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Advise Needed: How to get pregnancy?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by vena_bibi, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. vena_bibi

    vena_bibi Member

    Dear all,
    Me and my hubby planning to have baby now but i jus finish my menses. Heard that if wanted to have baby den hv to be after 1 week after my menses have completely finish. Issit true? please advise me. in blur blur situation.
    Thank You!

  2. gemini05

    gemini05 Member

    hihi ,

    I heard fr my friends who are pregnant or had kids said should try on the 5th day ur mense ends, or when ur cervical mercus is alot / clear as egg-white. So roughly its abt the 15th to 17th day ur mense comes.
    During the "peak" days.. then success rate is higher..

    FYI: I am trying to conceive too.. hehe [​IMG]
  3. kingking1

    kingking1 New Member

    Actually, it aso depends on whether u gt any ovluation or nt. If u dun ovluate, den whatever u tried out aso no use.
  4. vena_bibi

    vena_bibi Member

    Hi Gemini05,

    I am trying to conceive too le. Hope to hear yr good news le. I will let u noe le.. We jia you together ba... hehe..
  5. vena_bibi

    vena_bibi Member

    Hi Gal,

    Hmmm... Can i know how do i noe do i have ovluation? issi that we need to hv a body check up? [​IMG]
  6. vena_bibi

    vena_bibi Member

    Dear all,

    Can i know when can i know the result? [​IMG] Issit to depend on my next mense? [​IMG]

    Thank you [​IMG]
  7. cupcake

    cupcake Active Member

    Hi piggy,

    I think the proper way of calculating O date is predicting ur next mens, then minus 14 days. E.g. if ur cycle is 27 days, then minus 14 days for ur expected mens date, meaning day 13.

    How long have u been trying? It is unlikely that the gynea will ask u to chk if u r ovulating if u hv been ttc for less than 1 year. The ovulation test basically is doing a blood test on certain days of ur cycle.

  8. vena_bibi

    vena_bibi Member

    Hi Muffin,

    This is my first time trying le. Hehe... means if mine is on 24 den minus of 14 days that mean is today le (10/8/07). It is mean that during or after this date i can try le? [​IMG]

    Piggy.. ('0')
  9. hopefully

    hopefully New Member

    use ovulating test kit.
    or take note of your body signs.
    like my colleague she knew she is ovulating when she feel the pain at the ovary.
    and not every month got egg.
  10. vena_bibi

    vena_bibi Member

    Me will also feel a slight pain at the ovary but dunno issit the right one.

    I heard that if your menses always come alot each time mayb you will be easily get pregnant. Issit correct? [​IMG]
  11. misswho

    misswho New Member

    I've been ttc too....have been 6 mths and finally missed my period this time..but havent tested. No symptoms yet ... keep my fingers crossed
    Anyway just wanna share this book if you are trying to conceive - "The Billings Method" (got it frm the library) - or visit the website http://www.woomb.org/bom/index.html
  12. vena_bibi

    vena_bibi Member

    Hi misswho,

    Congrats le and thanks for yr information. I should read more on this books. Thank you!
  13. berlyn

    berlyn Member

    I tried from the 7th day from the day of my mense start. Have intercourse every alternate days leading up to the 7th day before my next mense start. I get pregnant on the first attempt. Hope it work for you too..
  14. vena_bibi

    vena_bibi Member

    Hi Berlyn,

    So lucky of you and also congrats le. How many months are you now? [​IMG]
  15. berlyn

    berlyn Member

    Hi Piggy,

    Im now coming 5 months and Im having a baby girl. I don't consider myself as lucky but it is indeed a blessing to have someone who have fate with me. For those who is having a little difficulty trying, you will eventually 'meet' someone (baby) who want to stick with you. Goodluck to all..!!
  16. tweetie76

    tweetie76 Member

    <font color="0000ff"> i m ttc..ask u hor..when u bond, will the s~men overflow and stain yr bedsheet ?
    we alwys encounter this,wonder is it why i cannot get preg</font>
  17. y2k_baby

    y2k_baby New Member

    Hi tweetie76,

    I have been TTC for almost a year and stil no luck yet. I having the same situation as you, somtimes we also wonder could it be due to this. Anyone can advise? =)
  18. misswho

    misswho New Member

    hey baby,

    try the 'doggie style' we got our 2nd BB recently with only one try! Maybe this style is able to penetrate deeper hence it will not flow out?
    Gd Luck
  19. y2k_baby

    y2k_baby New Member

    Hi misswho,

    I have been doing research saying guy on top will have a better chance. Is it true?
  20. misswho

    misswho New Member

    hi baby,

    ermm..i'm not so sure abt that! [​IMG] But i got my first n 2nd bb with doggie style only. hehee
  21. chew88

    chew88 New Member


    I am new here , actually we has been trying for nearly a yr , still not good new . If my mense delay a few day , we though i might be preg. Maybe i am too stress over . My hubby love BB alot and i hope to have one for him, some more in my office there are more than three colleague Pregnant . Now i am trying to de-stress myself .Maybe it will be easy to get ones soon... WE REAllY HOPING.

