Advice on Baby's Kingdom VS Baby's Hyperstore


Hi, I understand these 2 shopping areas sell baby items at reasonable prices and are located just side by side. Can I have some feedback from anyone who had been to both places such as how good is their service, knowledge of products, where has cheaper stuff? I'm in my 3rd trimester & cant shop too long. I'm also afraid I'll get too overwhelmed with all the items staring at me, asking me to buy them!


Hi momosan,

Personelly I think I prefer Baby Kingdom as it is more organised and the staff are more friendly.

I went to both the places last Sat and in my opinion I think baby kingdom has more things loh

the strollers in baby hyperstore are on top shelves so if want to see must ask the staff to bring down for troublesome whereas in baby kingdom, it is within reach so you can see the 'features' of the strollers clearer.

actually you can go both the places there are few stores apart only..
Hi momosan
congrats and good luck with your delivery...
since you are in your 3rd trimester... probably want to take care and not get too tired.. shopping can be tiring...

try to plan what you want to buy and check the features online... and then go get them at the stores. Use the time there to clarify doubts rather than slowly browse, cos the options are too many.

Baby Kingdom and Baby Hyperstore carry different brands of strollers - more Graco, Capella and Combi at Kingdom and Quinny, McClaren, Brittax, Peg Prego at Hyperstore.
Ozzie.. baby kingdom and bb hypermart dun have website to see their products wor... so cannot pre-select online and then go there and get...

btw.. you know of any stalls selling bb products and items and have website that can view their products.. eg. kidzloft... so far only know of kidzloft leh.. seems like no other stalls... dun like those online selling which needs shipping... any recommedations?
Hi all,

thanks for your feedbacks so far. I only saw a website - momsinmind that featured some stuff but range is limited.

I'm also weighing the pros and cons of going down to kaki bukit cos I stay at Bt batok. Both me & hubby dont drive/own a car so we are deciding if its worth it to go down to get baby stuff (transport & travelling time)

Now that i know both places carry different brands, I can do more research before deciding if wanna make a trip down.
momosan... me too stay in woodlands.. no car also... i think the only pros going there is that they got free delivery if your purchases exceed $150 bah... and buy from outside stores have to self carry lor... other then that think prices almost quite the same, items cheap in this store is ex in that store and vis versa lor... wondering if is better to write a checklist of the items we are going to buy.. then see which store sells the cheapest in total... haha
Ya, ya... got to budget very carefully to prepare for baby's arrival, must weigh pros & cons, time & money...

i think my hubby's more worried that i'll get carried away if i head down to kaki bukit & end up getting stuff we dont need...hehe
hi mummies,

my suggestion, u can chk out wat u wan 2 buy, then call up d 2 stores 2 chk out d prices 1st. if it's worth it, then u can go down 2 c or order thru d phone. a fren of mine did tt. saves her a lot of walking.
Hi mummies, do u know if they will allow u to bargain at these 2 stores BK and BH or not? or is the price fixed?

I heard BK the attitude of some sales pple not v good.
dawn.. if you call them mainly to check on product prices.. dun think they are "willing" to provide such info over fone... unless you show interest in purchasing.... also not very nice just to call and ask how much they selling for this and that mah...

i think not bargainable leh.. cos already got 15% discount liao rite.... but then i heard not every items are cheap there.. some can be more expensive then the same item selling outside, or during sales... anybody got commets on this?
Hi mummies,
there's a place i like to introduce which the price is better then Baby Kingdom and Hyperstore. It is call Baby's Boutique Address: Blk 821 Tampines St 81 #01-218 Singapore 520821 Tel: 67864556
Hi kspl,
There's no website to check. I have just went to the shop 2 Sundays ago. It is near Temasek Polytechnic. The lady boss is very nice and frenly unlike Baby Hyperstore, those sales person dun really wanna assist u. And there's no price tag on their products and when u ask them why there's no price tag? They will tel you "oh some are discount items so we didn't put price tag on them."

