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ADVISE NEEDED: COUGHING BADLY ONLY AT NIGHT <IMG SRC="http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by ev0618on, May 12, 2008.

  1. ev0618on

    ev0618on Member

    my 2.5years old ds only cough at night. and he cough very badly.
    He is perfectly alright in the day.
    What could be wrong?
    Anyone can advise?

  2. jerbren

    jerbren New Member

    heard fm my frens this method works.. before he sleep, apply vicks under his feet and put on socks. may u can consider trying, anyway, no harm rite..
  3. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    May be "cold" cough,
    try giving him durians. [​IMG]
  4. ev0618on

    ev0618on Member

    jerbren, tried vicks but he dun like [​IMG]
    hello leng leng, sigh, he dun like durians [​IMG]
  5. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    How about MILO b4 sleep? [​IMG]
  6. lalabcomemom

    lalabcomemom Member

    My neighbour's little one was like that too and it turned out to be asthmatic cough. He coughed from 2 am to about 5 am for 3 whole weeks. Do bring yours to a doc for diagnosis. Better be safe than sorry.
  7. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    Looks like your son is having the same problem my gal had a while ago.

    She only started coughing around night time and normally when she was asleep. So, you can imgaine how irritating if you are the one sleeping.

    Saw a PD for your son?

    My girl saw her PD 3 times before she started to get well.

    Saw something about such a cough may be linked to mycoplasma and my PD started giving her antibotics that worked on that and two other medications; she started to get well in that week of antibotics.
  8. ev0618on

    ev0618on Member

    yes i did bring him too see his pd on this, he prescribed lung tonic.
    in fact i am also very worried that it might lead to asthmatic cough or some other conditions.
    koalarie, may i know what is mycoplasma? how old is your dd? what kind of antibiotic is that?
    Does a humidifier helps?
  9. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

  10. kris

    kris New Member

    Hi Littlefire,

    Thought I'll share my experience with you. My older girl is now 4.5 yrs. She started on the 'lung tonic' when she was around 2 yrs and was on it for slightly over a year. The lung tonic comes by the name of Zaditen, Dhatifen or Ketotifen. They are all the same but just the brand is different. Children who are put on this are usually those who are borderline asthmatic or have hyper-sensitive airways. You will only start to see the effects of the lung tonic after abt a month.

    Klacid on the other hand is an antibiotic for what is otherwise known as 'walking pneumonia' or 'community pneumonia'. It's prescribed to both adults and children. The typical cough due to mycoplasma usually, but not always, lasts through the day and it goes on for weeks.

    If the lung tonic does not seem to make any difference after 2-3 weeks you could give the doc a call to see if there is a need for review. Or if your boy starts to develop a cold or fever it would likely be something else that the lung tonic cannot take care of.

    Perhaps you can supplement your boy with a good quality fish oil and vitamin C? Feel free to pm me if you need other info on this. I'm sharing here cos it looks like you're going through the same thing I did with my girl. [​IMG]
  11. ev0618on

    ev0618on Member

    hi kris,
    i haf pm you.
    thanks so much for sharing..
  12. mummy_tang

    mummy_tang Member

    Hi Littlefire,

    Try to avoid aircon and fan blowing direct onto yr son's face.....

    My boy was on the lung tonic but didnt get well.... cough was persistent for 1mth, get well afew weeks then come again till it was hanging there for another couple of weeks, tried neubaliser wans was on antibotics also dont work... tried to build immune system with fish oil also doesnt help...in the end I tried TCM, 2nd day coughing reduced and 3rd day he sleeps like an angel(of cos me too!).... his cough stops by end of 1 week and cos he had too much western medication, his face is greenish and pale, so the sinseh prescrible medication to adjust his body.... been 2 mths... working well for him...can start to sleep in air con last night....[​IMG]
  13. mycutey

    mycutey New Member

    Hi mommies,

    My boy seems to start coughing today, in the daytime and nighttime. Can anyone advise what is "hot" cough and "cold" cough symptons and what food to avoid?

    He has bronchitis when he was only 2 weeks old, now he is 21mths, will there be any implications from bronchitis?

