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Advise: How to renew Maid Passport, Work Permit and Home Leave application without agent?

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by helloagain, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. helloagain

    helloagain Member


    My filipino maid's passport expires in Oct 2010, her work permit in Aug 2010 (in Aug2010, she would have completed her 2yrs contract) and I intend to let her go back for home leave within the coming few mths bcos I heard from agent that its best to do passport renewal and home leave application together.

    My agent want to charge me $550 for passport renewal together with home leave application, if done separate, there will be an additional charge for $450 for home leave alone!

    is there anyway I can do this myself? PLEASE ADVISE!


  2. sammi

    sammi Member

    Hi Cyn

    If she's going back for home leave, can she not renew her passport in Phillipines? Coz renewal in Singapore is expensive - as this is done at the embassy here.

    This is the breakdown from my agency when i renewed my maid's passport last year:

    Authenticated employment contract $62.50
    OWWA Membership : $42
    Passport fee : $85
    $2000 embassy's bond : $70
    Total - $259.50 + $100 agency fee

    Home Leave :
    Employment contract : $62.50
    OWWA Membership : $42
    Exit Pass : $5.50
    $2000 Embassy's Bond : $70
    Total - $180 + $100 agency fee

    If your maid renew her passport when she's back in Phillipines, u only need to renew her work permit, insurance and work contract wic should be about $350 including the agency charge.

    But if due to some circumstances must renew passport here, then the agency charge is abit high unless its inclusive of work permit renewal and insurance. Tell them to give u a breakdown.

    I find its more convenient to use an agency to do these stuff as they r more familiar wif the procedure.
  3. helloagain

    helloagain Member

    Hi Sammi

    Thanks for replying.

    I forgot to update here, I finally decided on another agent (total charge is $350 including Passport renewal and Home leave application which includes everything u mentioned above). I have called up at least 10 agents and finally settled with this one. SOme agent even wanted to charge me at $1000-$800 for passport and homeleave.

    I understand from some of the agents that actually the documents required are the same sets for both passport renewal and homeleave. But many agents take the opportunity to charge separately without letting the employers know (looks like your agent is one of them). I understand that the documents are valid for 2 yrs which mean if my maid go back again within this 2 yrs, I can use back the same doc to apply for HOme leave at only $5.50 (the exit pass which is valid only for 2mths).

    I don't think my maid can renew her passport in Philippines bcos her homeleave application need to be done here with her passport etc and also require the contract n other docs thaat u mentioned above. My sis previous maid had an issue with her homeleave (not done properly, the maid went to do her passport herself)and end up couldn't return to singapore. So I thought I better let agent do.
  4. smurfy

    smurfy Member

    sorry to side tracked abit, how long do we need to let our maid go back for home leave?
  5. helloagain

    helloagain Member

    Actually it depends on the terms stated in their employment contract. Usually is 15 days of paid leave. But since my maid would like to go back for 1 mth, i let her and also paying for the entire mth. I need her help when she returns (baby#2 on the way) so I give in to her requests to make sure she comes back happily (many go back n never return eventhough they say they will). So its actually all up to u aside fr the contract terms.
  6. sammi

    sammi Member

    Hi Cyn

    Glad u finally settled your maid's issue...I din pay the homeleave part, just that my agent included in the quotation to me in case i need in next time. Mine was jus passport renewal.
  7. minnie_gal16

    minnie_gal16 New Member


    I did my helper's home leave application on my own. She went to the Embassy to bring back the documents required and I just fill them up. It only costs me $110. My agent wanna charge me $300 which I think is too high so I rather do it on my own. Passport renewal will cost another $189.50 but my helper said she will renew it when she goes back to her hometown. I bought the Performance bond at $71 and insurance at $280 from NTUC income. We need all these to renew the work permit. So just make a copy for the docs and bring them to the embassy to process will do.

