Advice needed on brining toddler on a packaged tour


Hi... i'm planning to bring my gal for some travelling but not sure where to go. she's 1 year old. main concern is food and places that are baby/stroller friendly. any suggestions?

i thought of bringing her on a packaged tour to Japan. anyone has experience if it'll be too hectic for her (or for us)??

I've brought my 2 boys on tour since they were 6 mths old.

But we have always did self-drive tours. You'll have more concerns than food & baby/stroller friendliness. You'll have to consider the child's sleep/rest timing, eating habits, etc.

You'll have to be prepared mentally for alot of inconveience and stress. Especially if you are going with a group of strangers in group tour.
hi kook car,

thanks for your advice. yup, i can imagine it'll be pretty stressful. my gal doesn't have fix sleeping time.

i can't do self-drive tours cos i'm the only driver at home and it'll be too tiring for me. moreover, i'm quite scardy. haha...

will have to reconsider... thanks!
You're most welcome.

I was just thinking. Perhaps it is more you & hubby who needs a holiday, not the kid.

Your gal is only 1 yr old, very likely she doesn't know difference between East Coast and Gold Coast.

But you and hubby must have not enjoy alone time for quite a while. Why not do a short vocation for just the 2 of you? But got to plan ahead to get support to "longbang" her at grandparent's or nanny's place.

You shouldnt be guilty to enjoy yourself. You are still a wife/husband and entitled to joy & happiness.

"Happy parents makes happy kids". Who know, you might be making a brother or sister on this trip as well.
hi kook car,

Yah, you're right. It's actually us adults who need a break, not the little one cos she won't remember anything. Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury of leaving her with our parents. So, no matter how stressful it'll be, i'll have to manage it cos i really want to have a break. Anyway, we figured we will keep thinking of her even if we can afford to not bring her along.
hi llynn,

No, not yet... decided to postpone the trip because of work commitments. Will see how...

have you looked at any places?
Hi. Why not take a weekend trip to Sentosa or Batam or Bintan?

Don't be too ambicious, book the hotel for 2 nights, go over relax and do nothing. Kid can spash in the pool and walk around. Then hubby and you take turns to look after baby while the other try the SPA.

And since baby is so young, you guys will not need to rush-in with the year-end sch holiday crowd. You can do it at low-season and SAVE $$$.
hi mail_lum

I just brought my 14months old son to genting with hubby. we took coach up there. and we didnt bring any stroller. we loan a baby carrier
and it was really very convenient.

like what kook_car mentioned, we have to cater to their sleeping and eating habits too. cos they can get very fussy if they do not have enough sleep and hungry.

we let him have his regular 10-12am sleep then feed him lunch before we leave hotel room. when we are rooming around outside, he will be in the carrier and sometimes, he fell asleep cos too tired. so we still get to walk around with bb with us

how do u prepare your son's lunch while u all were at genting.

I am curious and wonder what/how to prepare for my son's lunch as i am thinking of bringing my son to Genting in the near future. Right now, my son is abt to turn 18 mths old and still eat homecooked porridge for his all meals.
Hi SSL, when you take the coach to Genting, your son did not make a fuss due to the long journey?

I wanted to go but think of the long trip, i am scared liao...cos my boy loves to walk around. He is turning 14 months next month
There is a few Cantonese restaurant up there. You give him different types of porridge (fish/pork/chicken) for lunch & dinner.

Also, I think he can eat mashed potatoe too.
18 mths is easier. They can eat so many different types of food - veggy & meat.

You can prepare him by trying to give him noodles & rice.

In Genting, he can eat noodles/rice/porridge cake/pastry and even Japanese restaurants-udon/steam egg.

your suggestion for cantonese restaurant is not bad. but not sure if my son can eat there(the cantonese restaurant) or not cos I was advised not to let my son take any dishes that is boiled with chinese herbs. My son has G6DP deficient.

Hmm maybe will stick with japanese restaurant ah.... thanks for your advice.
And motion sickness too ...

1st boy kana once when he was <2 yrs old. Somemore we drove car, he fidget so much and cries so much. hen we hv to pull over for 1/2 hr plus. And he vomitted (dun know from motion sickness or crying).

Although he felt better after 1/2 hr outside, and stopped crying, but when we hv to go back into car, he started crying again.

NIGHT MARE !! I was so stressed then ...
Nite coach - hopefully he sleeps after boarding.
Day coach - also hopefully he sleeps after boarding.

I hv come across some mothers, who give the baby antihisatime (cough syrup) so that baby is drowsy and sleep through the journey when travelling. The usual dosage doc prescibe is enough. But I'm not a big fan of such practice.
i am really worried abt coach least when he kick a fuss, i can carry and walk how to walk

i have no prob for fact he was really cooperative
I understand what a parent will face when they bring a kid out for travel....Food, air, sea, car sick or the kids immunity....But there again, if never cross the first hurdle, one will never step out....

I just came back from HK, not because I want to go but it was four tickets won in the lucky draw with the hotel all paid for. I ended up stress with kid in the plane, due to the air pressure, and also need to bring his slow cooker for his porridge...all in all, stress but a good try...If one never go and try it out, one will never know what the experience will be like...Be it good or bad experience, just take it easy as things transient.
Hi Bluerose &amp; Ocean

Sorry to reply so late.

