Advice pls: Fibroid 3cm+, do i need to remove?


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Hello, please share some advise and your experience.

When i was pregnant, my gynae discovered 2 fibroids, and one of them grew to about 8cm+, and blocked the exit for my baby, so needed to deliver by c-section. However it did not otherwise cause any harm to my baby.

Now, 3 months later, fibroid has shrunk to 3cm+ and the another one is at 1cm+ and my gynae says that i should remove it because if it grows at its position it may suddenly cause me not to be able to urinate. However, when i was pregnant it grew to 8cm+ and did not cause any problems for me at all.

I am skeptical to remove it, because i do not like unnecessary operation, and am afraid if i cut the area again, will it weaken my muscles and cause risk to my future babies?

Also, is it really necessary to remove it since it is not causing me any problems at all.

And, my gynae seems very rush and only interested in performing the operation to remove the fibriods and brush aside my questions and concerns...would you have any gynae to recommend me, to seek a second opinion?

I am staying in the west area, so a gynae in the west would be very good, if possible...

thank you! [IMG=]



Hi Renee, i also discovered a fibroid after i got pregnant. it was about 4cm, it never grew throughout the pregnancy, neither did it shrink after delivery in 2008.

My gynae has been checking on me every 6 mths and he said, if i do not have painful menses, i should leave it alone till i decide not to have any more babies. His comments were, if it doesnt hurt me, just leave it alone 1st coz any surgery will definitely affect the womb which might not be good if i want more kids.

By the way, i see Dr Adrian Woodworth at CCK. You can see him but be prepared to write down what u want to ask as he is a man of few words and talks really fast. [IMG=]



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do you want to try to go to private suite clinic at kkh? they have very experienced gynae who can help advise. but i would think if it is safe, then it should be removed. do not wanna risk complications (touch wood) later on.



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Hi Ammoks, thank you for the recommendation, may consider seeing Dr Adrian..but i heard he is a very 'rushed' gynae, is he the sort that will answer questions and address my concerns...



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Renee, i discovered multiple fibroids during my pregnancy. my gynae is Prof Biswas from NUH. You may consider him. he is a very detailed and careful gynae. i think every patient's case is different, so the advice given would be different too.



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I hate similar case as u, but mine is a desmoid cyst. I had 2, one on the left side which is 2.3cm and the right side is 7cm. i also discover it after i am pregnant. my gynae advise was to remove it as there are 2 possibilities that might endanger me, 1st is the cyst burst and i will have internal bleeding and 2nd the cyst twist which will cause me to have severe pain. So i took the risk and schedule to have them remove next wed 07 Apr 10.

I be operating at KK, think KK had quite specialist, maybe u can try them.



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gal.. it's better to seek for 2nd adv.. ive experience cramp and pain therefore i went to Dr Adrian side to do some checkup and he didn't manage to scan my fibroid and said the pain maybe due to stress.. and indeed he is a very 'rushed' gynae. And i heard that the scanning machine in Dr Adrain clinic are only 2G.. Finding Dr Adrian explaination are not clear and detail. so I seek my 2nd adv in mount eliz - Dr Sim .. which i'm shocked that i had my 4 fibriod in my womb..and was adv to remove it as it will grow bigger or shink and endanger the baby if i'm preganant & put pressure on my urine bladder. So i had my operation done last year but only remove 2 out of 4.. as the other 2 are very tiny seeds, unable to trace it and had it remove during operation..



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Hi, while trying to conceive, I discovered a fibroid sitting on one of my fallopian tubes which means I'm only left with one fallopian tube working, and conceiving happens only alternate months. I was told it doesn't cause any danger and unless I would like monthly chances of conceiving, then I should remove it. Anyway, I did conceive without removing the fibroid. Changed to another gynae and discovered I had another fibroid. In total I have 2 fibroids and I am currently 7 months pregnant. I understand that it is very common for women to have fibroids, but the fibroids should shrink during breastfeeding and it will disappear by themselves during menopause. Any fibroid less than 5cm can be left alone unless you feel discomfort and causing you problems.



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Hi Renee, my advice to you is when u deliver ur baby by c-sec, you can ask the doctor whether it is alright to remove at the same time or not. I had recovered my fibroid during my pregnancy too and doctor told me need need to c-sec when i was 36 weeks as it blocks my baby's head to move down, however, my doctor also remove my fibroid and cyst after he delivered my baby. I seeks advice from doctor han how chuan in kkh



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Hi Renee, my case was a bit different. For the last 5 years,I always get my papsmear done and followed by ultrasound to checked whether everything is fine. For the first 3 years the gynae found out there are 4 fibroids size 2 cm in my uterus that didn't blocked tube or cause discomfort to me hence she didn't recommend me to remove it. But during the 4 years of my yearly check-up and When I was ready to have a family, my gynae found out that one of the fibroid grew significantly from 2 cm to 5 cm thus she told me to remove it by mymectomy before I fall pregnant. She also mentioned that if I didn't remove it the chances for me to have a miscarriage was really high. Therefore I had decided to remove it the following month after my check-up. I am glad that I had removed it, when they performed the surgery they found that there are 13 fibroids instead of 4. Apparently the rest of the fibroid didn't get detected during the ultrasound due to the small size. Now I am 8 months pregnant without any complication, Thank God for that. My suggestion to you is seek your second opinion and if a must to remove it better doing it early while the fibroid still small size then u don't have to go thru major ops. they can perform keyhole surgery and it's halfday only. The recovery is also very fast.



