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Advise Needed : How to clear phelgm?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by apple04, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. apple04

    apple04 New Member

    Hi Mummies

    Recently my 14mth toddler was down wif cough.Brought her to GP twice.Her cough does not get any better become worse than later to PD.PD give some medication was told at least 1wk then recover.however,6days later did stop coughing lesser but the phelgm still there! or is it take longer to clear phelgm?

    Can advise wat to do? Bring her to PD again or any chinese medication to hlp?


  2. ladybug99

    ladybug99 New Member

    Steam the pear with the chuan1 bei4 powder put in the pear's center. Eat and drink the juice, morning and nite, continue for a few days. Used this to cure my son's phlegm.
  3. apple04

    apple04 New Member

    hi ladybug,

    wat type of pear? those green or yellow one? chuan bei pwd where to get?

    Is it possible the milk powder cause the phlegm as she always got cough quite often. check wif pd say won't lei.aiyo headache & heartache everytime c her like tat!
  4. sammi

    sammi Member

    hi apple04

    I double boiled chicken with cordyceps for my son once a week to clear his phlegm. 1 side of chicken breast without the bone, 3 pcs of cordyceps and 1 bottle of water (baby food jar), double boil for about 2 - 3 hrs. Strained the soup thro a sieve to get rid of the debris. I will continue to give this soup to him even when his phlegm has cleared but will stop if he's sick and needs western medication.
  5. ladybug99

    ladybug99 New Member

    Hi, the pear is those yellow or brown one, and the chuan1 bei4 fen3 can get from the chinese medical hall, juz tell them, some shop will have the ready powder, but some will grind the chuan bei into powder if u request.
  6. ning9432

    ning9432 New Member

    Hi there.

    I always depend on this powder presciption from 'Eu Yan Sen" by the name "Hou-ning". Just check it out with the sales asst. It's $58 per bot and I give 1 to my girl daily for 3consecutive nites when she's down with serious and stubborn phlegm and it work well so far. maybe this can be another option.

    If it's a milder cough, i will buy fresh peppermint leaves from the market and brew with rock honey sugar to be fed to my girl.
  7. apple04

    apple04 New Member

    Dear Mummies

    Thks for all the advise. Today jus bring her to c "Yu Guo chinese physician" as mention in other thread. Wen 4 "tui na" & got 2 days of med. Doc said milk powder will also cause phlegm if possible give goat milk or soya milk powder . she gave me a sample of goat milk but my ger doesn't like it. clipart{kao_shy}

    Sammi,can cordyceps cook wif porriage?dum know heard frm where b4 can use tis method?! the chinese physician advise dum give her the cordyceps 1st wait till she recover & it will work best even today i buy frm the medical hall the uncle also told me tat. he taught me can jus double boil wif a pc of meat.

    how's the soup taste like? yr son like it when u firstly make for him? dum know my ger like it cos she quite fussy! by the way,how old is yr son?
  8. starlady

    starlady Member

    My 5mth old bb boy also got phlegm on/off, dr diagnosed him as sensitive nose which inherit from parent.. always need to take medicine.... till recently i bought the Negative Ionizer for him...phew, tis Ionizer make him recovery well n fast... worth spend instead so sick n heart pain to see him eat medicine non stop...:p
  9. sammi

    sammi Member

    Hi..dunno abt cooking wif porridge..I usually give my son soup with his meal so i jus serve the cordyceps soup. Yes give soup only after recovery or cough has stopped but still phlegmy. My son jus recovered fr cough but still has abit of the phlegm, kinda stuck in his throat type, so i made the soup for him, and it cleared his phlegm that very nite.

