Advise Needed - Toddler with asthmatic


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Hi Mummies

My son is 27 months now. Lately, he frequnently cough and vomit at night but day time completely ok. i brought him to see peadiatric cos he start wheezing. Doctor said is asthmatic, my heart broken... I do not have any pet at home, clean his room everyday, i notices he sleep better without air-con, need advise how to take care toddler with asthmatic, please help me, thanks...


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Hi my son was put on ketotifen long term (since his 2nd bronchilitis attack @ 10mth till now 4yo. I have checked with several renowned pd and have been told that this lung tonic is safe to take and has no side effects and it is very affordable too. He is doing fine now. I also use my special vacuum cleaner to vacuum off dust mites fr his bed and pillow every fortnight. Try not to give too much steriod puffs unless absolutely necc cos it's no good for them at such young age. When things get worse, I give singulair (but every expensive).I also give probiotics daily to boost his immune system. If your son attends childcare, it will be worse.


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My elder gal is 4yrs old now, she was on 6months lung tonic since she was 6months old. Discharged exactly at her 1yr birthday. There is no side effect to take the lung tonic, however if she start coughing now, it tempt to take longer time to cure it.
My boy who is currently 21months also asthmatic. He was on inhaler for a period of 4months, once he start coughing for a week and didnt recover, he will be starting to use the inhaler too. Asthmatic for young child will go away, my boy cant sleep in air-con room, once in air-con, he start to have runny nose and cough. Just make sure don give him too much cold drink.


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Just to share, my peadiatric told that we can do a skin test (if is allegy) to confirm child allergy on food, cold air or dust. I think is really good to do as a prevention. Child must NOT taking any medication for continuously 5 days in order to do the test.

just to share my experience with you. My daughter who is 9 now was asthmatic. She has very sensitive lungs and whenever she had cold or flu, she would be put on the inhaler, both ventolin and seretide. She was asked to take the ketotifen but she took only 2 bottles of that.

Before I knew she was asthmatic, she slept in an air-con room. It was really funny how her nose started to itch every night before bed and she would be coughing two three times in the night and be perfectly ok in the day. I researched on it and realised that she could be allergic to dustmite dropping. So, I bought anti dustmite covers for her mattress and pillow. The very night I put them on, her cough miraculously disappeared and we have since had the covers for all mattresses and pillows in the house. Now, she can even sleep in air-con room. The reason that many children develop runny nose in air-con bedroom is probably the high concentration of dustmite + their dropping in the air with nowhere to "escape".

Now that she's 9, she's a lot better. She does not wheeze every time she gets a cold or flu. In fact, she hasn't had an attack for almost 1 year until recently she had a minor episode of it.

In S'pore, where the weather is so humid, dustmite flourishes naturally in our mattresses. There is really no way of eliminating them. The covers I spoke about merely minimises the dustmite from coming out to the bed sheets.

Hope this helps and if you need further queries, please pm me.

Take care.


Hi Angela,
The info u shared is good...i'll tried to buy some anti-dustmite cover to try out.
my boy jus discharged from hospital for asthma n im thinking of ways to prevent another asthmatic attack episode..


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Hi treestar
just to share, i sent my son to PD for skin test n confirm tat he is very sensitive to dustmite. PD recommend a spray to kill dustmite very effective, will furnish more info tom.

Apart from the anti dustmite covers, which prevent daily runny nose, you may wish to consider strengthening your son's immune system. At one point in time, I double-boiled cordyceps with pork every fortnight for my daughter and she went whole 6 months without cold or flu. She was about 6 years old then. Hence, I really believe in the goodness of cordyceps. Only thing is they are so expensive!!!


Hi mommy, can share whether yr kid is attending child care?

thanks...coz mine also asthmatic and she is in full day child care..thinking to withdraw her
Hi. What is the earliest age that a child can develop asthma? My baby is now 10 months and I wonder if I can look out for the signs and be prepared. Also, can anyone share where can I buy the dustmite cover? Thanks.



Is there any side effects on Ketotifen? My boy used to be ok when he is young, no colds or cough/ Now that he is turning 4, it seems to be worse.



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Hi Mummies, my ds at this period of time is on ketotifen too. I just hope his asthmatic cough(wif phelgm)/cold will get better. And at this period of time, the doctor advised me to change his milk to soy based formula. Coz he said that maybe my ds had an allergy to cow's milk/nut. And i've been giving my son the cod's liver oil as recommended by the doctor.

As my son is in nursery now, his episodes of getting his cough/cold is very2 frequent. I'm in a dilemma too as my son was very healthy when he's a baby. Now i controlled a lot of item of foods that cannot be consumed by him.
Although we slept in non-air con room, he still got frequent of coughing/cold.

