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Advise needed to choose a good Omega or fish oil

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by annie2011, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. annie2011

    annie2011 New Member

    Any good recommend , which products or brand for Omega or fish oil is safety and good?

  2. yasminelala

    yasminelala Member

    I think most mummy go for Nordic Naturals in this forum.
  3. best_tutors

    best_tutors Well-Known Member

    Hi I am giving my son Twinlab fish oil from Nature Farm
  4. Superior baby

    Superior baby Member

    Hi ,I taking Nutrilite Omega fish oil because its the Most Trusted Gold Award winner for Reader Digest for consecutive 8 years. So should be trust able. If you interested PM me then I give you the contact for the distributor.
  5. 2_princesses

    2_princesses New Member


    I let my gals take nutrilite salmon omega-3 & I feel that now, they can concentrate better than previously & faster recovery from sick. If you are interested to know me, can pm me for more details.
  6. rachel20

    rachel20 Member

    I let all my children take MArine Omega from Pharmanex, it is the most rigid in complying the 6s quality process i found and guaranteed no heavy metals. What's more, it comes with the krill oil to curbs body inflammation that children easily develop throat infection or fever caused by bacteria. It works well and reduced the times i have to bring children to see PD.

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