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Advice on sterilisation of breast pump

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by mama_lemon, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. mama_lemon

    mama_lemon Member

    Dear mummies, I would appreciate your advice on sterilisation of breast pump as I'm a first-time MTB who's totally clueless [​IMG]

    I'm thinking of bringing my own breast pump to the hospital for use after delivery, but that means that the pump would have to be sterilised before use. How do you sterilise your pump in the hospital - do you bring a steam steriliser as well?? Is it safe to sterilise the pump parts beforehand, and how long will the pump stay "sterile" if not used? Thanks!

  2. bb_ashleigh

    bb_ashleigh New Member

    actually there isnt much to be pump out after delivery. Milk only kicks in 3 to 5 days and during the first few days, there is only colustrum. By the time u need to pump, u r probably at home. Best is let baby latch on to u as often as u can in the hospital.
  3. mama_lemon

    mama_lemon Member

    Hi Ashleigh, thanks a lot for the advice - appreciated! [​IMG] Think I'll leave the breast pump at home then..

    By the way, does this mean that the breast pump must be used immediately after sterilisation? If we're going out with the breast pump, how long can we stay out with the sterilised pump before it's not considered hygenic to use?
  4. akachan04

    akachan04 Member

    HI! mama_lemon,

    I used to bring my pump to office via a ziplock bag after sterilisation. I think it is fine to hold it in a ziplock bag if you are going out with the breast pump.
  5. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    If you want to bring yr pump to hospital, you can get the nurse to sterilise for you. Or just bring a container which can takes high temp. The nurse will boil hot water and pour into the container.

    After sterilised, just keep the assembled pump in an airtight container or ziplock bag till your next use.
  6. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    hi mama_lemon,

    I didnt bring my pump along with me to the hospital. I tot I could always rent/borrow it form them.

    As it turns out, I didn't have the need for it. For the 3N that I was in the hospital, I only started learning how to breastfeed on the 2nd night.

    I didn't feel "full" at all coz like wat Ashleigh said, no much to pump out the first few days too.
  7. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    No need to bring pump to hospital. Let baby latch on directly as much as possible to get the milk flow going. The pump is never as good as baby's reflex sucking.

    The exception is if e.g. for any reason (touch wood), you are given non-baby safe medication or for any reason you cannot BF immediately, then you may want to pump to (i) get the milk flow stimulated and (ii) get release so that your breasts don't get engorged. But in such circumstance, you can either rent from the hospital or I'm sure your hubby can bring from home for you and the nurses will help sterilise.

    Stay happy !
  8. mama_lemon

    mama_lemon Member

    Hi mummies, thanks for the all helpful advice! [​IMG]
  9. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

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  10. blessedbride

    blessedbride New Member

    Hi Mommies out there,

    I have stopped Breastfeeding but still have a few unused packets of Breastmilk bags from Blueegg. Those that come with the ziplock function

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  11. i_lovegreeneumma

    i_lovegreeneumma New Member

    <font color="119911">hi bfg mummies..
    i have been using the hot bottled water to sterlizer my breastpump aft washing them using a lock &amp; lock container..then "soak" the breastpump till my next use, pour away the water &amp; assemble..

    alternative is to use sterlizing tablets..or sterlizing ziplock bags if ur company has a microwave oven..hth...</font> [​IMG]
  12. micky00

    micky00 Member

    Dear MTB,

    Remember to be diligent in pumping as it will increase your supply. I started off to have little milk and it was really depressing. But I was persistant and hardwork does pay off.
  13. antzapple

    antzapple New Member

    Hi Micky00 I couldnt agree more with you. In my first month, I only had 30ml of milk everytime i expressed as my baby does not like to latch--- my milk flow too slow... I diligently express n express every 2-3 hrs even wake up in the mid of the night. Thankfully in my 2nd mth, milk ss went up to about 180 ml per pump...

    So yes mummies pls dun give up! This is the best gift for ur babies..
  14. hazehaya

    hazehaya New Member

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