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Advice needed on PCF

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by lika, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. lika

    lika Member

    dear mummies, really need your advice. my 3 yr old girl is now attending private childcare for half day. besides the fact that they have spacious compound and that prob smaller class size, i do not find the curriculum better or the teachers better.

    Hence I'm considering sending her to PCF-kampong Ubi. With the extra money saved, i can send her to extra lessons that she likes. This is my first child and i really not sure whether PCF or private schools are better.

    Also, if PCF is doing an excellent jobs, what are the things i need to look out for when selecting? Is the one at kampong Ubi ok? nearest for me cos from the boards displayed outside the childcare, it is rather bare.

    looking forward to your advice!!! thanks!

  2. dolphinger

    dolphinger New Member

    Hi Lika,

    The Kampong Ubi think will be delayed operations again.. Actually there are pros & cons in PCF & private depending on how you think. Perhaps u can try to PCF since yr gal hv attended the private before. See the difference then do the final decision.
  3. scratchhead

    scratchhead Member

    Hi lika,

    Did you send your child to PCF in the end? Any comments on the curriculum.

    Anyone with any comments on the difference in curriculumn to look out for?

    Thanks in advance.r

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