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Advice on Seng Kang Methodist Children Center

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by tzac, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. tzac

    tzac Active Member


    Any comments/feedback on this kindergarden?

    Thanks in advance

  2. ches_fel

    ches_fel New Member

    Hi tzac,

    I'm interested to know about it too. So did you register your child?

    Please advice. thanks
  3. tzac

    tzac Active Member

    Hi Dainel,

    Yup, registered my kid liao....

    wat abt yourself?

    No response so far on this thread :-(
  4. naliem

    naliem New Member

    Hi tzac. I have responded to you on this in another thread - I think 2006 babies.
  5. tzac

    tzac Active Member

    Hi Meilan

    Thanks for your response but will you be able to give me the url as I am not able to find it :-(

    Thanks a lot :)
  6. hightea

    hightea New Member


    My boy is currently in this school. He is now in K2. He has been there since nursery. What would you like to know about this school?
  7. tzac

    tzac Active Member

    hi hightea,

    how do you find the sch? how are the teachers and program?

    Thanks for your feedback.
  8. hightea

    hightea New Member

    Hi tzac,

    I find the sch ok and teachers are ok.

    As for the program, this school focuses on learning by experience. Parents are encouraged to allow their children to participate on their school field trip activity. Be prepared that your kid would be going for field trips almost every month after he or she settled down after the first 1 or 2 months in school year.

    My son enjoys the school trips very much and this is something I am glad that this school does so regularly to excite learning in him. But do take note that every field trip would reqire some additional fees to be paid.

    There is also a once a week bible story session which my son enjoys very much and excitingly looking forward to it every week.

    For K1 onwards, children can also opt for a once a week paid computer lesson at the school. Since my son enjoys it tremendously, I have enrolled him on this program for the past 2 years.

    Of course, there will also be the usual academic stuffs which most schools will have. So kids will be expected to do the usual writing, counting, drawing and reading in school. Regular weekly home work are also given out. The principal/teacher will inform you at the beginning of the year through communication book or newsletter about the theme or work for the term as well as the homework schedule. Regular communication will be via the same mode as above.
  9. tzac

    tzac Active Member

    Hi hightea,

    thanks for the details. It makes me feel more comfortable in putting my daughter there...Hope she will enjoy herself in school :)
  10. sk123

    sk123 New Member


    Just to share with u my experience with SKMCC - principal.
    1) i requested them to include the location of the field trip, she ask me what is my concern, i told her i need to know where my kid is going. the place they going is not zoo or sentosa where most singaporeans know where. anyway, had argument with her. shouldn't we parents has a right to know the exact location ?

    2) they like to add charges to school fees, they will tell u for ease of adminstration, we will add $$ to next round school fees giro. they just assume we agree to pay for it. I question her, she told me it's just a couple of dollar, that's the only support they're asking from the parents. but they didn't ask, they just think it's reasonable and parents will agree.

    I find she is not professional & ethical.

    Does it mean that our kid is in their hand, got to agree with whatever they say ?!
  11. tzac

    tzac Active Member

    hi sk123,

    the principal sounds unfriendly...I will agree w you that we as parents have the right to know where the school is bringing the kids. I will think that the school should be obliged to tell the parents too. Is that a basic???

    Oh no....it makes me wonder whether it is a gd idea to put my dd in the school now...

    is your kid still in that sch?
  12. bernwong

    bernwong Member

    <font color="0000ff">hi all, my gal will also start nursery at this school next year. hope that our kids will enjoy there!</font>
  13. big2teeth

    big2teeth New Member

    Chance upon this thread. I am also considering to put my DD there...
    Now i am worried...mayb should source for another nursery meanwhile. How about St Anne's church? Any comments?
  14. sk123

    sk123 New Member

    will withdraw her when i find a new school for her.

    not too sure abt st anne's church.

    my colleague's kids went to a church school in the west, one field trip to zoo costs $35. she ask for breakdown, the principal say every parent is paying for that. so meaning ? u can't afford ?

    today newspaper on churches & temples auditing, i really don feel secure with any again.
  15. sk123

    sk123 New Member

    i'm not trying to stop anyone from going to this school, it's really very individual.

    i'm just sharing my experience and please do not attempt to talk to them on this as my kid is still there.

    well, if she could have talk to me in a friendlier & polite manner, i may still be able to forget it.
  16. naliem

    naliem New Member

    A word of fairness here from my personal experience. I had my share of unhappiness abt SKMCC too (abt too many off days, certain seemingly enforced charges etc) but each time, after speaking to the principal, we were more appeased as her attitude (at least to me or hubby) was always good. She might be defensive in some areas and we do not always come back convinced with her reasoning but we do come back with the feeling that she listens and takes note of our feedback and concerns.