    My son's 15mths old...the soup tasted like normal chicken soup with a very light hint of the chinese medicine..actually very sweet and yummy...not overpowering at all. I took this soup too when i was pregnant, and i'm one who don't like chinese herbal soup but i find this ok. Jus let your daughter try once first and see how. However do go to a reliable or familiar chinese medical shop to buy cordyceps coz there're fake ones around.
  10. apple04

    apple04 New Member


    wat is negative Ionizer,need perscribe frm Dr? can get frm where?
  11. apple04

    apple04 New Member


    i wen to the bugis near the chinese temple, got alot of aunties buy.hopefully it's not fake![​IMG]

    my ger still have abit of phlegm,will give once she completed the med.
  12. sammi

    sammi Member

    Yup..dun mix western medicine with chinese herbs...
  13. bluemic2000

    bluemic2000 New Member

    Negative Ionizer - is a machine rite? brands like sharp, osim, oto etc all got sell...
  14. allie71

    allie71 New Member

    Ning I followed our advice and bought the Hou Ning from Eu Yang Sang-its costly but it works. I've now bought my 2nd bottle. Thanks
  15. roseytulips

    roseytulips Member

    Anyone knows what I can do to clear the phlegm of a 3 mth old bb?
  16. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Can give Eu Yang Sang Hou Ning to 10mths old baby?
  17. allie71

    allie71 New Member

    Yes u can give maybe 1/2 a bottle of the Hou Ning. It really works.
  18. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Thanks Alison.

    Actually i very kiasu, i had already bought hou zao fen frm medical hall and after seeing this thread, went to buy hou ning frm EYS too. But i let my boy eat the hou zao fen first and luckily he got better after finished the whole pack. Although better, but still can hear a bit of phlegm. So gave him 1/2 bottle of hou ning too. Now he has recover, finally after 3weeks of coughing and running nose. Thanks to all mummies who share here!!!
  19. allie71

    allie71 New Member

    Ling Hou Ning is basically the same as Hou Zao Fen just that it is blended by Eu Yang Sang. It works wonders this Hou Ning but the cost is of cousre very prohibitive.
  20. gingerbread

    gingerbread Member

    hi for those moms who fed their babies with EYS hou ning san, may i know what is the dosage like?
  21. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Alison, Oh i see. Thot it's different med. [​IMG]

    Ginger, how old is your baby? My boy is abt 10-11mths old, dosage advise by EYS is 1/3 bottle if recovering soon. Bad is 1/2 bottle. Can call up their store to check with them on the details too.
  22. missk

    missk New Member

    ok my son had brochiolitis. He was coughing and had phelm in the chest. My doc gave him the nebuliser. Very effective.
  23. hba6721

    hba6721 Member

    My 14-mth old gal has been having cough (mostly dry cough) on and off for the past 1 month. Last nite, she had dry cough for the whole nite. She had already taken 2 types of antibiotics within a month and I sure do not wish for her to take it again and yet today the doctor prescribed another round of antibiotics! Does any mummy know how to treat dry cough in a holistic way? My gal hates to eat medicine so I always have a hard time feeding her medicine. I intend to bring her to yu guo for tui na tomorrow but not sure if this will help her much if she doesn't take any oral medication. She is already resisting western medication. I don't think she will like chinese medicine which is even more bitter. Any advice is appreciated.
  24. missk

    missk New Member

    seek a second opinion?
  25. hba6721

    hba6721 Member

    actually this is already the 3rd doctor that we are seeing. the strange thing is this 3rd doctor prescribed 2 types of antibiotics. it's the 1st time that i've seen such young age being given 2 types of antibiotics so i've asked my mum not to give my gal the antibiotics 1st, just let her take the cough medicine and see if its good enough. haiz....
  26. hoshi5

    hoshi5 Member


    What is hou ning used for?.. good in clearing phlegm?... my gal just had her flu/cough.. though now much better, but occasionally she still has mucuous dripping down her nose....
    Shld I give her the hou ning fron EYS? (that's Eu Ren Sheng is it?
    And how much is it?

