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Advise: need recommendation on gynae that deliver in mt alvernia

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by chrisyee31, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. chrisyee31

    chrisyee31 New Member

    hi,im intend to deliver at mt alvernia and im looking for a gynae with reasonable price. any recommendation ?

  2. ctrus

    ctrus Member

    Currently I'm seeing Dr Chen Lin Han. His clinic is at Chong Pang Yishun.
  3. bliss_ling

    bliss_ling Active Member

    Hi ctrus,

    what is the waiting time like? How much is per consulation? Does it inlcude scan?
  4. chrisyee31

    chrisyee31 New Member

    hi ctrus, thanks for your advise but too far for me as I staying at central side..
  5. yallo

    yallo Active Member

    Hi Chris, I recommend Dr Kenneth Lee. His clinic is in Mt A basement itself so very convenient. He's a nice guy, quite friendly chatty and willing to give advise. Another plus point is his wife is a PD and they share the clinic! [​IMG] So seamless transition once baby is born haha. And his wife is a great PD imho, she's very sincere and even calls me personally after visits to check up on how my gal is doing.
  6. sfmq

    sfmq Member

    Mine is Dr Ching who has a clinic at Mount Alvernia and Mount Elizabeth...1st consultation $150, subsequent consultations $100 w scan excluding medication. Delivery 1.5k, package 700 from 16wks onwards
  7. ctrus

    ctrus Member

    bliss_ling: Usually I arrive earlier than my appt time, so I waited for about 10min. Each visit is $120+. It include a ultrasound scan. I jz signed my package (include schedule visits/scan/ supplement) with them when I'm in 2nd trimester ($700).
  8. bliss_ling

    bliss_ling Active Member

    ctrus, thanks.. I live in yishun so thought it the nearest i can go to
  9. jennydino

    jennydino New Member

    Does Dr Chen delivers in TMC or only Mount A?
  10. wlchoong

    wlchoong Member

    Dr Lim Lean Soon at The Tow Yung Clinic
    #05-01 - 05-03 & 05-45/46
    Tel : 6737 4433
    Tanglin Shoppng Centre

    He delivers at Mount A, Mount E and Gleneagles.
    Charges very reasonable. And stitches very well.
  11. wishy_baby

    wishy_baby New Member

    I'm seeing Dr Poon King Fu at Hougang Ave 1. He is a patient and softspoken gynea recommended by my best gf who had her 2nd boy delivered by him.
  12. tracy90

    tracy90 Member

    Any gynea in west area? Prefer Jurong West..
  13. Averie

    Averie Member

    Henry Cheng at Bishan? He deliver at gleneagle and mount A
  14. lybaby

    lybaby New Member

    Hi Averie,
    Asking on behalf of my sis, may i know much is the initial consultation fee n subsequent consult fee, the scan and all the neccessary tests? How much is Dr Henry Cheng's delivery chrgs n can i have his clinic phone no.? Is the clinic always crowded?
  15. myojoanna

    myojoanna New Member

    Hi bb, each consultation including scans cost about $130. Will usually see the gynae between 3 - 4 weeks interval during the first trimester until 20 weeks. In the middle there is a scan for risk of down syndrome and this will cost more. Everything in about $500.

    From 20 weeks onwards, there will be a package of $900+ and this includes all the scans and multi-vitamins but does not include fish oil. Package price does not include delivery charges too.

    Tel: 6552 7377
  16. bliss_mummy

    bliss_mummy New Member

    Hi Tracy, you may want to look for Dr John Yam. His clinic is gleneagles. He wil b at his mum clinic a few times per week, Acumed at boon lay interchange. A veri nice and thoughtful gynae.
  17. joyceline

    joyceline New Member

    Any gynae in central or east? I wish to deliver at mount A. Pls advise me.. Thanks.
  18. sleepyskies

    sleepyskies Member

    Hi Joyceline, I am seeing Dr Ho HK at Mt A. I heard plenty of rave reviews on him (think there's a thread on him in this forum too) but his charges are not cheap. I only went to him once for a checkup, seems nice and patient. Will be gg for my 1st gynae visit tmr.
  19. chanela

    chanela Member

    you wnna try dr chua yang? A clinic for Women located at Jln Jurnog Kechil (chun tin road) very good! she delivered my son in Alvernia.
  20. bigrice

    bigrice New Member

    Hi ctrus & bliss ling

    Do you mind sharing more about Dr Chen in Chong Pang, espcially the rate and service? I am staying in Yishun too and just tested positive.

    after reading some threads on package etc, I am so confused. Initially I thought the whole process of checkup till delivery is done under a package costing between $500-$800. I think I got it wrong, right? Should be more?

