Amazon Spree (Dreamz) - CGW/Free Shipping (PP/Kovan/Bishan/TPY)

hi lotusmum

I would like to order the following
Colour: tan/ brown
size: 10 Toddler

Kindly advise on the cost. Thanks.

this item: Splashtown Closed Toe Sandal (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)
cost price: US$35 x 1.32 = S$46.20

no free shipping, coz sold by ext. seller. shipping charge via CGW - S$16+/-, depending on size of shoe box.
thanks! :)


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Order has already been placed for the following spreeists under Spree 343 via CGW shipping mode:
1) TSmom (note: item billed at US$9.02, will require you to top up when shipment arrives)
2) moo
3) viosblu06 (note: item billed at US$15.20, will require you to top up when shipment arrives)
4) abbys
5) ng_mum
6) _m0r0n_
7) annasan
8) ryes

Pending order:
1) hostet
2) trapa84
3) beancurd
4) nicoletlp - pending confirmation of colour choice
5) ryes - pending confirmation of orders

---- the above orders via FREE SHIPPING mode will be placed asap once i hear from the spreeists whom are still pending. ---

still taking in orders. :)
Spree 342 spreeists
just an update on this shipment which is supposed to reach via free shipping mode. it is taking an EXCEPTIONALLY LONG LONG time to reach me.

1 shipment due to reach me on Monday, 30 June (according to my account) contains the following items:
1) A day in the sun book
2) mini cheesecake pan
3) single squares pan
4) cat bowl
5) frozen book
6) frozen junior novelization

Another shipment 's delivery estimate : Tuesday, July 22, 2014 - Friday, August 15, 2014
1) peppa pig book
2) frozen big golden book
3) 8 piece pyrex
4) pasta bowl
Reason from Amazon CSO: It is because ' Peppa Pig and the Muddy Puddles' in your order takes 1-2 months to be shipped and you have chosen free shipping. For free shipping we combine items in as few shipments as possible and as this item has to be shipped with others, remaining items will also be shipped together.

Affected spreeists, please kindly wait out. However, in any event that you cannot wait out, do alert me as soon as possible. i will try to see if i can cancel your item from the shipment. Once its shipped, item can no longer be cancelled. Thanks!
hi karfinn
Hi Dreamz

Would like to order

Zumba Fitness Core Xbox360 $17.98

Zumba Fitness Rush Xbox360 $25.67

Total $43.65

Kindly advise.


Item 1:
price: US$21.95

item 2:
Price: US$25.67

Total: US$47.62 x 1.32 = S$62.85

both items have to be shipped by CGW as they are sold by external seller. shipping charge for each is about S$4+/-.

if confirmed, pls proceed to transfer and update details once done.

thanks! :)
hi nicoletlp
your crumpler bag increase to US$84.95. to still order or to drop? to drop, pls provide bank account details k? have emailed you as well. do advise. thanks! :)
Nick : barbieboystar


Item name:
Arcteryx Conveyor Belt

Colour: Black
Size: Small

Price in USD: 38.95 + 8.95 (domestic shipping)


Item name:
Arcteryx Conveyor Belt

Colour: Black

Price in USD: 38.95


Item name:
Arc'teryx C80 Chalk Bag

Colour: Stone Pine

Price in USD: 38.95

Total no. of items = 3
Total Price in SGD = USD$xx x 1.32 = 166.056

Collection mode: Meetup at potong pasir
(funds received, order captured under CGW shipping batch) :)
hi rainpod

item has no free shipping. via CGW, shipping charge: S$6-8.

thanks! :)

Hi dreamz

Payment made. Please check. I will also pm you the transaction details. Thanks.

Nick : rainpod
Item name: pure radiance c 90 veg capsules
Quantity: 3
Price in USD: 19.95

Total no. of items = 1
Total Price in SGD = USD$19.95 x 3 x 1.35 = SGD$81

Collection mode: self collect at bishan
Nick: Trapa84
Collection Mode : Self Collection

Timex Kids' T7B611 Time Teacher Blue Tractors Stretch Band Watch watch kid
Price in USD: $13.99 + $4.58 shipping = USD18.57

Total no. of items = 1
Total Price in SGD = USD18.57 x 1.32 = SGD$24.50

Payment Detail
To Account
POSB Passbook Savings Account
Transfer Currency and Amount
Transaction Reference
hi nicoletlp
have not been online for the past few days. as you can see, there is no posting from me. weekdays quite busy with work and then with kids. sorry for the late reply.

refund details as per below:

To AccountDBS Savings Plus Account
032-1-015718 nico
Transfer Currency and AmountS$80.52
Transaction Reference12852984094

hi icebabylicious
Hi Dreamz,

Would like to order the following via CGW shipping:

Essential Oils Carrying Cases 30-bottle 15ml - 3" high
Color: fuchsia/pink
Amount in usd: 23.50
Color: deep purple/lavendar
Price in usd: 11

Possible to go by registered mail or courier?


yes, should be fine to go by either mode. not that heavy. via CGW, shipping charge: S$5+/- for each. thanks! :)
Hi Dreamz,

Please order the following for me. Payment details below. Cheers! :)

Collection: Bishan

Price: $3.37

Price: $2.29

Price: $2.86

Price: $3.11

Price: $4.49

Total: $16.12 x 1.32 = S$21.28

To Account POSB Passbook Savings Account
033-21706-4 Dreamz
Transfer Currency and Amount S$21.28
Transaction Reference 12854808648