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Advice Needed - Porridge for baby

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by jesspay, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. jesspay

    jesspay New Member

    Any advice should I introduce fish porridge to my son of 6months? He has just started solid food about 2 weeks ago, whereby I gave him veg + porridge. But these 2 days, I gave hime fish + porridge. He seem having difficulty to pass motion. Always cry. Stool is sticky & not very hard. Is this sign of constipation? He does not like to drink water. Can he drink prune juice dilute in water?

  2. jayce

    jayce Member

    Hi Jessica, i think that fish porridge is too early for a 6 mths old baby. You should try plain cereal/porridge first. Followed by vegetables, fruits, egg then meat. What milk powder is he drinking?
  3. jesspay

    jesspay New Member

    My son is 7 months old now. I stop giving him fish. Only gave him carrot, spinach & pumpkins. Tried giving him broccoli but he don't like. He is drinking Mamil Gold. Used to drink Friso when he was between 3-6 months old and switch him to Mamil when he seem to have constipation problem. But now, ever since he started with mamil gold step 2, he seem to have a lot of phlegm amd occassionally stuffy nose. Does that mean he is allergy to this milk powder? Do I need to change it? Do you happen to know which milk powder is good that does not give a lot of phlegm and will not cause constipation problem?
  4. maesiew

    maesiew New Member


    My daughter is 8 months old now. Trying to seek advise like jesspay too.

    She started eatin a bowl of porridge 2x a day with 4 milk feed (150ml each feed for 3 months already no increase!)

    She don't like cereal, only eat a few spoonful and then reject.

    My mom then give her a whole bowl of porridge at one go! I thought must slowly introduce? Well, now already 8 mths liao, so far no constipation, I must say she poo more than on FM lo!

    I did give her fish - the silver fish bought from the dried store. I wash and soak about half hr and then mince it tiny while the plain porridge is cooking.

    I add in shredded carrots, cauliflower and apple (mom says apple and chestnut takes out the fishy smell. She added an apple <chopped> and really works!) Of course a slice of ginger.

    We usually give her the same porridge for the day, means we cook the same noon and evening porridge in the morning =)

    Also added pork's lean meat to add taste and then the usual veggie. Also have turnip, winter melon to add taste too =)

    Hopefully mommies here will have tastyy porridge recipe...
  5. c_club

    c_club New Member


    this is what i feed my son:

    Breakfast - quaker oats with fruits like banana/papaya / cereal with avocado

    Lunch - porridge with brocoli, fish, pumpkin, carrot

    Dinner - Potato/pasta with spinach, chicken, pumpkin

    He will also snack on cheese, bread and biscuits.
  6. choco_cat

    choco_cat Member

    hi o_club,
    how old is your son? my son is 16 mths old. have been feeding him with cereal for breakfast, he is quite sick of that after 10 months of the same thing :p think oats with fruits is a good idea for me! trying cheese with bread but my boy rejecting that sigh. do you give tea break to your boy after his afternoon nap?
  7. anya

    anya Member

    My boy refused porridge and milk..he is 11mth already..previously ard 4mth, i start introduce rice cerals, he dont like..eat few spoon and will stop..then he even refused milk..So we just give me milk..In between, we try again and still failed..Until recently, he managed to eat porridge for a week..Now back to the notti style again, just refuse to open mouth..If not eat half way and spit out, snatch bowl and spoon..I dunno how..he dont like quaker oats too..
  8. choco_cat

    choco_cat Member

    i tried to skip his 10am milk so as to make him very hungry, he look for food at 11.30am then. I take the suggestion to give him papaya and cereal for breakfast but he still noti and refuse to eat. Now trying to use fish soup cook his porridge.
  9. jesspay

    jesspay New Member

    Try cook the porridge with stock! I always prepared veg, pork, fish stock and put them in the freezer. Then i used the stock as base and cook the porridge. So the porridge is sweet and my son love to eat the porridge. I also add sweet potatoes, fish, spinach, egg yolk, carrot, pumpkin. So, he can try with different variety of foods.
  10. selphie

    selphie New Member

    For my 10mth old son, I m using this 'trick'. He loves the Nestle vegetable cereal, so I add 1 tsp in his porridge after cooking porridge with his favourite veg (like pumpkin, carrots and fish), he will finish everything up! I am going to phase out the vege cereal slowly.

    I started him on white rice cereal at 4 months coz he had teeth already back then, and slowly introduced mashed pumkpin, carrots, potato mix with the rice cereal and started him on porridge (mixing 1 veg with beef, fish, chicken or pork) only about 2-3 months ago). Tofu is another good source of protein.
  11. cloudyjs

    cloudyjs New Member

    Anyone tried ikan bilis (buy those already fried and packed), then grind into powder. Make porridge tastier and lots of calcium for bb.
  12. jayce

    jayce Member

    Hi Jesline, i think it's saltish for baby leh.. Maybe can try dried scallop to enhance the porridge?
  13. jesspay

    jesspay New Member

    Hi Jesline, those pre-fried &amp; packed ikan bilis are very high in salt. Baby's tiny kidney cannot take it. If you want, better make your own. Which means you have to carefully wash the ikan bilis many times, then air dry or bake dry the ikan bilis before grinding them into powder.
  14. jeng

    jeng New Member

    Think silver fish is better than ikan bilis.
  15. cloudyjs

    cloudyjs New Member

    thanks all for advice, but MIL said give abit of ikan bilis powder once every few days is fine [​IMG]

    princessoctober, i do add dried scallops but got advice from some other mummies saying that dried scallops contain MSG so stop already!!
  16. jayce

    jayce Member

    Hi Jes, i don't know dried scallops got MSG! By the way, now i prepared stock by boiling 1 large pot of water with chicken bones, chicken breast meat, cabbage &amp; 2-3 dried scallop. When cooled, i put in separate bags and freeze them. Usually i prepared a week's stock. When wanna make porridge, then i add the stock in. Save time &amp; much easier =)
  17. cloudyjs

    cloudyjs New Member

    hi princessoct, i din know too till other mummies alerted, and some said cos oso it belongs to seafood category so shdn't give bb now... ya i think it's a better idea to prepare stock but w/o the scallops. i'm gotta start preparing stock too cos alot of mummies are doing that, haha
  18. jayce

    jayce Member

    Hi Jes, ya maybe should remove scallops. Think can put gou qi zi too, good for eyes =)
  19. cloudyjs

    cloudyjs New Member

    hi princessoct, ya i put gou qi zi too, but do you know if bb can eat the gou qi zi or is it just for the flavour? some pple said can some said dun so i'm not sure leh.
  20. jayce

    jayce Member

    Hi Jes, Ya can eat, but not too much =)
  21. cloudyjs

    cloudyjs New Member

    thanks princessoct, will try to feed gou qi zi to bb! [​IMG]
  22. jayce

    jayce Member

    No problem Jes. Do share with me if you have any good recipe for our babies =)
  23. cloudyjs

    cloudyjs New Member

  24. jayce

    jayce Member

    Jes, i checked out this website already! You should go and check it out too!
  25. cloudyjs

    cloudyjs New Member

    haha, oops.. i'm so back-dated liao. :p
  26. bluejoy12

    bluejoy12 Member


    Any idea how old we can introduce fish like threadfin (gor hee) to babies of 7 mths?

    Please advise.
  27. kosh

    kosh Member

    When introducing solids for the first time, it's god to start with rice cereal first before moving on to brown/white rice porridge with fish, vegetables and other meat. You can either cook the porride using a normal pan or a slow cooker. I would recommend a slow cooker if you're using brown rice as it takes a longer time to cook.

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