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!!!!Advise needed for HongKong Hotels

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by sally1030, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. sally1030

    sally1030 New Member

    Anyone can advise me on HongKong hotels which is conveniently located near shopping areas? i will be travelling with toddlers.thanks

  2. sally1030

    sally1030 New Member

    anyone please?
  3. apple3108

    apple3108 Member

    Am looking for one too.... So far short listed Novotel Nathan & Langham Place. Langham Place is kinda ex but heard many good comments too.

    When will U be going. Have u short listed any?
  4. sally1030

    sally1030 New Member

    i will be travel around end of Feb,after CNY, how about u?
    I haven't short listed any, the more i read the more confused i'm LOL.
    How did u book your accomodations? thru website?
  5. apple3108

    apple3108 Member

    Oh I'll going in early Jan. Will be bringing my 2yr & 3yr old gals to Disney as well. Will be staying 1 night there as well.

    I intend to book my hotel thru the internet.
  6. sally1030

    sally1030 New Member

    Keep me update once u got back :) and which hotel u staying ya. Enjoy ur trip!
    So far,Disneyland Hotel website's promo package (entrance ticket+accomodations+breakfast or dinner)had not yet been updated for next year. Its until 31st dec shown at the website. Hence i have not booked the Disneyland hotel.I'm using Cathay Pacific package. they got provide 3D2N + extension nights package as well.U may wan to compare.
  7. sally1030

    sally1030 New Member

    Oh ya, how long is your trip to HKG?
  8. apple3108

    apple3108 Member

    I'll be there for 5D.... staying 1 night at Disney. But we will be staying 1 night at Novotel Citygate which is near the airport cos my HB feel that we won't be able to do much on the 1st day so must well stay somewhere in between Airport & Disney. We will be moving on to Disney on the 2nd day.

    Ya U r right, the rates for the Disney Hotel is currently not out yet so is waiting for a better rates before I made the booking.

    What abt u?
  9. sally1030

    sally1030 New Member

    Hey,do u have email address? Maybe we can exchange views & ideas later on about the HKG trip,I'm soo excited leh. Your idea is good, whereas mine,if i'm purchasing Cathay Pacific Package i'll need to check in their 2nite-stay hotel (they got free airport transfer),hence only 3rd day i'm able to go Disneyland.
    I'm planning for 9days trip. Cos departure & arrival takes up 2 days le.
  10. frustrated_lady

    frustrated_lady New Member

  11. sally1030

    sally1030 New Member

    Thanks alot for the info :)
  12. blurqu33n

    blurqu33n Member


    I've booked my last stay there @ SHamrock that is very strategically located at Jordan Mtr station. It's only 3 star i think but I still enjoy my stay there coz it's quite cheap considering the location it is at..

    Hope it helps.
  13. sally1030

    sally1030 New Member

    Thank you for sharing,blurqu33n :) will take a look at the hotel website.
  14. superwhitetiger

    superwhitetiger Active Member

    sally - i always stay at either
    - prudential (which is linked to Jordan MTR) or
    - holiday inn express (very near causeway bay, excellent dim sum)
  15. ah_cat

    ah_cat New Member

    Highly recommend Royal Plaza Hotel.
    Convienently located near 花园街 & Mongkok East Station. It's also linked to Grand Century Place shopping mall so anytime u can bring the toddler out & bk to hotel rest. [​IMG]
  16. celwong

    celwong Member

    Hi, langham place is perfect. Linked to the very exciting shopping mall.

    I got the early bird promotion from the hotel website and no breakfast.

    Good food can be found at the market behind it. Roast goose and porridge.
  17. bluesea2

    bluesea2 Member

    I stayed at Shamrock 2 years back. With my kids, they gave me a bigger room on 7th or 8th floor (cant remember). Non-smoking and supposedly bigger, with enough leg room for my kids to run about and a decent bathroom with bathtub. I would say on the whole, quite nice, and strategically located just beside the MTR.
  18. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    just came back.. stayed in L'nina hotel.. 5 star hotel n it is quite new... great as a few malls are linked to it... n MTR is nearby.. the room has 2 queen size bed so very worth while... Can slp like 4 persons but think they have a cap of 3 persons only but dun think they will actually check lah..
  19. wolfgirl76

    wolfgirl76 Member

    I stayed at Royal Plaza.

    Big room. My girl enjoyed their heated swimming pool.

    Direct access to shopping Mall.

    15 min slow walk to Mongkok MRT. My 4 y.o. has no problem walking to and fro everyday.
  20. mumethan

    mumethan New Member

    Stayed at L'Nina and Park Hotel at Tsimshatsui before. L hotel is spacious and very clean.
    Park hotel newly renovated but smaller and less expensive.
    Both are near the MTR. There's ample shops,restaurant, seven eleven downstairs so in case need anything for the toddler, it's easily available.
  21. apple3108

    apple3108 Member

    I was considering Royal Plaza too but I've booked Novotel Nathan in the end.

    BTW to those mummies who juz came back, what is the temperature now? Is it cold? & how much clothes is needed for the toddler. Currently I am still in the midst of preparing the clothes for the children.
  22. star_wish

    star_wish New Member

    I had stayed at City View Hotel before.

