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Advice on Learning Kidz at Serangoon Central

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by mummygl, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. mummygl

    mummygl New Member

    Dear all mummies,

    Has anyone tried Learning Kidz at Serangoon Central?

    Am thinking of putting my baby with them. Need advice urgently.

    Many thanks.

  2. sherrychua_lp

    sherrychua_lp New Member

    Hi, I am looking for opinions on where to put my cousins for student care and tuition too. viewed the jiaying website, but still sourcing for more opinions. hoping to get the best from comparisons. I have heard much about little professors. has anyone? apparently they provide both student care and tuition and are run by NUS professors. sounds very reliable. anyone w experience? pls help. i have two cousins. one staying in east area, one in west.

    sorry gracelin, latched on to your post.

    i went to check out learning Kidz though. website looks alright, but there's only one it seems. maybe one with more branches would be better. your child may not be studying around the serangoon area, and that would not be convenient if you are looking at student care as well. how old is your baby?
  3. mummygl

    mummygl New Member

    hi sherry,

    i will due in May.
    there isn't any infant care centre nearby boon keng. learning kidz seems the nearest.

    anyway now considering nanny to look after my baby boy. still looking around. *headache*

    thanks. [​IMG]
  4. hazel_mum

    hazel_mum New Member

    my daughter 4 years old is with Learning Kidz now but she is at the heartland mall branch.

    I think her school is ok, i dont have any complaints
  5. ojx

    ojx Member


    my son was with learning kidz serangoon central about 1 & half years ago. He went in at 24 mths and joint the pre-nursery class. He was there for barely 3 mths as he often fell sick so had to pull him out and look for other childcare alternatives. Think it's because the whole place is air-conditioned so the germs just keeps circulating. Will get this problem wherever you go with full air-conditioning. The teachers there are quite alright though, not sure about the teachers now.
  6. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

    Dear mothers or mothers-to-be, if you are looking for an experienced nanny, feel free to contact my mom by sending me a personal message.

    My mom has a lot of experience taking care of children as well as newborn. willing to take care for day and night.
  7. errorbaby

    errorbaby Member

    Hi Hui Li,
    Wanted to PM you but you have set your user profile to rejecting PM. Do contact me at ddnikz@hotmail.com about nanny care.

  8. 26erithink

    26erithink Member

    grace! trying to contact you about your eventual decision. I was wondering whether you used Learning Kidz and how you found it?
  9. mummygl

    mummygl New Member

    hi angel. sorry for the late reply.
    i did not use Learning Kidz.
    my FIL taking care of my baby.
  10. clary_choo

    clary_choo New Member

    learning kidz actually has one more center at heartland mall =) level 4 =)
  11. 26erithink

    26erithink Member

    lol. thanks grace. we seem to be communicating in 5 month blocks!
  12. rainibowbunny

    rainibowbunny New Member

    hi I am new here. wanted to put my 4 yrs old son at learning kidz,,, any comment abt tis school?
  13. lavmum

    lavmum Member

    Hi amy, have you put your child in learning kidz already? ANy comment? I am thinking of enrolling my 2 years old girl in learning kidz at Hougang Green. Total Brand New Centre.
  14. loveangel

    loveangel New Member


    There's a Learning Kidz at AMK Hub and i'm considering letting my son attend the playgroup there starting from Jan 2011.

    Any comments?
  15. jleemm

    jleemm New Member

    Hi Chermaine,
    I am keen to send my daughter at the Kovan branch, could you share more ?

    Thank you.
  16. rainibowbunny

    rainibowbunny New Member

    hi , I have put my son into learning kidz at hougang green recenty. everytin seem to be ok.
    my son love to go school every day..
  17. lavmum

    lavmum Member

    Hi amy, I put my gal in Hougang Green Branch too. Which class your boy is in? Mine is in PG.
  18. rainibowbunny

    rainibowbunny New Member

    mine is in nursey nw wat is your girl name? my son is call royston... check with you ,how many piece you buy for uniform?
  19. lavmum

    lavmum Member

    my girl is Rayna Lai.. Wore spec. 2 sets Polo, 2 sets T-shirt.
  20. rainibowbunny

    rainibowbunny New Member

    ya, I also think soo... so how you find this school?
  21. lavmum

    lavmum Member

    so far so good. U? Are u joining the sports Carnival on 18 June?
  22. rainibowbunny

    rainibowbunny New Member

    ya ,I also think so... you mean your gal PG is 7am to 7 pm also? I cant decide becos I am working on sat also..
  23. rainibowbunny

    rainibowbunny New Member

    hi everybody join their june excision for kid farm or movie ?
  24. blissedsher

    blissedsher Member

    Hi, can anyone give some comments on how is the skool and your kid doing there?
  25. lukeymommy

    lukeymommy New Member

    Hi Lavonne, I saw your girl. My boy Luke in playgroup 2, next class. We gg to the sports carnival.

    Hi Shermmaine, my boy in for 3 days liao, so far so good. Place is new, clean n floor are dry. As this playgroup he is in are mostly end may to begining June intake, still adapting. A few crying. As of today they are much better.
  26. blissedsher

    blissedsher Member

    how about kovan branch any one any comments?
  27. mimic

    mimic Member

    I dont have positive comments about this school. Very disappointing.
  28. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Heard that the kovan one is not bad... anyone has reviews?

    Mimi, how is the sch disappointing? can share?
  29. sharonchow21

    sharonchow21 New Member

    By the way, I just called the Learning Kidz at Serangoon Central and they are no longer offer infant care service since last year.

    Does anybody got any infant care centre to recommend near Serangoon Central area?
  30. Missykiwi

    Missykiwi New Member

    Hi, any reviews on learning kidz at kovan?

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