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Advise and recommendation good piano teacher for 5yrs old

Discussion in 'Year 2016 Mums' started by kim_ong, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. kim_ong

    kim_ong Member


    Anyone ca help to give advise above ? Is JMC Yamaha good or private teacher ?

    Thank so much.


  2. Jesse1

    Jesse1 New Member

    If you are looking for a private teacher. You may want to check out www.sgmusiclessons.com.sg
    They have a list of music teachers with profiles and details on the qualifications and rates.
  3. Piano Mom My

    Piano Mom My New Member

    I personally think both are goods, depending on your kid :)
    According to my daughter's piano teacher, JMC Yamaha will improve kids' aural training - although some kids do just fine without going through JMC
    JMC is a group setting so in some sense, it will create competitiveness - maybe good maybe not depends on how you see it.

    If you immediately jump to a private teacher - like what I did because my daughter alrd 7 this year (too old to be in group setting I think).
    So far my daughter only has few lessons with the teacher and she likes it - so I think it's good at least she can have some skill set and something to do at home haha!
    and because my daughter likes it so much, my son wants to switch from violin to piano :'( help!
  4. blossombaby

    blossombaby New Member

    Hi! I am a private piano teacher. Giving birth in august though so not sure if you will be interested. I would say for 5 years old group lesson will be good as it creates interest and a little of peer pressure. If you are looking for one to one teacher, there is actually no difference between school and private teachers.
  5. AmberChong

    AmberChong New Member

    I'm looking for private piano teacher to teach my gals 7 and 6 this year. Can u please contact me at 96201377? Thanks
  6. pianoteacherwest

    pianoteacherwest New Member

    Hi , I'm a friendly and patience piano teacher teaching in the west CCK , near bukit panjang area.
    very experienced with children
    I teach at my studio with a GRAND PIANO and I do house calls too if time permits.
    check out my website www.stephanie-leemusic.com for more details on lessons with me.
  7. Sylvenewee

    Sylvenewee New Member

    Hi, I'm a full time female teacher, with more than 15 years experience. I have diploma ALCM in piano and theory, and currently taking violin grade 8. Teaching piano and theory from age 4 to adults, from beginner to ARSM. Teaching violin lessons too. I'm staying in Simei. Please contact me 91902010 if you are interested. Thanks
  8. Cassandra Jones

    Cassandra Jones New Member

    Hi there, for a good piano lesson teacher I'm highly recommending Adeline Yeo's piano studio in Cardiff Grove. Her music programs are really good, she really maximizes the time in every session which makes for faster progress. She does private lessons as well, and home teaching if you prefer to use your own piano. Piano lessons with Adeline helped my child improve in so many aspects that it truly is commendable how she teaches her students. No doubt Adeline is one of the best out there ;)

    This is her website

    Hope this helps! :)

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