Anyone can tell me the add of baby hyperstore and baby kingdom?

They are located side by side?

Hi Jas

Baby's Kingdom:
83, Kaki Bukit Avenue 1, #01-00, Shun Li Industrial Park, Singapore 417954

Baby hyperstore is just a few doors away.

If you drive there, there will be a carpark attendant signalling you to park at their reserved lots. I went there when it was raining, they even came with umbrellas to our car to bring us to shop. Quite impressive

Take note though, both shops have wide selections but not everything is cheaper than other places.
Hi onenah,

Thanks for the info.

Wa.. Such good service ah..

Yah.. Someone mentioned before that if there is no sale at other places then these both shops would be cheaper.

So i've to survey the prices outside first beofre i go there..
I had exactly the opposite of service from you gals..

I went Hyperstore and Kingdom some time back and was treated to one of the best customer service I could get from one of the staff at Hyperstore.

She serve us with lots of patience and no complaints..went in and out to show us the strollers and car seats. Even when we went off and say we'll go Kingdom to check things out, she still smile and hand us her namecard, ask us to contact her if we need any info or queries.

When we went over to Kingdom, the staff there were quite pushy..and price is not exactly cheap.
Exact same stroller cost $20 more than retail (major shopping centre) and no discount some more. Staff die die don't want to less but keep asking us to buy. After a few queries, the staff took out the receipt book and wanted to write down our "purchase" although we say we'll browse ard some more. When we went up to 2nd level, no staff attend to us all the way.

Straight away, we went back to Hyperstore and place deposit for one of the stroller. Best part is stroller came with discount and anytime we don't want the stroller, we can exchange for any other stuff..

i dun see the need for you to post aprisin website now and then..this thread is for hyperstore and kingdom discussion..

if u're someone related or promoting them..we really dun need it here..
i'm not trying to promote anything, this is just an alternative. i really regrets posting it in this n the other thread.
Didnt like either stores.
Unless you are just getting strollers and cot, no point gng all the way to kaki bukit.
Other baby stuff are not very cheap - still a little higher than offer prices at departmental stores. An example would be the bathing tub.

Cos I am living in the west. So find the trip a waste of petrol.
If you're looking for stroller and car seats, its best to wait for Robinsons or JL sales, as their sale prices are usually cheaper than Baby Hypermart or Baby Kingdom, since they get their stock from these 2 places.
I agree, with Kiddy Palace 20% sale for member, no need to go Baby Kingdom. Went there today (I live in CCK) and waste petrol only to find things are either the same price or more expensive than Kiddy Palace or John Little sale. (bought Pigeon cooler to store EBM)
But I must admit that they have good personalized service in B. Kingdom.

Dun like B.Hyperstore, staff unfriendly
been to both stores 2x over 2 months and wasn't impressed with the service level from both stores. Baby Kingdom's staff aren't the friendliest & they're very pushy and staff at Baby Hypermart were only concerned with their own conversations as compared to serving customers. Pricing wasn't fantastic as well.

