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Amazon.com Spree - ongoing - Prettycloud

Discussion in 'Spree (Overseas Sites Only)' started by prettycloud, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    I had placed order!

  2. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    Hi @karelia

    Is it size 10.5 D(M) US? (They have W too)
    Clarks Men's Tilden Walk Black 10.5 D - Medium, Black Leather
    by CLARKS
    Free shipping

    Naturalizer Women's Sandee Slip-On Loafer not sold by Amazon.com so not eligible.
  3. karelia

    karelia Member

    No, not the W size. I would like the 10.5 M US size (standard fit).
    Anyway, I have transfered SGD74.89 - please check it out.
    Ref # 21415563085
    Please proceed with the order, unless price changes to more than USD 60. Thanks!!

    Collection from TKC.



    Attached Files:

  4. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    @karelia, I had placed order. Thank you.
  5. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    I will be away 2nd week of Dec. Thank you.
  6. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    Please note for orders via VPOST, it will take roughly 5 to 8 weeks.

    1) Need to wait for orders to ship out after ordering (5 to 10 days, orders fulfilled by Amazon. Individual sellers on Amazon.com determine their own shipping time)
    2) Orders to arrive at VPOST, and when there are enough orders (need wait roughly 1-2 weeks for orders to stream in), will ship out of VPOST.
    3) I am using VPOSTUSA Economy AIR shipping which takes longer - Economy – within 9 to 12 working days from the date of payment - but cheaper.

    Please join only if you are able to wait about 1.5 to 2 months. It is also the Festive Season now, and orders will take slightly longer to arrive due to the larger volume of shipments to be handled by the freight companies.



    This post is for items ordered through VPOST or other 3rd party service provider.


    Currently I am using VPOSTUSA (not free).

    Details of spree

    1) http://www.amazon.com

    2) Spree will cap at about USD200.

    3) Exchange Rate: USD1 = SGD1.43 (USD HAD GONE UP. I will adjust up if credit card exchange rate is higher. This always applies.)

    * 1st payment for items ordered.
    * 2nd payment - before collection of items - for cost of shipping from USA to SG + local postage (if any).
    * Payment to : POSB Savings 065-27294-6
    (Please use your NICK when transferring and pm me your hp no and email address after transfer)

    * Base charge to be shared equally by spreeist.
    * I am using VPOSTUSA economy shipping which takes longer but cheaper.
    VPOSTUSA weight/volumetric shipping charges will be apportion by the weight/volume of your item(s) (depending on how the shipping is charged and how I deemed allocation of units is most justified and appropriate.
    * Please be prepared to pay more if your order is heavy/bulky.

    Please note:
    If your order is from individual reseller/store listed on Amazon.com, the vpost shipping charges will be incurred by the spreeist alone. However, you will only pay a fraction of the base charge.

    * No Tracking: Normal Mail. You are encouraged to register your post. Please add 50c for handling and packaging.
    * With tracking: Registered mail (Add S$2.25 to normal post). Please add 50c for handling and packaging.
    * With tracking: SmartPac - $3.05 for under 1 kg OR $4.70, up to 3kg (Please do read the fineprints of SingPost)
    * Courier at S$9.50 for small size package L + B + H < 60. It will cost more if bulky; to be advised.
    * Tanjong Katong Complex (nearest to Paya Lebar MRT, opposite Singapore Post, retail hours 11am to 7.30pm latest, daily.). If you need to collect at later timing, let me know first.
    * Siglap Centre, weekdays.

    Terms and Conditions

    * I will not be responsible for shipment delays.
    * I will not be responsible for lost or damaged goods en route from country of origin to Singapore and to you via post.
    * I will not be responsible for defective, error or paid but missing items in any circumstances; absolutely no refunds.
    * I reserve the right to cancel the spree if there is not enough response.
    * I reserve the right to reject any order, especially for resellers.
    * I reserve the right to change amongst the service providers (VPOST/CGW/etc)
    * No backing out of order after I have placed the order.

    *Please note that I do not check on your total sum. I will just assume that you are right.
    * Excess to be refunded after ship charge is calculated. Unless your order is totally OOS.

    You are deemed as agreeable to the above terms and conditions by joining this spree. Thank you! :)



    Order Format:

    Collection point/method:

    Item #1
    Item Desc:
    Url :
    Quantity :
    Price in USD:
    **Note : Prices on Amazon fluctuate, so please do indicate if you are willing to go ahead with a comfortable range of increase. I will go ahead with a drop in price.**
    Indicate amount of price increase that you are willing to proceed:

    Alternative if OOS:

    Your total no. of items:
    Your total in SGD$: (TOTAL USD X 1.43) = SGD$

    Please transfer the payment immediately after you post your order here.

    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
  7. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    Download Amazon Prime Now app.