    Pls advise if convenient . Thank u [​IMG]
  21. bliss_ling

    bliss_ling Active Member

    Hi bigrice,

    I didnt took Dr Chen so cant advise. I have 2 frens, one of them had delivered in Sep 10 and another one will due in Dec 12. Both said that Dr Chen is good.
  22. meowmeowing

    meowmeowing Member

    mine is dr wendy teo. nice lady..u can try her if you do not mind a female gynae
  23. dowellmummy

    dowellmummy Member

    Hi, I am looking for a female gynae who deliver in Mount alvernia. pls advise,thx
  24. pocketpig

    pocketpig Member

    Mine is Dr Loke at Tampines and I will be delivered in Mt A also ..
  25. celchong514

    celchong514 Member

    Hi All,

    Any recommended doc for cesarean? and what is delivery costs like? Does any do repeat cesarean before?
  26. csy1

    csy1 Well-Known Member

    Any gynae to recommend?
    i staying in jurong. Prefer 1 with night clinic.
  27. constancet

    constancet New Member

    My gynae who can deliver in MAH did my 5 C sections for me.
    In fact i am doing confinement for no 5 now.
    He is PS Lui. Clinic at Orchard Plaza
  28. ikuko

    ikuko New Member

    Hi Cute2008,

    You can try Dr Geraldine Tan. Her clinic is at Katong.
  29. pinkk11

    pinkk11 New Member

    i'm with Dr Kang Wee.
    Tel: 62523323
  30. I' m also with Dr Kang Wee. Nice female gynae located in Mt A.
  31. shllee

    shllee Member

    Hi bliss_ling, if you live in Yishun you can try Dr Lawrence Ang @ Sunplaza, sembawang.reasonable prices.my friend had 4 kids delivered by him.
  32. shllee

    shllee Member

    Hi Chrisyee31, you can try Dr Gordon Tan, Joy Clinic at Gleneagles.
  33. dollsy

    dollsy Member

    anyone has reccomendations for gynea in west area, but deliver in Mt A or Mt E? thanks.
  34. nfk22

    nfk22 Member

    Hi Dollsy,

    I would highly recommend Dr Tho CK of London Clinic. He delivers at Mt A and TMC. He's the gynae for my #1 and #2. My #1 was nateral birth and he handled the delivery well and I had a smooth recovery. For my #2, there was some complication during childbirth and had to go for emergency c-sect. thanks to him both me & my baby were fine. my recovery from c-sect was also very good and not much pain.

    Blk 253 Jurong East St 24 #01-269 Singapore 600253 Tel: 6561 1322 Fax: 6564 7593
  35. cloudee

    cloudee New Member

  36. Hi any female Gynae (central preferred or sengkang area) deliver at Mt a to intro please? Please let me know? Thank u! Also if dot mind the charges range? Thank u so muh!
  37. bellebelle

    bellebelle Member

    Hi, Any recommendation for male gynae in East area? heard many good reviews for Dr Adrain Woodworth (sengkang) & Dr Loke (Tampines) but I'm not keen on the long waiting to see them. Appreciate any good gynae but need not wait very long kind. Thanks.
  38. cztine19

    cztine19 Member


    Any recommendation for Mount Alvernia gynae that has a clinic in East area? I am ok with both male & female gynae.

  39. Seramom

    Seramom New Member

    Its my first child and I'm just in my first trimester but still not sure which gynae to visit. I stay in the west so hopefully gynae who delivers KK or mount A ~~I've been reading about Dr Tho CK of London Clinic who delivers at Mt A and TMC.
    Is he good and how is his packages like?

    Blk 253 Jurong East St 24 #01-269 Singapore 600253 Tel: 6561 1322 Fax: 6564 7593
  40. Seramom

    Seramom New Member

    Is he good and how is his packages like?
    And what are claimable by medisave?
  41. teddythots

    teddythots Member

    Hi hi
    Noticed it's been a while since this thread was active, hopefully can get some responses.
    I'm looking for good gynae who can deliver in Mt Alvernia. Found to hv multiple fibroids thus hope to find skillful gynae who can handle complicated c-sect.
    Thanks a lot !

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