Am considering giving child up for adoption - Any reliable & good agencies to recommend?


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Hello.. I've been surfing the web, looking for baby/adoption placement agencies for my lil one due in June 2010..

To summerize the whole situation, I'm living in a rented place with my dad who is suffering from skin and artritis problems and am the sole breadwinner. Not old enough to get a place on my own and career is just taking off.. In fact, I'm worried that my company will not confirm me due to my pregnancy..

The biological father wants nothing to do with this mistake (quote "go get it done, I'll pay for it") and I have cut off all ties with that irresponsibile B.. Abortion was an option initially but I doubt I can live with the guilt, knowing I killed a life..

Any advise/recommendation would be appreciated..


Thank you for your advise.. I hope my bb will have a loving environment which I am unable to provide.. Got lots of explaining to do at work coz eeryone knows I'm unwed.. Bracing myself for the "shame" and finger pointing.. Haix..

I'll look through their webby and contact them.. So far Faith family services has contacted me but somehow I don't really feel comfortable with what I've been told.. Anyone know anything about them?

Dear Hope,

You might want to consider approaching MCYS or Touch community services (adoption department).

I registered with Touch community some time back to adopt a china baby, and last year they called me to tell me about a baby boy for adoption (I think they work closely with MCYS social services). Im happy for you that you made this decision of putting the child up for adoption instead of ending an innocent life which you may live in guilt. My boy (adopted child) is now 18mths, he too was given up by a single mother whose father "disappeared" shortly after learning she is pregnant and she being jobless is unable to take care or provide for the child.

My boy is like a blessing to childless couple like us and everyone in the family love him so much, also financially he is well-provided for.Thus pls go ahead (but make sure you look for reputable govt agencies as they have social workers who screen through couples who wants to adopt to ensure they meet the requirements and not some profit making agencies.

I wish you all the best. You may check out the website of OR

Hi Hope,

I am sad to know that you are planning to have your child adopted. But considering your situation, I understand how it must feel to let go of your baby. As a mother, I don't want to let go of my children. But going for adoption is wiser than going for abortion. I also hope that your baby will have a loving family to provide for all his/her needs.

Hi dear Hope,

I hope you are doing well. my husband and I we are looking for baby adoption since year, we are almost done for our HSR, if you are still keen to find adoptive parents, please drop me E-mail to [email protected]

looking forward.

HI hope i think u did a very wise decision to come n post here [IMG=] take care n pray that bb will be in good hands

Hi Hope,

So glad that a few have left their contacts for the adoption.

Hope things have worked out. You are very brave and wise.

Hello Hope, You are very brave and you have my total support. Anytime you need to chat or just have a shoulder to cry on please contact me. I come from New Zealand and have been living in Singapore for four years (and two years in Malaysia). We foster babies with Sanctuary House to give mums time to ensure they are making the right move with adoption. I would love to foster your baby and with your blessing from there then adopt the baby only when you are comfortable and ready. Please reply if you would like to meet via email: [email protected]

Hi Hope,

You are really brave. Admire you and hope that everything goes well for you and your baby.

All the best and hope that your baby lands with a good family.


I am truely sadden by what you are going thru...

But do not lose hope, help is on the way...

I hope i am not too late by saying this...

I understand your situation, and I am here to offer you an opportunity.

Your success can only be determined by your will and hardwork

If you want to change your life, i hope you can make yourself available one day and see how i can help you...

if possible one day you may be reunited with your child again...

I am not a person with good words, so i cannot sweet talk you...

hope you wont be offended by my words...

Thank you, hope to hear from you HOPE1979

Hi again Hope, It is now April and was wondering if you have decided what your next steps are in finding a loving family for your baby. Remember please email me if you wish to talk, meet or if you are looking to adopt we would love to provide a good life for him/her. Have a nice day!

Hi Hope,

Sorry to hear abt that and wish that someone responsible and able to care your bb well.

Hi noriszah,

Very sad to hear abt your 3 miscarriage. I remember that my massage therapist frm traditional & holistic postnatal centre told me that their lady boss have treated many of their clients who are not able to conceived successfully. Maybe you could try to contact them and ask for more info. Wish you gd luck

Hi Hope,

Wonder have you deliver the baby?

To carry a little life for 10 mths is not easy.

And you have to do it alone with so many other responsibility to shoulder alone.

I wish everything will work out fine.

You are a brave girl and I can sense that you love your baby more than yourself even before he/she is born.

My friend's maid is going to give birth on 12th Jan 2012.

She is looking for a good family to adopt her child.

Home country is Thailand , ChiangMai city.

Hi there. I'm posting on behalf of my friend. She is a 22 single mom with 2 children and is currently pregnant. She is under very tight financial conditions, staying with her parents, unemployed. Thus she is considering giving up her baby for adopting should they find any suitable candidates. Her baby boy is due in march this year. Her family and her are looking for a suitable family that is willing to adopt the baby. Please contact me at [email protected]

hi..we've been married for 16yrs..we're not blessed wit the presence of a child in our life yet..we're still trying and believe our wish n prayer wil be answered..any 1 willing 2 give their child for adoption, pls do let us know..Kunaselvi Lingaes Waran

hi..we've been married for 16yrs..we're not blessed wit the presence of a child in our life yet..we're still trying and believe our wish n prayer wil be answered..any 1 willing 2 give their child for adoption, pls do let us know..Kunaselvi Lingaes Waran
Hello still looking for child to adopt?