    You can email me at geneveive16@gmail.com if you need a copy of the forms. [​IMG]


    My helper will be going back for 3 weeks in June. Normally is 14 days but I tot I let her extend for another week so that she can spend more time with her son. I feel that they are very poor thing, leave family for 2yrs so let her stay longer.
  8. tks

    tks New Member

    My helper joined us only last October for a 2 year contract. She told me yesterday that her passport is expiring in December this year. It was then that I realised to my horror that her work permit was only valid till November this year. I had assumed that it would be for 2 years.

    Anyway, she now has to renew both passport and work permit. And I have questions.

    1. I guess we should pay for work permit renewal, although I feel I have been "cheated" or short-changed by the agency on this. What about passport renewal? Contract is silent.

    2. Philippines Embassy website sets out the passport renewal requirements here: http://www.philippine-embassy.org.sg/consular/passport/application-renewal/ Basically, complete a form, pay $85 and submit a "Valid employment contract authenticated by the Philippine Embassy"

    3. I guess the authenticated employment contract is the one mentioned by some of you. Another money making device invented by the embassy? I don't mind paying the $62.50 and signing a piece of paper but the contract states I must pay the helper $600 sslary plus 15 days paid leave per year etc etc. Do you guys just pretend and sign away, or can the terms be changed to the actual terms?

    3. Some of you mentioned OWWA membership and embassy bond. I read these plus medical insurance on other sites too. Are these mandatory? I don't seem to find them on the embassy website. The benefits under the medical and insurance policy I bought for the maid far exceed those I read from the OWWA website.

    4. Can I do all these myself? I read somewhere that if the maid is with me for less than 2 years, I need to go through one of their accredited agencies?

    5. Lastly, I need to mention that the photo requirements for the Philippines passport are so numerous and they look silly. http://www.philippine-embassy.org.sg/consular/passport/passport-photo-requirements/

    My helper checked around and the cheapest she found was $360 for doing both the passport renewal and work permit.
  9. helloagain

    helloagain Member

    Hi Minnie

    I don't dare to let my maid renew her passport herself in phil.. my sis's last time did that and fall short of some documents, end up can't come back. So I rather let the agent do it. For mine, everything done (including cost of passport renewal) for $350 is cheap enuf for me.

    Hi KS
    I guess we are taught a lesson here when hiring a maid fr agent, we shld check on the passport expiry date and mayb get the agent to negotiate their agent fees if thepassport is <2 yrs. I too didn't check that part but was only glad she had a valid passport when i chose her biodata so that we didn't have to wait.

    No.2 I just let the agent did the filling up of the form

    No.3 I only know OWWA membership and embassy bond is necessary but I am not sure is it only for Home leave or passport renewal or both.

    No.4 not sure but I read somewhere too that we need the agent to do it to get the contract for the 1st time.

    No.5 My maid's photo was taken at the agent's office at lucky plaza.
  10. goddess

    goddess Member

    Hi mummies,

    I need help urgently. I managed to renew my maid passport and collected it yesterday. Now i'm facing problems renewing her work permit. Just submitted my online WP renewals and realised that i need to buy 1) Security Deposit of $5K 2)Personal accident insurance w an insured some of at least $40k 3) Medical Insurance coverage of at least $15K per year per maid..

    I did remember my agent apply the security deposit for me when i first employed my maid bt now since there's a change in the Passport no, what should i do? as for the rest of the documents, should i buy them again? if so, pls advice where should i buy them from? or should i seek my agent's help?

  11. addy

    addy Member

    Any advices on how to renew the work permits &amp; passports of Indonesian maids?
  12. tks

    tks New Member


    Shouldn't your existing maid insurance polices arranged by the agent cover all these? Go back to your insurance company or NTUC Income at http://www.income.com.sg/insurance/foreignmaid/index.asp

    Oh dear, I better check mine. I hope I don't end up having to renew all my policies, bonds etc. Passport and work permit are headache enough.

