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Advise : Preschool/kindergarden in the east

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by yoji, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. yoji

    yoji Active Member

    Went to a few schools for tours and came back for more advise

    1)Eton preschool : excellent school with good qualified teachers but fees are not cheap.
    2)Brighton Montessori :Teachers are trained but no form of qualifications was stated. Supervisor brushed off quickly when asked about their qualification. Air con ON when needed. Teachers reading lyris and seems unsure when conducting classes.
    3)Pat's schoolhouse in siglap: Not considering after viewing the school.
    4)School by the Bay : In Katong CC itself.Security doesn't seems good when I look. Anyone can just walk into CC and pretend to go for CC class.

    Csn share what other school is worth visitng and some good advise?

  2. gwengwen

    gwengwen New Member

    I've recently moved to the east and had transfered my two children from the MYMCA childcare in Woodland's branch to Sim's branch (located at Geylang Lor 37), which is within walking distance from Paya Lebar MRT. I quite like the teaching environment, teachers and the school syallaus. That's why I'm transfering my kids. They also provide extra-curriculum programme like Kinder Musik for Nursery class, Kinder Gym for K1 classes and Swimming for K2 classes, speech and drama classes, etc. You may wish to visit if you are interested. Don't worry, it's at the end of the Geylang area, so the neigbouring environemnt is not so "red-light districted"
  3. yoji

    yoji Active Member

    Hi gwengwen,
    How's the school fees?
  4. yingying_ying

    yingying_ying Member

    hi humblebee
    can share with me your reason for not enrolling w Pat's Schoolhouse at Siglap after viewing the school - what happened? u mean the school is not good? Care to share, please?

    Thanks [​IMG]
  5. yoji

    yoji Active Member

    Ater viewing the school, I felt the school doesn't really look to be a school. It's not so clean and a little cramp to be a school. Went ot the brighton montessori(in frankel ), seems that is even bigger. I prefer my child to go to a bigger school so that they will have more running space. Have u been looking around urself? What other school are you deciding on?
  6. paulnelaine

    paulnelaine Member

    hi humblebee....

    my boy just started class at MMI Katong... quite nice school with super clean environment and e teacher seems good.... i've been to e mother n toddler class(weekend enrichment class) for 2-3months last year before placing my boy there this jan.....maybe u can go there take a look... personally i like e clean environment n e small low wash basin which fits my boy height as he is only 2+yrs old so need somethg low then he can wash his hands without any help. e toilet very clean too....
    e principal also very nice lady n she is quite strict with keeping e environment clean for e children.
    e school is located at level 4 katong shopping centre.....
  7. yoji

    yoji Active Member

    Any outdoor play since it's in the katong shopping center?
  8. yingying_ying

    yingying_ying Member


    Yes I've been looking around... Initially, I was kinda interested in the weekend class D'story Club ... wanna let my boy get used to the environment before enrolling full-day school .. but I feel that they do not give a quick turnaround to responses over the phone (ie when i call to enquire about D'story club they took 3 days to return my call). It left me wondering if my boy was in their full-day care, would they also be this uncontactable?

    Have you since decided on which school to enrol your little one ?

    Elaine (paulnelaine)

    Can you share with me what weekend enrichment class did you & your child attend at MMI KAtong? What's the duration ? 2 hours? What time is that on a Sat (i presume)?What do they do there? Any Chinese immersion programme?

    Many Thanks [​IMG]
  9. yoji

    yoji Active Member

    I have narrow my choices to
    Eton Preschool - have to put registration fee of 600 dollars plus to be on the waiting list (chances are slim cause they do have enough students already)
    Chiltern House - free registration.

    meantime, still looking for other choices.
  10. seralee

    seralee New Member

    hi Humblebee,
    I;m thinking of sending my son to MindChamps preschool. They just opened a branch in Tampines Central. Have u heard anything abt the program? btw. where are u staying? mid-east or end-east?
  11. krazy

    krazy Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">sera lee:

    btw, how much are their fees?</font>
  12. valsboys

    valsboys Member

    Nice to see this thread.

