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Advice Needed - When To Stop Baby Wearing Mittens

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by lanichua, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    At what age did you stop your baby from wearing mittens? I heard that it's advisable to stop around 6-8 weeks old. Any comments?

  2. cody

    cody New Member

    i continued letting my son wear them up till 3mths, mainly becos he always scratches himself.

    but at around 3mths, i noticed that he kept grabbing things, so i took them off to let him "exercise"

    sometimes at night, esp in air con, i put them on again to keep him warm. but make sure your mittens are the big and loose type so that their movements are not constrained.

    its really up to you when you want to take them off.
  3. weddingfairy

    weddingfairy New Member

    hi lani,
    i stopped letting my son wear mittens/bottees the moment he turned 1mth old. i was told tat it affect his motor skills development.
  4. jwork

    jwork Member

    i attended the antenatal class at tmc and the structor said wear for 6 weeks at least, that includes receiving blanket.
  5. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    in fact, this depend on individual... my son is turning 6th mth, when he zzz he loves to rub his eyes or sratch his forehead... so mitten is to prevent him fr sratching. the rest of the days, i dun wear mittens for him.
  6. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    I stopped letting Chloe wear mittens when she was about 6 weeks old. Her hands were very smelly because of the sweat. For Jerome I never put mittens on him, I just made sure that his finger nails were kept short, so we had no problems.
  7. shantan

    shantan New Member

    Hi Lani,

    Me too. I did not let my baby wear mittens since birth. Like what tamarind says, just keep the finger nail short.
    I watched a documentary saying that the baby 'see' thru hand for the first few month as they cannot see thru eyes properly yet. This will also stimulate their brain and they will be more keen to know about the environment in later part of their life.
  8. kelly_koh

    kelly_koh New Member

    Hi Lani,

    When I brought my girl for her jabs when she was young about 1+ month, the doc told me to stop letting her wear and to keep her nails short. Cos by that time, bb needs to start developing their motor skills and their sense of touch. By keeping the mittens on, they can't feel anything except the cloth.
  9. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    My 2 kids only wore mittens for 1 month, after which I took them off so that their fingers can stretch out. I cut their nails more often so that they don't scratch themselves.
  10. smiley

    smiley New Member

    My girl also wore it for the first month only. Even though nails are kept short, sometime still there are scratches but very minor ones. Recover in two three days.

    The development of sense of touch is important. So please put those mittens away after the first month. You will see your baby starts feeling, touching, and grabbing things around in no time.
  11. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    If the baby wears mittens for too long, chances are he/she will have no space to stretch their little fingers. Keep their little feet warm with bootees, that's more impt. Occasionally check if the feet is warm/sweaty.
  12. ah_cat

    ah_cat New Member

    I stopped my gal from wearing mittens on her 2nd week cos she simply dun like it! Thus, I pay extra attention on her nails & trim them as often as possible so she dun scratch her face badly.
  13. jwork

    jwork Member

    my girl coming to 1 mth. when should i start trimming her finger and toe nails? her finger nails are long! and how do i go about doing it? her fingers are so small, i scare i will hurt her if she struggle.....
  14. wendyl

    wendyl Member

    hi gals,

    hw about at nite when bb sleep in air con rm?
    also don't need to wear mittens?
  15. ah_cat

    ah_cat New Member

    Hi mybabydream,
    Do u have the baby nail scissor? Then trim her nails when she's asleep.

    Hi Pol,
    I never put mittens when my baby is asleep. Just make sure no direct air-con, make baby wear long sleeve shirt & cover with a warm blanket.
  16. mashybrainz

    mashybrainz New Member

    Hi mybabydream

    Mrs Wong from TMC advised to start by having 2 persons cut the nails. ie. 1 to hold the baby down. The other to cut.

    Mittens can only be worn till 6 weeks, if not it will obstruct your bb's development.
  17. jwork

    jwork Member

    cat tail: i bought this baby nail clipper from tollyjoy...
  18. jwork

    jwork Member

    mashy brainz: mrs wong said huh?! i din remember leh,,,
  19. mum05

    mum05 Active Member

    u can buy the bb nail scissors from any brand to cut yr bb's nails. It is sometimes easier to cut their nails when they're asleep but not all the times so. U hv to try and see which way suits you and yr bb best.

