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Advise needed for Breast milk storage?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by enzo, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. enzo

    enzo New Member

    Hi Mummies,Can i juz store my EBM in the fridge rather den freezer?

  2. shane

    shane New Member

  3. enzo

    enzo New Member

    Hi shane,thanks for your info
  4. tsp

    tsp Active Member

    I thought you can only keep BM in fridge ( in a certain temperature) up to 24 (or 48?) hours only? Anyway, I only keep in fridge for max 12 hrs, the rest goes to freezer.

    The nutrients will remain when u freeze the milk but the antibodies decreases over time. Can keep in freezer up to 6 mths but I throw away those beyond 2 mths.
  5. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi tsp, I used to store my ebm in the fridge for ease of warming up. I write the time and date, then paste the sticky note on each bottle. Each time, I will take out the "older" milk from the fridge to warm up.
  6. jadonmum

    jadonmum Member

    How do you thaw the frozen EBM before giving your baby?
  7. orchid

    orchid New Member

    place d frozen milk in fridge area 4hrs before or night before.
  8. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Priscilla, if you are giving the baby ebm for her/his feeds, there should be no need to store in the freezer. Place the ebm in the fridge after you have expressed. Take out 1/2 hr to defrost b4 baby's feeding time. It will be faster & easier.
  9. totorofurby

    totorofurby New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    May I know what to do use to store the BM ? Currently I use glass bottles but only have limited no ? Do all of you used disposable BM bags ? Which ones are good and cheap ? Will be grateful for any advise given. Thank You.

  10. doreen_cheah

    doreen_cheah New Member

    hi, i buy cheaper plastic bottles to store. other than tt i uses glass bottles and avent disposable milk bags. unfotunately, avent has stop production of it. it is so sad [​IMG]
  11. hui32

    hui32 Active Member

    ng, u can get more frm the hosp u gve birth.....
  12. totorofurby

    totorofurby New Member

    Thanks. The ward's nurses from KKH are very stingy with the bottles even when my girl was in hosp. Can forget about getting from them. ....
  13. jadonmum

    jadonmum Member

    Hee... I can vouch for that cos KKH always in need of glass bottles cos too many babies born so they restrict the number of glass bottles given.

    Hi Totorofurby,
    Still looking for glass bottles? Hope the ones I pass to you helps you a bit. [​IMG]
  14. shook

    shook New Member

    I went back to KKH to get glass bottles twice after I delivered. 1st time met lactation consultant she gave me more than wat I asked for. 2nd time nurse gave me 20 bottles per my request (she told me b4 hand she checked if there were 20 empty bottles available). Think it depends on whether they hv empty glass bottles @ the time of your request
  15. totorofurby

    totorofurby New Member

    Hi Pris,

    Thanks. It helps. How is your child ?

    Hi Foreverfriends Honey,

    Did you request to meet the lactation consultant ? I delievered in KK but did not meet any......
  16. jadonmum

    jadonmum Member

    Still in KKH. Hernia ops done. Now waiting for stomach ops. You have to request to see the lactation consultant after you delivered in KKH. If not, they won't see you. Think have to make appt. Not sure.

    This is what I see. So I must make sure to take more when they have the stock. If not, their stock will run out very fast...
  17. shook

    shook New Member

    ng, Pris
    I gave birth on Sat. Dunno how to latch on being 1st time mum. Mid wife told me to get help fm lactation consultant but she said lactation consultant doesn't work on Sat n Sun. I told the nurse in the ward to make appt for me to meet lactation consultant. The nurse told me dun worry the lactation consultant will come on Mon. The lactation consultant went to my ward early in the morning on Mon n taught all the preggies (I stayed in 4 bedded ward n the other 2 r 2nd time mum) So I thot tis svc is included in the package.

    Dat's wat I feel coz I hv no problem getting the glass bottles. Twice I asked they asked me how many I need. If they not willing to give, I dun think they ask me how many I need.
    Probably more n more mother bf nowadays. So there is less supply but more demand for glass bottles.
  18. jadonmum

    jadonmum Member

    Just spoken to the lactation nurse. She told me all the glass bottles will depend on the nursery in the wards. Cos mostly are on FM after born when mummies don't have BM yet. That's why sometimes supplies are low. SCN mostly EBM and NICU all EBM so they hardly have glass bottles.
  19. cypsll

    cypsll New Member

    like to check whether the glass bottles from the hospital are new?? or they are already used before.
  20. francoise

    francoise New Member

    Those I took are used before.
  21. muffy

    muffy Member

    You can buy avent disposable storage bags off the internet from the US. Cheap and good and you can discard after use so no need to sterilise.
  22. superfly

    superfly New Member

    you can still can Playtex or Avent pre sterilised milk bag from KKH. Playtex cost $13+ and Avent $16+. Still avaliable
  23. ylyl

    ylyl New Member

    I use DR milk bag from BMSG, 125 pcs, $15. $20 if non member
  24. michelletongyk

    michelletongyk New Member

    Please advise what does DR stand for and where do you buy them from?

