AMAZON USA/SG PRIME (Direct/Free Shipping to SG) ~vicky~


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Hi lee_k

Total amt: US$11.81 x 1.46 = S$17.24
Less amt received from previous batch $11.65, shortage to transfer = $5.59.


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Hi Vicky,
Please order below:
JVC HAFX102V XX Xtreme Bass Earbuds, Violet,p_6:ATVPDKIKX0DER&th=1
Color: Violet
Price: 15.23

*If OOS order:
JLab Audio J5 Metal Earbuds Style Headphones, GUARANTEED FOR LIFE- Passionfruit Pink
Style: earbuds
Color: Passionfruit Pink
Price: 14.80
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Batch #262 @ 03 Jun --> Submitted
  • Tsmom (2 items)
  • rachdrew (1 item)
  • lee_k (1 item)
  • lollipop_baby (3 items)
  • jasminenbc/Jasmine (1 item)


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Hi goddess

This item is shipped & sold by a 3rd party (not Amazon) & does not ship to SG directly. Thanks.


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Item #1: incurs a flat shipping cost of US$10.70 if shipped to SG directly.
Item #2: free shipping to SG applies. US$33.99 x 1.46 = S$49.63


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I am able to process Item #1 given that it ships to SG directly. I also sent you a reply via PM. Pls check. Thanks.


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Hi Tsmom

Total amt: US$18.61 x 1.46 = S$27.17
Less excess amt from iHerb spree $17.34, amt to transfer = $9.83


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Hi jermainelhl

Item #1 & #2: both Lego sets do not ship to SG directly.
Item #3: eligible for free shipping to SG. US$2.69 x 2 x 1.46 = S$7.85


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Hi jac0042

Item #1: Silver colour is eligible for free shipping to SG if it is ordered as Prime member (which I am not). Both Black & Red colours can ship to SG for free though they are OOS now.
Item #2: free shipping to SG. US$7.77 x 1.46 = S$11.34
Item #3: the link shows a list of items instead of a specific product. Pls check.


Hi I want to order these. Will transfer Tmr morning.

Little kid (4-8 years old).
31-32 BR / 2M US little kid.
Colour ice grey
Usd 14.10

Dvd usd18.17.

Dvd usd9.41.

Total usd41.68 x 1.46 = sgd 60.86

Will transfer to u Tmr morning n update. Thanks


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Nick/Name: 00j

I would like to order the following:

1. Alphabet Flash Cards
Qty: 1
Price: 2.99

2. Playskool Flash Cards Value Pack - Alphabet/First Words/Shapes & Colors/Numbers PreK - K
Qty: 1
Price: 7.99

Total = 10.98 x 1.46 = 16.03 + 1.27 (money owed from previous amazon order) =17.30


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Hi Vicky,

Thanks for your note earlier.

I would like to order the following items if you could just help to reconfirm if they are entitle to free shipping.

1. reCAP Mason Jars POUR, Wide Mouth, Canning Jar Lid, Red - when i checked the status online again it was not OSS not sure if i'm doing it right. Pls confirm

2. Original Cuppow Regular - Drinking Lid for Regular Mouth Canning Jar - Blue 1 - if it free shipping to SG please order for me.

3. Jarware 82615 Drink Lid for Regular Mouth Mason Jars, Orange - you confirmed in your earlier message this item was entitle for free shipping to SG but the price you stated was $7.99 instead of $5.63. If you could confirm the price again I'm interested to place order.

4. Cuppow Wide, Orange BNTO Canning Jar Lunchbox Adaptor - 6oz. - pls confirm if there is free shipping if yes i would place order .




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Hi jac0042

Item #1: flat shipping cost of US$5.44 applies for Red colour. Only Silver colour is eligible for free shipping.
Item #2: flat shipping cost of US$5.13 applies for direct shipping to SG
Item #3: eligible for free shipping. Price is US$5.97 now but may fluctuate.
Item #4: flat shipping cost of US$6.20 applies for direct shipping to SG.


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Batch #263 @ 08 Jun --> Submitted
  • teatreesg (1 item)
  • Tsmom (4 items)
  • TST_XGY (2 items)
  • 00j (2 items)
  • kittyki (3 items)
  • Chewty (1 item)


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Hi Vivky,

Please order the following for me.

1. Jarware 82615 Drink Lid for Regular Mouth Mason Jars, Orange
Qty - 2
Price - $5.33

2. reCAP Mason Jars POUR, Wide Mouth, Canning Jar Lid, Silver
Qty - 1
Colour - wide mouth, sliver
Price - $7.99
Remarks - if free shipping please order else drop it

3. Jarware Snack Pack for Wide Mouth Sized Mason Jars
Qty - 1
Price - $8.08
Remarks - if free shipping please order else drop it


Let me know the total amount i need to transfer you.


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Hi jac0042

Item #1 & #2: US$18.65 x 1.46 = S$27.23
Item #3: does not ship to SG directly.
Pls confirm your order with payment. Thanks.


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Hi jac0042

Total qty: 3
Payment received: $27.23
I sent you a reply via email regarding price change for Item #1. Pls check. Thanks.


