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Alot of Users posting their businesses in YOUR FORUM

Discussion in 'How To Improve SingaporeMotherhood.com?' started by guest_victimised, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Dear Chin Leng,

    I dun understand y ppl get banned and some get to post their Yahoo Photo Albums to sell their stuffs to your members here.

    Those Yahoo sites obviously provide a link for people to make purchases and with prices and all; question is: WHY THEY DUN GET BANNED? They are also promoting their business!

    Moreover they copy other people's pictures and post them for own use...

    Chin Leng, I do sincerely hope that U dun just Ban ppl just cos 1 person comes in to say this person is promoting own business before finding out the truth...

    I have been sabotaged many times by such people

    I honestly like your forum very much and wld love to be a member and really hope to be part of your growing member.

  2. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Guest_victimised,

    Like I've mentioned before, we've very limited resources and we won't be able to stop everyone who has abused the forum but we are doing our best.

    You may like to know that when a thread/post has been highlighted to us, we would conduct our own investigation and make our own decision whether appropriate actions are required.

    I appreciate your support of the forum. If your account has been banned and would like to be reactivated, please feel free to e-mail me your details.

    Chin Leng.
  3. Chin Leng,

    I totally agree with Guest_victimised. Many times, I wonder why these people can sell their stuff online, or claim that they can bulk order for the other mummies but in fact, they are the sellers themselve!

    I am always puzzled how people who are so 'loud' can 'advertise' what they are selling freely and not get removed. I feel that this is so unfair.
  4. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Puzzled Guest,

    Please highlight the threads to us and we'll investigate. Thank you.

    Chin Leng.
  5. Dear Chin Leng,

    I am sure your job n your moderator's job is a tough one having to listen to all the crap abt ppl abusing the marketplace rules or this person kept breaking the rules and all...

    Have you ever wonder y these ppl r accusing others sometimes?
    I can only think they themselves have the same kind of business selling the same particular kind of things, thence they want to sabotage others...

    I sincerely hope you'd find out properly things or email the recipient b4 u totally ban ppl.
  6. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Curious Guest,

    The account has been suspeneded and a thread removed before you highlighted to me. I'm sorry that I haven't had time to go through all her other postings and remove them. Will do so when time is available. Thanks.

    Chin Leng.
  7. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Puzzled Guest,

    Thanks for the feedback. All the threads have been removed.

    Chin Leng.
  8. I am not trying to sabotage ppl but in the past 2 weeks, I had seen many ppl using the marketplace to sell their merchandise and even posting huge pictures of them but yet, their threads can still remain in there.

    Or, you see ppl asking for bulk order of certain things so that they can get a discount from the so-called supplier. But has it occurred to you that they may be the 'suppliers' themselves? How do you determine they are not? And if they are, you don't call it as soliciting for business?
  9. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Puzzled Guest,

    As I've mentioned before that we've limited resources, I wasn't able to remove threads from the forum all the time. In fact, I was hardly able to find time to be here in the past month.

    It has definitely occurred to me that the bulk order may be done by the suppliers themselves and I'm currently monitoring the trend. I would like to figure out a way whereby genuine bulk orders can still continue while weeding out the suppliers who are abusing the forum. However, to do this, I would need the support and cooperation of the users in the forum. I would really hate to stop all bulk purchases just because of a few errant suppliers. But if there isn't any other way, we'll be forced to stop all bulk orders, which we are trying very hard to avoid. However, we can't continue to allow other business owners to utilise our resources for their own gain. This is in reality using our resources and bandwidth which we fund through our projects and advertising revenue from www.singaporebrides.com portal.

    It is true that we may not able to remove all errant users but that does not mean we are not going to try. It also does not mean that we should stop just because we can't eliminate all. It would be worse if we don't do anything at all. If any business owners wish to benefit from the forum, it is only fair that they pay for the advertising.

    Don't you agree?

