Amazon Spree (Dreamz) - CGW/Free Shipping (PP/Kovan/Bishan/TPY)

hi _m0r0n_
shipment should be here within this week or next. have not been able to see any update on est.shipping date from my CGW account as yet. its combined together with spree 345. will update once its here and shipping charges have been tabulated. thanks! :)
Alright. Thanks

hi angelz07
noted your extra order. however, as i have already placed order for the free shipping batch. your additional order will need to go into next batch. thus, not ordering that soon yah? ok with the wait still? pls advise. thanks! :)
hi blessed777
Hi...please advise how much in total do I need to pay u for tis out mat

Bright Products Take Out Time Out Mats
Usd (6 + 4.18) x 1.32 = $13.44

... I will still need to pay u for the shipping into spore , correct? Please advise
Appreciate your kind help

est. int. shipping charge: S$5+/-. if keen, pls transfer for cost price of item, ie S$13.44. shipping charges to be paid only when shipment has arrived and items have been weighed. thanks! :)
Hi Dreamz,

Would like to order the following via CGW shipping:

Essential Oils Carrying Cases 30-bottle 15ml - 3" high
Color: fuchsia/pink
Amount in usd: 23.50
Color: deep purple/lavendar
Price in usd: 11

Possible to go by registered mail or courier?


Hi Dreamz,

I just want to order this:
Color: fuchsia/soft pink
Price in usd: 11

Collection: normal mail
Payment made:

Funds Transfer to Other DBS/POSB A/C
04 Aug 2014 02:35 PM Singapore

To AccountPOSB Passbook Savings Account
033-21706-4 Dreamz
Transfer Currency and AmountS$14.52
Transaction Reference13021235500

dear all
sorry for the lack of replies. been a hectic week at work and had to bring back work to do. have sent out tabulation email for people in sprees 343,345,346,347. do check spam folder as well. thanks! :)
hi hostet

info as per below:
1) cannot be shipped in coz flammable

thanks! :)
hi blessed777
Polly Pocket Pollyville Pool Playset
Price:usd 12.58 x 1.32 = $16.61

Free shipping ? If yes I will do my transfer to u . Kindly confirmed
Does your self collection still exist in bishan ?

item has free shipping. collection can be done at bishan.

do proceed to transfer if still keen to order.

spree is ongoing however, coz of my work and family commitments, my replies can at times be not so prompt but i will definitely reply when time permits.

thanks! :)
hi lcher
Hi Dreamz,

Can you help check for me whether the prices for these 2 items are correct, and they are entitled to free shipping when over $35?

Item 1: Nanoblock STS Plus Classic Pick Up Truck Kit
Price : USD$29.99?

Item 2: FAO Schwarz 150th Anniversary Soldier Bear
Price: USD$6.55?

item 1 have free shipping.

item 2 sold by external seller, have to go by CGW. shipping charge: S$15-20. weight listed: 1.3 pounds. quite bulky.

pls reconsider. thanks! :)
hi acsy
CGW is must pay international shipping charges leh. only free USA domestic shipping. still keen to order? coz i hit spree cap already, wanna submit order soon, if yours is to be included. do get back to me soon. thanks! :)
Hi Dreamz,

Thanks for your info. As such, please help me get the following items. I have transferred the money to your acct via ATM. Please verify.

Item 1: Nanoblock STS Plus Classic Pick Up Truck Kit
Price: USD21.97

Item 2: Nanoblock STS Plus Classic Hot Rod Kit
Price: USD22.05

Total items: 2
Total price: (USD21.97+22.05)*1.32 = S$58.11

I will collect from you at Bishan when the items arrived, thanks!

hi lcher
item 2 no free shipping. sold by external seller. charge via CGW: S$4-5. do advise if to still proceed. hope to hear from you soon. thanks! :)
Hi Deamz,

I just checked that for item 1, they have changed the seller and no longer free shipping too. As such I will like to drop both items. I will contact you in regards to the account for refund. Thanks!

Please join this spree only if you are comfortable with the T&Cs below:

* Exchange rate at 1.32. (may need to top up if exchanges rates go up)

* via CGW (if item does not qualify for free shipping)
* via Free Amazon Globalsaver shipping

* No payment no order
* First payment for items ordered
* Second payment for shipping charges and postage if applicable
* Payment to POSB Savings : 033-21706-4

1) Potong Pasir Mrt
2) Bishan/TPY Mrt/library on Sundays at 10.15am
3) Kovan Mrt on Friday evenings at 7.35pm
4) Postage
* Normal or registered post (I will not be responsible for any loss of parcel therefore registered mail is highly recommended).
* Registered mail: additional $2.24 for postage
* No other handling fees will be charged.

Nick :
Item name:
Price in USD: xx

Total no. of items =
Total Price in SGD = USD$xx x 1.32 = SGD$xx

Collection mode:

Please update this thread or PM the following details to me after payment made:
1. Date of transfer
2. Total amount transferred
3. Transaction Reference

Spreeists who are unable to post on this thread can PM me your orders. thanks! :)
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Order has been placed for the following under spree 349:
1) angelz07 (note: item billed at US$1.38, will require you to top up for shortfall when item arrives)
2) shan987
3) danialmummy
4) lexnchris
5) icebabylious

remaining orders pending consolidation:
1) acsy (do update me if to still proceed with your orders under CGW shipping mode)
2) angelz06 (via free shipping)

--- still taking in orders ---
Hi Dreamz,

Nick : sherilynn06
Email: [email protected]
1. URL:
Item name: Disposable Eyelash Mascara Brushes/Wands
Quantity: 50pcs (Black)
Price in USD: $2.49

Total Price in SGD = USD$2.49 x 1.32 = SGD$3.29

1. Date of transfer: 18/08/2014
2. Total amount transferred: SGD$3.29
3. Transaction Reference: 13093595390

2. URL:
Item name: OMOTION Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Case Cover
Col: Purple
Quantity: 1
Price in USD: $12.99

Total no. of items = 2
Total Price in SGD = USD$12.99 x 1.32 = SGD$17.14

Collection mode: Normal postage

1. Date of transfer: 18/08/2014
2. Total amount transferred : $17.14
3. Transaction Reference : 13096913828

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