Amazon Spree (Dreamz) - CGW/Free Shipping (PP/Kovan/Bishan/TPY)

hi xuer21
your item has free shipping. only need to pay cost price. have PM you already. thanks!

hi joys
yes, that is domestic shipping. shipping charge: S$6-8. item sold by external seller, not entitled to free shipping. thanks!
hi ucare
on amazon, free global shipping is listed as 10-14 days but that is almost a fallacy. my past free shipping batches took almost 1 month to reach.... i cannot promise you if shipping will be speed up or amazon will live to their 10-14 days promise by the time i order for you coz i'm just the middle person lor.

Thanks dreamz, as finally you are here, by the way can I know the charge are all with shipping fee ? Confirm your acct no for me can ? By the way why does some organize stated good to be reach around 10-14 days ? Can you try to arrange for me
ASAP by Aug
all charge are in ?Scared you missed out me again
hi ucare
first payment is for cost price of item. second payment is for shipping charges. reason being, actual shipping charges will only be known when shipment is here and items are weighed. (via CGW mode). do understand that my estimation is purely estimation, actual shipping charges may vary from my estimation.

thus, only order if keen to take risk and comfy with situation.

i cannot promise you that items will reach by end aug coz again, i am the middle person. how fast/slow shipping process take from amazon to CGW or via free shipping is beyond my control.

for CGW to singapore, it takes about 1 week or so.

bank account to transfer to: POSB savings: 033-21706-4.

hi ucare
pls see my previous response. i can place order asap for you but shipping process is not within my control. i am very sorry about this. if i can promise you that it will reach you, i will. but i cannot. so, if you aren't comfy with it, perhaps you can try asking another organizer? just being honest coz i cannot dictate shipping process.

i can also quote shipping to take 10-14 days. that was what i told my previous spreeists. 14 days came and went and still no sign of shipment. so i am being honest based on the past few free shipping batches.

Perfect!! Thank you Dreamz!!!

Pls order d additional 2 items for me! I've tt over via IB.

Ref#11150057187. Pls chk!!

Tkx agn!!!
Hi dreamz, already make fund by IB , pm you now my full detail , my email is [email protected]
Thanks for your help dear

Transaction Reference 11150073248
Amt $191.34
From posb saving acct 172-04606-1
Hi! I'm from spree 297. I understand that shipment has arrived. But I have not received any email yet. Can I check is mine here yet? Thanks!
hi, thanks for checking it out.
may i trouble you to help with the shipping rate of the items below:

1.Iron Man Fights Back (World of Reading) [Paperback] - free shipping

2.Iron Man, Armored Adventures: The Crimson Dynamo Returns! (Step-into-Reading, Step 3) [Paperback]
- free shipping

3.DK Readers: The Invincible Iron Man: Friends and Enemies [Paperback] - free shipping

4.Iron Man 2 Party Game - by hallmark

5.Iron Man 3 Helmet Cupcake Rings - 12 ct
- by bakery supplies

items have arrived for the following. email has been sent to:
1) hazliza
2) yongwd
3) alicesc
4) wenslife
5) floppy9119
6) heepo
7) beancurd
8) kikichan
Order has been placed for the following in spree 300 via CGW:
1) ucare (note: item 1 billed at US$59.95, item 2 billed at US$22.53, excess will be refunded back when shipment arrives)
2) tvbtvb1 DANIEL (note: item 3 dropped coz price increase beyond US$6)
3) aoife (note: item 2 dropped as requested)

order has been placed for the following under Spree 301 via FREE SHIPPING:
1) ucare
2) lay khoon
3) lee05
4) meagain

pending captured orders:
1)poxchan (pending reply)
2)lee05 (pending reply)
3)bluejean (pending reply)
5) pinkmama (pending reply)

-- still taking in orders ---
Hi dreamz thanks. May I know the collection points? How much shd I tt u? 1.32 x price of item + 4 (shipping)?
Is that right? Posb savings 033-21706-4?
hi trichang
item 1-3 have free shipping
item 4 - no weight listed. suspect shipping charge: S$4-8.
item 5 - shipping charge: S$2+/-

hi zepth
only need to pay for cost price of item:

Price:$11.95 x 1.32 = $15.77

shipping charges to be paid only when shipment arrives.

collection points:
1) potong pasir mrt (weekdays, 7.30-8.30pm, sat 2-5pm)
2) bishan library/mrt (sundays, 10.15am)

bank account details: POSB savings: 033-21706-4.


Order has been placed for the following under spree 302 via FREE SHIPPING mode:
2)alicesc (4 items)
5)audrey (2 qty of whale infuser)