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Aircon temperature for babies

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by newmum0109, May 2, 2010.

  1. newmum0109

    newmum0109 Member

    Mummies i need some advice here.. appreciate it.. i'm desperate.

    Is it alright to have aircon on at 23 degrees and baby dressed in only in sleepsuit, no blanket? Is it alright that baby's hands are cold to the touch?

    Should baby's hands and legs be always kept warm or ok to be cold?

  2. Hi

    My feel is that 27-28 degrees is better. BB should be kept warm rather than cold.
  3. gbhfdlmum

    gbhfdlmum Member

    hi newmum, the nurses at the hospital tells me the temperature at the nursery is 24 degrees...the newborns are all swaddled as u know.

    i suggest having a higher temp about 26 degrees & let baby dress in sleepsuit, no blankets.
  4. yoongf

    yoongf New Member

    Actually, my view is that the temp need not be cold, but just cool enough not to feel humid.
    It takes trial and error to find that ideal temp, ard 26-28.

    Cold hands is not a good condition to be in.
  5. newmum0109

    newmum0109 Member

    thanks mummies, for your replies. Have any of you come across children that sleep in aircon room and developed asthma eventually? I'm kind of worried now cos baby has been sleeping in aircon room since birth ....
  6. pristine82

    pristine82 New Member

    Having a clean air con is very important for your babies, as there might be germs and bacterial inside the air con. Regular serving is important so that it will keep your air con fresh. You may visit http://www.airconservicesg.com/servicing.html
  7. karcheng

    karcheng Active Member

    Hi Mummies,

    My hubby is doing air con service, if anyone of you keen for looking for air con service, can pm me for quotation.

  8. first_born

    first_born Member

    my PD used to tell me 25-27 degrees celsius. Doesnt matter if u cover blanket or not, as long as baby doesnt look uncomfortable and the body, hands legs and face feels warm to touch.
  9. mumusings

    mumusings Active Member

    Agree with first-born, different babies have diff threshold for heat/coldness. My bb enjoys cold environment and was flinging off mittens and blanket (27 degrees thereabout).
  10. celinaa

    celinaa New Member

    When i was a baby i dont even have aircon[​IMG]

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