    By the way, does this forum not have a feature to notify my of new mesages to my subscribed threads? It's very, very difficult to find back this thread, especially since everything is listed in alphabetical order, instead of newest first, which is really the correct way.
  13. goddess

    goddess Member

    my agent didn't cover all these... will normally charge a fee if i ask them to do for me. so in order to save cost, i do it by myself.

    I called up the insurance company and got an endorsement letter from them on the change of new passport no.

    guess u better check yours esp when it comes to renewal of passport and wp, it's a real heachache.

    yes, there's a notification feature. u need to check on your profile settings.

    i also think that it should reflect the lasting postings instd of alpha order.. should highlight this to the moderator..
  14. dor

    dor New Member

    hi cyn

    can share wher u got ur agent to do the passport renewal n home leave? As for the renewal of contract, did u do with the same agent? How much did u pay? Please PM me. TIA [​IMG]
  15. highness

    highness Active Member

    Hi All,

    Need some advises..

    My Indo maid's contract ending in Oct'10. she's extending another 2years with me.

    So now, how do i go ahead to renew her WP, PP, insurance?
    her PP is only expiring in Sept'11.
    WP expiring Oct'10

    do I renew her PP now? if not, WP can only extend till next year Oct rite? then i got to renew everything again?

    O headache..
    I tot of letting her go back for 2 weeks holiday during Sept.. now duno shd go ahead to book air-tix anot..
  16. eve~

    eve~ Member

    Hi all,
    Do you check your maid's luggages when she going back for home leave?
    and also those big parcels that she sent back to her country?
    how should we ask to check? to open all the luggages to show us???
  17. jojet_70

    jojet_70 New Member

    Hi..I am about to help my helper renew her passport too. I am informed she can renew her work permit later, and not together with her passport renewal - is this possible? I am informed also that I hv to buy again the insurance, but this is done at the same time during work permit renewal, not during passport. My agent is helping me since they have all her information - and charging me $330 (without renewal of work permit and insurance).
  18. mary_ho

    mary_ho New Member

    I just renew my Indonesian Maid's passport.

    Go to Indonesian Embassy (find out the time). Bring along your maid, fill up forms, take pictures from there, photocopy from there also.

    Submit forms, go upstairs for a interview.

    They will give u a ticket to come back to pick the passport a few days later.

    Its very simple.
  19. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    My husband help me to renew my Indonesian maid work permit online. I went to collect it at Keppel which is near the railway station. Heard my husband says its easy and cheap instead of letting agency make $300.
  20. mama_annie

    mama_annie Member


    I find this website very useful.

    I read up and ask question on this website when am unclear.

    This website is real.

    Did my maid stuffs(wp, insurance, home leave etc) on my own. No agent involve [​IMG]
  21. mama_annie

    mama_annie Member

    By the way, can take passport pic on your own and bring the necessary documents. so no need to take pic/photocopy at embassy.

    check out the website [​IMG]
  22. chrisz_chua

    chrisz_chua New Member

    hello, where is the website mentioned?
  23. mama_annie

    mama_annie Member

  24. chrisz_chua

    chrisz_chua New Member

    hi mama annie, tens for the website bt need to read a lot hah? i tot that they have standard Q&amp;A like how to renew home leave etc? where to read that? i only see questions being posted bt no answer.
  25. mummy_baby2008

    mummy_baby2008 Active Member

    Anybody have advise on renewal of myanmar maids?
  26. teddybear88

    teddybear88 Member

    Hi ladies,

    Do you find the increase of maid's salary justifiable? you might wanna write in to the respective authority to appeal or request for further actions to be done to decrease the maid's levy etc..
  27. cwwsim

    cwwsim Member


    My filipino maid 2 yrs contract ends in June this year. I have bought for her return flight, including the internal flight to her hoemtown. Have a few questions:

    1) Do we pay her for her 2 weeks home?
    2) Any efficient n cheap agencies for processing the renewal of work permit and passport?