    In fact, she was one of the reasons why I enrolled my child there without knowing anything abt the sch. During my visit there, I observed that she was very committed towards the kid eg personally serving them during meal times which I later found out that she has put as one of her priorities to interact with them individually.

    So if you are thinking of enrolling your child there, you should ask to speak to her to get a feel of what she's like. In fact, I always try to speak to the principal whenever I check out a pre-school.
  17. tzac

    tzac Active Member


    Well, agree with sk that it is individual. I will be enrolling my kid in the nursery next year. I think she will be in the morning session. hopefully it will be interesting and fun for her to attend the school.

    Are there any parents interested to meet up to let the kids to know each other before school starts next year? My dd is attending the morning session :) Thought that this will be a good start to let the kids be familiar with each other and hopefully will be easier for them to start school.

    i do not have any plan yet as to what to do so any suggestions are welcome.
  18. bernwong

    bernwong Member

    <font color="0000ff">hi tzac, does ur dd enjoy the Nursery class? My gal is enjoying herself very much. Everyday looking forward to go to sch. [​IMG]</font>
  19. tzac

    tzac Active Member

    hi bernice,

    yup, she is enjoying herself and looking forward to school too. Me so :)

    Any idea is there a time-table for the nursery classes?
  20. bernwong

    bernwong Member

    <font color="0000ff">I have no idea abt the time table and also not very sure what they have for tea break. Sometimes my gal told me she had rice, noodle, milo or barley...</font>
  21. cafren

    cafren New Member

    Planning to send my kid there. but ... ...
  22. kwalamama

    kwalamama Member

    Just saw this thread...hope it is still "alive"

    my son is there since nursery and now he is K2 liao..
  23. naliem

    naliem New Member

    Hi kwala. My son is also in K2 2nd session. How about yours? He loves SKMCC sooooooo much I feel a bit sad that he will be leaving for P1 soon. Mrs Tan jokingly told him the other day that too bad they didn't have K3 [​IMG]

    I strongly recommend this kindergarten to parents who are not too academically-driven but can relax enough to allow their children to enjoy 3 years of fun at preschool. Having said that, it's not as if they don't learn enough. Just that it's not the KS type of kindergarten. Would you agree, kwala?
  24. kwalamama

    kwalamama Member

    Hi Meilan,

    Good to hear that your son enjoy school.

    my son is in the morning session and was just informed that his teacher-in-charge is leaving by end of this mth. A bit upset that there is a change of teacher at this pt in time. Left only abt 3 mths before they graduated and I am not sure the new teacher will be able to understand the children's character and progress fast enough

    Just not too happy abt them having the computer lesson during school hours cos we have to pay extra for the computer lesson and those children who are not joining will have playtime. I know of other kindergartens have extra lesson after school hours. I didn't let my son attend the computer lesson cos i understand that 2 children share one computer and then effectively it is only 1/2 hr per lesson per child and cost $100 per term on top of their high school fee.....
  25. naliem

    naliem New Member

    Ya, I was just informed about this too. So our sons are under the same teacher, different session. I liked this teacher as she's of much higher quality than most preschool teachers. I'm also disappointed that she chose to leave at this time but then again, with preschool teachers' pay being so miserable even when some of them have good qualifications, we can't expect them to work based on passion alone.

    My son told me the replacement teacher had been shadowing the form teacher and he had thought she was an assistant teacher. The saving grace is that she is an existing teacher the kids do know her.

    You are a brave one to let your boy skip the computer class. I didn't want mine to feel left out cos I know almost everyone is taking it. I was unhappy with the extra fees as well but it is something my boy looks forward to, so I just continue paying. Also, I realised that some kindy may have so-called free computer programme but this is done by their own teachers and not an outside vendor. So there are only 2-3 computers and each class breaks into groups and takes turns to use them over a week or something. So the experience is very different from having a session where everyone learns together on the computer.
  26. littlemssexy

    littlemssexy New Member

  27. kwalamama

    kwalamama Member

    wow. your son is very observant. After reading your msg then I ask my son and he says there is one lady who sit in as well but he forgot the name.