    One of my ex colleague advise me to visit the chinese doctor maybe it will help. Is it true?
  22. misswho

    misswho New Member

    Hi Chew,
    I have got friends visited chinese doctors as well as gynae. Can gv it a try! But have the 2 of visited any gynae yet? One of my colleagues also cannot conceive and tried for many mths, she and her hubby went to see a gynae and was told that her 'eggs' were sleeping. Thats y she miss her menses so many times. Go see a doctor n you will know more from him. gd luck
  23. chew88

    chew88 New Member

    Hi Misswho,

    Huh your colleague "Egg" sleeping . What it mean? So far any good news from ur colleague. One of my colleague also try for about 5 mth than have bb .

    So do you think is better to see gynae than chinese doctor??
  24. misswho

    misswho New Member

    Hi Chew,

    my colleague is still trying...n gg thru medication. I think i will go to the gynae first cos i trust western doctors more than Chinese ones! Think its up to individual
  25. y2k_baby

    y2k_baby New Member

    Hi Chew,

    Have you been to any western or chinese doctors yet? I am thinking of seeing one too after TTC for a year. Any good recommendations, anyone? =)
  26. sianzz

    sianzz Member

    just to share my stories here..I have been trying for a 2nd baby for more than 1 year plus after my 1st but to no avail..my period had always been irregular after my 1st and sometimes it doesnt come for months..went gynae prescribe medicine to ovulate for many many months and did scans wasted so much money also no use..then I went to this chinese physician who is famous for seeing this kind of problem..just 2 visits n I pregnant n recently gave birth..
    I recommended a mother of my daughters classmate who wanted a no.2 also and shes also pregnant now after seeing him..
    Hmm..those who wanna give it a try..do pm me..

    Ps: I dun gain anything from doing this..
  27. jazz_me_lah

    jazz_me_lah Member

    Hi Hi,

    I very irregular &amp; even took pill plus scanning but not working...i need solution...

    Can email to me at jazz_me_lah@yahoo.com.sg

    Thank you so much.
  28. y2k_baby

    y2k_baby New Member

  29. may_chan69

    may_chan69 Member

  30. princess_sherry

    princess_sherry New Member

    minzz, where's the TCM u went?
  31. babycomecome

    babycomecome Well-Known Member

    Hi, I am oso TTC but was so disappointed when tested negative yesterday. Have to try harder next time ba.
  32. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    I dissapointed with menses came...sigh!!!!!!!!!!does eating bay fong wan help?
  33. fel_1807

    fel_1807 New Member

  34. jox2

    jox2 New Member

    Hi Sianzz,

    I need the contact too. Thank you. [​IMG]

    Hi Soho,

    I heard from some people that they conceived after they took bai foong pills. Anyway, I have bought BFP from Yu ren sheng already...will take in 1-2 days time.
  35. baby29

    baby29 New Member

    Hi Sianzz,

    I need the contact too, thanks a lot!!
  36. babyjes

    babyjes New Member


    seems like some of us are having the same problem with irregular menses..
    Can anyone share the TCM contact?
  37. memorablechocolate

    memorablechocolate New Member

    Hi ladies, I just found out that I'm 3weeks pregnant after trying to hv bb for 2-3months... I uses Basal Body Temperature (BBT). This technique is also good if you have irregular menses.

    The homework is to get three things.
    1. First body temperature b4 u get out of bed, make sure same timing every time u take
    2. Check your cervix fluid, if it is like egg white, go hv sex.
    3. Cervix position and softness. Whether it is high up or soft or opening. (Low, easily reach n hard n close, it means is not fertile)(High up and hard to reach, soft and open, it means you are likely to ovulate -egg coming and very fertile). This require you to insert your finger into ur V to check everytime you shower, rem to wash ur hands n trim those nails.

    Go buy a theramometer with 2 decimal points so more accurate. Next, come out with a chart to mark your daily temperature.

    1st day of your cycle is the day your first day of menses. There are 3 phases to your normal cycle, Pre-Fertile phase, Fertile phase (where your temperature will b higher then normal), Luteal Phase where your egg will incupad and implant to your womb.

    Here is an example of my chart this cycle:

    Try to have sex during the time where you ovulate, this is where you will see a jump in your basal temperature and it comes with egg white discharge. Is time to listen to your body and u will learn so much more.

    If your menses is coming that day, normally your temperature will fall back down to your begining temp, that is when u need to prepare to wear ur pad that day. Hehe.

    If you are pregnant, your temperature will rise all the way... this will be what you are looking for. I did my pregnancy test on 11dpo n it was negative but did it again on 18dpo and I'm pregnant.

    Hoep this help. =)
  38. mannmann

    mannmann New Member

    hi there, I new here.

    I had problems too, married, 3 years, no kids yet.

    please advice ?
  39. mannmann

    mannmann New Member

    my friend reconmend me this:-
    "tummy N the lower part need to be massage first for sometimes, then only can have s** , after that, need to do the same steps again for sometimes, massage by auntie" - looks like abit strange to us this traditional method"
    "have to be done during fertile period days N 2nd massage right after we have s** by auntie"
    if you are me, will you try it or not ?
    please advice ?
  40. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    You can get pregnant at any time of your cycle!

    However most people (not all) ovulate around the middle of their cycle (around day 14) but then there is such a thing as spontaneous ovulation, which means any women occassionally will ovulate at any point of her cycle (even whilst she's bleeding) and it has been known for a women to ovulate twice in one month (although thats not common).

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