    Thanks in advance!
  14. esh_mummy

    esh_mummy Member

    Hi Cherrie,

    My 2.5yr old daughter is very prone to flu n cough since infancy. brought her to see western doc and was more or less always given the same type of medication, sabultamo, lung tonic, fedac, fumilcil, prospan. Can't really spell these names.
    Which ever it is, I've insisted not to give her antibiotics since young. Hence, then cough n flu will always come back.
    Now i've switched to TCM and other then genetically carrier, (as i'm asthmatic till now), the aircon is another culprit of bb's frequent downtime. coz air is not circulating and its bad not only for babies, but even for adults as well.
  15. kiki80

    kiki80 Member

    Hi esh &amp; mummy tang,

    can i know which tcm you both went? My boy also having this prob for 2 months already. [​IMG]
  16. weddingfairy

    weddingfairy New Member

    mummy tang, esh mummy
    did u go 2 e chinese sinseh in yishun?

    i had the same problem wif my 2nd son. he has always been coughing in e nite 4 donkey months. i gave up treating him n i dunno wat 2 do. seen many docs, took many times of med.

    i brought him 2 tis chinese sinseh in yishun n his nite cough was gone in 1wk. it has been 2wks+ n i havent heard him cough at nite. YIPEE!!!
  17. sotong1209

    sotong1209 Member

    Hello Kelly,

    Can i have the name, address and the contact number for the yishun chinese sinseh? Maybe you can PM me as I seldom Logon. TIA.
  18. vt_kl

    vt_kl Member

    Hi Kelly,

    Have you been seeing this sinseh for long time?
    Can share the contact details of this yishun chinese sinseh?
    thks alot...
  19. ecger

    ecger New Member

    My boy has been coughing and having running nose since he was 6mths old and always last about 2 weeks.
    From friend recommendation, I gave him a health supplement 'Nutrifresh' which i mix with his milk to drink.
    Realized after taking he gets well and dont get sick so often, even so he recovers fast.
    Now he is 22mths and is still continuing as it helps to build his immune system...
    Can email me eileencheok@yahoo.com.sg if anyone interested to find out more...
  20. kimmies

    kimmies Member

    Hi ladies, after reading your postings, it really worries me. Since my daughter was 3 mths old, she has stopped seeing a PD. When she is sick, I'll just bring her to the GP at my house downstairs. She has recently developed a cough, and after 2 days of self medication (because my dad is a retired GP as well, and we gave her Allerin), it didn't seem to go away. So, we brought her back to our usual GP, who gave her Dhasedyl... We just started her on Dhasedyl. I guess, my question is, at what point do we feel that the cough is very bad. She doesn't cough throughout the day, but at night before she sleeps, it is more frequent. I guess because she has a blocked nose, and has to breathe throught her mouth, thus causing her to cough more.
  21. ming_mama

    ming_mama Member

    My boy also having this problem. Her cough is on n off one. It could be 1 day cough at night then next day no cough or cough only 1 /2 times then the next day before nap cough badly . see all the gp, tmc cordycept oso no use. [​IMG]
  22. kimmies

    kimmies Member

    Heya YLL... if he is coughing because of a blocked nose (breathing through the mouth when sleeping like my daughter, causes her throat to be itchy and she will cough quite badly), you might want to try something my cousin taught me. Rub vicks directly on his pillow (not on the pillow case).. this way while he is sleeping, his nasal passage will be cleared.
  23. cakes

    cakes New Member

    just to share my experience. my first kid had the night cough for long time. finally found out that its due to weak lungs [​IMG] paediatrician's medicine helps instantly but will not last long. so TCM, and to really stay with TCM to see the results takes a long long time. it took me years. Now the kid is totally fit and strong. if cough persists, it may be due to weak lungs.
  24. jazzygirl

    jazzygirl Member


    my daughter seems to have similar cough. she is four and has had mycoplasma 3 times already! I'm thinking of sending her to a specialist to find out why is it frequent. I'm also tempted to check out the TCM. Would any mommies be able to recommend a good TCM for kids please? Thanks.
  25. mindy

    mindy Active Member

    My 2 yo boy have been coughing off-on for past 3 months.
    I brought him to see PD 3 times and given Klacid on 1st visit the Prospan on the last visit.

    Each time after few days of medicine.. he will get well. then 2 day later he start cough again which i suspect its food triggered.
    its not phelgmy cough but i think his throat is itchy.

    I also rub vicks and let him wear socks in non-aircon room and does not help

    now i need to know what kind of food/fruits should i not give ?


    cold fruits

    PD told me that food with artificial colourings like strawberry milk packet shd not be given too

    so i need to know what other food i should not give so that i won't trigger his cough

    I also given Bao ying dan from EYS to him but not working on him

    and is EYS clinic recommended? or shd i walk in to KKH's 24 hr clinic?
  26. cpmummy

    cpmummy Member

    Can try to bring to YUGUO for tuina.
    Alot of babies and toddler went there.

    Located near Kembangang MRT
  27. mindy

    mindy Active Member

    hi agnes
    do i need to make appointment? or can walk in?
  28. cpmummy

    cpmummy Member

    no apppointments, must go there and take numbers.
    It's crowded during the nite and weekends.

