Amazon Spree (Dreamz) - CGW/Free Shipping (PP/Kovan/Bishan/TPY)

hihi dreamz,

would like to change the size to Small instead. Below is my revised order:

Nick : tequilaneat
Email: [email protected]

Item name: Rubie's Costume Co Miss Kato Sexy Adult Costume
Quantity: 1
Size: <font color="ff0000">Small</font>

Price in USD: 33.59

Total no. of items = 1
Total Price in SGD = USD$33.59 x 1.30 = SGD$43.67

Let me know if i counted correctly k... maybe also can let me know when will you be ordering... heehee cos i need the item before end of november wor

hi dreamz,

i should be under 152 if i remembered correctly. pls email me when shipment arrive n top-up is required as i seldom check this spree page. thks.
hi cheerful and vanessa
yes, amazon spree run continously for now still.
hi tequilaneat
woah... your item increase price already leh. for size S, it is: US$51.99 + US$6.64 domestic shipping. not cheap wor.... you sure you still wanna order? if so, pls proceed to transfer and update details once done, should be placing order these few days already coz close to spree cap. thanks!
hi wlchoong
it depends. think vpost is cheaper but don't offer repacking service. also not sure if have night delivery. CGW offers repacking service and night delivery. if items you are buying fr amazon are small and amazon packs them compactly, without need for repack, vpost maybe can. if items are packed in a bulky manner, vpost not cheap coz no repack.

depends on what items you wanna buy and how lucky you are that amazon dun go and pack items in a ridiculous manner, which can sometimes happen, leading to high shipping charges.

I would like to order the book " wonderful houses around the world ". May I knw hw much is the shipping charges ?;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1319532079&amp;sr=1-5

Another book is "Imagine a house:A Journey to Fascinating houses around the world (what a world we live in ). How much is the shipping for this book ?

PLs revert

my order
color: vanilla bean
Price: 12.99usd

color: meadow tweets in size small
price: 11.64usd

color: white and yellow
price: 33.58usd
price: 14.90usd

fund to transfer:
usd12.99+11.64+33.58+14.90 x 1.3
= SGD95.04

please confirm order before i make payment.

thanks dreamz!
Orders has been placed for the following under spree 156:
1) barbieboystar
2) foxsox
3) Sephirias
4) mariacia
5) kiralee

following spreeists are in spree 157:
1) cls
2) moron
--- still taking in orders ---
hi waterfall08
gosh, your item is very bulky at 3.4 pounds, est. int. shipping charges would be around S$30+/-. pls reconsider k? perhaps would be cheaper to buy from shops here if have sale. thanks!
hi red_ridden
item 1 and 2: OK to order
item 3: there's no white and yellow option. only 'white'. size is 8 1/2 ounce. but price is US$25.46. item is zojirushi stainless mug. is this the one you mean or is the URL link wrong? pls advise.
item 4: colour option: brown wheels or pink flowers?

do update me again. once confirmed, pls proceed to transfer and update details once done. thanks!
Hi dreamz,

I'll like to place order for the following item.

Nick : Vanest
Email: [email protected]

Item name: Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with ExacTemp Technology

Quantity: 1

Price in USD: 37.54

Total no. of items = 1
Total Price in SGD = USD$37.54 x 1.30 = SGD$48.80

Let me know if i counted correctly before I make the transfer ok? Thank you

I would like to order 2 books-
wonderful houses of the world usd 9.95*1.3=sgd 12.94;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1319532079&amp;sr=1-5

and the book imagine a house-fascinating houses around the world us13.22*1.3 = sgd 17.19

total = sgd 30.13

can you confirm whether amt is correct n do i pay the shipping chrges nw?

If everything, then i trf $$ to u.Thks!!!
hi tequilaneat
est. int. shipping charges as per below:
1) cost price: US$$21.99 + US$3.99 domestic shipping. int. shipping charges would be around S$8+/-.
2) cost price: US$8.99 + US$3.29 domestic shipping. weight is 1.2 pounds, est. int. shipping charge: S$10+/- (too dimensionally bulky, not worth in my opinion for this item, pls reconsider).

thanks lots!
hi red_ridden
the flask link is a bit weird. only pink option can be selected for 11 3/4 ounce size. but when i click 'add to cart', its reflected as 'white'. are you ok that they eventually ship out as either 'white' or 'pink'? coz i don't want to be blamed for wrong colour shipped. just alerting to you on the error listed on website. do advise again. thanks!
hi dotdotz
no prob to take in your order. do note that fitflops would cost about S$14+/- to ship in. if keen, pls proceed to transfer and update details once done. thanks!
hi baby_jo
your item has domestic shipping charge of US$4.99. weight listed is only 1 ounce but looking at the pictures, it seems to be pretty big. est. int. shipping charges could be about S$12+/-.
hi cheerful
yes, calculation is correct. only need to pay for cost of item. shipping charges to be paid only when shipment has arrived and shipping has been calculated. pls advise transfer details once done. thanks!
hi winxw
just to alert you that shipping weight is listed as 1 pound but don't think it would be that heavy from the look of the picture. if still keen, pls proceed to transfer and update details once done. thanks!