Price wise, I thought Baby Ave offered better pricing and service was a notch better as well. that's my 2 cents worth of experience as we're still searching for a good deal for the stroller & car seat that we've set our heart on. I hope this helps
I just visited both stores last Tuesday and was not impressed. I mentally noted down some items and their prices I want to get and tried to compare with those sold here, but in the end, the price is the same. The staff was also not very helpful.
In the end I went to MotherCare and bought the items coz I got the MotherCare card and this gives me 10% discount.
I personally find Hyperstore service & prices better than baby kingdom. Service at Hyperstore is alrite, and they have some nice discounts esp on older models. Service at baby kingdom is really lousy and they prices arent that great. Was quoted that a certain car seat was "heavily discounted"...the problem is...the discounted price they quoted was the same as the non-discounted price in mothercare!
hi miracletanner, u can go to their url at not trying to promote them cos I've not bought anything from them yet, just found that they happen to have better pricing and service compared to the 2 main subjects here. just my opinion
I'd like to share my story with you guys, Three months ago I was expecting my first baby so my hubby and I where very much excited about it. We started shopping for our babies supply.
We first went to the shopping malls but we were advice by a friend to see Baby Kingdom in Kaki Bukit, When I went to their store at first I had a smooth conversation with the sales staff but on the long run she was very pushy and was like forcing me to buy something on the spot. So I felt bad and decided to leave the store.
Fortunately on the same place I saw this store "Baby Hyperstore" we went up to there show room they have a very nice sales staff there, very knowledgeable in the items they sell and the materials being used, the plus and minus and of course they were very helpful!
They also provide 1 yr warranty for maclaren, peg perego & maxi cosi products u can go to them anytime and beyond that, they will still provide service (at a cost but lower $$$$) even the warranty is over and LIFETIME clips / buckles REPLACEMENT (i mean of cos we might not face tis problem often but we will never know when we will). I got all these infos from there staff. Huh!
Just last week I went back again to Baby Hyperstore to accompany my friend who's on due next month and find the same treatment and experience I had on my first time there. And one more thing they are offering big discounts than before.
Hi all. I have a $479 store credit with Baby's Kingdom because we ordered a white baby cot with spring mattress which we now no longer need since a friend has kindly lent us her baby's cot. If you're thinking of buying anything at Baby's Kingdom, I can sell my store credit for $450 so you immediately save $30. Let me know if interested.
Hi everyone,

I recommend getting baby stuff like cot, stroller and car seat from Baby Avenue, the sister store of Baby's Hyperstore. I prefer it because the wares there are better organized and displayed, less crowded and therefore the staff have more time to attend to us. When we went to Baby Avenue on a Saturday afternoon, there were very few customers and a staff member was with us all the time, answering our questions and demonstrating how to use the products.

In the end, we bought a cot, a car seat, as well as a Medela package there. The package includes a Mini Electric breastpump, a box of disposable breast pads (30 pieces), and a box of 150ml breastmilk storage bottles (3 pieces). The usual price is $238 for these 3 items, but Baby Avenue is selling them as a set for $168, and you don't have to be a member to buy at the discounted price. This is the cheapest deal for Medela Mini Electric Breastpump I'd seen so far after visitng various baby stores such as Baby's Hyperstore, Baby Kingdom, Kiddy Palace, Cheong Choon, Mums & Babes, and baby fair/sale at Taka, Metro, John Little, Isetan and Robinsons, so naturally I grabbed one straight away.

I am generally satisfied with the service and quality of goods at Baby Avenue, the staff there are much more attentive and informative than those of Baby's Hyperstore and Baby Kingdom. Price wise, I paid $30 to become their member so as to enjoy members' discount and free delivery, hence I spent $288 on an Inglesina car seat (usual price $338) and $298 on the Vanille cot with free mattress and 9-piece bedding set (usual price $358). I saw the same cot with mattress and bedding set selling at $369 in Tangs and John Little, so I guess the $30 I paid for membership was quite worthwhile then.

Baby Avenue
Tel: 6253 6678
Hi All,Here is something you need to check out. Baby's Hyperstore will be having their warehouse sales this weekend it will be from 10am til' 12midnight.. they offering big discounts on all international brands... Hope this info helps.
i jsut went to hypermart and kingdom yesterday.. my honest opinions, not worth going. The prices of the items we saw were comparable to departmental stores leh..
I agree with most of you here, Baby Hypermart offers the better service and cheaper (than retail outlet) prices. Baby Kingdom have pushy sales people and prices that are similar to retail outlet's or more expensive.
Hi Mums,