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Renee> I happened to hear of a case from my ML whom is more towards treatment massage. She not only juz massage for post natal but oso such fibroids or smtg cases she had managed to help her own daughter remove. It happen to come out like menses kind. I was very surprised n was a bit skeptical at her words. But I believe there r many kinds of massage N many things really can happen even doctors can't 100% help lor.. hence it may really b true.

Anyway her service is juz $50 per session. 1hr or may go longer as she tends to make sure her client feel comfortable le den she leaves. N no harm trying call n ask her opinion as she'll be happy to answer ur query like a fren when she free lor [IMG=]

pm if if u dun mind trying. Anyway juz a massage and get to noe another fren.. No harm trying [IMG=]



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my fibroid grows from 2.8 to 5 within 2 yrs, causes no pain or inconvenience, but gynea adviced to remove it thr keyhole surgery before it grows bigger, cos by then need begine cut ( just like c-section) [IMG=] wondering wat to do cos i hate operation.... any advice mommies?



Hi, I am gng thru a tough decision period regd my fibroids. I have 4, biggest measuring 6cm. The rest is smaller than 3cm. I am trying to conceive and just had a a miscarriage. Doc advice to op out with a 15cm cut on my abdomen which will lead to c-sect next time when I am to deliver in any future pregnancy.Dun wish to go thru this op but then again worried it will affect my chances of conceiving.

Can anyone recommend any advice pls? Am thinking of taking the chance and try for a bb w/o removing the fibroids.

Thks. Really appreciate your help.



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a friend just had her fibroid removed via surgery, wonder if she needs to "do confinement" like eat confinement meals? Anything she has to take note? She felt naueous and was coughing after the surgery, ok?




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hi ladies, i m oso experiencing the same problem. during my pre-pregnancy check up. my gynae found a 3-4cm fibroid in near to the opening of my uterus and a 1/2cm cysts somewhere near there too. m wondering wats the next step too. does the fibroid pose as an area of concern to getting pregnant? need some advise here. thanks in advance.



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Hello all! I'm a mommy to a 6mths old baby boy n I too discovered a fibroid measuring 5x5cm when I was pregnant with my son. My gynae, Dr Heng at ParkwayEast, said it was absolutely fine except baby might be tiny cuz lack of space for him to grow. I din have any pains except towards the end of my 35/36 weeks when my son started fighting with his fibroid friend for space n when the fibroid started to degenerate when the side of my HUGE tummy started to ache. Sleep was elusive cuz it really hurt! N I had to keep massaging my son out of the fibroid corner as he was starting to disturb it. Anyways, I removed the fibroid at the same time as my son's delivery! I always wanted to deliver via c sect hence I got no issues there. My son was born in 15 mins n I was pushed put in 1 hour, n to add things off on a positive note: my c sect wound healed so well (kudos to my doc) that in some areas of the stitch, I no longer see or feel the scar. I believe u shud go for Gynae opinion on ur fibroids n get them sorted out. I was lucky as mine was in the womb n it was to the opp corner of where my son lodged on.

I got a pic of my fibroid when they removed it and it was huge! Hahah fist size! I joked tat I delivered another baby!



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Hi Ladies.

My gynae just discovered a 5cm fibroid yesterday and suggested that i should remove it. Btw, I already have 2 kids, not planning to have anymore kids.

Which type of operations should i go for? And how much does it cost? Need to be warded ?




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Hi my sis in law had a key hold surgery to remove fibroids at womb and believe she's suffering from endometrisis.It's probably due to hormone imbalance and she had this recurring problems..

Recently there's evidence of the cysts coming back even after 2 surgeries..

I wont advise her to go for a 3rd surgery again cos it's very harming to the womb and may affect her trying to conceive.

Wondering any mum to be or existing mum who had this similar problem and can share with me which tcm is good so i can recommend to her and the tcm can help her to diagnoise..

Really appreciate for yr kind advice and sharing of knowledge..



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I have the same experience, I was diagnosed that I have many fibroids ,8-9 small one , 1 big, size :2.5, not very big and no symptoms in 2007.

Now I am going to have a baby , but no result, after checkup, I have 3 big size (5.1, 4.3, 3,9) many small size ,definitely over 10.

Seeing doctor in SGH ,KKH, the last time is in SGH , doctor didn't ask me to do any checkup anymore, and decided to do surgery - open cut , not small keyhole. I am afraid ,worried, if it is correct, I haven't got a baby .