    Nice and not too expensive... good lcoation too.... think Jordan MTR... 5 mins walk
  23. tammy99

    tammy99 New Member

    You can try hyatt regency hong kong hotel. It is near tsimshasui.
  24. stacies_mom

    stacies_mom New Member

    Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay is really really convenient especially for those with little kids. I stayed there last year with my 2 year old - just her and me - shopping centres near by, MTR nearby, small local eateries for breakfast nearby.
  25. mrsfit

    mrsfit New Member

    dear mummies.. can share HKG is a beb friendly place? do you feed bb with the food from the cafes? i am contemplating between cityview and eaton smart hotel, any recommendations? also, how do you all entertain your bb on the plane there?

    needs lotsa travelling advise, as this is the first time i am bringing my girl overseas.
  26. cptang

    cptang New Member

    It is not stroller friendly,human traffic everywhere, lot of walking, don't consider if you are breast feeding mummy unless you are only interested in big shopping mall and Disney. For Cafes, need to avoid lunch and dinner hours, for subway, avoid peak hour.
  27. stacies_mom

    stacies_mom New Member

    Agree that it's not stroller friendly. Bring your own kids utensils as most restaurants only have large adult fork and spoons, the kids get teaspoons and very small dessert forks to eat with, and you won't get fork and spoons anyway at the small noodles shops.

    I brought toys so entertain my daughter and books to read to her on the plane when she was younger. Now that she's 3, it's stickers, notebook to draw in, washable crayons and washable markers.
  28. doveymum

    doveymum Member

    plannin to go HK for 4 days 3 nites with HB and my boy 20 mths.. by then.

    Do u think its easy to travel with toddler at that age or shld i wait until he bigger then go ?
    I scare cannot hanlde then the tour become so stress ad tire.
    Any promotion for cathay pacific now ? bb must charge or not ?
  29. innocentwar

    innocentwar Member

    doveymum, if your boy still wants to be carried a lot... den good luck to you... it'll be super tiring, as the place is not stroller friendly plus all the walking... if you're taking mtr, even more good luck to you, cos pple there dun give up seat at all... Just brought my 29 mth old gal there without stroller... luckily for us, our gal is trained to walk on her own and pretty independent... but the entire trip is still pretty tiring...

    as for the air ticket, child below 2yo no charge or min. charge... but they will not be assigned any seat... have to sit on parent's lap...
  30. angtay

    angtay Active Member

    agree with innocentwar, it's very tiring go out with toddlers. i went once with my then 26mths #1, every nite we will check in hotel b4 9pm and drop dead tired. this year worst. my brought my 44mths and 21mths. i check in hotel at the evening ard 7pm. it will be good if u can bring a very lightweight stroller easy to carry up and dn the stair when travelling on MTR.

    btw, when i'm at the hotel seeing my 2 kids fighting and playing, my hubby is shopping at the nite market himself. at least he bought back some desserts and food when he comes back.
  31. doveymum

    doveymum Member

    Hi inncentwar and Redtea,

    thanks so muhc for your sharing : ) : )
    I really must plan properly else will end up more tired than enjoy.. my boy still walking not stable yet.

    really appreciate it!
  32. innocentwar

    innocentwar Member

    If you planning to go to Disneyland, i recommend you to buy 2 days tickets instead... cos it's long queue every where plus mid afternoon it's too hot to be in the park... 1 day is not enough...

    If you plan to go Lantau Island (Big Buddha) via the cable car... i recommend you book the tickets online and go for the crystal cabin instead of standard cabin to avoid the horrendous long queue there...

    For other places, try not to plan to go to more than 2 different places in a day... You need to factor in meal time (ours take at least 2 hrs each meal) and other factors (toddler tantrum throwing, etc...)
  33. Hi all mummies

    Planning to go HK in Mar 4N5D (1N disney) with HB & 3 kids (8, 5, & 2) and mum in law. Not sure about the following:

    - Where to stay (prefer near TST & Jordan mtr areas), mum in law loves to shop [​IMG]
    - Where to go & what to do with kids

    Thanks in advance!!!
  34. jongsn

    jongsn Member

    Is there any apartment hotel in HK? As maid, mil tagging along with us (2yo & 6yo)so wants to book a bigger room.e.g 2 bedrooms.

  35. galz_22

    galz_22 Member

    Hi mummies,
    Any mummies went to HongKong recently?
    Can share with me:

    Where to stay? which hotel is beta?
    Where to go?

    I bringing my kids to HK on end May 2012.
    My Kids is 5, 7 & 12 yrs old.

  36. rolex

    rolex New Member

    Hi Galz 22,

    My family just came back of 12/03 for a 4D/3N.
    My kids are 10, 7 and 5 yrs old.

    We stayed a night in Disney's hotel. Nice hotel. Even my mum loved it. Very convenient as there is always a free shuttle bus to pick you up from the hotel to the resort. For 3kids 3adults, 2 rooms, 2 days pass for all and breakfast arranged I paid for slightly more then SGD$1200. Which is quite reasonable? This was an early bird booking. You can try to liaise with them if you are keen. A 2 days pass is recommended as there is always crowed and queue everywhere.
    You can check out this blogger http://bongqiuqiu.blogspot.com/2011/03/hong-kong-disneyland-day-1-and-day-2.html
    I love those cute pao she posted. Unfortunately there is a qty demand from the restaurant. If planned to go for it. Please make reservation a day in advance from the menu to avoid disappointment like me.

    In Hong Kong city, we stayed in Metropark Mongkok. They have a free shuttle bus to Yau Ma Tei MTR (near to ladies mkt and temple street) and Tsim Sha Tsui MTR (avenue of stars)

    Unfortunately, the weather was to cold for my kids so we did not adventure much shopping.

    Food is easily available. If you intend to go a few shopping areas then I recommend you to get the octopus card (MTR) for easy travelling. Unused value is refundable.

    Hope I did not miss out anything here….hope you have a pleasant trip.

    P.S – The streets market can be very crowded, so be mindful of your kids.
  37. shbbnhb

    shbbnhb New Member

    Hi Rolex,
    I m planning a hk trip with my hub,2 kids (4and7) n my mil. Do u think I should book 2 rooms in metro park mongkok? Is the rooms v small?


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