Amazon Spree (Dreamz) - CGW/Free Shipping (PP/Kovan/Bishan/TPY)

hi all
so sorry for the lack of replies. been v.busy with the recent change of maids. will try to reply all posts tonight. PMs tomorrow. pls be patient. thanks so much.
Order has been placed for the following in spree 233:
1) tan_shortcake (note: eye contour and CHI)
2) smiggleprincess (note: burt's bee billed at USB$6.52 + US$3.49 domestic shipping)
3) fruit_tart
4) May
5) Momomom
6) elfviv
7) kristtk (note: major purple in L billed at US$9.97, major purple in M billed at US$9.90. would require you to top up when shipment arrives)

following spreeists' orders placed in spree 234:
1)tan_shortcake (1 unit of item 1)
2) Azureoct (note: item 1 billed at US$8.36, will require minimal top up when shipment arrives)
3) jan
4) flowy
5) sunflower

following spreeists are in spree 235 and beyond:
1) tan_shortcake
---- still taking in orders ---
Hi Dreamz,

Which batch will my order be in? I have transfered the payment. Did you receive? Transaction no - 10187225540. Amount - $14.17. Please confirm.

hi all
so sorry for the haphazard replies. had a crazy week at work and gotta train new maid. will reply to all posts and provide proper updates.
hi momomom
order placed already. v.tight deadline. shipment generally takes about 4-6 weeks to arrive once orders are placed. hopefully it can reach in time. thanks!
hi lilyred
shipment arrived some time back but haven't had time to update as v.occupied with work and new maid. will email shipping charges to all once i have replied to all the outstanding posts here. definitely will send out tabulation by today. thanks!
hi princessp
order captured with thanks! do be mindful that this item is bulky as highlighted to you before and shipping charges could be more than S$10.
hi yamie
a typical spree batch takes about 4-6 weeks to arrive once orders are placed. thus, highly impossible to reach by end this month. so sorry about it. thanks
hi kikapo
cost price of item: US$77.94 + US$5.99 domestic shipping. weight of item: 3 pounds. v.v.bulky. will cost about S$30 to ship in, excluding domestic shipping charges. too costly to ship in. pls reconsider. thanks!
hi jorach917
info as per below:
1) shipping charge: S$6-S$10
2) same as 1)
3) shipping charge: S$6+/-

do note that coz of their boxes so packaging could possibly be somewhat bulkier. thanks lots!
hi ejz
est. int. shipping charge as per below:
2) below S$5
3) dimensionally bulky at 1.5 pounds. could cost about S$15+/- to ship in. pls reconsider. thanks!
hi princessp and jes00
will update which spree batch once orders are placed. coz need to sort out the orders first. pls check thread once in a while or PM me to see which spree batch your order has been placed in. thanks!

hi kidpo
will arrive within a week or so. i will try to settle shipping charges today and update once i've paid up. once shipping charges are paid, shipment will reach us within a week or so. thanks!