    I let my bb wear mittens till she's ard 3mths odd...as I read that That's roughly the time they'll start to 'explore' with their hands.
  20. twink_twink

    twink_twink New Member

    wonder if this tread is still active.. roughly how many mittens and booties did u all get for ur baby?
    was thinking if they are wearing it everyday, wont we have to wash them often?
  21. mumbb

    mumbb New Member

    hi chloe,

    i tink i hav abt 10 pair of mittens n booties for my bb...... normally i wash every 2 to 3days, compile together w/ bb clothes.
  22. twink_twink

    twink_twink New Member

    thks!! then i'll get about 10 pairs..
  23. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Chloe,

    I have only 4 pairs of each - mittens/bootees. She only wore mittens for 1 mth as her little hand was perspiring. But she wore booties longer as my mum said her feet should be kept warm.
  24. lingling82

    lingling82 New Member

    My DD is now 2months old and I'm giving up the mittens in the day time. But she got a very very bad habit.. Whenever she's fedup or wat she likes to scratch her face! I cut her fingernails until short short already but still feels sharp? Why ah? Must we file the nails?? Now her face alot of red lines [​IMG]
  25. galleria

    galleria Member

    Hi lingling82,

    My ds also like to scratch his face until alot red lines and he don like to put on mittens even when he is newborn....Babies nails tend to grow very fast maybe u just feel after cutting her nails, maybe u miss out the sides so it feels sharp and she always scratch herself
  26. superbabymama

    superbabymama New Member

    my son also used to scratch his face. But i only put the mittens till he was like 3 weeks...coz he kept pulling them off...somehow. I put on socks on his hands instead..till like 2 months..when he figured how to pull them out too. After that..i gave up. Let him scratch. After some time...he stopped scratching. I tink its becoz he hated my mum applying cream on his face..than the socks.
  27. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member


    Try cutting his nails twice a week. If the weather is warm, it can be uncomfortable to wear mittens.
  28. superbabymama

    superbabymama New Member

    hi janet,

    Thanks. hehe
    1st baby, din dare to cut his nails. [​IMG] And old wives tale is that cannot cut till baby is above 1 mth old. Anyway...my baby is a tod liao. 18 mths already.
  29. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Audrey,
    I know it's quite scary to cut the nails esp if first baby. But my girl had sweaty hands. That's why I took off her mittens after she turned 1 month old. The PD also advised to let her stretch her little fingers
  30. kikii_esther

    kikii_esther New Member

    Dear all,

    My baby is coming 3 mths but still wearing mittens becos he always stratch his face even though nails are short & leaves marks.
    Besides, i'm now in Shanghai & its winter time now.Is it alrite to wear mittens cos i thot without mittens, his hands will be cold.Thanks.
  31. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Yiori,
    Mittens may be quite small for 3 months old. Try to get little gloves for him. Besides, mittens may be too thin for winter.
  32. stephenniris

    stephenniris New Member

    HI All,

    Anyone can help me..
    My baby is now 3 months old, she likes to suck her fingers and fist whenever I removed her mittens. Any ways to stop or prevent her from licking or sucking her fingers and fist. I tried giving her pacifier to suck but sometimes she will just throw off the pacificer from her mouth, sometimes even with the pacifier in her mouth, she will still wants to suck and lick her fist. Any advise on this.
  33. galleria

    galleria Member

    hi stephenniris,

    my baby is also have this problem of putting his hand or fingers into the mouth to suck... he also does not want pacificer... I just let him suck cause he will do anything to suck his fingers if not he start grabbing things and put into his mouth...
  34. stephenniris

    stephenniris New Member

    Hi galleria,
    Thanks for your advise. Right now whenever she is at home with me, I will removed her mittens and let her air her little fingers, and then when she sucked till her whole cheek and chin are fully of her saliva i can still clean it off for her, or else rashes will start to appear around her mouth area. But currently she is in the infant care centre, so I am not sure if those nanny there will do the same or not. [​IMG]
    Btw, how old is your son now? [​IMG]
  35. jumbo

    jumbo Member

    hi ladies, need advise here.. my baby boy's already 3.5 months liao.. but he doesn't wanna live without his mitten.. i tried to remove the mittens from him but he cried and he cant sleep without them.. he wanna grab the mitten to sleep.. sometime found his hand sweat with palm and remove the mitten.. but he refuse.. how huh?? how am i going to make him quit his mitten?
  36. munchkukie

    munchkukie New Member

    after bathing, dun put on the mittens for him?
  37. jumbo

    jumbo Member

    but he will still search for it when come to bed time leh.. how huh??
  38. munchkukie

    munchkukie New Member

    rock/pat him lor..he will forget it in a few days...
  39. jumbo

    jumbo Member

    will try to..

    thanks munchkukie [​IMG]
  40. stephz

    stephz Member

    My own experience on cutting bb's fingernail.