    Currently I am using Avent but finds it troublesome coz have to defrost and transfer to another bottle b4 baby can drink. Also Avent bags cannot stand nor seal on its own. For those of you using Avent bags, how do you stand or seal the bags?

    Glass bottle is too small...Max 100 ml I think and my baby drinks more than that. Besides, the original metal covers can get rusty so must buy plastic covers.

    Avent has these new disposable containers but find them very expensive.

    Anybody has a good and affordable solution to store milk?
  25. ylyl

    ylyl New Member

    Duane Reade (DR) milk bags. I got the from Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group (BMSG), order via phone n send cheque to them. they'll post the milk bag. http://www.breastfeeding.org.sg/indexshoppingcorner.html

    DR milk bag is similar to Avent. I use rubber band to seal the bag n store them in a tupperware. when need to thaw will put the frozen milk in a mug with tap water n put in frige.
  26. missk

    missk New Member


    How's the DR bags? I wanted to order online but apparently they do not offer online shopping.

    How about the Medela disposable bags? Has anyone used them before?

    Btw, YL, how much milk can you pump each time? I can only pump abt 50 ml from both breasts. Should I still use the disposable bags?
  27. rachelh

    rachelh Member

    jsut wld like to share that www.medela.com has very good breastfeeding questions and answers. u can even email the lactation consultant and she replies fast.
  28. ylyl

    ylyl New Member

    I find the DR bags r nt bad. so far no prob using them. I'm nt exclusiving expressing so cant really tell u the amt I can pump each time. I start using bags during my confinement cos I dont hv much bottles to use for storage, n bottles take up space. Only milk that i gng to use with the next 2 days, I'll use bottle. I use bags for freezing
  29. MEinME

    MEinME Active Member

    Missk...i using zipper bags. Lansinoh from Mothercare (stored up to 360ml) or Gerber (stored up to 280ml)Robinson, Isetan.....

    Lansinoh is thicker and is double zippers.

    I pump about 120ml per session. I'll leave a while to bring to room temperature then pour into the bag.

    Bought Avent and playtex 4oz but selling it cos i not good with the tying.

    Avent VIA disposable cup is good too, can be reused many times.

    Bottle is such a hassle, bag is more convenient. My maid also prefers the bag.
  30. ryes

    ryes Active Member


    for those that are using the hospital glass bottle, do you tear off the label, and sterilise the glass bottle?

    Understand that the caps will rust, then how do you cap the bottles?
  31. natasha_oon

    natasha_oon New Member

    Hi Ryes,

    Need to tear off the label before sterilising glass bottles.

    The caps cannot be sterilised. I bought caps from baby shop specially for these bottles. The caps could be sterilised. Hospital pharmacy also sells these caps. TMC sell them in pack of 3 at $3 per pack.
  32. cannyinfotech

    cannyinfotech New Member

  33. icyclaw

    icyclaw Member

    Hi mummies, im super confused with all the information that is available. Was told that the glass bottles from the hospital is good for storing BM - freezing / chilling / Warming. WAs thinking that i can do the same for my baby food. But saw this info at this webpage: http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/FreezePage.htm

    "Never Freeze Food in Glass!!

    Baby food jars are not manufactured for freezing or for extreme heating. Glass that is not specifically manufactured for freezing has the unfortunate ability to crack, leave behind tiny, microscopic shards and fragments and also is prone to bursting. BALL, makers of home canning products, manufactures 4 ounce jars specifically for freezing as do other manufactures.

    That being said, many people do freeze in baby food jars but we do not advocate this whatsoever! After all, you're making baby's food because you want the best nutrition and health for your little one; why take a risk by freezing in jars? There are glass jars on the market that are specifically manufactured for freezing and those jars should pose no hazards at all."

    So are those glass bottles that we got from the hospitals safe? Any mummies can advise?

    How about the sterilising part, by right if we do put our baby bottles into the steriliser to steriliser, "if we do not open the cover, the bottles will be sterile for 4 hours, after tat, they wont be sterile anymore", but if we open it n expose to the open air, how long will it remain sterile? Or it will be not sterile anymore but its ok? And for the plastic liners, they are supposed to be pre-sterilised. How long will they remain sterile?

    Please advise...