My son was ok on his trip up to genting. sleep and sleep and sleep. even the aunties and uncles in the coach also amazed by him. But coming back was nightmare. He keep fussing and dont want to sleep in his seat (we bought a ticket for him so that he has a seat to himself). In the end, i have to carry him while sitting down and he slept lying against my chest. Wasted my $$ cos the coming back trip was a VIP coach. :p

I brought cereals, biscuits and instant porridge. If time permits, we normally will feed him instant porridge in the hotel room before we go out walking. If we are too far from the hotel to go back for meal, I will make cereal for him and of course, will also let him eat some of what i eat

There was this japanese restaurant that i went to. very good and got child seat too. Erm.. think its near the genting hotel where i stayed. There's also a chinese eating place where there's child seat too. But food abit oily.

I brought my own thermost flask there so that I can boil hot water to make milk and cereal. Think at a certain age where they grow up, babies dont like cereals anymore. My boy now dont like cereals unless he really very hungry.

You can try those pigeon instant porridge. expensive but taste nice
You just need to warm the package with hot water and pour out can feed bb liao.

Point to note, I went to some fast food restaurants (Mac &amp; BK &amp; KFC) thinking they would have loads of childseat. I was wrong, they only have ONE childseat.
Hi parents,

Just a suggestion, you might want to consider bring your baby for cruise holiday. Recently in January, i just brought my 1.5 yrs old daughter for a cruise, it was quite relaxing &amp; fun. The place is carpeted, so i didn't really have to worry too much, when i let my girl down to walk on her own. Whenever she need her nap or milk, we can go back to our cabin anytime we want. They even provide free mineral water bottle in your cabin. You can also ask for warm fresh milk at their restaurant. There are a few restaurants (chinese, international etc) where you can eat for free, so i let my daughter eat porriage, noodles, breads, cereal/cornflakes, pastry etc etc. They have various activities on board, so you can join in the activities too. There's is even child care available, pretty child friendly place. For those parents who really need a holiday like us, can give a try, at least when both parents &amp; kids are tired can go back to their cabin anytime they like. check out their star cruise website for more details.
I'm also planning to bring my 14mths old son to cruise but at least when he can walk more stable. Also planning to bring him to Australia end of the year but if we self drive, will there be a car seat for tods? Also any mummies got good recommendations where and which part of Australia to bring our tods where they can enjoy?
anyone brought her toddler on a beijin packaged tour? i am thinking of bring my 21 mth old boy there...but i scared of the journeyand the food. any good suggestion? resort and cruise out cos my DH doesnt like.
anyone knows how tour agency charge for toddler?

I thinking of bringing my son (now 16 months) to gold coast, but dunno how they will charge.

Also dunno whether he will be cooperative. Hope he dun disturb other tour members when we travel from one place to another
I know the tax is very high for australia. For those under 2, to get just the tickets, airlines may charge 10% of fare (without seat) but tax may be around $300+. Over two, around 75% of fare.

For our package, it only included hotel and airticket and we were not charged for hotel for our girl but had to pay airticket. Most hotels don't charge for kids under 2-3 but some do at full rate. Have to check carefully.

Yes, car seat is an extra charge but you should be able to get, esp from big car rental companies. Book in advance.

Australia, IMHO, is a good place to bring kids because the places are rather kid friendly and it is clean and relatively safe. The animals will appeal to young children too. Self drive.

Someone told me about giving the cough syrup thing and he did it to his kids for a plane ride, but I really didn't like that idea, and anyway my girl doesn't really feel sleepy after meds anyway. Thank goodness she behaved really really well on all the plane rides and the long long drives!
Hi all,

Just chanced on this thread and here's my 2 cents worth:

I brought my gal to Genting when she was ard 14months?? We took the coach up.
Went to the peds and got this "Sleeping drink" which is totally safe for babies and kids.
We took the night coach. Gave her too little dosage (scared mah) and so she was so cranky it was a nightmare!!
Luckily on the way back, we gave her the precribed dosage and it was so much better!! She slept for quite sometime

Now i have just booked a trip to Korea. This time on a plane and she's 2 yrs old already!
I hope it would be a breeze..

But only worry is it would be Winter time!!
Bringing a young child for a package tour is just too stressful.

Typically, package tour starts the day early. If your child doesn't cooperate.. you will be the one who will be stressed out first followed by your child. When they are stressed out, they can get very uncorporative.

Also, depending when you are travelling, It can get pretty cold in Japan. Other possible complications like catching a cold...wearing more..etc.

I'm sure the idea of going for a holiday is to have a break. If you were to go for a packaged tour, believe you need another break to recharge for this break.

Bringing a young child for a holiday, it ought to be a free &amp; easy one. At your own time and pace.

Going to a resort would be great. First, the activities avaiable would be interesting for the child and it's a good catch-up time as a family.
Since it is free &amp; easy , you don't have to rush every morning.

On the other extreme, if you and your hubby is desperate for a holiday, I will suggest you go without your child. (as long as you have trusted people to rely on to look after your child). Enjoy your own break.

However as parents, leaving your child behind may be tough coz' you will miss him.

So, maybe going to a resort as a family is the best bet.
better get someone to help care for the our children. time especially set for couples are very important to get the relationship going good.