    Any advice on Katong area? Moving over there soon but not so familiar with the area, just know that there are lots of reputable ones at Fort Road and the Shaws near parkway. Put bb on wiatlist for NAFA Arts Kindergarten but they dun have nursery class. appreciate any advice.
  13. yoji

    yoji Active Member

    I am staying in eunos. How much is the fee? Since it's a new branch, are the teachers good?
  14. seralee

    seralee New Member

    i just explore the mindchamp website, and realised they just open 3 branches in the east. if i can remember correctly, 1 in tampines, 1 in katong, but i cannot remember the 3rd one liao.
    not sure abt cost...heard is abt 1k after subsidies. but i also heard they use the "mindchamp" method of motivating the kids...not sure true or not, so i want to find out if any mummies heard anything.
  15. shn_23

    shn_23 New Member

    Saw from the web that there is an open house on the 18 (wednesday) 7pm at 143 east coast rd, then 21 at the 46 &amp; 143 wast coast Rd .
    Thinking of transfering my girl there. cos currently she is in the infant care. i dun like the facilities &amp; the teacher there are really very CHINA &amp; MALAY. worst still, today i went to the preschool class to racky, i found out that they dun use a sterilizer for the milk bottle, then I ask the Teacher in charge..... EXCUSE me, do u have any sterilizer here? AND to my SUrprise, she dun know what is a sterilizer. OH MY GOD!!!. then the hygiene there is not good too
  16. yoji

    yoji Active Member

    Hi ladies,
    How's everyone?? Did you all admit your child to preschool yet?
  17. yingying_ying

    yingying_ying Member

    Nope my kid is still at home ..ahhhaha...

    I also worry that sending him to school too soon might mean he may fall sick more often... so will let him stay home for another few months [​IMG]
  18. valsboys

    valsboys Member


    Any mummies put their kid in the new Mindchamp preschool? I am still looking around for a good preschool between Kallang and Marine Parade.

    I saw from another thread that some mummies recommend St. Hilda's, but hesitating cos' worried too much owrk n stress for kiddo.

    Also considering Ascension Kindergarten. Any comments?
  19. yingying_ying

    yingying_ying Member

    Have you decided on which pre-school?

    Eton is out for me as i find it overly expensive...the fees per annum is equivalent to the fees for a varsity degree -i don't think i have that much spare cash to burn! hahaha...

    Schoolhouse by the Bay is also very expensive for me [​IMG]

    Anyone - Is there any good kindergarten that doesn't cost >$500 per month in the East?
  20. rona

    rona Active Member

    Do you mind if its a church kindergarten? if not, you can try praise kindergarten in joo chiat or the katong church next to chin mee chin coffee shop. Both has good programs but you need to see which one suits you and your kids more. i think the katong church one runs pats program.
  21. yaperlen

    yaperlen New Member

    hi everyone
    i am gng to view jeet's school house later as my son is gng to be 18 moths in august...
    any advice?
  22. yingying_ying

    yingying_ying Member

    hi all
    I've signed my boy up with Bethesda Katong Kindergarten along Frankel Avenue...starting next year [​IMG]
    Very good. I'm very impressed with the Principal's dedication, the curriculum and the environment [​IMG]
  23. freshies22

    freshies22 New Member

    anybody has feedback on Ascension Kindergarten? Or Mindchamps at East coast?
  24. yoji

    yoji Active Member

    Ying Ying,
    How much is the fee? Btw, which part of east are u staying in?
  25. yingying_ying

    yingying_ying Member

    hi humblebee
    fees is 540 per term (per term = 10 weeks ..abt 3 months) + material fee $55 (per semester i think) - very reasonable fees in today's context i feel.

    I stay near Siglap.

    Actually i was recommended by a few mummies in this forum and hence i went to have a look &amp; spoke to the Principal... and true enough, the mummies here were right....the Principal is really committed and so are the teachers.. and i like the school ground...i think i prefer a proper school ground as compared to those landed property type .. just a personal preference i guess..

    but too bad they are full for this year ...

    Principal suggested i signed up for next year which i did on the spot and i was lucky to get the 1st session... i heard the 1st session for next year is now full cos my fren went and she also liked the school but she couldn't get in the 1st session...so she signed up for 2nd session. 2nd session, ie 11.30am-2.30pm left w limited vacancies i was told... [​IMG]

    Where do u stay?

