in a heavy-duty dual electric breastpumps as it would cut down the pumping time by half. I bought 2 sets of Ameda (equivalent to the cost of 1 Pump in Style)...hee, 1 for home n 1 to be used at my workplace!

    My friends and I are pleased with Ameda. It's effective, quiet, small, portable and reliable. Comparable to Pump in Style.

    You may also be interested to check out this website www.mumsfairy.com which sells breastpumping accessories from USA.

    One is the supershields which allows us to lean back comfortably when we pump, sparing us from having to sit up straight and backache.

    The other one is the handsfree which allows us to pump hands-free so that we can multi-task while pumping, i.e sms, surf net, eat, read etc.

    These affordable and simple accessories are indispensable to me and my friends. I usually nap while pumping. Hee, once I even dozed off and woke up 3 hours later with milk overflowing from bottles! :p

    All the best to your breastfeeding. Strive on! [​IMG]
  3. happymum123

    happymum123 New Member


    Actually, it's not efficient to pump more than an hour each time, according to my lactation consultant and the breastfeeding support group. I also find it true from my own experience. When you pump for so long, you get tired and stressed and the milk supply will not be much. You should try to incease your pumping sessions in a day rather than stretch the duratin for so long. The duration for a pumping session should only be 10-15min. Try to pump at least 4-5 times a day, if you can, and try to pump at fixed timing. Slowly, your body will readjust to the pumping regime and milk supply will go up. Also do not stare at your pump, you need to relax so that the milk will come. The more you look at your pump, the less you may get.

    Drink more fluid, and try to drink some hot fluid before u pump.

    I personally use medela PIS, it's a great pump, never tried Ameda, so can't comment.
  4. xaviers_mummy

    xaviers_mummy New Member

    Hi Ju Ju and happymum,

    Thank you so much for yr replies and advice.
    I have purchased the Ameda pump. And it has really shorten the expressing time by half. I am pretty glad with the results.

    Hi Juju,
    Thanks for yr recommendations on the acessories. I will be getting them soon. In fact, I have been thinking if there are such stuff to alleviate back pain due to expressing. I really hope the acessories will solve this problem [​IMG]

    Hi Happymum,
    I have no choice. As I am a working mum and my work needs me to be at my desk most of the time, it's really a luxury to express twice in the office. If I pump more than twice, the washing of the bottles takes time too. But I really appreciate yr advise. Will drink tonnes of water before I express [​IMG]
  5. zenn

    zenn New Member

    Hi Linda,

    I used medela mini & Ameda b4 and prefer Ameda cos I find mini not able to empty the breast.
  6. happymum123

    happymum123 New Member

    Hi Linda,

    Maybe you can try expressing more frequently at home. I do that too. I express twice at work, and 3 times at home (morning b4 wk, evening when I reach home and night b4 sleep). On top of that, I still latch my girl 1-2 times at home. It's really hard work though... but do not give up, good luck and hope your supply will go up [​IMG]
  7. juju

    juju New Member

    Hi Linda,

    Glad to hear that you bought Ameda and like it. For the accessories, you can directly contact the distributor Valerie Ng 81575780. Her mobile number is also given in the website, I think. All the best to your breastfeeding! [​IMG]
  8. valc

    valc Member

    juju, do the supershields provide good suction? wldn't want to lose any suction which wld make pumping inefficient.

    rest of the mummies, can you offer any feedback on the medela PIS advanced compared to the original or traveller. which is better in terms of efficiency? the advanced doens't have a control for speed, whereas the traveller(older model) has both controls for speed and strength. i'm afraid the advanced will take more time pumping unless the letdown feature is really that effective.
  9. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    dear mommies

    Can someone advise me how to use this?

    I have the medela mini electric pump. I would like to convert it into manual pump.

    Is this the correct spare part required? Any other spare parts I need to get?


    Many Thanks!!
  10. juju

    juju New Member

    Hi ValC,

    The supershields provide gentler yet effective suction. My milk supply increased after using the accessories, maybe because pumping became more relaxed. [​IMG]
  11. valc

    valc Member

    shimmrs, i think you got to screw the right side of the yellow thing above in your pic into the funnel where the tube used to go. that acts as the suction for the manual pump.

    juju, thanks. ok will try the supershields. but in singapore more expensive ah? any other avenues to get this? wonder if cheaper if buy direct and go by vpost?
  12. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    Thanks, <font color="0000ff">ValC</font>! Does it mean I only need this addition to my existing mini electric to convert it to manual pump?
  13. valc

    valc Member

    yes, but really it's too much a hassle. use only as last resort & desperate measure. my advice.
  14. juju

    juju New Member

    Hi ValC,

    We can only purchase the set of accessories from Mumsfairy. I think S$30+ each is reasonable, considering the cost of formula milk we save, the ease of breastpumping it allows us, and the benefits of breastmilk to us and our babies. [​IMG]
  15. valc

    valc Member

  16. xaviers_mummy

    xaviers_mummy New Member

    Hi JuJu,

    I have purchased the supershield and pumpinpal..the pumpinpal is fine but for the supershied, my nipple seems to "bump" into the wall of the shield at times. Does this happen to u?

