Amazon #27 - raf plc/sembawang


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batch 409 via vpost submitted for:
-hyacinth: item ok at $10.19
-rustynail: item ok
-sams: both items ok at $29.99 each


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Reference number: MB8671009381B39

Please drop if price increases to Usd10.
this item elig FOC intl shipg, so the exchg rate is at 1.42 as need to cover the prime membership but no more paying for shipg. so i collect the difference during meetup


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batch 412 via FOC intl shipg submitted for:
-tjaine: item ok
-christinayeo: 2nd item ok
-pinkrabbit: item ok
-XuanMa: item ok, price drop to U$24.83

batch 413 via vpost submitted for:
-Xuansmum: 2 items ok. 2nd item cost drop frm $38.67 to $31.85
-christinayeo: item 1 ok