Amazon Spree (Dreamz) - CGW/Free Shipping (PP/Kovan/Bishan/TPY)

spree 283 and 284 spreeists, including maytham and babymaybe
you have mail!

Thank you so much for d advise. I'm taking all except last one which you advise not to,.

So my total payment will be (10.79+71.49+22.25+6.25)*1.3=$144

I'll tt shortly.. Tkx Dreamz!
Hi Dreamz,
thanks, I will get all the items except item 5 as advised.

The total is
(4.49 x 4 + 7.18 + 6.77) x 1.3 = 41.48.
Will transfer soon and let you know thereafter. thanks.
Hi Dreamz,

Please drop item 1 and PROCEED with item 2.

I have transferred $40.17 to your POSB Savings A/C (Date: 14/06/2013; Time: 5:32pm; Ref: 5155).

Please arrange for the item to be sent via registered post.

Thank you.
Hi Dreamz,

Ok. I will go ahead with all 3 orders. Can advise me on the total amount to transfer. And bank account please.

hi alicesc
ok, order captured. can you kindly update me on your otterbox order? i emailed you regarding colour option, haven't hear from you yet. once i hear from you, i can quickly place order for this current free shipping batch. thanks!
Name: tvbtvb1 DANIEL
Collect at Potong Pasir MRT

1. Lucien Piccard Men's 11581-03 Weisshorn Dark Blue Textured Dial Black Leather Watch
Qty: 1
Price: USD 66.5

2. Men's Cilindro Brown Dial Brown Genuine Leather
Qty: 1
Price: USD 75.99

3. Lucien Piccard Men's 11606-03 Dark Blue Black Leather Watch
Qty: 1
Price: USD 75.99

TOTAL: 218.48 x 1.3 = 284.02
(order captured with thanks.)
hi wenslife
order captured with thanks. most prob your order will be in q for spree 290 or 291. do check on thread to see. will update once orders are placed. thanks!
hi myboy
your order would thus be:

Nick: myboy
Email: (pls PM me)
Collection: TBA

qty: 4 sets
price: US$4.49 x 4 = US$17.96
Note: shipping via CGW

Colour: slate grey
Price: US$15.40
Note: free shipping

Total: US$33.36 x 1.32 = S$44.03

if above is correct, pls proceed to transfer and update details once done. thanks!
hi hazliza
you transferred way in excess. ie Paid: $40.17. pls verify your order below and update me if it is incorrect. if its correct, i will use your excess to offset shipping and refund you the balance. do get back to me again. meanwhile, will onhold your order. thanks!

nick: hazliza

Mode: registered
Item 2
Name: Crocodile Creek 13.5 oz 13.5 oz Stainless Steel Reusable Drinking Bottle - Dinosaurs
cost price: US$15.95 + US$4.99 domestic shipping

Total: US$20.94 x 1.32 = S$27.64
hi kikichan
your order:

nick: kikichan
email: pls PM me
collection: TBA

Item 1:

Item name:playmobil school bus
Quantity: 2
Price in USD : 27
(Note: ship by CGW)

Item 2:

Item name: Playmobil rescue ambulance

Quantity: 1

Price in USD : 19.99
(note: free shipping)

Total in SG : (27 X 2) + 19.99 = 73.99 X 1.32 = SG 97.66

pls proceed to transfer to POSB savings account: 033-21706-4 and update details once done. thanks!
hi all,
ex.rates are going up. as such, revised ex.rate will now be 1.32. pls place your orders according to 1.32. for previous batches, top up will be required. will alert affected spreeists when shipments arrives. thanks!
revised spree format to reflect latest ex.rate and change to shipping modes.


Please join this spree only if you are comfortable with the T&Cs below:

* Exchange rate at 1.32. (may need to top up if exchanges rates go up)

* via CGW (average waiting time 4-6 weeks) - if free shipping is not available
* Shipping charges will be split by weight of items ordered
* via FREE AmazonGlobal Saver (averages 9-14 days) - if your item qualifies

* No payment no order
* First payment for items ordered
* Second payment for shipping charges and postage if applicable
* Payment to POSB Savings : 033-21706-4

1) Potong Pasir Mrt
2) Bishan Mrt/library on Sundays at 10.15am
2) Postage
* Normal or registered post (I will not be responsible for any loss of parcel therefore registered mail is highly recommended).
* Registered mail: additional $2.24 for postage
* No other handling fees will be charged.

