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After jab no fever, do we still give medicine

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by snowman, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. snowman

    snowman New Member

    My boy (5 mths)had his 3rd DPT jab today. I find that he's a bit feverish now but tempertuare show 37.1, any idea can i give him medicine for fever now???

  2. crystalmum

    crystalmum Active Member

    Hi snowman,

    my gal had her injection yesterday (5 mths last sunday) and when i got home she was a bit feverish too so i gave her med..in fact i had intended to give her even if she is not having any fever..cos my doc told me to give since she had slight fever for her second jab the last time..

    today she is ok..not feverish liao
  3. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    snowman, Dun need...
  4. snowman

    snowman New Member

    Hi crystalmum & missylan,

    tks 4 ur replied.

    Can i know how do u take your bb tempertaure? I thought of using the ear thermometer but my pd told me baby is too young for that. So i'm taking bb temperature below his armpit but not easy as he's very active.
  5. reenie

    reenie New Member

    hi snowman,

    i took my baby girl temperature using ear themrometer, my pd clinic uses that as well, mine is from Braun.

    i also have those take can take under armpit type...frm pigeon, but find it not useful, as my bb tends to move alot and reluctant to cooperate.

    When her temperature hits 37.9 or 38, i immediately gave her the medicine, she got fever taking 6in1 jab.
  6. crystalmum

    crystalmum Active Member

    snowman - i oso use the ear thermomenter..cos it says for baby use too..initially i oso use the normal one..aiyo..tat gal..wiggle and wiggle till i cant take a good reading..

    actually quite a number of bb thermometer in the market leh..most pharmacies hav..
  7. snowman

    snowman New Member

    ok, will buy one too. Thks!!!!
  8. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi mums, I think I am very kiasu. Each time after my girl had her jab, I would give her Paracetamol in case the fever comes on. For her first 2 jabs of 5-in-1, she had mild fever and was cranky. After taking the medicine, she felt better and was able to drink her milk.
  9. rachelh

    rachelh Member

    if no high fever above 38.5 no need..
  10. serenade

    serenade New Member

    Not all jabs require fever med. But for some jabs that are more likely to cause fever, it is safer to give med as advised by the doctor.

    Rachel, to give med only when it hits 38.5 degrees might be risky. When the fever gets too high, the normal fever med might not be strong enough. My doc advised medication for fever 38 degrees and above.
  11. teenie

    teenie Member

    I didn't give if he didn't develop fever
  12. sammi

    sammi Member


    My pd always ask me to give my boy a dosage of fever medicine after injection. After that monitor, if temperature above 37.5, then give medicine. I thk for a bb, when temperature above 37.5 must give fever medicine...its a guideline given to me by my pd.
  13. genki01

    genki01 New Member

    hi there..hope my mssgr doesnt comes in too late, u can try giving GRIPE WATER if your GP does prescribe..I understand it is cooling and good for fever, my boy didnt had fever for all his past jabs except fot 1-2times (he's 19mths now) and I'd feed him para if fever is mild and ibrufen only when fever hit 38.5 & above..I'd add on gripe water..as gripe water is like the chinese 'fei-zai-shui', I'd also sponge him on his forehead and his beck and armpit.
  14. kylie_tan

    kylie_tan New Member

    I don't give if there's no fever.
  15. baby_district

    baby_district New Member

    Me too, i don't give any if baby is ok.
  16. dety

    dety New Member

    it's consider fever if the temperature is 37.5 degree or higher and do not give any medicine if there is no fever.
  17. latio

    latio New Member

    I normally will give a dosage or two after the fever subside to prevent it from coming back again.
  18. vanocas

    vanocas New Member

    so far my boy, now 1 yr old..does not develop fever after jabs..except once but very slight and subsided after 1 or 2 feeds of med. Just wondering if no fever means good or bad???
  19. tongtong8

    tongtong8 Active Member

    mild fever, IMO, no need to give med. overreliant on western medicine is no good for our tod cuz it will never let the body build it's own immune system. If there's fever after jab, it's just a normal expected reaction towards the virus injected into the body. So nothing to worry about if your tods are still active. unless he looks sick and lethargic then there's cause for concern.

    for low grade fever, it's always better to give fresh fruit juice(preferably organic ) , lots of water, green bean with china big barley soup, water with bits of korean bamboo salt. honey and lemon. burdock soup. soup and fluids. that's more important, than giving medicine. THat's my 2 cents worth of opinion.
  20. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    no fever dun give leh. better not to
  21. stacies_mom

    stacies_mom New Member

    I don't give if there's no fever. I usually let a slight fever run it's course without medication if she's active and has no loss of appetite or is lethargic.

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