    Appreciate all the help!

  28. dor

    dor New Member

    hi tummymummy

    1) Yes. U hv to pay her 2 wks home leave
    2) Century 21 @ Lucky Plaza. They dun double charge for passport renewal &amp; exit permit where most agencies does.

  29. cwwsim

    cwwsim Member

    Thanks Dor for your prompt reply.
  30. cwwsim

    cwwsim Member

    I called MOM and they state that whether you pay your maid during her holiday back home is to be mutually agreed upon, ie) not compulsory under the laws.

    Dor: Do you know how much Century 21 @ Lucky Plaza charges?

  31. vivian_hsp

    vivian_hsp Member

    my maid passport is expiring in aug 2011 and work permit in jul 2011. however she's only with us fore lessthan 2 years. To renew her passport locally, she need a service contract by accredited agency which we do not have and to go through agency, it's going to cost $350.

    She wanted to apply for home leave in advanced and to do her passport renewal back in Philippines. (meaning she won't take home leave next year) Now, i dont know if i should pay for the air ticket and this home leave is paid or unpaid...

    i afraid she would not return after gg bk. any advice? thanks!
  32. jacqis

    jacqis New Member


    Anyone tried doing the home leave by yourself without going through an agency? What's the experience like?

  33. mag_s

    mag_s New Member

    Hi Jacq,

    I'm trying to do the home leave by myself, rather than pay 300+ to an agent. I've read on the phil embassy website that we can do it without going thru the agent. The tricky point is about the 'valid employment contract processed by the Phil Embassy'. I think this is the tricky point. The forms can be downloaded from their website, hassle free.

    I will give them a call tomorrow to check on the tricky point of being "PROCESSED" by the Phil Embassy, whether it has to be "ENDORSED" by one of their approved agents.

    Go to page 8 and read on FAQ on OEC/Exit pass:

    Hope this helps,
  34. sankan

    sankan Member

    MY filipino helper will be going back for 6 weeks in Nov( As i wont be in town). She will come back and work for me and when her she said she doesnt want home leave when her contract finishes in March. Does she need home leave document when she has a valid work permit? And how to do contract renewal without paying for the agents.

    Mag- Did u do the home leave yourself? Let me know. Thnks
  35. mag_s

    mag_s New Member

    Hi Sankan,

    I'm still in the process of trying to do the home leave on my own for my maid.

    If your maid is going back in Nov, you have to process the home leave for her, to get her the exit pass basically. So that she can leave Phil and come back to Sg. By Nov, if she is with you less than 2 yrs, then its more troublesome. Best that you call the Phil Embassy to ask them the procedures.

    For my maid, its more than 2 yrs, so more straightforward, don't have to go to one of "endorsed" agents to get the contract endorsed. But less than 2 yrs, have to get endorsed. So better for you to call up the Phil Embassy. They work sunday to thurs, fri &amp; sat close.

    For home leave, also have to buy $7K performance bond fr insurance company, valid medical insurance and have to download quite a few forms fr the Phil Embassy website to sign and bring along. Have a read at the website and some agency's website, you will have a better idea of the documents to prepare for home leave for ur maid. If not, pay an agent bet $280-360 to get it done for you, which I chose not to do so.

    The link above on my previous post is about the documents to prepare for the OEC/Exit pass. Have a read at it and call the Phil Embassy to clarify for your maid's case.

    I'm going to the Phil Embassy trow to get the exit pass processed.

  36. mag_s

    mag_s New Member

    Hi Sankan,

    I went to the Phil Embassy to process the home leave. Took about 90 mins for the whole process. Had to go to 5 different counters in total, pay $42 for contract processing, then another $42 for authentication of contract. Then proceed to pay for OWWA membership, then pay $5.50 for IA-Big membership, then pay $5.50 for OEC. Collection of contract is done few days after.

    So I guess if you are ready to go through the whole process of queuing and waiting, then you can do it yourself. If not, then that's why agents charge $300+ for the process.