    Chin Leng.
  10. kpo user

    kpo user Guest

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    kpo user Guest

  12. barking woof

    barking woof Guest

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    tt Guest

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    tt Guest

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    x Guest

  16. justamommy

    justamommy New Member

  17. justamommy

    justamommy New Member

  18. roymamy

    roymamy New Member

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  19. justamommy

    justamommy New Member

    WHAT ON EARTH?!!?!? This susisanti obviously didn't even bother to read this thread!! Kick her out of this forum, man! SO DISRESPECTFUL!
  20. glax

    glax New Member

    Hi Chin Leng,

    It will really be sad if you ban bulk-buys. I have participated in some of them and benefitted from the discounts that they offer. I think you can weed out the sincere forum users from the suppliers as mummies who use the forum often will usu have some other threads other than in the market place, or they will also be using it to buy some stuff for themselves. Or maybe you can limit it to mummies who have posted more than, say, 50 posts. Just a thought...
  21. i'm indeed a victim here got suspended my a/c and don't even know what's going on until i saw this thread. a big question over my head that why am i being suspended on posting stuffs to sell for just 2 days but so many sellers out there can still "repost" again and again to sell their stuffs but not being banned??? u said "limited resource" but it's so easy to spot it out at Marketplace & Exchange Corner that almost half of the threads are doing such private selling, is there a double standard or by what rule will you get user to be removed??? i would definitely love to hear from you!
  22. victim no 2

    victim no 2 Guest

    me too a victim, i've been in singaporebrides forum and now a mummy thus in singaporemotherhood for years. recently i just did some postings in the marketplace to sell off some gifts for my bb cos i've got no use for them, and i got suspended! [​IMG] wrote many times to the moderator and no response. i totally sympatheize of the moderator's limited resources, but i just dont think that is a good enough excuse to simply suspend accounts without any clarifications/warnings.
  23. justamommy

    justamommy New Member

    Poor victims, that's the problem with the pests and parasites that take advantage of the forum. Innocent pple kenna instead!
    In future, once your accounts are reinstated, I think better state that you are genuine seller, and not business.
    But that's the problem, the parasites will use the same tactic also! Pls encourage the pple in the forum not to buy from those pests. As it is, pple in the Mktplace just don't bother, and serve themselves first, regardless of whether or not they are encouraging these cheapskate creepos!

    Just some examples of self-serving mommies who don't care, even when SO OBVIOUS that it's own biz!


  24. Wow! So many enterprising people in S'pore!
  25. justamommy

    justamommy New Member

    Chin Leng,
    Once you read this, pls delete the below thread immediately. This thread is just BEGGING for freeloaders trying to promo their own biz to take advantage of this forum. Not only does it seem like no action is taken against freeloaders, they are further encouraged by the fact that there are self-serving mommies who WANT to buy from them, in direct and arrogant disregard of the rules of the forum.

  26. victim no 2

    victim no 2 Guest

    Hi indeed victim, want to check how is your account now? did u write to Chin Leng and did he response to you? I wrote so many times to him and there is NIL response from him at all... what is happening here?? That's it?? My account is suspended just because i want to sell away my bb unused items?? And there are still so many pple selling stuff in the forum... After being a very satisfied user of the forum for so many years, i am very disappointed with it now..
  27. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi all,

    I'm really very very sorry that I've not been able to respond to all the enquiries e-mailed to me or the messages posted here. We have a major deadline in one of our projects and have been very very busy. This project is so major that we've put all other projects on hold too. Life will be back to normal next week.

    Appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

    Chin Leng.
  28. victim no 2,
    i'm disappointed too and wondering how quick respond of the moderator to supsend my a/c but so slow in responding to reinstate my a/c, anyway, the most disappointment is on how i can still see ppl selling aggressively from threads to threads without any action taken??? wonder why am i being so bad luck or what??? ya???
  29. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Indeed Victim,

    We are terribly sorry if you have not received a reply from us. We've been really busy this week. We've also not been able to remove any threads or supsend any account for the past week.

    We've always worked hard to keep the forum operating and solving any technical issues. Many occasions, we've worked through the night to solve technical problems. We've worked hard to keep the SingaporeMotherhood.com forum operational by generating revenue from www.singaporebrides.com. We've also continued to upgrade the hardware to support the increasing activity in SingaporeMotherhood.com so that eveyone will be able to enjoy the forum and have a smooth experience. These are the things we worked diligently to provide. We've dedicated our resources to continue to provide this to the users in this forum.