    When my bb is awake, I had difficulty cutting her nail. But when she is sound asleep, wow, no problem and you can take your own sweet time to cut them.

    Usually I don't cut until very very short (just make sure it is not long to scratch their face will do), I just keep a lookout everytime I check her hands, when the nails are long, then I will cut. Troublesome cos may have to cut often, but for someone like me who is afraid to accidentally cut her finger, this is good.
  41. jumbo

    jumbo Member

    stephz, i cut bb's nails when he's asleep too.. got problem cutting his nails when he's awake.. but i think he has the habit of gripping the mitten to sleep..
  42. ims

    ims New Member

    when yr baby stop scratching herself u can stop wearing the mittens. i remove mine when baby about 6M
  43. sunset

    sunset New Member

    i removed it when bb when 1+ month..cos heard ppl says tat bb need to "exercise" their fingers hehe
  44. jesschiok

    jesschiok Member

    my boi is cming to 2m old, i jus try to remove his mittens...kekeke to let him exercise his fingers too...but stil put on botties lah =p
  45. spicegalklsl

    spicegalklsl Active Member

    My gal wear mittens during the 1st mth..after tat i trim her nails and only put on mittens for her at night cos we sleep in aircon room...
  46. naughty

    naughty New Member

    hi chloe,
    i bought many pairs of mittens and botties. changed them twice a day, aftre bath in the morning and wipe in the evening. coz my baby likes to put them in her mouth and they gets damp and smelly very easily.

    i had to trim my baby's nails every 2 days, they grow so quickly. i used baby scissors though coz i find them easier to manipulate than baby nail clippers.

    my baby already 2.5 months and still wearing mittens and botties... coz she scratches herself and last sat, before i get to put on clean mittens on her, she scratched her right eye and left a scar, sigh....
  47. papa_mama

    papa_mama New Member

    my bb is 2mths nw..i tried removing the mittens after 6 weeks..but she would stick the whole fist into her mouth and start brushin all saliva on her face..now full of rashes..[​IMG]

    btw wen ur dun wear mittens for them..dun their little fingers feel icy cold..esp in shopping mallls?
  48. stephenniris

    stephenniris New Member

    hi Pa&Ma,
    My gal now is already 14 mths old. I faced the same problems as your too when I stopped putting on mittens for her when she was 3 mths old. She would too stick her fist and fingers into her mouth and after brushing saliva on her face, rashes would develop. What I did was always carry a handkerchief with me, when I saw that I would clean it off from her face. But its good to remove her mittens, so that her little fingers can freely stretch and move around touching and feel things around her.
    I think when in the shopping mall, the fingers feel icy cold should be fine, so long if her body is kept warm and she doesn't catch any cold. So dun have to worry about that. [​IMG]
  49. papa_mama

    papa_mama New Member

    hi stephenniris

    Ya, removing her mittens, we got to be more conscious about the cleanliness. got to constantly wipe her face..n wash it with water as much as possible.
    wenever i remove the mittens..all the old folks will start blabbering..aiyo..too cold lar..dun do that..haha..as usual i tink alot of us will face it.
  50. alhana

    alhana New Member


    My girl stopped wearing mittens after 2 wks. Seems she doesn't like them..keeps putting her hands under her chin n tugging them off! She too loves to mouth her hands n ends up w saliva on her face..but luckily no rashes. Anyway I feel better having her taste her hand than having her taste her mitten! After 1M+, babies start to feel ard with their hands and mouths, exploring texture etc. So let ure baby explore by removing those mittens..it's actually part of their learning process.

    According to my dad, his chinese doc says that it's more impt to keep their feet warm..not so much their hands. So wear socks and long pants if ure going to cold shopping centres. And maybe a hat too to keep her head warm. So maybe u tell the old folks that u heard this from a chinese doc lor..they may be more assured this way.

    AS for scars, yes, my daughter has collected a fair share of scars from scratching her face. Thankfully they heal very quickly..no marks at all. The wonders of baby skin [​IMG] Just try to ensure their nails are trimmed regularly to min scarring.

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