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Advice on BERRIES

Discussion in 'Year 2006 Mums' started by dtj, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. dtj

    dtj Member

    Dear all

    I am thinking of sending my boy to Berries N1 level to build up on his Mandarin as we are an English-speaking family (my boy has peranakan roots) hence it is english all the way for him even at grandparents' home ! I need to set a solid Mandarin foundation in him before he gets "terrified" of this language.

    Can anyone who has sent their kids to Berries share with me their experiences? Is it good? Worth trying?

    Anyone else who can recommend good CHINESE ENRICHMENT class for my boy?

    Thanks v much !

  2. happysupermum

    happysupermum Member

    Hi I sent my N1 son to Berries. He has attended for 5 lessons. For each lesson, they will emphasise on 2 words. They will sing songs and do activities to reinforce the two words. The child will bring back flashcards for these 2 words. They also bring back a booklet containing simple questions that requires the child to answer in 1 simple sentence containing these 2 words.

    So far, I find the lessons are interesting and my son enjoys them.
  3. honeymum

    honeymum Member

    hi happysupermum,

    can share which berries ur attending? how much are the fees? is N1 = 3 years old?

  4. happysupermum

    happysupermum Member

    Hi My son goes to the one at Bukit Batok CC. Fees is abt $359 for 1 term. Yes, He is 3 years plus. Next year N2.
  5. motheragain

    motheragain Member

    Hi happysupermum,
    I am thinking of putting my daughter in the bukit batok one. Is it crowded? What do you think of the teachers? My older daughter is not strong in the language, I thought maybe I will give the 2nd one some early exposure since she doesn't attend N1. The school that she is going starts at N2.
  6. happysupermum

    happysupermum Member

    The class is usually full for weekends. For N2, the class ratio is either 12 or 15. Cannot really remember. But they have 2 teachers in the class.

    So far, I'm ok with the teachers. I find they are generally rather patient.
  7. freshpoison77

    freshpoison77 New Member

    Glad to find this thread. I'm really worried for my boy's Mandarin cos he seems to prefer English. I'm also considering between Berries and Tien Hsia. Anyone knows which is better? My boy will be turning 3 this Oct, will it be too early to enrol him?
  8. sophia_rebekah

    sophia_rebekah New Member

    I've not heard or been to Tien Hsia... I just enrolled my boy at Berries 3 weeks back and I'm totally impressed!!! This is because at home, we are mainly "Channel 5" all the way...and after the first lesson, he could recognize simple words and he's confident in saying the words. By 3rd lesson, when the weather is windy, he'll tell me, "Mummy, feng lai le" and when it starts to rain, he'll go ,"Xia Yu Le"...

    Is your boy attending playgroup or pre-nursery now?
  9. christinayeo

    christinayeo Member

    Ever since enrolling my kids in Berries last year, they both have improved a lot in reading & communicating.

    They have introduce a fun way of learning Mandarin and my kids always look forward to their weekend classes.
  10. yinnie

    yinnie New Member

    Hallo i am prob gonna enrol my boy in Berries. my nephews attended it n enjoy it. The older one used to go to Tien Hsia n he didn't enjoy it as much. More academic.

    Berries is more fun and the students learn thru play, which i feel is important for kids who already don't like mandarin or are weak in it!

    My friend sends her kid to one centre near Bugis fu lu shou. It's supp to be v gd, with long waitlist. But its kind of inconvenient n i don't really like the location.
  11. tobebride

    tobebride New Member


    May I know name of the centre at Bugis fu lu shou?
  12. yinnie

    yinnie New Member

    Hi it's jiang something. jiang education i think.
  13. yinnie

    yinnie New Member

    Hi poohger, did u manage to find it? Checked with my friend. It's correct, Jiang education centre.

    149, Rochor Road Fu Lu Shou Complex
    Tel 63372048 / 63375476
  14. mamatammy

    mamatammy New Member

    i understand from friends that berries are better for nursery level and for k2 onwards, better to go to tien hsia. anyone has done the switch when your kids are older,please share comments. how are berries more fun? thanks
  15. anoi

    anoi New Member

    My son is with Berries. So far so good. He is able to recognize many chinese chracters. He will be K1 next year.
  16. starriness

    starriness Member

    At what age should we send our little ones to berries?
  17. goodgal

    goodgal Active Member


    Anyone has preowned berries storybooks or textbooks to let go?
    Please pm me
  18. goodgal

    goodgal Active Member


    i have berries materials to exchange for tien hsia materials,if interested,please pm me,many thanks
  19. mumofamelia

    mumofamelia Member


    I am looking for preowned berries storybooks and workbooks. If anyone willing to let go, pls pm me.

  20. goodgal

    goodgal Active Member


    I am looking for k2 preowned berries storybooks and workbooks and readers. If anyone willing to let go, pls pm me.

    Thanks so much!
  21. leehz

    leehz New Member

    I'm looking for K1 berries materials. Pls pm me if you have any to let go.
  22. banque_suez

    banque_suez Member

    looking to buy K1 & K2 berries workbook and readers ... not fussy about condition

  23. dorisphang

    dorisphang Member

    Preowned K1 and K2 Berries readers (total 8 copies) to let go. Good condition.

    Kindly PM. Thanks.

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