Amazon Spree (Dreamz) - CGW/Free Shipping (PP/Kovan/Bishan/TPY)

hi superbee
yes, have free shipping.

spree 288 spreeists
shipment has arrived and emails have been sent out.
note: vivi_77, your item has not reach yet. will email you once its here.
hi motherbabe
this item cannot be entitled to free shipping. gotta go by CGW. however, it would be v.v.costly. over S$100. think its better that you buy in local shops. not worth the hefty shipping charges. thanks!
Hi Dreamz,

Thx for the confirmation. Kindly help me to place order for the items then (w/ free intl shipping only):

Nick : pepperchan
Email: [email protected]

Item name: Morning, Noon & Night
Quantity: 1
Price in USD: $7.19

2) URL:
Item name: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
Quantity: 1
Price in USD: $3.79

3) URL:
Item name: NIVEA A Kiss of Shine Natural Glossy Lip Care SPF 15 Blister Card, 0.3 Ounce
Quantity: 1
Price in USD: $3.24

Total no. of items = 3
Total Price in SGD = USD$14.22 x 1.32 = SGD$18.77

Collection mode: Potong Pasir MRT

Please drop any OOS items.
I will transfer the payment by tonight.
Thank you
hi acsy
this item is sold by external seller: lily of the valley. not entitled to free shipping leh.... weight listed: 4.8 pounds. extremely bulky to ship in ship via CGW, would cost way over S$50. pls reconsider. thanks!
Hi Dreamz,
I have transferred the payment.

27 Jun 2013 10:53 PM

To Account: POSB Savings 033-21706-4 Dreamz
Transfer Amount: S$18.77
Transaction Reference: 11073392845

Kindly acknowledge. Thanks
nick: mrsheng

Item 1: LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System
Colour : PINK
Link :
Amt : $49.99

Item 2: LeapFrog LeapReader Book: Get Ready for Kindergarten (works with Tag)
Colour : NA
Link :
Amt : $12.73
Total : $62.72 X 1.32 = SGD $82.79
(order captured under free shipping batch)
Order has been placed for the following under spree 296 via free shipping:
1) mrsheng
2) moo
3) faith
4) korine
5) pinkmom
6) foxsox

---- still taking in orders ---
hi tigger
this item has domestic shipping and sold by external seller. hence no free shipping. shipping charge: S$1-2.

cost price: US$6.50 + US$1.80 domestic shipping.

pls reconsider. thanks!
Captured pending orders are:
1) pepperchan (via free shipping mode)
2) m0r0n (via free shipping mode)

--- still taking in orders ---
hi vivi_77
still not here yet. however, i need to collect some packages from post office tomorrow so not sure if 1 of them is yours. will definitely alert once your item is here. thanks!
1) kilofly 2 Hair Cutting Shears and Hairstyling Cape Set

2)IXtreme Baby-Boys Infant Promo Solid Ripstop Puffer Snowsuit
Colour : Navy
Size: 18 months

3) Osh Kosh Baby-Boys Infant Parka
Colour : Red
Size: 18 months

Total (SGD) : 17.85 + 8.53 + 12.37 = 38.75 x 1.32 = 51.15
To Account POSB Savings 033-21706-4
Transfer Currency and Amount S$51.15 Transaction Reference 11087413845
01 Jul 2013 12:25 AM