Advise on how to sleep train your toddler


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Our bb is 20 months old now. Previously he's able to sleep through the night after we rock him to bed.
But for the past one month, he's been waking up suddenly for more than 6 times per night. When he wake up, he will cry out for mama and stand up on the crib. We did let him cry for 10 mins and go in to rock him back to sleep. Each sleep will only last for 2 hrs +.

We would wish to help him break the habit of sucking pacifier and rocking him to bed. But fail after trying for 1 weeks.

We did the following since he's a 1 years old:
  • Still using pacifier
  • Play, Bath, Story time and feed milk before bed.
  • Sleeping alone

Would appreciate any parents can share their experience with us , if your kids has similar situation.