    Did you register your child at Eton in the end?
    Eton / SHBTB is good if you don't mind the fees [​IMG]
  26. littleparadise

    littleparadise New Member

    Hi, any comments for praise kids at joo chiat? Is there good? Thought of enrow my gal in.. Been checking out there and zee junior but prefer praise kids as it is less stressful
  27. handbagqueen

    handbagqueen New Member

    Hi Jasmine,

    Although Seed and Praise Kids are the same owner but Seeds D Learning House offer much better learning environment. It will benefit your kids in term of learning, reading and writting ability.
  28. thaddeeboi

    thaddeeboi Member

    Hi YingYing,

    Glad to know that Bethesda Kindergarten is good and recommended by mummies. I've always wanted to send my son (he's 23 mths now) there as I attended that kindergarten when I was little but didn't know how it is now.

    I visited Pat's schoolhouse too and like you, I wanted to attend the d'story program n let my son be familiar with the school b4 he goes there full time. The sch said that the program is scheduled to start in Apr but they never called me back - guess not enuf ppl to start program lor. Sigh...

    Thanks for the info! [​IMG]
  29. bay_mah

    bay_mah New Member

    Hi mommies in pasir ris, any advice or comment to share on Riverlife Kindergarten, Bethesda (Pasir-Ris) Kindergarten &amp; Changi Baptist Church Kindergarten? Thank you.
  30. phoebe_lim

    phoebe_lim Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Plan to send my gal to pre-nursery in Besthesda Bedok Tampines Kindergarten.. can mummies give me some comments abt the sch??? thanks!
  31. cookiecrumbs

    cookiecrumbs New Member

  32. darkcoco

    darkcoco New Member

    Hello Mummies,

    I am also looking for a preschool for my son. So hard to find one. [​IMG]
    I lived in Tampines, wouldn't mind to travel a little; Pasir Ris, Simei, even Katong or Silap is fine too.
    Any recommandations? [​IMG]

    I have read at Kaisuparents forum; there are comments saying Besthesda @ Pasir Ris not too good.

    Between, I have visited The Little Skool House @ Fidello and Tampines; Tampines branch is cleaner, teachers look more friendly, but am just worry if their curriculum really works.. Got a reply from one of the mummy from Kaisuparents forum shared there are reviews mentioning the "software" is not so good.

    Visited Kinderland @ Serangoon and Marine Pararde; people are friendly, the place is clean, but the equipments are very old. Also find that they might be better in Chinese than English teaching.

    Visited Learning Vision @ Changi Business Park; the place is clean, but tight in space, the princle is friendly but worry that she's a very good salesman(if you know what I mean).
  33. noinoiz

    noinoiz New Member

    hi Phoebe Lim (phoebe_lim), hw is the pre-nursery in Besthesda Bedok Tampines Kindergarten? isit gd? m thinking send my gal there...
  34. aerospace

    aerospace New Member

    I have tried several preschools before MindChamps, and they always lack something. I was won over by the quality of teachers that MindChamps has - caring, passionate and dedicated. This is a Preschool that I would highly recommend.
  35. mummy_msjj

    mummy_msjj New Member

    Hi Aerospace,
    Your child attend which Mindchamp?
    Is is very different to other preschool?
    I am considering the Mindchamps Jurong branch &amp; Modern Montessori Jurong West Extension.
  36. twinkestar_shop

    twinkestar_shop New Member

    Hi, any mummies with kids at Bedok Lutheran Church Kindergarten at Bedok South? I will be shifting to Bedok area by end Dec and is now urgently looking for a good kindy for daughter.
  37. raysam

    raysam New Member

    Hi mummies, anyone has any good recommendations on any pre-school, nursery or child care that are located around Hougang, Sengkang or Kovan pls? Really need some advice and any experience sharing on this topic. Going to look for one in these neighborhood, but not sure which one is suitable for my two year old boy for enrollment in Jan 12.
  38. eureka29

    eureka29 Member

    Hi mummies, does anyone have any feedback on Chiltern East Coast or Holy Family Kindergarten?

    thanks alot!
  39. wonderweb

    wonderweb New Member

    Hi all mummy ..Any one can help me give some reviews on LittleSkoolHouse Tampines and Learning Kidz Academy at Tampines Central ( just started last September)?...I am going to transfer my son childcare next year (K1) due to distance issue.

  40. Koay Yan Nee

    Koay Yan Nee New Member

    Any mummies send their kids to Twinkle Kidz at bendermeer? Any comment? It previous was Academic kidz but already took over by Twinkle kidz now...
  41. Koay Yan Nee

    Koay Yan Nee New Member

    Any mummies send their kids to Cherries heart at Harbour Front tower? Any comment for their infant care?

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