    Yu Guo
    8B Jalan Masjid
    #01-04 Kingston Terrace
    Tel: 6447 4761

    closed on Wed.
  29. pei_qing

    pei_qing New Member

    My daughter was sick like your son and she even vomited at almost every night. I tried the remedy of tiger's milk together with bing tang boiled, and it worked on her. I also brought her to the physician at clementi. He is renowned for curing choldren's cough. The number is 67766793. The dic is Dr Ang Liang.
  30. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    wat's tiger's milk?
    Buy from where?
  31. chin

    chin New Member


    Seems like I am not the only one having this problem. My 4 year old also cough very badly for a long time since around 2 yrs old especially during throughout the night. She wake up almost every night coughing &amp; crying, so didn't sleep well. Bring her to see PD &amp; GP, but both giving different advise &amp; medicine.

    PD says she got sensitive nose with big "Bi Dou" (don't know how to say in english)inside the nose that trigger the cough as phlegm was generated. He gave her Nasonex spray for the nose. Tried but no improvement. (Don't really like to use this cos my girl resisted using it. Always have to struggle with her for the spray)

    GP says she has sensitive airway. Tried the lung tonics for almost a year but cough still coming back with every 1 to 2 weeks of interval. So GP prescribe Evohaler for prevention of asthma. Have used almost months still having cough. Recenetly even worse, always having fever with cough. Just less than a month ago she has high fever, need to take antibiotics &amp; panadol &amp; booster, only then the fever can subside. Yesterday, she is down with fever again and got bad cough with phlegm. Sighh!!!

    Even worse, my 8 months old boy also having the same problem. He is having cough with phlegm for about 2 month still not recover yet despite bringing him to KK &amp; PD.

    Anyone can advise?? What should I do? Is TCM better? Any recommendation? Must they drink the chinese medicine? Will it taste bitter cos I may have problem convincing my girl to drink it?
  32. chin

    chin New Member

    Or any good chinese physician to recommend?
  33. mommyno1

    mommyno1 New Member

    Check for asthma to be safe.. Night coughing could be indicative of it.. If im not wrong
  34. jinamich

    jinamich New Member


    my baby had phlegm but not cough when he's about 3 mths. He has seen PD and was given 5 types of medicine, including the Dhatifen and anti-biotics. He took the medicine for 2 weeks. The phlegm didn't go off after that. I was very frustrated so I took him to see chinese physician.

    The chinese physician advice me not to give him cold drink and such thing should be cured immdiately so as not to lead to asthma. My grandmother told me that we need to give him some cold boiled water(room temperature) for him to adapt. Recalling the few days of temperature, I'm very sure my mother didn't give him at all. The only thing is the weather turn cold so as the plain water.

    From then on, I give my baby luke warm water. He finished his chinese medicine and is well now.

    According to the chinese physician, my son's phlegm is in his lungs area. It could be due to indigestion or flu previously. So the medicine given is to clear the phlegm in his throat.

    I'm one into chinese medicine than western medicine because it helped to reduce and cure my sinus. The reason why I'm into it is that I was down with serious flu a few years ago and the western doctor prescribed me with antibiotics. Each time is stronger than the previous. It had serious impact on me such that I felt my body nearly died because of that.

    Finally, I felt something's wrong and I seek chinese physician's help. Immediately, I recovered within a few days.

    Looking around at other children, I find that more and more children has asthma. So it's better to treat whatever problem that's arise in our baby immediately. Don't wait.

    I personally don't encourage western medicine for my baby but sometimes I will in order to know more other information. So I always observe, watch carefully and think twice about baby's condition before seeking doctor's help. With observation, we can give more information to doctor. In this way, the doctor will be in a better position to help with more knowledge. To me, western doctor is zhi4 biao1 bu4 zhi4 ben3 to me. it's like mending the wall where the water is leaking without looking into the real cause.

    For night coughing, you can try rubbing Vicks Baby rub on the chest area. Ensure the area is covered to keep baby warm. This will help in reducing the cough. Ensure baby is not sleeping at a position direct to the windows where wind can blow into directly. Let baby wear socks if weather isn't warm. If you want further, you can try throat area.
  35. angel_yj

    angel_yj Member


    Anyone have the Yishun TCM contact no mentioned? Or any other good TCM that can cure cough. Can PM me. TIA.
  36. vinwee

    vinwee Member

    Hi sweetiebb,

    pls do now let your children eat fruits if they are coughing (but steam pear to drink the juice is ok), not the raw fruits. It will make it worse especially at night.
  37. vinwee

    vinwee Member

    Hi Mommies,

    anyone still need TCM for children. There's one in kembangan. PM me if u want more info.

