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Advice on Dr Khong Chit Chong - KKH

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by jewelchia, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. jewelchia

    jewelchia New Member


    This is my first pregency and when I called the hospital for appt, the nurse intro me Dr Khong Chit Chong as my gynae. Would like to hear more review on him.


  2. fanie

    fanie New Member

    I heard from my cousin that he is very experienced but hmm.. not very patient from her experience.
  3. noelle90

    noelle90 Member

    I'm currently seeing him, He is a very fast pace person. But afterall he is still a very nice gynae, very experience. He was my mum gynae too, who helped her to deliver me. Ad it was like 20 plus years ago. He will only answer the questions when you asked him or sometimes if is a very impt thing he wanna tell you then he will say 1 or 2 more sentence. He doesn't talk very much too.
  4. jewelchia

    jewelchia New Member

    Thanks for sharing. Yup met him last month really a person who don't talk much.
  5. noelle90

    noelle90 Member

    Yup, but he is a very experience doc [​IMG]
  6. mytulips

    mytulips Member

    He was my gynae too...he is quiet but will and whatever qn u ask....very quick consultation....but I think it's becoz everything is in ok status...
  7. agar2

    agar2 Member

    hi all, are you ladies under private or public rates for consultation by CC Khong?
  8. jaclyntai

    jaclyntai New Member

    My Sis went to him but I didn't quite like his style. His style is the quiet type. Doesn't offer alot of info unless you ask.
  9. seachelle

    seachelle New Member

    Very nice doc.... Fast consultation with some jokes at times. I went under public rate when I deliver my #1 even though my monthly check up is under CC khong privae rate. He did visit me before my delivery even I didn't chose to follow him through out. Nw hving my #2 I will still be going back to him. He predicted that he will see me soon next yr... hahhahaha!!!
  10. gb28

    gb28 New Member

    He was my gynae for both my pregnancy. He is good, experience and to me he has showed me patient and from time to time words of encouragement.
  11. jt_junior

    jt_junior Active Member

    i was under the subsidice rate as i have been ttc for more than 1yr. my appt was early in the morning.. waiting time for him wasnt too long.. but in went in n sat less than 5mins n i was told to leave.. i was quite stunt.. he onli asked abt my medical history and that's it!!! i told him my last mense was Nov 2012 and he din ask further den ask me to go n make appt to see him in 6 weeks time.. n hubby to send his sperm to test.. n say there's nth he can do since i do not haf my menses..

    while i was making the nxt appt, his nurse came to me and ask me to come n do a blood test when im in D2 of my mense.. i was quite pissed.. i have waited for 2 mths and it din come.. and how long more do i have to wait for the next mense to come? what if it just doesnt come for next 1mth?? den she went back to the doctor and came out with prescription for me to take 5days pill for mense to come..

    i was kinda disappointed with such a senior consultant.. zzz...
  12. cleodux

    cleodux Member

    The KK also introduce me to him when my husband called for IUI procedure, apparently to go kkivf you must be suggested by the doctor in KK i think. Pay private rate also.

    Everything is very fast. I don't mind. I mean what do i expect from structured hospital. But i still paid private that's why quite pissed also.

    I have this unexplained infertility, and he asked me to do bt i think checking the hormone, sa for hb, and when all turn out negative, i did the laparoscopy by him. Nothing. do HSG, nothing and last the transvaginal ultrasound with saline water (Sonohysterography)

    I did all that, and he said nothing everytime i meet him lol until i ask. He never even say how much my husband sperm or the motility rate. Its very fast, i usually blank out everytime i meet him also cause it is very rush.

    he wants to put me on clomid which i denied, cause no effect to me. Then after that finally refer me for SO-IUI at kkivf. I am scheduled to see him again sometime in this month. But i think i will pass lol.

    I am currently on 2ww, and if i didn't get pregnant will continue with 2nd cycle of so-iui, if i got pregnant, will went back to my old gynae.
  13. jt_junior

    jt_junior Active Member

    yeap.. the doctor also told me everything normal.. and even my husband's test also ok. he asked me to try again for 6mths again. well, the thing is i already tried for so long thats why look for help. And he didnt give any solution too. go back and see him 6mths later.