    Thanks so much!
  27. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Hi hba6721, try to stick back to the same doc when your bb not recover yet. We did the same things as you (change docs a few times) when my boy down with running nose and cough. After advised by the lady at the pharmacy, we stick back to the same doc and was given stronger medicine and boy slowly recover. But after eating hou zao fen and hou ning, he recover even much faster. But boy was having cough with phlegm, so i'm not sure whether hou ning will be able to help your girl or not. How about check it out at EYS?
  28. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Hi Hoshi5,
    Yes EYS is Eu Yan Sang. Hou Ning is for very persistant cough with phelgm. It cost $58.60/bottle. Better check with EYS before giving to your girl. They have different medicine for different type of sickness.
  29. hba6721

    hba6721 Member


    thanks for your advice. luckily her cough isn't so bad last night after taking the cough syrup. will wait and see.
  30. sotong1209

    sotong1209 Member

    does anyone noes the Hou ning by EYS is prescribed for how many months old BB onwards?
  31. ecger

    ecger New Member

    Just to share with all mummies.
    My boy has been having blocked nose and bad coughing for two weeks and is not getting better even taking medicine from PD. Then his nanny introduced me to take this fruit powder from Nutrifresh and after taking for a few days, he gets well.
    Any mummies interested, can email me at eileencheok@yahoo.com.sg for more details.
  32. koala_pig

    koala_pig New Member

    my gal has been coughing..for 1 month plus..recovered after eating Zhen chu fun & seeing 2 chinese docs. (one of them is YU GUO)

    My god spent nearly $300 on her medical bills.

    she recovered for 3 days...now her cough is back!!!!

    Can that Hou ning really help? I am really desperate. is this the same as "hou cao san" (monkey "red dates" powder) ?
  33. newmomdad

    newmomdad New Member

    hi piggy

    it works for my bb girl. Yes...hou ning is the same as hou cao san. I used to let my girl take the one from Eu Ren Sang but recently went to Huang Yao Nan at China Town to get 1 pack for 20 dollars on advice from my Chinese Physician. It works really well for my girl.
  34. koala_pig

    koala_pig New Member

    Oh..is it? how many bottles do you need to buy?
    My gals cough usually need min 5 days to recover..so i need to buy 5 bottles?
  35. newmomdad

    newmomdad New Member

    When I first gave my girl the hou ning from eu ren sang, I used about 3 bottles ( about $61 each bottle..can't remember exact price) before I saw any improvement. Each bottle allowed me to give 3 applications..that means total 9 applications for 3 days. Its super costly.

    I went to ask my chinese physician and he told me to get good quality hou ning (or called hong zao san/monkey red dates powder) from huang yao nan in china town instead. This is a very super old chinese medicine hall which also handles direct distribution. Its more value for monies cos the quality is much better at slightly lower price.(direct distributor mah).

    I bought 5 packs at $20 each. Used 3 packs over 3 days and my girl completely recovered from cough and phelgm. (Total cost is $60..much cheaper and recover much faster when she took the hou cao san from huang yao nan as compared to the bottles I bought from eu ren sang.)Hers is not a super serious case so maybe she does not need so much.

    So Piggy..back to your question on the number of bottles...I suggest you check out at eu ren sang first and ask how many bottles you need for your daughter as per her age.

    If I remember correctly, the assistant at Eu Ren Sang at JP told me that for my 3 mth old baby then..she only need 1 bottle of hou ning and used over 3 applications. Applied on her gum once in the morning, afternoon and evening. And it must be either 1 hr before meal or 1 hour after meal. For 6 mths to 1 yr old, its 1 bottle used over 2 applications.
  36. koala_pig

    koala_pig New Member

    wow... really sound good...my gal is ar 2 years old. She took the hou ning from eu ren sang. I bought 5 bottles in order to get the membership card. SUPER EXPENSIVE. she need to take 1 bottle a day.. thats $61 a day. She took 5 days to recover...& thats 5 x 61....around $300 just to cure a cough....SUPER DUPER EX lar..how many ppl can afford...
  37. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Pls avoid madarine oranges...
  38. wittlewabbit

    wittlewabbit New Member

    hi all... recently ds had runny nose for 2 over weeks, and despite taking RHINIRAMINE/ ZYRTEC...it din stop, mucus flowed to throat---now he has cough w phelgm.. doc put him on neubuliser and singulair... this is the 3rd week beginning..and i am a first time mommy, really stress...how long should i expect this to last? anyone w this experience before? ds only 10 months, dunno how to spit phelgm out now clear nose, always takes them back in. neither does he vomits them out... usually these phelgm --does it pass out in stools?
    i am really tempted to try hou ning, but scared, cause dun wanna mix.
    someone pls advise. need some faith here..
  39. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    ve u tried bringing ur DS to see a TCM/Chinese BB Massage?