    I am a Prime Member on PRIME NOW currently.

    To order: Select browsing from INTERNATIONAL. Please select EXACTLY what you wish to order and screenshot the product and upload the image to this forum. You may add additional details, such as color and sizes, as product title may not capture these details. Please include the price as prices fluctuates on Amazon.

    Products are sold by AMAZON United States. Delivery in 7-9 business days from ship date. Roughly about 2 to 3 weeks.

    Thank you.
  8. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member


    For your information. Thank you.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2018
  9. shenailing00

    shenailing00 Member

  10. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

  11. bbfelice

    bbfelice Member

  12. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

  13. bbfelice

    bbfelice Member

    Hi Prettycloud,

    Payment made. Ref no.3757. S$52.56

    Please check if you receive. Thanks
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  14. wookie_fan

    wookie_fan Member

  15. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

  16. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    Hi @karelia @summerhills

    Your items are here.

    Please note TKC collection will be halted from 10th to 14th Dec 2018.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
  17. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhone XR - Retail Packaging - Dark Lake (Chinchilla/Dress Blues)
    $31.52 - Quantity: 1
    Sold by: Amazon.com Services, Inc
  18. fuusha99

    fuusha99 Member

    still taking order? When will be estimate arrival?
  19. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    @fuusha99, need to know what item are you interested to determine.
  20. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    I have an order about S$33. I need another S$27 for batch with free shipping.
  21. bunny1184

    bunny1184 Member

  22. hazliza

    hazliza Member

  23. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

  24. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    Noted. Will check.
  25. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member


    • ACM Depiwhite eye contour gel 15 ml
      $21.50 - Quantity: 2
      Sold by: BFStayClose
    • Bendy and the Ink Machine : Sammy Lawrence Action Figure - PhatMojo
      $16.99 - Quantity: 1
      Toy - New
      Sold by: Epic Drops
    • Bendy and the Ink Machine : Ink Bendy Beanie Plush - PhatMojo
      $16.99 - Quantity: 1
      Toy - New
      Sold by: Epic Drops
    • Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel 10g
      $33.32 - Quantity: 2
      Sold by: Health First Australia
    • Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel 5g
      $20.90 - Quantity: 1
      Sold by: Health First Australia
  26. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    Anymore orders?
  27. bemychonsa

    bemychonsa New Member

  28. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member


    Yes, I can. Need to top up for shipping as they are not eligible for free shipping.
  29. bemychonsa

    bemychonsa New Member

    Ok. How much do i need to transfer you?
    Thank you.
  30. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    Price: (US$15.99 + USD14 )*1.43

  31. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    Anymore orders?
  32. doradora05

    doradora05 New Member

  33. Felicia Chua

    Felicia Chua Member

    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
  34. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

  35. Felicia Chua

    Felicia Chua Member

    Thanks, may i know how much is the item cost as i noted some cannot be shipped to Singapore.
  36. bliss7931

    bliss7931 Member


    Kindly check whether the followings able to ship to singapore:

    Colour: Black (Iphone 7)
    Qty: 1
    Price: USD $17.99

    Colour: Yogapocketshots626-black
    Qty: 1
    Price: USD $17.98
    Size: XX-Large

    Total: USD $35.97

    Total in SGD: $51.43

    Kindly check whether is this the correct amount to pay.

    If yes, pls go ahead with the orders and i will tsf to u....

  37. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    Hi @Felicia Chua

    It does not ship to SG directly.
    One-time Purchase
  38. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    Hi @bliss7931

    #1 BLACK COLOR is eligible for free shipping at S$24.56
    iPhone 7 Case, iPhone 8 Case [Armorbox] i-Blason Built in [Screen Protector] [Full Body] [Heavy Duty Protection ] Shock Reduction/Bumper Case for Apple iPhone 7/iPhone 8 (Black)

    Via VPOSTUSA only --> additional shipping charge of about S$5 to S$7.

    Are you okay to proceed?
  39. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member


    I missed your post. I think it may be prohibited, so best not to bring in.
  40. gl123

    gl123 Member

  41. bliss7931

    bliss7931 Member


    Can u just place order for number 1 first?

    Please cancel order number 2.

    Thanks for informing!
  42. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

  43. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member


    Okay, please transfer to confirm. Thanks
  44. joychrisjen

    joychrisjen Member

  45. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

  46. joychrisjen

    joychrisjen Member

    I have just transferred.

    Please note this transaction number for your records: 21762150457

    Recipient Name

    Transfer Currency and Amount

    Collection: Tanjong Katong Complex

    Thank you :)
  47. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    Hi @joychrisjen,
    Noted with thanks!
  48. bunny1184

    bunny1184 Member

  49. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

  50. bliss7931

    bliss7931 Member

    Hi Prettycloud,

    Kindly cancel my order.

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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