    My son told me there are abt 9 kids who didn't go for the computer lesson... they will play together or do some drawing... in fact, I think they teach v little on Fridays.

    do u send your son to school? I pick him up after school ..see if we are lucky to meet and say hi..

    btw, which primary school are u sending your son to?
  28. naliem

    naliem New Member

    My son takes the sch bus so I seldom go to the sch unless I attend parenting talks. If I happen to go pick him up next time I will PM you to meet [​IMG]

    Ya, he loves Fridays cos he told me they don't do work and just play. Like I said, this kind of kindergarten may not suit everyone but for my son who loves a lot of play and little work, it's a perfect match! I don't know where to find a pri sch like that for him. I have not really zoomed in on any target also and since I am not in any priority phase, I will wait and see. What about you?
  29. tzac

    tzac Active Member

    hi all

    glad to knw this thread is still 'alive'. my gal is in k1 n enjoying herself very much. may i knw which k2 teacher is leaving? is it the long-haired lady?

    i do noticed that there have been frequent changes of teachers but guess there's nothing that can be done since pay must be pretty low for them. So it is understandable for the teachers to leave when there is better opportunity elsewhere..
  30. kwalamama

    kwalamama Member


    Yes. we were informed that it is the long-hair teacher who is leaving...

    Was just inform that there is 1 case of H1N1 in K2 so K2 students &amp; teacher can't go to school for 1 week!! Wonder what to do with my kid at home now...
  31. tzac

    tzac Active Member

    Hi kwala,

    oh no! your kid is in am or pm session? tis is making me worried....
  32. tzac

    tzac Active Member

    sorry kwala, saw earlier posts so my qn is redundant....
  33. princess_audrey

    princess_audrey New Member

    I've 2 kids in skmcc now. next year, all 3 will be in skmcc. Nursery-Girl, k1-Girl and k2-Boy.
    The school fees, misc fees etc for 3 kids are hefty to me.
    I am looking for hands me down...English Readers, Chinese Readers as well as uniform for my kids.
    Anyone out there is willing to donate these to us?
  34. princess_audrey

    princess_audrey New Member

    My boy is in K1, Hope 2. My girl is in Nursery, Love 2. Any of your kids happen to be in the same class?
  35. tidalstorm

    tidalstorm Member

    Hello audrey,

    my boy is in Love 2 next year--nursery!
    U got 2 kids there already, could u pls advise me what is like over there, the curriculum , teachers etc..... U could PM me if u dun mind cos u dun accept PM. Thank u!
  36. kwalamama

    kwalamama Member

    Any mummy want old skmcc uniform.

    I got boy size 28 and 30.

    PM me if interested.
  37. mrsgan

    mrsgan New Member

    Any idea if this school takes in slow development child??
  38. snowlah

    snowlah New Member

    I think it will depend on the principal. From what I know, there are some very hyperactive kids in some classes, in which the parents will have to accompany the kids on certain days/activities.
  39. snowlah

    snowlah New Member

  40. snowlah

    snowlah New Member

  41. starriness

    starriness Member

    This sounds ridiculous!
  42. stephz

    stephz Member

    I had withdrawn our chidlren from this school. I regretted not listening to sk123's advice even though I saw her post above.

    There have been many complaints against the school to the Board of directors and even MOE, but MOE says the Principal is under the charge of the church and so there's nothing they can do.

    Be prepared for contingency of having to withdraw your child midway and forgo the deposits (which they made you to sign to agree during registration - which can only be offset in the 4th term of school fee and will be forfeited if to withdraw child from school.

    I really hope mine will be the last, although I wonder how much the situation will improve as there have already been many many cases (before ours) that had been brought to the attention of the church.

    Having to withdraw a child can be disruptive, causing undue stress to the family as well as the child.

    Btw, the sweater incident above is true.
  43. moorspa7

    moorspa7 Member

    My child is not studying in this school but in another church kindergarten. I also hv a bad experience with the principal, n my child is still studying there as I don't want to disrupt her schooling routine now..

    I agree that not every parent will hv a bad experience with the school, and even if they do, it may not be shared in the forum. After reading the postings here, I don't hv a gd impression of church kindergartens, unless there are a lot of raving reviews on the schools.

    Viewed the above link, the principal is really unreasonable.
  44. cleo_88

    cleo_88 New Member

    hi Stephz,
    Would you mind sharing what happened to make you withdraw your children from this school?
  45. stephz

    stephz Member

    Like moorspa, I did not want to disrupt my children schooling routine (as we have been overseas for the past few years). So even tho I have been shouted at numerous times, I have been enduring for the sake of my kids, never shouted back at her.

    After speaking to their sch director, it seemed that the principal is the type who bears grudges.

    It's funny right, I didn't do anything to her. I just keep quiet when she called me "paranoid" last time. It was also undue for when she called me once to complain to me that my kid was eating very slowly the kaya bread and then said my child was "anti-social".

    We found out that my girl was told to finish the bread which she doesn't like the kaya on it. Isn't this normal respond that children will eat very slowly when they don't like something and yet you want them to finish it up? This also doesn't allow her to label my child like that.