    MY girl has been pretty weak health when she was around 5~6 months. She always had blocked nose problem and leading to later running nose, throat inflammation at young age etc... and seeing PD did help but make her loss appetite, sleepy and lethargic etc. There was this period; she initially had ulcers or white stuff growing at the back of the mouth and thus lost appetite and got fever for a week and next running nose and cough for another two weeks.

    We brought her to see Yu Guo for a period of time and then also got her the hong ni from EYS after she completed YG's medication.

    It really took her a while to get well.. but we were all exhausted as the nights of battling with her to take the medication when she felt ill was nightmare. Hopefully my neighbours didn't wake up then.

    I would say try out the YG first. IF u want faster effect, then ask EYS on the amt to give.

    Recently my girl just got well after 3 weeks from a terrible cough that happened at night and aircon area. And we did use Hong Ni again.

    Like another mommy said, it is truly x... yet, effective? Wonder what ingredients are mixed inside there.....
  40. mling

    mling New Member

    Hi all

    I'm a 1st time mummy too was really fretting when my bb (15 mths old now) who was 3 mth + then had really sensitive nose and phlegm.

    You can actually hear snores or nose blocked whenever he breathed.

    My aunt recommended me TCM at Upp Serangoon Rd. You do not have to bring bb to see him but can call him up and inform him abt the symtoms and bb's age. He can concoct some chinese powdery medicine for bb to consume. He will give you his recipe so that you can check around to feel safe.

    The other tiem I just bought a bottle for nearly $50 which last abt 2 months & his sensitivity & phlegm actually miricously went off...Subsequently bb did not go to PD for any mild sickness like cough or flu..I just called TCM up to prepare medicine which cost abt $10+ for that period.

    As I've heard that children on western medicine can cause body to be "cold or Han"....so I changed to TCm whenever there's some mild issues.

    Can let me noe if you want TCM contact.
  41. wittlewabbit

    wittlewabbit New Member

    hi koalarie, yup, tried yu guo, but only took the medicine for 2 days, din help much of course cause too short, then ds condition became worse---coughing and rash, so i tot better stick to eng med to cure symptoms first.his runny nose need to stop as that is the MAIN CULPRIT that cus those phelgm.i bot the neubulise and used it these 2 days, realised he sounds more phelgmy after that---sorta like wanna spit phelgm out..but to no avail.

    but i am going back to yu guo tommorow just for tuina. cant take their med yet as ds on singulair for 2 weeks and neubuliser 1 week first, then if really phelgm wun go away, i gonna switch to chi med ,i actually asked dr xu if i needed to give ds hou ning yet, but she said she prescribed jing san fen w pearl powder for him already,--that's what i took for 2 days, but no effect..[​IMG]

    koalarie, usuall how much hou ning you need to cure the phelgm?

    mei, thanks, let's see how the western medy go first, if not i shall pm you. glad your ds fine now.how long it took for his nose to stop running?
  42. mling

    mling New Member

    Oops...I cannot really remember though...
    It just fades away gradually with the phlegm.

    Yes it's the runny nose...for my boy PD regards it as an allergy instead. But all medicines & saline drops or spray does'nt work on him too...
  43. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member


    probably becoz i started western medication 1st & so i was very heatpain when I saw my gal lost appetite and was cranky at nights. So decided to bring my DD to see YG.

    I do agree that sometimes the first round of TCM didn't work but we would normally go back and tell Dr Xu/Huang that the medication doesn't work and they work give slightly different one and well, so far, so good....