    lucky thing is i am in my 5th week now [​IMG] and going back to my own gynae.. seriously, the hospital is only wasting my $ for all the test, time and unprofessional advices..
  14. cleodux

    cleodux Member

    T_T he doesnt even suggest you for iui? I am currently 8 weeks along and I go to dr kenneth for check up. Dr khong clinic in ang mo kio called me on my appointment day but I ignored the call lol.
  15. jt_junior

    jt_junior Active Member

    what's iui?? he said try for another 6mths if dun have.. then i have to decide whether i wanna do a scope into my womb n see if there's any blockage which cost $6k+ if operate by him. if under subsidy rate will be $2k+ which i think is so not necessary.
  16. cleodux

    cleodux Member

    Iui is intrauterine insemination. So your hubby sperm will be directly put on your womb using fine tube. Yeah hr ask me to do the surgery also private rate. We are desperate and willing to spend money to ruled out everything. The laparoscopy surgery including small biopsy checking if you have cyst and the state of your womb. After that still got hsg and ultravaginal scans using the saline water to rule out the tube blockage.

    I really need so iui so I did the while thing lol. I nearly spend 10k or maybe more to get this iui baby. I dont regret it. It just I wish I went to poly to get refferal so I can get subsidy rate lol.
  17. clarine

    clarine New Member

    I just given birth early this year and Dr Khong was my gynae. Yup he is not a man with lots of words, waited him for half hour or more but see him is only 5 mins however he is quite experience. It would be better to prepare a list of questions to ask him than waiting for him to ask you lol. In fact I find KK nurses are quite experience as during my labour they are the one who "delivered" for me as I cant wait and Dr Khong was attending to other patient. If I were to pregnant again sure chose KK again.
  18. tingshen

    tingshen New Member

    KK is the largest specialized woman & children hospital, in general, it's the safest option. If you have any complication, other hospital will still have to transfer you to KK because others simply have no scale to handle special cases....
  19. jiqi

    jiqi New Member

    I recently went to see this doctor and the first thing I noticed was a strong body odour smell that immediately put me off. Everything is very rush and also his responses are short and he just seems very irritated. I thought a senior consultant would offer for more deeper explanations based on his experience but I got very unhelpful answers. He also made the examination very rush and uncomfortable. Everything was done in 5 mins. I had to go back to kkh and another gynae who is less experience had better hands and provided more answers and was more willing to listen to my concerns.
  20. jiqi

    jiqi New Member

    Older gynae who seems tired and he had very strong sour body odour which immediately put me off. Rough hands and low emotional quality. Definitely not someone I would want to examine me again.
  21. samaira_mom

    samaira_mom Member

    He was my gynae too and trust me he is a man if few words .. Only answers if we ask something.. No advice nothing he gave... On top during my due date went in vacation.. Well it was a blessing in disguise as I got assigned to dr june tan who is much more friendly and nice and warm person.. Will not prefer dr cc Khong again from my experience !!!
  22. LizyBibi

    LizyBibi New Member

    Hi Ladies

    I called KKH for a doctor to help me on my pregnency and was given Dr Khong as my doctor.
    My husband and I wasn't comfortable with him.

    During my first visit, I told him I was not able to get pregnant after several tries.
    He suggested that I go for blood test and ultrasound, and my husband went for blood test and semen analysis.
    When result was out, he told us that there is nothing wrong with my husband sperm and they are healthy.
    Appointment was given to me for fibroid surgery.

    On my first visit after surgery, stapler was removed and wound was cleaned.
    He didn’t say much, just mention about IVF which I was feeling too tired to ask more. And so I left the clinic.
    On my second visit, he suddenly told my husband that his sperm count is low which he said everything was good in the first place!
    And suggested that he need to go thru some sort of treatment (which I can’t understand the medical term).
    The treatment cost an estimate of $400 plus.
    While we are thinking, he suggest that my husband went for another round of blood test and semen analysis.

    This whole unnecessary process cost us a lot.
    I mean he should inform us earlier if my husband sperm count is low in the first place.
    From the beginning, we though that we can just go straight for IFV after my surgery.

    Any ladies out there have switch gynae half way of consultation?
  23. shirleytsf

    shirleytsf New Member

    Hi everyone
    KKH also assigned me to Dr Khong when I called for my first appt. From all ur feedbacks, he does not seem to b a very nice doc. So now wondering if I shld change. But the appt is next week n I am scared will have to change appt if I change the doc now. So I'm in a dilemma.
    Maybe I shld go n see him first n if I dun really like then I can change doc?
    Any help or advise is appreciated.
    Thanks. - Shirley
  24. shirleytsf

    shirleytsf New Member

    I read from other threads in the forum that Dr Benjamin seems nice n good. Any recommendations in case I really need to change?
    I prefer at KKH as this is my 3rd one n my first 2 were at KKH.

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