  34. ariajo

    ariajo Active Member

    i use the hospital glass bottle to store my EBM. there were times i'm greedy, i squeeze in too much EBM and the bottle crack. No choice got to throw away.. But so far so good.. I rather put in the glass bottle than plastic bottle.

    dun worry too much abt the sterilising part.. i only sterilised the bottles 2 times a day. leave all the bottles and pump accessories inside, sterilised one time in the morning and another round in the mid afternoon. take out to use when it's feeding time. of course, items will be exposed to air for a while but it's ok lah.. dun be too paranoid [​IMG]
  35. icyclaw

    icyclaw Member

    aria jo, thanx so much for ur reassurance... the crack u saw was those big ones on the bottles? tats scary!

    for the bottles, im gettin more and more confused again... trying to get BPA free plastics now... and was recommended NUBY by my fren... saw at www.nuby.com tat all their products are BPA free, so happily went and get some.. but when buying at Metro, seems that the bottles available are not the same as online, and some has the BPA free stickers and some dun have. Went to ask the salesgirl who told me: " got sticker then BPA free, no sticker then not - when i can see the exact same pdt some haveing sticker some dun have.. can die lor.. when i called up baby studio, the distributor in singapore, they say that all pdts tat is made from polyproplelene pdts no bpa... so the bottle tat i got from nuby is made from tat, no bpa.. but cannot sterilise... but when i checked pigeon's mag mag, it is also made from PP, but can be sterilised!! hiaz.. so many contradicting information...
  36. c_club

    c_club New Member

    hi claudia, i use a mixture of glass bottles and disposable bags. so far so good. Like aria jo said, dont fill the glass bottles to the rim as the glass will crack after expansion.
  37. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    to keep EBM in milk bottles better or in milk bags?

    the glass bottles hospital gv is how big?

    does plastic caps selling at tmc sure fit the milk bottles?

    can we keep EBM in glass bottles in the freezer? wont they burst?
  38. sparklingcrystal

    sparklingcrystal New Member

    Hi jan jan
    for keeping EBM glass bottles shld be the best.
    The glass bottles from hospital come from diff brand and will hv diff sizes, but mostly is 80-120ml.
    Yes, the plastic caps from TMC will fit the glass bottle from hosp. I bought from TMC too.
    I used to keep all glass bottle filled with ebm in deep freezer, nvr had any incident before. But pls remember left about 1cm space when filling the glass bottle with ebm. Coz when freezing it'll actualy expanded.
  39. icyclaw

    icyclaw Member

    just for info, i wrote email and called very single milk companies supplying the milk bottles to the hospitals. All said that the glass bottles they used are disposables types - not for reuse. But there are mothers who used and are ok. So guess its up to you. I also used and i have the milk bottles plastic caps that i bought, if you need, can sell to you cheap.
  40. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    hi sparkling,

    if there r different FM brands n hv diff sizes, then how can we sure if the cap we bought fit into those bottles?

    may i know how much the caps r?
  41. angelseeker

    angelseeker New Member

    Hi Jan Jan,

    U can bring the bottles to whether it fits the cap or nt.

    Based on my experience, tollyjoy brands with a transparent cover can fit it most glass bottles from hospital (eg, friso, mamex, similac, enfalac and even those henz fruit juice bottles. The cap cost $1.80 from kiddy palace.
  42. ryan_mummy

    ryan_mummy Active Member

    ladies, you can buy the GERBER small bottle juice.
    i think it costs abt $1+. the blue cap can be used to fit most glass hosp bottles & milk storage pump bottles.
    that is if u actually drink the juice, you can save some $$.
  43. joia2804

    joia2804 Member

    Hi mummies,

    I'm currently on ML so expressing now and plan to let bay continue on EBM.

    Wondering how much do you ladies store in the milk bags? I'm currently storing 200ml, is this too much or too litte?
  44. lonerunner

    lonerunner Active Member

    Personally I store as much EBM as I can in each of the bag/cups. Save money to buy new ones :p Also this is becos the freezer compartment in the fridge doesnt have so much space to hold all frozen milk. hehehehe .... :p
  45. darfyodin

    darfyodin Member

    Hi Joia! I used to express milk while at work and I usually store enough for one feed in each milk bag - so amount depends on how much baby drinks. Makes it easier to defrost and feed baby without wasting or leaving defrosted milk not consumed for too long.
  46. babyalice

    babyalice New Member

  47. cecilia80

    cecilia80 New Member

  48. ai_sakura

    ai_sakura Member

    I use advent bottles to store the milk and freeze.. can use for food storage too and it is pretty hardy [​IMG]

    Ai @ http://www.sakuraharuka.com
  49. nelle_nelle

    nelle_nelle New Member

    I used the AVENT bottles too. Bought about 50 over bottles then. Try to buy during sale time. More savings!

    Remember to allow for a little space for liquid expansion during change to solid state during freezing process. You don't wanna be cleaning your deep freezer shelves the next day...
  50. vanefee

    vanefee New Member

    Hi mummies, im a new mother to a 3wk old BB. I'm feeding my bb fully on BM. I'm just curious how do you mummies go about expressing and storing the expressed BM while out and about town? Or just feed your bb directly to save the trouble?

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