    My gal then was less than a yr old. So EYS told me to give a third each time. Morning and night will do.

    Now at two yrs old, she took half bottle each time when she got her cough again.

    My mom was so amazed on this medication and wanted me to buy more! but $60+ per SMALL bottle is not cheap.

    By the way, so long your child is not on antibotics, you can give tcm and western medication. Just make sure it is two/three hours apart.
  44. wittlewabbit

    wittlewabbit New Member

    thanks mei and koalarie..
    btw, koalarie, have you tried YG's packet of herbs that is stuck to the belly button to rid the phelgm?Dr xu gave dylan that today.
    his runny nose is back again, neubuliser is last day tommorow. thing is he has no cough, but has phelgm. if this time doesnt work, i will take tcm already. [​IMG]
  45. leong_sonia

    leong_sonia New Member

    hi all...

    my bb 3 mth old have a very bad cough..starting bring her to western doctor but nv recover after tat bring her go see chinese doctor at EYS clinic but still coughing leh.. seeing her like tat make my heart pain.
    Can any1 tell me where is e Yu Guo clinic? Is hou ning really tat effective?
  46. sophie

    sophie Active Member

    hi zzh,
    Address of Yu Guo:
    8B Jalan Masjid
    #01-01 Kingston Terrace
    Singapore 418929
    Tel: 6447 4761

    Mon Tue Thur Fri:
    2pm- 5pm



    Closed on Wed and Pub Hols.

    I do bring my baby to Yu Guo for tui na, but normally will try to go as early as possible.
    Cos this new premises is sort of in a basement, so when the other sick kids cough, eh... I am scared that my dd will get more virus/germs from there cos can be quite packed.

    If you go on weekends, you can take the Q number from outside the shop. Just for your info - one Sat when I went at 8am to take Q number, I was already number 16 and had to wait till 10am for my turn.

    btw, I have <font color="ff0000">2 bottles of EYS Hou Ning San for sale</font>:
    Price: 20% discount at $48.80 each.
    Collection Point: Bishan

    They are unopened and still sealed in shrink-wrapped plastic with EYS price tag.
    Long story on why I have them for sale... sis is a EYS member, and a friend wanted 6 bottles for her asthmatic kid, so I asked my sis to help buy them plus 1 bottle for my own dd to try.
    Salesgirl asked my sis to top up total amt to $500 so she can have an extra chance at lucky draw and my sis bought 2 extra bottles for that! *sigh*
    My friend really only wanted 6 bottles cos they're so expensive even with discount, so now I am stuck with extra 2.

    PM me if you wish to buy them.
  47. zen88

    zen88 New Member

    Hi all,

    My daughter has been coughing on and off for a few months despite seeing doctors.

    Can anyone recommend a good doctor at Eu Yang Sang ?

  48. feliciarosey

    feliciarosey Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">So glad that spotted this thread today, as my ger is having bad cough with phlegm since over the weekend. Her medicine is almost finish but she still coughing quite bad especially at nite.

    Maybe will go to source for the Hou Ning or Hong Zao San later on.

    Btw, for the Yu Guo, does he see kid indigestion problem? What is the charges like?</font>
  49. fongfong

    fongfong Member

    hi mummies,
    i chance upon this thread and it really provide important information for me at this time.
    my girl has been down with cough with phlegm and runny nose or the past 3 weeks with situation as bad as bronchitis.

    she has been on off neubaliser for the last 2 weeks and now, due to her throat and ear infect, she is on anti-biotics/augmentin.

    after reading the threads, i am really tempted to try EYS Hou Ning? Based on her age of 14mths, what is the recommended dosage? any mummies can share more information
  50. fongfong

    fongfong Member

    hi mummies,
    need some advise here. my gal has been down with running nose and cough with phlegm for the last 3 weeks. now she is on neubaliser and antibiotics. can i let her try the EYS Hou Ning? or shoudl i wait till she completes her western treatment first?

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