Advices needed - bring BB overseas


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Can I any mummies out there how do you sterilise BB milk bottles and pacifier with the tablets when travelling overseas?
Soak everything together with tablets in hotel basin? Or do I have to bring along a "pail"?


Hi Cutie,

My baby is 1year old when I was travelling. I had to bring a pail and I made sure the hotel room has water kettle to boil water. I've got the pail from DAISO. 2 pails are big enough to sterilise 6 baby bottles. The pails were fit to my big luggage.

Anyway I also brought the water purification tablets to bath my baby.

I think is also depend which country that you will be travelling.

HOpe it helps.

I will be travelling end of march with my 15 month old son and hubby. I will not be bringing my steriliser along, but just use some hot water to rinse the bottle before feeding. I think PD advises that we can stop sterlising when baby turns 1 year old. Also can build up their resistence.
HI i stopped sterilising since my girl's on solids and maybe just use hot water to rinse thru just in far no problem.

we've been to bkk/hkg/mys
my bb is 3 months old when we went for travelling... i didnt bring any steriliser, only use hot water to rinse and sterilise it.
TMC nurses advised me to use hot water to rinse to sterilise when i enquired how to travel with infant .. hope tis helps

I know some pple bring portable steriliser along too - u may wana consider tat as well?
when my ger was 3 mths we brought her to bkk...

we just boil the mineral water and then pour into the bottle n kept the water in there til we need to use the bottles.. the teats were inverted n place into the bottle...

now my ger is 6mths... n we bringing her to bkk n tokyo this weekend..
I am also planning to bring my girl who is coming 3 months for a road trip to Malacca. Am planning to use hot water to sterilize the bottles instead.
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Ya, me going for road trip to msia too,planning to use hot water to rinse the bottle as bringing the steriliser is too bulky & troublesome..

We are bringing bb to Ozzie soon. He will be 8-mth old by then.

Question: Do u all bring diapers and milk powder over too? Or u will buy from there?

Milk powder may not be much of a problem coz he is on breastmilk and we just want to standby the FM.
Just came back from my roadtrip. Had used sterilizing tablets from Pigeon to sterilize the bottles in the hotel with a small pail.

Mrs Chua - You can bring sufficient diapers to last you until you get to the supermarket. At least its not so bulky.

As for milk powder, I would advice you to bring over as the country may not carry the type of milk powder your baby drinks. Better not take the risk!
hi Janet,

Hey! i just bot the Pigeon tablets recently. Does it smell medicinal? Heard that some may smell medicinal or of soap.

Hmm... Ok, I tink we will bring a tin of FM over.

Hi, I'm also bringing baby to HK next month. he'll be 8 months then. Any one has a checklist of baby items to bring for sharing?
Oh yes, best if we have a checklist too.

Planning to bring my bb to the PD before flying off to get the usual med.

A bit nervous though coz MIL and some said that bb is too young to travel and that he may get sick and that his lungs may not be fully developed yet to take the cold weather.

I hope that he will adapt well
At least I hope that my bb will love the cold weather coz he perspires easily...
Hi, I am bring my 2yrs old gal to Japan next week. During the briefing, I was told the temperature is going to be quite cold (4-5'C) at 1 of the place. We were asked to get ready winter stuffs for the trip. Does anybody has experience bring your young kid to winter climate? Can share with me what to be prepared for the young one. Any recommendation for good moisturizer for children? Thanks..
Pcee:u hv to prepare alot le....sweaters /down feather coats......and those stick on thermal stickers.....that cna be easily accesible in jpn those...ony jpn and hk....not other parts of teh world......mustela face cream is good....more economical would be vaseline jelly

HO yam chiew:genting also quite sweater and long sleeves is a must looooo
Hi Irene. It depends on the airlines. SQ charges 20% or something like that of the total adult fair but British airways charge almost full fare.
Infant below 24months pay infant airfare. The fare is usually calculated as a percentage of the adult fare + taxes. % depend on airlines.

Only infants below 2mth old travel free.
wow.. 2 months old can go travel? i have been discussing with my hubby to go somewhere with bb next month. Baby just turned 4 weeks today.

do you think bintan is safe? and also... with the current situation of H1N1, is it still safe to bring baby out?
I think the infant fare or free fare (for newborns) are for those who really need to travel. E.g the whole family actually stays in China cos papa working there. But mum is back to give birth so that baby is a singaporean. When confinement done, mum nad baby fly back to china.
bringing a small water boiler is the way to go. bring to a boil, pop all stuffs in.

PS don't forget the multi plug adapter =)