I just want to know where i can get the dustmite cover, the spray and any other advise that i can get from ur experiences? Really appreciate it.



I see from magazine that there are cleaning facilities that helps to remove dustmite from mattress etc, I think I saw the advert in Motherhood mag.

Alternatively, they say HOU NING from Eu Yan Seng very gd.... but very expensive. But is just hearsay, dun know if readlly will help asthma.

Some old folks say dun drink too much cold water etc....

Hope it helps...


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My son is asthmatic. He can take cold weather but can't take it if it's hot. He has no problems being in an air-con room or with winter weather when overseas, so I guess it's different and you have to figure out what triggers an attack. For some children it's simple things like grapes n oranges.


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Hi Mummies, any child is taking ventolin due to bronchitis? heard the side effects is child will be hyperactive, is tat true?


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Hi baobei, my dd is taking ventolin 5 days for her nebulizer (not the syrup type). so far i notice there is no effect that makes her more hyperactive..
before this period, she olso took ventolin.


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JUst to share,

My gal is born with family history of childhood asthma(Thanks to my MIL who passed it to my HB). And since she was 2 mths old, every mth she had to visit the PD for cough n blk nose.

All the way until she was 6 mths old, I was so tired of the routine every mth to bring her to the PD, she had to take ventolin etc. So I turned to my mum who had experience from this when she took care of my asthmatic cousin last time.

My mum is a believer of TCM, so she taught me her method. Every wk, I'll throw in 1-2 dang sheng, Red date and figs into the stock I make for her porridge. And 1 mth after following such method, my gal's health really took a significant change. Her cheeks became rosy and her palms are no longer cold in air con rooms. And the monthly visits to PD for bronchitis stopped. *Touch wood* So far already 8 mths since it stopped.

I did some more research on Asthma on TCM and it seems tt if u wanna put a stop to it, is to treat it from the "roots". That is to nourish the Lungs.

Some common food that is beneficial to such is White Fungus, Figs. And you also need food to "Bu Qi" and the food to use commonly safe for children is Dang Sheng, Bei Qi, Red Dates.

Now my gal is older n doesn't like those porridge cook with those stock anymore, I cooked 2 Dang Sheng, 1 Bei Qi, 10 Red Dates, 4 Figs in slow cooker n use the water to make milk for her. My hb who is asthmatic also drink the water and even his mum sees his health is better compared to the past.

These are my personal experience. And of cos it is important to keep your room ventilated. Air your room in e day. Change the sheets weekly. I admit it is alot of work but comparing these to seeing my gal suffer, I find it worthwhile.

Of cos before going on e TCM method, it is best u seek some pro advise first. Wat worked for my gal may or may nt work for you, so don't blame me if it doesn't work or your child develop allergy. I'm just sharing my experience hopefully someone can benefit from it, nt to cause harm to anyone. And I took the try n error method before I found one tt worked for my gal.

Every child react differently, but if you are nt bias against TCM, I would say it is worth trying for long term health benefit for your child.


"I cooked 2 Dang Sheng, 1 Bei Qi, 10 Red Dates, 4 Figs in slow cooker n use the water to make milk for her"

Hi Tinkerbelle (kelcqi) ,
can u tell me in more detailed how you did it?
1. the water after u boiled, how u stored it?
--> in fridge, or room temperture?
2. how u exactly cook it?
3. mix totally with milk or partial?
4. wats in ingredient in chinese, cause i don know how to tell the chinese shop to buy the things



Member this still active? i also wish to find out more abt the antidust mite cover - where to get. and the spray. i heard of citric orange spray, not sure which is good and how to get hold of it.


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Hi all,

My gal also has allergic rhinitis, sneezing , runny nose etc.

I just bot air purifier, anti dust mite pillow/bolster covers from this Allergy Management Systems.

Prices are not cheap. But i heard their air purifiers one of the better ones. You can't get them from Harvey Norman/Courts.

You can try look for Andrew. Their office is at 203, Wing B, Henderson rd, #09-07. Industrial Park. Tel: 6298 2066.

BTW, I am not earning anything from there.
More details check out their website:

Good luck and may our kids manage better!


Hi all,

My daughter also has allergic rhinitis, asthma and dry skin.

I've heard that commercial supermarket brands have petrochemicals called "xxxxparaben" or "sodium laureth sulfate" which may cause health problems or allergies.

Therefore, I was looking for a company that sells safe and non-toxic products for home,health,beauty etc and I found it.
I've been using their products and they
are very effective.

PM me for more info.


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My girl also used to have asthma but since we started her on her swimming lessons, she has not had any attack. Swimming does build up her lungs. Try it!