    I would really appreciate your patience and support during our trying times like these. If I can, I would have replied as early as possible to your enquiries. The truth of the matter is, no matter how late I've been working, how hard I worked, I just wasn't able to reply to your e-mails. I seek your understanding during this period. If possible, I'll try to respond to the e-mails I've received tonight. Thank you.

    Chin Leng.
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  30. kpo user

    kpo user Guest

  31. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    Hi all,
    I think we need to be sensitive and supportive to Chin Leng. Please remember that this is a free forum, you don't pay a single cent to make use of the services, while Chin Leng is working so hard to support the system. At least have some patience and be nice, please don't take things for granted.
  32. victim no 2

    victim no 2 Guest

    Alright! Chin Leng finally appeared again! I'm glad that you did some "explanation" why you totally ignore our cries for help over our suspended accounts! OK.. I'll wait cos now I know you are super busy with something and not just ignoring our pleas. Thanks. BTW i really think the marketplace has helped alot of us mummies save some bucks here and there especially you know how expensive having a bb is! I really hope you can work out a CLEAR and FAIR system for us to continue enjoy the marketplace. Perhaps you want to ask for some suggestions in the forum, i'm sure there are many smart mummies here who can offer some ideas.

    tamarind, yes you are right that we should be supportive Chin Leng and his free forum. I only make this postings here after I've been waiting for his response for many many days... and if your account is suspended and there have been no response so far (quick in suspending accounts and no time to response??), i'm sure you will just lose some patience.
  33. tamarind,
    how can a forum be running so successfully? you & i and all mommies here are playing an important part of it, aren't we? see the traffic here so that's why the moderator is so busy to keep this up and running, isn't it? sure we support him and the forum too, if not, i won't say a word here and wait for his reply, but what if u're the one being suspended but have no reply and at the same time seeing ppl are selling, posting, advertising their products/items freely with no action taken, then what would u do and what would u think abt it?
    we don't take it for granted, just u're not the victim and we won't know how we feel, that's it!
  34. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Victim no 2 and indeed victim,

    Please refer to my message made earlier in the morning just before I rushed out for a meeting. I've already explain that we have been busy with other projects and that's why I've not been able reply to your e-mails. You may like to let me know your username so that I can be sure that your enquiries have been attended to.

    If you think you are the victim, so do I think that I've been victimised. For many nights, while working through the nights, trying to make sure the forum will be able to support the increasing traffic, I've done it willingly and without complaints. I thought my efforts will be worthwhile as it is done for the users in the forum. But I've to say, it is really disheartening to see the messages made by victim no 2 and indeed victim. I've supported the forum for a year now and I've never asked anything in return. All I've asked now is a little understanding and I get blasted because you lost patience as you've waited for a few days? I don't think a little understanding is too much to ask for.

    I am grateful that Tamarind has posted a message giving moral support. I thank you.

    Chin Leng.
  35. Hi Chin Leng,
    i appreciate yr effort and time, i never say or mean to rush u for a reply by email, all i want to know is why my a/c being suspended but there are so many of them out there are selling their products so freely, is it just because u don't have time to put an eye on them or just i was so unluck to be caught? it's fine that u don't have time to check my email or even reinstate my a/c, just a simple answer will clear all my thoughts or misunderstanding? I thank you too!
  36. victon no 2

    victon no 2 Guest

    This is really "??!!!!" Chin Leng your msg only came after i have posted asking for your response 2nd time (my post 10.53am, your post 11.09am)... how would i know whether you are busy or simply ignoring me???

