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Advice Needed: When need to change baby's used milk bottle

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by blisslive, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. blisslive

    blisslive Member


    Would appreciate it if anyone can share with me how long do you change your baby's used milk bottle i.e how many months later do we need to change it to a new one after using it?

  2. sunglow

    sunglow New Member

    Hi Blisslive

    What I understood is you need to change teat every 2-3 months...milk bottle as well....taxing on pockets huh....

    I am using Avent so this is what I was told...
  3. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Sunglow

    Thanks for your sharing. So far I had been changing the teats from size S to Y. I am using Pigeon. However, I heard that the whole milk bottle need to change after 3 or 4 months too.
  4. sunglow

    sunglow New Member


    Yes...like I mentioned, the milk bottles also need to be replaced with new ones every 2-3 months....

    As Avent has indication as to which teat to use for what age baby, I generally adhere to what they say...
  5. 25qin

    25qin New Member

    any reason on that? though bottle can be used as long so is not damage. What is the impact?
  6. kennyg

    kennyg New Member

    Hi ladies, it all depends on what kind of bottles you are using. If you are using the glass type, you don't need to change unless your broke it. Of course lah.

    However, if you are using the plastic type, then you have to change it once every quarter. If KS a bit, change it every 2 to 3 months. This is because plastic bottles tend of the hairline scratch that you can't see it. Chemical will leak into the milk. Especially we steam and stem and steam it.

    Same for teats. For hygiene purposes too.
  7. 25qin

    25qin New Member

    i only started to check for my biy recently.. now he is 21mths liao.. Like that how har..will those chemical be toxic.. sign
  8. huiqi16

    huiqi16 Member

    didnt know that have to change the milk bottle every 3 to 4 mths..

    the milk bottle that my son is using, has been used for 6mths plus.

    I thought to only change teats every 2 mths n bottle theres no need to.

    do mummies here really change the milk bottle ???
  9. zossamuel

    zossamuel Member


    I think there is really a need to change bottles every 2 to 3 months,. For me, I change the teat and bottles together so that I can rem. Thanks
  10. bbmermaid

    bbmermaid Member


    I think if the bottles that you are using are not BPA free, then shld change it every 6mths max or when there's cracks.

    For the teats, I think as long as there's no tear I wldnt change it till the next level lor.
  11. jo_tan

    jo_tan New Member

    Unless it's BPA free, should change every 3 to 6 months..
  12. janiemin

    janiemin Member

    What about if its BPA free, how frequent sld we change?
  13. muffin_bear

    muffin_bear New Member

    i have been using the same bottles for about 2yrs... looks like a good condition to me..hmm..
  14. buzzgayu

    buzzgayu Member

    well i m using avent bpa free.. i find the bottles are so good and shining if v use it properly

    do anyone of u want evenflo bpa free bottles.
    i have 3 new bottles for $15

    pm me
  15. ashllie

    ashllie New Member

    if the bottle is BPA free, is there a need to regularly change the bottles? cos BPA free bottles not cheap ah, quite taxing on the pockets.

    why does BPA free botles look yellowish compared to the clear transparent non BPA free bottles?
  16. elseve

    elseve New Member

    I agree that BPA free bottles are very expensive. use MAM ones for my gal. As the bottles are colored, I can't tell whether they are yellowish.Have been using for 3mths le. Not sure whether to change it or use for another few months.

    Anyone has any idea?
  17. budbelly

    budbelly Member

    For my 1st bb I used BPA free bottles for about a year, no problems.
  18. bluemarinesg

    bluemarinesg New Member

    I change the teats about 4-6 mths after using. No fix rules for me though. If the teats turn super yellowish or are torn (such that the holes become gaps and will interfere with the baby's sucking), then I will change.

    Bottles leh... As I have 10 bottles in use at any one time, I think I only change them once a year? Not very sure. Same as teats, only change the bottles when necessary. Like too many scratches. Usually I will tab on 'trade in your old bottles' promo. Like that then wu hwa (worth while) mah....
  19. poohbee

    poohbee New Member

    my 1st son only change the teat size from 0-6mths to 6mths n above..after that had been using the same teat for the past 1.5b yes..as we use the needles to poke thru for larger holes as my son gets bigger
  20. orangecanton

    orangecanton New Member

  21. fengfeng

    fengfeng New Member

    hoho i learn smeting abt BPA free.but will it last longer
  22. serine

    serine Member

    After reading the benefit of BPA bottles , I bought 2 Avent BPA free bottle @ expo to try however the bottle keep on leaking most of the time so i went back to demand a exchange to normal bottles. The normal one was ok. I heard it is because there is on batch of bottle got problem. Does anyone any problem like mine?
  23. shirley_lee

    shirley_lee New Member

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  24. babyalice

    babyalice New Member

  25. leshia

    leshia New Member

    Normal bottle 6mth. BPA about a yr but I do have frens that nv chng the milk bottle unless colour chng.
  26. mehui

    mehui New Member

    We change bottles every 4 months or once the colour changes. Teats almost every other month 'cos many are torn from biting (teething). BPA bottles seem to last longer. Using both types at the moment.

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