    Oh..forgot to mention that the thread of the pumpinpal has frayed the first time i tried to adjust it. Wonder is it becos i am too rough or simply that the quality is not that good. What abt yrs? How's the condition?
  17. valc

    valc Member

    linda, how long have you used the supershield for? i'm thinking of purchasing also.

    i think you may jus have to position the shield right in the centre to prevent the 'bumping'.

    have you tried the self expression bustier? sold at mums and babes?
  18. juju

    juju New Member

    Hi Linda,

    Ya, as ValC said, it'll be fine to just position the shield right in the centre...practice makes perfect. [​IMG]

    An exclusive pumping mum, I used the supershield and handsfree very frequently, hee so they are super seasoned now.

    No problem with the quality, but natural for the thread to fray due to adjustment. If yours has frayed quite a lot just from the 1st adjustment, you can check with Valerie if an exchange is allowed.
  19. michelle.nglh

    michelle.nglh Member

    Thumb up for ameda. I personally like Ameda very much. I had used it almost 1 yr and it's really safe alot of time to pump. I pumped in ofc abt twice a day.
  20. meleric

    meleric New Member

    Hi Linda,
    I think you can get Medela PIS Advance at a cheaper rate now, I just got it at $599 and comes with a convertible adaptor for local usage...I bought the pumps at first few years situated in Paragon...

    Just for your info, if you want to purchase Medela PIS Advance...[​IMG]
  21. blueangel30

    blueangel30 New Member

    Pua Min Hui,
    is it cos its on sale now? any idea if the price will go back to $739? cos i saw everywhere selling at tt price and no discount. Except mums&babes they have a 20% less.
  22. meleric

    meleric New Member

    Hi S@L, this promotion is incorporated with GSS and its while stock last...Hmmm I think the price now is still at $599 for PIS Advance, original price at $799...Usually the package don't come with convertible adaptor for local usage....So I guess buying from First Few Years will be more worthwhile...You can check out either at Paragon or KKH, they have 2 branches....[​IMG]
  23. sallyjoe

    sallyjoe New Member

    hi where to buy the Ameda one? or is it just via the website? Oh, and how much is it?
  24. cuddles

    cuddles New Member


    how much milk can you pump out in a day? I been bfg for 7.5 mths, I get about 220ml a day in the office. Then direct feed my son when i reach home and before he sleeps for the nite.

    I use Medela Mini and also feel that it does not empty the breast well.
  25. jesslee98

    jesslee98 New Member


    I m using Medela PIS Advance. My comment is VERY GOOD. Before that i was using Medela Single Mini Elec Pump. My milk flow is poor. Not enuff for my daughter.

    Medela PIS Advance increase my milk flow. Now i have enuff milk to feed my daughter + keep in the fridge. I think it is a good investment.
  26. jesslee98

    jesslee98 New Member

    i only pump 4 times a day. Less than half an hr each. Each time 200ml - 250 ml...
  27. pillow

    pillow Active Member

    any feedback on the PIS original (instead of the PIS advanced) ?
  28. twinkel

    twinkel New Member

    I have a Medela Mini Electric Plus (dual pump) bought in late May 2007. Comes with a carrier bag, cooler bag, ice pack and 4 extra storage bottles.
    Sadly, Mine was hardly used.
    Anyone interested to buy, please send email to meepokmaihiam@yahoo.com.sg
  29. limmy

    limmy New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Hi mummies,

    Ameda Dual lactaline vs Avent ISIS IQ uno

    can anyone share their experience with using either or both of these two breastpumps? Am considering these two types of pumps. Which one is easier to use, can get more milk out, more comfortable, more silent etc thanks!
  30. akena

    akena New Member

    hi linda,
    think your workload is making your ss low. that happened to me too. When i got home at more relaxed mood, I will get more ss. I've used medela single electric pump and find it vv gd. also used avent isis manual pump and it's effective too but just that make my hand v tiring with the pumping..
  31. joyyen

    joyyen New Member

    Hi mummies,

    I use Medela's PIS and have been BFing for close to 8 months now, at the same time having a freezer full of BF. I always find a pump is still not as strong as a baby's suckle. As a result, every time I pump, I will at the same time, try to press on my breast, and more milk will flow out. You can try this out as I find it will empty the breasts more quickly.