We just went to Hypermart and Kingdom on 20th December 08. The service was excellent at Hypermart. This guy named Khim served us and provided us with lots of info on baby prams and safety car seat (brands like maxi cosi, peg perego, quincy and macclaren). These items were going at 15 - 25% discount. However, still relatively expensive. So we went over to Baby Kingdom and shopped for some baby supplies (like clothes, accessories, inspirational posters). The staff was generally less attentive but answered our queries when needed. Then we decided to look for some prams and this auntie named Doris seemed uninterested to our queries. Until we were quite certain to buy and then she offered to give us better discount. The attitude was 180 degrees change. She even offered to tell us different models and gave suggestions to us. She also let us try to put the pram (capella) into the car boot. We asked for a good baby car seat and she recommended cosmo to us. This car seat can accommodate infants from newborn to 4 years old. We decided to buy on the spot after her sweet persuasion. She said "auntie help u, then later go and eat". Overall, the prices were much cheaper and affordable than Hypermart. It was a good experience visiting these warehouse shops. Hope this helps mums and mums-to-be.

A & B
Last year Nov I went to Kingdom to buy Britax Carseat, a guy serve us, we haven't decide want to buy and he lead us to counter to pay money and called another guy to take out the stock, I want to tell him off but my hubby said nevermind since we also need a car seat!End up, I found that the I bought more expensive than other shop.Won't go back again anymore.
basically hypermart is the supplier of items from brands like Maclaren, Quinny, Inglesina, Cybex, Perego, GElite to other retailers like Spring and departmental stores. prices won't differ much 'cos they match the promo prices usually (or throw in free stroller assessories). that's what i found out after comparing at several stores.

baby kingdom sells different brands from all over.

if you are interested in shopping by brands, hypermart has the complete stock info and they can provide servicing (eg. like bringing your car back to the official dealer)

examples of where to go (by stroller brand)
- Aprisin (Tagore Lane) > Graco, Nuna, Aprica
- Tai Sing (North Bridge Road) > Combi
- Taime (Chai Chee industrial) > Lucky Baby, Chicco, Bebe Confort

had quite some fun looking around for a second stroller after child outgrew the first one so i thought i'd share the above info

Anyone have the telephone number of the Graco warehouse at Tagore Lane?

I placed an order for this Graco Playpen Model 9E00ANB one month ago but they haven't called me back yet. Thanks!
their after service is sucks (mind my language)
i bought my cot, changing station and some bedding there 2 years ago (cant remember which 1 though). their service then was very good, not pushy and friendly..they assured me that can always call them if need any help hence i bought those items

when i went back many months later to check on the bath tub stopper and casually commented that the bed sheet they sold me is not cotton, they raise their voice and said that i cant even tell which is cotton and which is not.they thought i wanted a refund or exchange and insist that i cant since i have already use (of course i know and not planning cos i have washed them)

and then early this year i called them for advice on changing my cot to toddler bed, they were very rude and kept on asking if i really buy from them. and they purposely sell the nuts and bolt separatly(we did ask before buying if we need any extra stuff when changing to toddler bed)
anyway just be careful when you are buying form them...
basically, i find bb kingdom staff on 1st lvl pushy, 2nd lvl staff dun help unless u ask them, then it's "over thr" (finger talk only).

bb hyperstore, we bought a bb car seat frm them 2 wks before their anniversary sale. when i lodged complaint dat they were selling the same car seat at half the price during the anniversary sale (i stingy mah), they offered a foc leather car seat protector. so, felt like they value their customers. hb & me were happy.

bb avenue, haven't tried before cos fren mentioned the stuff there are more ex (?)
I personally prefer Baby Kingdom as they do offer strollers / car seat on 1st level and its like kiddy palace on 2nd floor selling detergent, soaps, toys etc.

Baby Kingdom do have a website of their own. This is where I check on their products online before heading down to make purchase.

BB hyperstore sells high end stuff.. So if you want pretty furnitures that goes along with your dream baby room and budget is not a problem with you, go to hyperstore, you won't be disappointed.

Both have good service in my opinion. I bought 2 cots from baby kingdom 2yrs and 1yrs ago. Called recently to ask if I can purchase any re-assembly service for them as I don't know how to assemble back the cots after taking them apart, they were quite helpful and said that they provide the service without asking me if the cots are bought from them though.