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Hi, recently discovered i have a 5.8cm submucosal fibroid. have sought 2 gynae opinions and both have advised myomectomy due to the position of the fibroid, as it wld be tough to get pregnant.. keyhole surgery has been recommended. i haven't had any symptoms from the fibroids so far.. perhaps heavier menstrual flow for first 2 days of my period.

wld like to avoid surgery if possible as I'm afraid of the implications of keyhole surgery on future pregnancies... altho both gynaes have said chances of pregnancy are higher with myomectomy..

wld greatly appreciate any advice from gals out here.. tks



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Hi Liz Zhou, jus to share with u my experience as I jz had op in Dec11. Similar to u, lot of white discharge, heavy menstrual, weak & giddy. Went to KK & found 3 big ( [email protected] & [email protected]) + a lot of small fibroid grow in my womb, only option given was surgery. Struggle, went to seek 2nd opinion & still advise to go for surgery as I m still young & no kids yet.



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At the end, I decided to op (open cut) to let my gynae remove all fibroid out, even the smallest. My gynae did explain if I choose keyhole, he can only remove those that he can, the smallest/ tiny fibroid might grow & I might hv to go bk to him for another surgery. The other worry is that stitches done thru keyhole are not as tight compare to stitches by hand & there r risk which womb may burst during pregnancy



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To avoid all these risks, I choose to go thru open cut op. Hospitalized for 2 days, and the operation was not as scary & painful as what I thought. Removed total 14 fibroids, recovery was fast & smooth, no complication, just follow what gynae said do & don't, eat healthy & relax.



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At 12 wks pregnant, e doc discovered that i hv a 9cm cyst. Coz of the size i was told to remove it via the belly button. However, 2 wks later when i go for my scan the cyst grew n its 10cm now. Am really worried bout the baby despite doc assurrance as nw doc suggest i do an open op n my whole right ovary will b removed. Anyone experience this before.......


Can someone recommend a gynae who does such surgery for fibroid at KKH or any other specialist who you find is good? Also, need to have your advice on what are the things that need to be taken note of before and after the surgery.

You could PM if you think it is no good to write it in public.

Hope to hear from you asap. Your help and advice are most appreciated!

Thank you very much!



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Hi everyone!
Last year, I have been diagnosed with 3.5cm fibroid, as I want to see my reproductive system ready for motherhood.. but my ob-gyne said that no operation is needed since it's too small and in a safe place that wouldn't affect the baby if ever I will be having one.. but after a year, it is 4cm now and another ob-gyne suggest a laparoscopic operation, because the fibroid will grow bigger as fast as the baby grows.. I'm scared of surgeries but I'm not sure if I will pushed through with the surgery or conceived first?
I would like to ask how much would it cost for a laparoscopic myomectomy surgery in KK? any idea?



Hi, had a laparoscopic surgery 10years ago before conceiving our 2nd son. Really small incisions and recovery is quicker too. There are 2 ways to look at this:

1) conceive first = fibroid can be taken out when you deliver if via C-section. Normal delivery will not work. However, on the downside, the fibroid might grow faster and cramping the space in yr tummy for yr baby's growth. This is due to the spike of hormones when we are pregnant.

2) surgery later = this will mean that you will have to wait even longer after delivery (if it is normal delivery) cos your body has just underwent a major trauma giving birth and you don't want to have it flooded a 2nd time with drugs.

We opted for surgery first mainly because we want to get the growth out of the way before starting on our 2nd child. Had to wait for a min 6 months before trying but it was worth it. Our 2nd son is now a bouncing happy 9 year old.

Had mine done in Parkway East tho and the costs was about $5k. I am sure KK will be a little lesser. You could check it online.

Discuss your options in depth with your gynae. He/She should be able to advise on costs too. Good luck.


Hi marierot,

when having baby, the fibroid also can grow bigger due to the homone changes.
I did laparoscopic at KKH in 2009 and stayed at A class. It costed about 10K.
hope this info helps


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thanks mkk it was a big help... you too angelkkk... I will be having my check-up on the first week of November and this will be the third opinion of a doctor, then I will decide if I will push through before I conceive or after I conceived...
At least, you calm my mind that I shouldn't rush with surgery...


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Hi hi ladies
I am in a dilemma whether to go for op too. I had fibroid after the birth of my first child. My gynae said it doesnt matter I can remove it after the birth of my second child. But I had a miscarriage. I seek another doc s opinion and he said having fibroid greatly increase the risk of mc. So I did my op. But it grew back again. This time round doc suggested I do an open cut. I wonder if I should cos an open cut sound scary to me. Sigh. But I hope to have another fibroid is 4cm big. Any advice ladies. I am taking tcm hoping to shrink it.


I also have 2 dermoids near my womb, one is 5cm on the left, 2 cm on the right. Doc cant confirm whether it is cancerous or not. Will only discuss later after my child born. Usually try not to go for open cut cos more painful & heal slower. If is laparascopic surgery will be better, open 3 small bean-sized holes & one slightly larger hole at the belly button to remove the fibroid or dermoid. After 2 days, can discharge, rest at home for 3 weeks. I just finished this operation for my gall bladder removal due to stone inside & causing inflammation. Luckily, baby is ok.


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Hihi ladies, hope those who went thru the fibroids surgery can reply. Wish to find out what’s the experience of removal of the fibroids? Able to share more details with me? Worried and seek your advice!
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