    Milk supply will increase with an increase in frequency, and not from increase in the length of time to pump. Hope you will find these tips useful.
  32. marble

    marble Member

    hi ladies,

    i'm using a second hand ameda but it makes a beeping sound on top of the motor sound when i pump. is this normal?
  33. xiaokoko

    xiaokoko New Member

    Hi Marble,

    I fully breastfed through exclusive pumping for more than a year using Ameda pump. There was once I heard beeping/ringing sound from the motor and was worried but fortunately it was okay again after a while. You can continue to monitor yours. If the sound persists, you call the distributor Infantree to enquire if there is a need to send it for repair.
  34. xiaokoko

    xiaokoko New Member

    Hi Sandra,

    I am not sure if your beeping sound refers to the motor sound which then is normal. Most probably should be as Ameda is a heavy-duty pump, seldom will have problem. If you are worried, you can try calling Infantree and let them listen to the beeping sound over the phone just to check that it's normal. [​IMG]
  35. vivileow

    vivileow New Member

    I m using Medela PIS Advance & i bot it from TMC parentcraft at $680. I had bad engorment and my milk SS oni come in day 6. i went to TMC, seek for LC for help & she highly recommended MEdela PIS. She told me if i keep the receipt , can trade in for $300 within 6mths. average i spent ard 12mins to pump.
  36. lileen19

    lileen19 New Member

    Hi have tried Medela PIS and Avent Duo. Personally find that let down using Medela is not as good and is painful also. Like Avent better. Was pumping abt 1.2liters or more per day but supply have drop drastically as did not express regularly and baby never latch on everyday. But he is already taking 3 full meals er day so need lesser milk also.
    Could try to see if you can try the pump before buying. Try checking from hospital. TMC have too. Different people react differently to different pumps. Only invest if you knoe that it suits you unless the pump is cheap. Otherwise very xin tong to spend such a big amount. A good pump may be expensive but it helps to save on milk powder. In long run, its cheaper and better still, its the best milk. Bought my Avent at 700 plus but have not buy any milk powder for 7 plus month. Works out to be cheaper also as my boy drink a lot.
  37. joyful22

    joyful22 New Member

    HI Mummies,

    I need advise on the difference (preference) between Medela PIS advanced & Medela PIS traveler?

    I want to buy a used Medela pump, but couldn't decide which pump is better. After some research, I found the only different is the new '2 way simulation let down mode'. Is this really useful?

    I need some advise as the price for the 'Traveler' version is much cheaper.

    Many Thanks
  38. xiaokoko

    xiaokoko New Member

    Hi Rebekah,

    I have not tried Medela PIS before, but you may also wish to check out Ameda Lactaline as it's much cheaper yet works as well. In fact, my friend who has used both PIS and Ameda said Ameda is quieter and more portable. [​IMG]
  39. xiaoyun9

    xiaoyun9 Active Member

    hi all,
    need some advice between Medela PIS and Swing.
    Besides one is a dual and latter is the single, what's the difference in pumping efficiency?
  40. babychan

    babychan Member

    Hi all,

    for those using Ameda Lactaline, may i know wat brand of milk bottles you are using?

    thanks .
  41. xiaokoko

    xiaokoko New Member

    Hi Linda,
    For Ameda Lactaline, you can use all brands of milk bottles...Tollyjoy, NUK, Pigeon and even Medela..as long as it's not wide-neck bottles such as Avent and Dr Brown. [​IMG]
  42. sonia15

    sonia15 New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    When u say that the frequency of pumping should be increased rather than the duration of each pumping session, how would u store the milk then ?

    Let's say I pump 50ml in 1 session and then another 50 ml one hour later, can I store all the milk together in 1 container or should I have 2 separate labelled containers for storage in the friday ?
  43. xaviers_mummy

    xaviers_mummy New Member

    Hi Sonia,

    I read from somewhere that it's better to store the milk which is expressed at different timings in separate labelled containers. Can't recall the reason but I think it is due to the different temp of both milk.
  44. piggyham

    piggyham New Member

    Hi, Can anyone advice if the Ameda FlexiShield is available in singapore? If so, where can I purchase them from.
  45. piggy77

    piggy77 New Member

    Hi ..
    Any mummy using Medela Mini Electric Plus ?
    I'm facing a problem here.. I find that my milk do not flow down into the bottle. I had to remove the suction in order for the milk to flow down.. Do u face the same problem ? Pls advise..
  46. lynn_

    lynn_ New Member

    hi piggy, me using the mini electric plus.. perhaps you have to sit more upright in order for the milk to flow down the funnel.
  47. blur02

    blur02 Active Member

    Piggy77 : Mi using medela mini electric plus aso..Hmm i do not have that problem..Could it be the valve &amp; the membrane problem?
  48. ah_bie

    ah_bie New Member


    is the motor for medela mini electric plus v noisy?
  49. guai2

    guai2 New Member

    does the pumpin' pal super shield plus fit medela?
    i bought the S insert for the personal fit but it dun seem to help in emptying the breast..
  50. san4

    san4 New Member

    pumpin' pal super shield , Ameda Flexishield Areola Stimulator , valves, pigeon sterilizer are sold.

    Ameda breastpump with warranty avai.
    price reuce to $235.

    Used for around 3month only.
    Boug in dec07.i purchase it early in sale but only start using in jun this year. it still under warr. come with org box.
    i only used the pump. the 2 bottles w cap etc is still brand new
    pm me if keen. tk.

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