Nick :
Item name:
Price in USD: xx

Total no. of items =
Total Price in SGD = USD$xx x 1.32 = SGD$xx

Collection mode:

Please update this thread or PM the following details to me after payment made:
1. Date of transfer
2. Total amount transferred
3. Transaction Reference

Spreeists who are unable to post on this thread can PM me your orders. thanks!

Note: Pls do not wait for me to confirm your orders. Kindly proceed to transfer after posting your orders, to secure your slot.
Hi Dreamz,

Yes, I confirmed my order: Crocodile Creek 13.5 oz 13.5 oz Stainless Steel Reusable Drinking Bottle - Dinosaurs.

Please use the excess for the shipping charges & others (if any). You may refund me the excess when the item has arrived.

Thank you.

*** I hope the item can arrive by 10 July or not too later after that as I'm giving it as a birthday present. :)
Orders have been placed for the following under the spree 288 (maiden spree batch for free shipping). however, will require spreeists to top up for the shortfall of ex.rate, which is 1.32. will email spreeists once shipment is here.

3)blossom04 (still pending you to PM me your email add)
6)charmaine99 / Joey Loo
8)tracie81 (still pending you to PM me your email add)
9)alicesc (included your otterbox as well)
hi hazliza
your item has increased to US$24.84 + US$3.99 domestic shipping. quite a vast increase. to still place order? pls alert soon. thanks!
hi lcbaby
item not entitled to free shipping coz by external seller. cost price: US$6.50 + US$6.48 domestic shipping. shipping charge: S$6-8. pls reconsider. shipment takes about 4-6 weeks to arrive once orders are placed. thanks!
hi myboy
the latest 2 also have free shipping. for the paint, pls indicate your colour choice.

in order for me to capture your order accurately, kindly post your order according to the spree format indicated on my thread, once you have confirmed your order and transferred.

hi valsboys
info as per below:
1) shipping charge: S$2-3
2) shipping charge: S$8+/-
3)eligible for free shipping
4)eligible for free shipping
5) shipping charge: S$3-4
6) shipping charge: S$2-3


Nick : Floppy9119
Email: PM-U

Item name: Super Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol 60 Veggie Caps
Quantity: 2
Price in USD: $11.50

Item name: Super Green Coffee Bean Extract 800mg with Svetol 60 capsules
Quantity: 2
Price in USD: $17.98

Item name: 1 btl Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA 800mg per capsule 60 caps/btl 50% Chlorogenic Acid
Quantity: 2
Price in USD: $14.70

Item name: KaysCase Addon Folio Case with Keyboard Docking Station Cover for ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 (Black)
Quantity: 1
Price in USD: $17.99

Total no. of items = 7
Total Price in SGD = USD$62.17 x 1.32 = SGD$82.06

Collection mode: Potong Pasir MRT

1. Date of transfer - 17 June
2. Total amount transferred - SGD$82.06
3. Transaction Reference - 11034324840
hi happie
cost price: US$$1.99 + US$4.99 domestic shipping. shipping charge: S$6-8. pls reconsider in view of high domestic shipping charge. thanks!
hi beancurd
i have tried to PM you but no reply from you. both of your items have increased price. pls see below. do advise if still keen to proceed. don't have your email add so can't email you directly. thanks!

nick: beancurd

DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion, 4 fl.oz
Qty: 01
Size: 4 fl.oz
USD: 13 BILLED AT US$15.60

DERMagic Skin Rescue Shampoo Bar, Lemongrass & Spearmint, 99% Organic, 3.75 oz
Size: 3.75oz
USD: 11.64 BILLED AT US$15

Total $24.64 X 1.3 = $32.03