    The above is just 1 eg. and the list is endless (we did not make any issue over them, except suffering in silence). Despite that, we still continue to let them stay there until the end of the year (due to a numerous reasons, the main is to avoid any more disruption to my children until next year).

    But alas, this principal can't seem to wait to kick my children out. When I made a clarification with the teacher on an issue (this is my first with the teacher and also never had any intention to go up to her level), I realised that she had been eavesdropping on the phone conversation between the teacher and myself.

    Then using this opportunity of us having differing views, she told us to withdraw our children from the school. We felt that even if our views differ, there's no necessity to withdraw our children, right?

    So we did try to email her to talk to her amicably and yet she can't even be bothered to reply the email too.

    It's very clear to us and so finally withdraw our children. I know that I should have done that long ago. But sadly I was blinded, as having the mentality that a Christian school can't be that bad, but now I realised it's the worst to have gone through.

    I am not strong in my faith in Christ, the reason I sent them to a Christian school is to expose them to a Christian environment. Yet it was very bad that we had to face this kind of treatment from a place which I thought I could truly entrust my children in good care.

    When I called up MOE for enquires, I did not even disclose which Christian school I'm referring to. Surprisingly, the Officer can tell right away which school I'm referring to, as there were already many precedent cases before mine.

    So mummies, if you have any issue before with any school, do share with the rest of the mummies here, so that we can make informed choices in future without having to go through the ordeal ourselves.
  46. moorspa7

    moorspa7 Member


    Oh mine, the principal is really nasty to resort to asking you to withdraw yr kids from the school. She sure does bear grudges, I am really glad to read the postings here cos I put my son in the waiting list for this school. However,1 bad experience in church kindergarten is enough for me, and I changed my mind (before reading this thread) to put him in this school, should there be a vacancy. Thanks to all the mummies who hv shared their experiences in this thread on this school.
  47. stephz

    stephz Member

    Moor spa, initially I thot I'm the only one facing Issues with the sch, I'm surprised that many parents whom we have acquainted with, also face issues with the school, but similarly have been suffering in silence for the sake of their kids who are still studying there. It would be troublesome and disruptive to transfer to another school. Partly it is due to the deposit which can only be utilized on term 4 (will have to forego if withdraw before that).

    Anyway, I've moved on. My initial concern was my children, but I'm glad that they do not miss the school at all. I used to be puzzled why my child is scared to bring sweater to school and I realized why now after knowing that another child is also afraid of bringing sweater to school. The bus auntie also told parents that the principal doesn't like it. Maybe the situation has improved after I highlighted the issue to the school director. But wonder even if the top allows, the ground can still make the child feels otherwise and will still not dare to wear sweater. Just my thot.

    My husband and I do not want to have any more dealing with the school nor church. Even though they still make us pay for the books (just a few thin books and costs us around $140), we rather pay for it thru registered post than to go down to the school even tho it's so near our house.

    For parents who have bad experience in this school, take heart, dun need to bother or fret over this school, it's no loss when you've withdrawn. Rather it's a blessing that our children dun have to live under fear or being labelled unnecessary anymore. Just like mine, i'm sure you can see that our children are happier now.

    Have a nice day, everyone.
  48. mycutey

    mycutey New Member

    Hi stephz,

    CAre to share where ur kids are studying now? U said they are happier also....
  49. stephz

    stephz Member

    Cherrie, I was initially quite worried how my kids felt to be out of school suddenly. I'm glad that my kids can tell me happily that they don't miss the school at all.

    I'm not surprised with their answers. Once they were on an excursion to Science Centre, my girl was disappointed that she didn't get the opportunity to read about the exhibits (being curious as it's their 1st time there), but was forbidden because a lot of the time, they had to pose for photo-taking.

    So we brought them there again on our own in that same afternoon. My kids had a fun time exploring the things at the Science Centre which they couldn't when with the school.

    The school did not disclose that they will be in the outdoor Ecogarden most of the time, so it's not hard to see how they don't want the kids to bring their caps along.

    Currently, I am hometeaching my kids at the moment. We had recently returned from an oversea trip to Australia. Actualy, I'm glad too that they were out of this school. I would want my kids to be in an environment where they are allowed to explore their curiosity and nurture their passion for learning.
  50. mycutey

    mycutey New Member

    Hi stephz,

    Did u feedback this to the school also? It seems like this kindergarten is only interested in 'surface job' like showing photos meant ' yeah the kids are there etc...'. Sounds like a horrible sch!!!! But not under MOE Control...makes me wonder how other church kindergartens are doing also.

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