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AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases.

i) AmazonGlobal Eligible items only: Free with combined US$125 order
ii) Mode: Direct from US to SG
iii) Delivery Time: ~ 3-4 weeks +/- (AFTER batch submission)
iv) Maximum capped amount per batch: US$180

i) Local Postage: Singpost
> Normal mail (not traceable; at your own risk)
> Registered mail with tracking # (recommended)
- Nominal stationery/handling cost (+ $0.30-$0.50) applies.
> SmartPac (with tracking #; delivered to your door or placed in your letterbox)
- Mini @ $3.40 for package up to 600g & measures 15cm (w) x 22cm (d) x 7cm (h)
- Bag @ $4.00 for package up to 1kg & measures 24cm (w) x 33cm (l) x 7cm (h)
- Box @ $5.00, for package up to 3kg & measures 30cm (l) x 19cm (w) x 7cm (h)

ii) Courier: Qxpress/Ta-Q-Bin/other
- $6.00 & above, depending on package size/weight.
- Nominal stationery/handling fee (+ $0.50) applies.

iii) Collection
> Boon Keng MRT or my block nearby - Main points; more flexible time
> Town area - No fixed location/time (subject to my availability & schedule)
> Arrange in advance at mutually convenient day/time.
> For bulky/heavy items, please opt for courier dispatch or collect from Boon Keng MRT/my block only.

i) Order will be included only upon receipt of payment.
ii) There could be extended waiting time in the process of collating order to meet minimum order amount &/or share applicable discount. Your order may not be submitted immediately.
iii) Delivery could take around 3 weeks or more as stated above. Please be aware that items cannot arrive as soon as you require them to be.
iv) No amendment/cancellation/refund will be entertained once order is submitted/confirmed/shipped.
v) Refund will be made in 3 days for items that are out of stock.
vi) I am not liable for wrong/faulty item or items that are not sent by Merchant.
vii) I will not be responsible for parcel loss/mishandle/delay once I dispatch it, be it by post or courier.
viii) I reserve the right to decline any order or close the spree earlier once capped amount is reached.
ix) Do refer to this spree thread for shipment status update as it serves as the common platform for all Spreeists.

* Please note this is a Spree from an overseas merchant. I act as a "Spree Organiser" who merely helps to coordinate your combined orders, primarily with the intention of meeting the minimum order value (to enjoy free shipping to SG).
It is understood that I am not the "originator", I.e. I do not produce/manufacture/issue the products. In the event of any error/dispute which stems from Merchant (eg. item is broken, item is missing, expiry date is brief, wrong item is sent & shipment delay etc), I cannot be held accountable.
I may liaise with Merchant regarding the problem, but resolution is entirely dependant on Merchant. Please do not impose cost on me or make me bear the brunt of such unexpected incidents.
You are welcomed to participate in my sprees if you comprehend the "spree metrics", acknowledge such "imperfect situation" or could, at the very least, be reasonable (& act so). Thanks.

Distribution Mode:
Email: (via PM/email)

Item Name:
Size (where applicable):
Colour (where applicable):
Price (US$):
Quantity: (if > 1)
Alternative if OOS:

Total quantity: 1
Total amt (S$): US$ x 1.46

i) I accept orders for AmazonGlobal items only & may help to verify if item is eligible for free shipping to SG. Please provide full information (eg. colour, size & alternative) for the item you are enquiring on.
ii) Items that qualify for free shipping to SG will display these messages in their item page:
> Price: $xxx & FREE International Shipping to Singapore on orders over $125
> Ships from and sold by
> This item ships to Singapore, Singapore.

iii) Do itemise your order if you have a few items in your list, eg. #1, #2 & #3 etc for ease of reference.
iv) Please transfer payment according to the calculation & bank a/c provided for each batch. No confirmation is required from me as all paid orders will be submitted with minimum US$125 per batch.
v) While orders are usually submitted on "1st paid, 1st ordered" basis, priority may, at times, be given to items with limited quantity left in stock.
vi) At time of order submission, item will be automatically dropped if it is OOS; or if price increase exceeds US$1.00. You are thus advised to provide alternative colour/item or indicate the acceptable price increase range.
vii) Please see my spree post for the assigned batch # of your order. Thanks.

i) 1st payment: item cost
ii) 2nd payment: local postage/courier (if needed when items arrive)
iii) Indicate the amount transferred & if your payment was made via ATM transfer or ibanking (provide Nick/Name).
iv) Exchange rate: 1.46 (revised if credit card bill is higher)
v) My bank account: POSB savings 049-20327-6 (I have UOB account if needed)

i) Post in this spree thread (preferred)
ii) Send me PM (Start a Conversation)
iii) Email: [email protected]


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Amazon (AmazonGlobal Eligible items) |
ASOS UK (Free Shipping to SG) |
Camera Ready Cosmetics/MakeupMania |™-makeup-makeupmania-vicky.15179/
Cath Kidston UK (Free Shipping to SG) |
Cocooncenter / BIOGAIA Probiotic (Free Shipping to SG) |
Innisfree Korea (Free Shipping to SG) |
Harrods UK (Free Shipping to SG) |
iHerb (Free Shipping to SG) |
Sunsky (mobile accessories) |
Swanson Vitamins |
Swarovski Crystal US |
Victoria's Secret US (Free Shipping to SG) |
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Whitening Lightning (whitening teeth pen) |


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How to Search for Items Eligible for International Shipping

1. From the International Shipping filter option from the menu on the left panel of the page, select Ship to Singapore.

2. On the item page, ensure that it reads "Ships from & sold by" & check that "This item ships to Singapore, Singapore.".