  38. puroland

    puroland Member

    Is this thread still alive? Would like to know if any mummy has tried Yuan Ann Zhang medicial at rivervale mall? Would like to get some feedback... My gal also has night coughing and she was on western medicine for a while... I am
    Considering if chinese traditional medicine is better.
  39. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Try raw honey...
    Works on my MIL &amp; our kids. [​IMG]
  40. stumbled_by

    stumbled_by New Member

    Tan Leng Leng

    How old is your kids when taking raw honey ?
  41. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    I just learned about this last year,
    our youngest was about 2+ yr old.

    Kids above 1 yr old is on to take honey. [​IMG]
  42. bboy

    bboy Member


    what type of raw honey? those yummyhouse honey can? mix with water drink or just eat the honey? my boy cough badly these few night and vomited. thanks.
  43. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    yawn (bboy),
    I gave our kids this;

    You can order on your own, ship to your home in singapore,
    Total = $10.58 + $4 (shipping) = US$14.58, about SG$20

    You can use this code to get US$5 off your 1st purchase "PUR375",
    pay only $10.58 + $4 (shipping) -$5 = US$9.58, about SG$13++

    This cost more than SG$40 in Singapore retail store,
    e.g. Giant, CGH pharmacy, etc.

    Or you can join in my spree here, with 10% off discount;

    Hope this will help you as much as it helps our family. [​IMG]
  44. bboy

    bboy Member

    thank u lengleng,

    i brought my boy to gp. his cough getting better but still a little cough cough few times a day. i dont know if the raw honey suitable for him or not leh. he is 33 mths. im giving him yummyhouse honey once a day now. worried.
  45. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    yawn (bboy),
    take care. [​IMG]
  46. superlemon

    superlemon Member

    Really at my wits end. I'm still awake this hour cos my boy kept coughing. it has been almost 3 months and he has seen PD umpteen times, even gone to KK A&amp;E once for wheezing, been to eu Yan sang twice, all no use. He has finished bottles after bottles of western medicine. TCM doesn't seem to work well on him too. There were twice he developed fever after TCM and I felt I had to stop it. Really worried. This is the longest cough ever! He coughs mostly at night. Tried Vicks. It works, but only temporarily.

    I'm going to try Cordyceps next. Pray hard that it works.
  47. puroland

    puroland Member

    my ger also started with night coughing and several eposide of vomiting due to cough... tried pd when the cough get really bad and tried TMC which commented on her poor digestive system and poor lung... took tmc and stuff but the cough din really go away. The latest eposide is another bronchoilities... I brought her to see another PD which explain that the prolong coughing means she has to be a long period of western medication to get rid of the problem. I have tried all sort of home remedy from humidifier to purifier to rubbing vicks and wear socks... tons of prospan, allergy medicine... chinese medicine, dialute of milk b4 bedtime which might cause phlegm.... Now she is on the western medication and do see improvment on the night coughing... Keeping finger cross and shall stop TMC for now as the remedy is too slow to take effect.
  48. tinklestar

    tinklestar Member

    Hi puroland and Lemontree,

    Can I suggest you used lemon honey or manuka honey if baby more than 1 year old. I always give my son that when he seems to be falling sick. It prevents him from coughing and inflammation. However it does not work on the nose well so nose infection will continue. I find it helps because everytime he starts have some green mucous coming out from nose and I give him a teaspoon of honey mixed with 200ml water, if the water is finished, the green mucous will stop

    Recently, he had nose infection and this did not
  49. tinklestar

    tinklestar Member

    Btw, recently my son was coughing badly and we brought him to doc. Pd says lungs were cleared and since he's coughing more at night, could be mucous from nose dripped into throat causing cough, due to his lying down.

    So far, after drinking honey, when he's sick, he has never had fever and lungs are clear everytime we bring to pd. I suspect because honey has anti-inflammation properties
  50. joy_ful

    joy_ful New Member


    There are a couple of things I do for my son who is very sensitive to cold weather and he gets lung infection easily.

    1) Lemon+honey+warm water are great for soothing the cough and flu. My boy is fed honey water when he was 1 years old. Even our GP recommends it.

    2) Rub vicks onto the chest, back and most importantly the soles of the feet b4 the child is put to bed or when he is going into an air-con room for a long period of time. You can put socks if your child dun resist them. Mine do. For me, I rub "Badger's Organic Chest Rub" as my son has sensitive skin. This chest rub contains eulculyptus, ginger, lavender and tea tree extract. I am a strong believer in natural healing methods.

    3) Put on layers of clothing. I put 2 layers on my son every nite. The most inner layer is a airy singlet while the external is the pyjamas. If the weather is colder, you can add a vest as the external wear.

    Hope this helps! cheers

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