    Before heading over, you have to purchse the 7K performance bond from insurance co. and also ensure that you have all the documents and forms filled up, signed and 2 photocopies of her work permit and passport. If you have the time to run around to do all these, if not, then paying the agent to do all the work for you would be the best option.

    All in all, it was a good learning process for me. Interesting experience.

  37. cel_cel

    cel_cel Active Member

    Hi Mag

    So all in all, if we do it ourself can save us $200? then i must read up and see hot to go about it.. so we just buy the renew the insurance plus a 7k performance bond, and bring it down to do the home leave papers?

    How long does it take from the start to end of this process? my maid is leaving 20 Oct ( just booked her air ticket ) and i haven done anything.. gota start renewing the permit n get insurance...

    is the embassy helpful wf the whole thing?
  38. cel_cel

    cel_cel Active Member

    oh sorry,saw that u wrote its bout 90mins taken.. the contract for processing right, is it doneup by yourself or also in a form obtainable at the embassy?
  39. sankan

    sankan Member

    MAg- Sorry for the late reply. Couldnt locate the thread. Thank you for such a detailed reply. I also spoke to phillipines embassy people and since my helper is not yet 2 yrs in singapore i ve no choice but to go through an agent. She told me i can go to her directly once this contract is over even for renewal and the process is not so difficult she told me. And i feel its better to do it directly than to give so much money to agent. But right now i ve no choice.. LEts see what the future holds.

    My bad luck- now my maid wants to go back and does not want to come back to my house. I get a feeling from her body language and attitude these days that she thinks that i cant do without her and that Filipinos are in great demand now (she has told me that many times) so every day she comes up with new new demands. Haiyaa dont know what to do.. My only reason for wanting her is that she is very well settled, kids r really attached to her and u never know how a new one will be.. but she is taking all these as my weakness and that i cant do without her..
  40. mag_s

    mag_s New Member

    Hi Cel Cel,

    Well yes, there's savings of $ in the end. You have to renew her work permit first. I got mine renewed thru NTUC income paying alittle bit more and they will send courier to your house to pick up the forms and also courier the renewed work permit to you once its done. Takes about one week to renew the work permit, so you've to get the work permit done quickly.

    With renewed work permit, valid passport, purchase the 7K performance bond. You can purchse tog w NTUC when you renew the work permit, so don't have to go to them twice. The forms are available for download on Phil Embassy website.

    Then go to Phil Embassy with:
    1. New work permit (original &amp; 2 photocopies)
    2. Valid passport (original &amp; 2 photocopies)
    3. Contract (download fr Phil Embassy website - 2 sets, all pages must be signed by maid)
    4. Renewed medical insurance
    5. 7K Performance bond
    6. OWWA form (download fr Phil Embassy website)
    7. OFW information form (download fr Phil Em website)
    8. Air-ticket
    9. Employer's NRIC (1 photocopy)

    Once you get all these documents ready, then you go down to Phil Embassy.

    Well, helpful or not, its very packed and long queue so don't expect much help. You'll have to take 3 queue numbers, one for contract processing, one for OWWA and one for OEC. So it helps when you are prepared with the forms properly filled up. I just had to fill in one form there, half page, IA-BIG membership form, then pay $5.50 for the membership. This is done after OWWA. Well, at least the staff did direct me to the next counter properly.

    So, all the best!
  41. mag_s

    mag_s New Member

    Hi Sankan,

    Well, if your maid does not want to come back, then no point keeping her. My maid also bargained with me for salary to be increased with every Sunday off, which I did not agree to the terms. I had to negotiate with her, counsel her abit here and there. She needs the $ to send back home for her family. So in the end, she's willing to stay with us, with 2 sundays off and slight increase to her salary.

