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Am I preggy??

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by jyeo48, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. jyeo48

    jyeo48 Member

    I have a feeling of vomiting (on off) for the past 1 month. My stomach have a feeling of being strech n sometimes can b painful. My breast is like abit heavy feel like engross. If preggy, will have wat symtomps?


  2. september

    september Active Member

    did you miss your menses? pls use the pregency kit to do a test to confirm.

  3. lackvitamin

    lackvitamin New Member

    baobeixuan, ur stomach won't start stretching and feel painful in the early stage (1st trimester) pregnancy. like Diana advised, go do a pregnancy test to confirm. If you want to understand about pregnancy stages, go to http://www.babycenter.com/

  4. jubilant

    jubilant New Member

    baobeixuan, yes, please do a pregnancy test to confirm. the symptoms that u mentioned above could be due to other factors.....

  5. tty88

    tty88 New Member

    sometimes a home test kit may not be so accurate. U can go to any GP to test. cost abt $20+ usually

  6. k1180n

    k1180n New Member

    Go GP more accurate.

  7. binary

    binary Member

    Can just get a test strip off the shelves of Guardian or Watson.

    I went to GP first, also ask me to purchase test strip. If I were to buy it from outside, I save the consultation.

    Buy two brands to confirm, if all positive, go to Gynea.

  8. destiny_child

    destiny_child New Member

    Hi ladies, I have been reading all chat post on getting pregnant and so on. Im new in here and kindly seek your advise. My mense is always irregular (sometimes will get my mense on Day 32..or Day 38 or longest Day 42)trying to get pregnant for almost three years now. My Last mense was on 5th Mar 2010 (which I got it on Day 39)and on 24th Apr 2010, I had very very light brown spotting when wiped so i tested HPT on 25th Apr 2010 -- result showed neg..Day 62: tested negative again...Day 63: again i had spotting and there was no spotting on Day 66. Im having very light cramps and lower hip cramps and not having very bloat feeling (very mild)..confused and can someone help me?? anyone experienced the same..? I think my hsg is low and maybe it is not detected yet...hmmm...if my menses suppose to come around (Day 38 - Day 42), then i am 3 weeks delay. PLEASE HELP ME!!

  9. lackvitamin

    lackvitamin New Member

    No one else can help except the doctor. Please see a gynae.

  10. destiny_child

    destiny_child New Member

    Im actually seeing my gynae on this Thursday...feeling very worried...

  11. lackvitamin

    lackvitamin New Member

    that's good. work with your gynae.. every women are built differently. We may be able to share experiences but should take reference only.

  12. destiny_child

    destiny_child New Member

    thank you so much for the supportive words..

  13. minibun

    minibun Member

    Dear All

    Can someone advise

    for the past 3weeks my stomach has been very bloated have been seeing GP for 3-4 times. I have not miss my mens.. could i be preggy?

    anyone can advise

  14. hazehaya

    hazehaya New Member

    Any toys age for 2 children play?

  15. Shirls1308

    Shirls1308 Member

    hi.. is it true that we should do a home test first before we see a doctor?
  16. tifflim

    tifflim Member

    Actually its best that you do a home test first before going to the doctor. But you can choose to go to the doctor and test also.
  17. Shirls1308

    Shirls1308 Member

    Hi tifflim. . I jus did a digital test kit this morning. .it's positive! !
  18. tifflim

    tifflim Member

    Hi Shirls1308,

    After your test at home, you could go to a polyclinic or any private clinic to do a test again. In private clinic to check pregnancy is less than $25/-. Still it depends on which clinic. If its positive there too, then congrats to you soon you are going to be a mother.
  19. buranndoshop

    buranndoshop New Member

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