Amazon Spree (Dreamz) - CGW/Free Shipping (PP/Kovan/Bishan/TPY)

hi tigger
no prob to order. v.light. few S$ int. shipping charge at most. pls proceed to transfer and update details once done. thanks!

hi dolly
item 1 OK. item 2 have domestic shipping charge of US$4.99. pls reconsider your orders. once confirmed, pls transfer base on 1.35 ex.rate and update details once done. thanks!

Nick: hobbes11

1) Dr. Brown's BPA Free Polypropylene Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle 8 oz
Qty: 1
Price: US$15.53

2) Dr. Brown's 2 Pack Natural Flow Level 2 Wide Neck Nipple
Qty: 2
Price: US$4.49 x 2 = US$8.98

3)Dr. Brown's 2 Pack Natural Flow Level 3 Wide Neck Nipple
Qty: 2
Price: US$4.49 x 2 = US$8.98

4) Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Wide Neck Insert Replacements, 2 Pack
Qty: 2
Price: US$2.29 x 2 = US$4.58

Total: US$38.07 x 1.35 = S$51.40

Transaction reference:7361777137
will PM you my address
Hi Dreamz,

It's me again!

Like to check if I place order for a thermos food jar now when is it estimated to arrive in SG? Need it for a trip in mid feb.

Thanks so much!
hi mochayeo
shipment takes about 4-6 weeks to arrive once orders are placed. may not reach in time, better that you get locally... too risky to ship in. thanks!
hi juzwannabe
baby carriers are bulky items. may not be worth to ship in. coz box is large though item is light. can cost about S$20+ or so to ship in. can consider buy in shops or BP thread. compare a few models of bb carrier before getting k? baby bjorn may not last that long esp when bb is heavier, dun provide sufficient back support for mummy.
hi raymummy
your item has domestic shipping charge of US$4. pls reconsider. will PM you shortly. meanwhile, will KIV your order. thanks!
hi rachoho
est. int. shipping charge as per below:
1) has domestic shipping charge: US$5.49. shipping weight: 1.9 pounds, very bulky. est. int. shipping charge: S$18+/-
2) shipping weight: 5.2 pounds, super bulky. est. int. shipping charge: S$50+!!

pls reconsider both orders. thanks!
Orders has been placed for the following under spree 174:

spreeists in spree 175:
1) PJ
-- still taking in orders ---
Hi,i am keen in ordering a stroller frm amazon..approx the shipping charges vy ex?any idea approx how much?pls reply via PM..thanks
hi missy
wow... both bags are super bulky. item 1 is listed as 5.1 pounds, est. int. shipping charges: S$50 or so, item 2 is listed as 6 pounds, est. int. shipping charges close to S$60. pls reconsider. it maybe cheaper to buy from carters spree from carters website. amazon is not the best website to order bulky items.
hi altruistique
there's domestic shipping charge of US$8.08 for this item. that's almost the cost price of this item already. est. int. shipping charges: S$2-S$3. pls reconsider in view of high domestic shipping charges. thanks!


Thanks for your advise.  I would like to order the following

1. Item: waterpik ultra water flosser 
Qty: 1
Price: USD 46.97

2.  Item: timex kids T75301 
Qty: 1
Price: USD 15.33

Total: USD 62.30 x 1.35 = 84.11

Will let you know after I have made the transfer.