    But I guess, if her attitude starts changing to 'threatening' or demanding everyday, then its up to you whether you want to face such demands everyday. If its me, I will let her go. Tell her that its not easy for them to come back to Singapore too, cos many are not taking filipino maids now due to the policy change by their govt of the salary min requirement. So tell her, there's risk that she will not find an employer to come back to Singapore too. They also have to know the real fact too. Though its their market in the end, but I think resorting to emotional blackmail of employer is something I would not tolerate myself.

    People say "Keep the good maid, its tough to find one". But if the good maid has turned 'bad', then no point in keeping her already. So you'll have to make the judgement yourself.

  42. cel_cel

    cel_cel Active Member

    Mag - thanks for the valuable information! can i just ask, it states on the contract one off day per week? and minimum salary of $600 or US equiv of $400? wah, im worried my maid will read and then feel that im short changing her lei... im increasing her pay to $500 but am thinking if she will think it shld b $600 instead... and im only giving her one off day a month.. shucks... did ur maid ask u when she signed?
  43. mag_s

    mag_s New Member

    Hi Cel Cel,

    This $600 salary and every sunday off thing is just something that most employers and maid will just sign off without the contract being legally binding. As in, there is an understanding that this is not the 'official' contract terms that you'll be going by.

    My maid did ask for every sunday off, which I did not relent. In the end, we settled for 2 sundays off.

    As long as your maid and you have the understanding that its just a admin process and not the 'official' contract, that's more important.
  44. cel_cel

    cel_cel Active Member

    Hi MAg

    Thanks! Ya, i will print out the standard MOM contract and tell her that this is the one for Singapore. we dun hav to bring the maid along when we go to the embassy right?
  45. cel_cel

    cel_cel Active Member

    oh just saw that if the maid is less than 2 years, i will have to do another extra step to get agent to endorse it??? my maid's WP expires 23 Oct and her air ticket home is 20 Oct... shucks... now i dunno if i shld let agent do it or myself then...
  46. mag_s

    mag_s New Member

    Hi Cel Cel,

    If less than 2 yrs then have to let agent do it, its all part of generating $ for the agents lah.

    Why don't you postpone her trip back to after 23 Oct, after 2 yrs contract term with you? Then u can do it on ur own and don't have to waste $ paying agent.

    I planned it in such a way that her trip back is after I renew her WP. So maybe change her air ticket home to late Oct? You dont have to wait till WP expires then renew, you can renew it in early Oct. I think if you book the air ticket after the 2yrs contract term with you, then should not need the agent endorsing thing. But you just have to go thru e whole process of endorsing the contract by the Phil Embassy (as I've shared in the previous post).
  47. mag_s

    mag_s New Member

    Don't have to bring maid along with you when processing the home leave in Phil Embassy. Just make sure you have her sign on every page of the contract and all the relevant forms too.
  48. blactorn

    blactorn New Member

    Hi Mag,
    May I know how much do we have to pay to MOM for WP renewal? I know when we submit for renewal there's an admin fee of $10. What about after is approved? Do we have to pay for issuance etc? appreciate your sharing.

  49. mag_s

    mag_s New Member

    Hi Riveria,

    I'm not sure about the fees for WP renewal. I got NTUC to do this part for me. Just pay them alittle more and they will handle everything for you. Courier to pick up the documents from you and also once done, courier will also bring the documents back to you. All tog w the new insurance policy is about $370 (if I don't remember wrongly). The insurance I think is $340+, so I guess that additional bit of money buys convenience.

    But for the OEC or home leave, agents charge 300+ for the service. No way am I gonna pay them that kind of money.
  50. blactorn

    blactorn New Member

    hi mag, just saw that you had your maid WP renewed thru NTUC. I'm a little confused. u mean u went to phil embassy once with the same set of documents to request for home leave application and renewal of her WP?

    i'm in the situation where my maid is gg on home leave 1 mth before 2 yrs of service with us and her WP is expiring in 2 mths time. so am wondering can i renew her WP now and at the same time apply for her home leave at phil embassy.

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