    I've always thought that you are a very very nice person to manage the forum. Therefore in my post at 6.17pm after your explanation that you are actually busy, i actually said that i'll wait until you are less busy!!! and even say thanks!!! i was actually so relieved after u replied that that you are just busy and not just ignoring me because you think that there is no case for any "appeal"! now i got blasted by you instead that i was being unappreciative!!!

    you know what, all along i have never thought this way but now i really think that i was really simply UNLUCKY being "caught".... being "caught" at the wrong timing when you are busiest!!! SIGH!!!
  37. Aiyoo! These people are making a mountain out of a mousehole.
    What is your problem? Do not make it sound like Chin Leng is the aggressor or he owes you a living! If you are so free to engage in verbal war, may I suggest that you help be a moderator and monitor all the threads.
    If you are not happy, you can get lost or go to other forums.
  38. you are right, i have no time to engage in any verbal wars. what's done is done. i've learnt that in this forum, it's best to keep our opinions to ourselves. thanks for the reminder [​IMG]
  39. wait a minute! both victim no2 and me have mentioned that we both understand thoroughly of how busy his time will be and appreciate all his effort, didn't we? to engage a verbal war is simple YOU not us that why step in to pick a fight? we love this forum and we care abt it so that's why we voice out, u're not being suspended, are u? why not to show yr forum name to let everyone know how good u care for the forum??? I'd love to take the job to monitor the thread if Chin Leng allows me to....why not?
  40. fedup

    fedup Guest

    Come on.. it is not easy maintaining a forum. There is alot of background maintenance needed as normal user do not know. U can just type and click Post. But do u know the programming needed behind all these? It is not as simple as u see. Even blocking a certain user needs sometime.

    If u have know that you are not supposed to be doing business here, then dun. And please read the rules and regulations during register.

    If Chin Leng has mistaken u due to some complain, please give him some time to resolve it. I think they are trying to find out some solution to "detect" those pple that is really doing business and those that are not.

    If u are innocent and understanding, u should be giving him some time to come out with a solution where mummies can still get cheap things here.
  41. indded victim,
    i'm just learning from you not using my forum name. why dun you use your forum name and perhaps even throw in your nric and i will follow suit? i can even scan my business card here for you if you dare to do so.

    i am no martyr so i need not prove to the whole wide world how much i care abt this forum. i am just a simple human here like you but i dun go around accusing someone of something or incessantly making a din of how much someone owes me something.

    if i am being suspended because i have done something i shldn't have, then i have no case. i see no reason why anyone would even bother to pick up cudgels for that.

    besides, chin leng owes this forum and doesn't charge us any membership fees. i can't think of any analogy to highlight your problem; the closest is "do not bite the hand that feeds you". this forum has been feeding many users here rich their business enterprise.

    so for goodness' sake, stop being a big hooha here and get yourself so unwelcomed.
  42. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    To all the so-called "victims",
    The high traffic of this forum, is due to Chin Leng doing a great job maintaining the site, so that it has minimum downtime, and we can post messages quickly, with few restrictions. We owe it to Chin Leng, not the other way round. Please get this right.

    You can try to access some other forums, and you will find that pages may take a long time to load. If you want a forum with many moderators who can respond to you quickly, PM me. You will be surprised to see so many restrictions in that forum, you cannot even type short forms like "dun" and "dat". Moderators will quickly edit your message and tell you to write proper English. You cannot post or sell anything unless you have a minimum number of posts.

    If you are really so keen to sell your things, do it the proper way. Pay for an advertisement in the newspaper ! Don't make use of this free forum and still complain so much.

    Do you know that Chin Leng can just ban your IP, and prevent you from posting any messages, regardless of how many fake nicknames you create ? He is kind enough not to do that yet, and you people are still so ungrateful.

    I am using my forum name here, so what ?

    Chin Leng,
    You have all my support ! I am in the same line of work, that's why I can understand what you are going through. We really cannot satisfy all the users. But I can tell you that you are doing a great job ! I am really grateful to you !
  43. i guess i would have to follow "victim or not doesnt matter anymore" that even we've sad feeling but still need to keep our mouth shut, is it the way that u all want?

    pls use yr brain, my a/c got suspended, how to use my fourm name to post???

    i've no word to say now...once again, all i want is just a simple explanation why being suspended but so many of them are still SELLING things freely out there, u're not the victim, u'll never know, but that's okey now, i'm so disappointed here, i thought expressing one's feeling should be freely but not endup being so UNWELLCOMED....just so sad...and hopeless here....
  44. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    Can't you just write your forum name in your post ? You got to use your brain too.

    Nobody owe you any explanation. If you can't understand this and has to feel sad and hopeless over an internet forum, I suggest you switch off your PC, and get a real life instead.
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