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Advice needed on block duct

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by cilinia, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. cilinia

    cilinia New Member

    An area of my breast is hard. Tried to apply warm towel, massage the affected area but milk still cannot come out when i use pump. I also latch my 10 weeks old baby, the breast soften but not the affected area, still lumpy. I notice a small, white dot at the end of the milk duct on my nipple, suspect is the end of a blocked nipple opening. What should i do now?

  2. soyabean

    soyabean New Member

    try cleaning the nipple to see if the white dot can be cleared?
    for me, i always fill up a small milk bottle with hot water (not so hot too cos can hurt the ducts) and roll it over the breast as i pump. it helps.
  3. cilinia

    cilinia New Member

    on a closer look, the white dot has a smooth surface. (like those of a ripe pimple). Cannot clean off that white dot as nothing come out. feel like squeezing out the dot!
    ok. will try your method now.
  4. soyabean

    soyabean New Member

    the white dot cld be an oil gland or blockage of milk... shldnt be of concern if u can clear the duct... [​IMG]
  5. cilinia

    cilinia New Member

    yes, it helps alot [​IMG] speed up too [​IMG]
    The aerola area still abit lumpy, i still need to use hand to express to get it soften. Any advice on the aerola area?
    by the way, will the white dot disappears after some time?
  6. soyabean

    soyabean New Member

    hand express helps... [​IMG]
    the white dot shld disappear... if it doesnt, oso ok... as long as it doesnt get bigger and cause u discomfort... if it does, go see doc... ;)
  7. lutlut

    lutlut New Member

    If I am not wrong the white dot is called milk blister. According to some website it will go away on its own but I had it twice and I used a method recommended by a lactation consultant to clear it.

    It is called the nipple roll. You use you thumb and index finger to roll your nipple a U then C fashion. Must really use strength when rolling. LC suggests to do this every time before expressing. To get rid of the milk blister, must use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the area connecting the nipple the aerola when rolling.

    When the blister burst, some fluid will spurt out.
  8. lye3290

    lye3290 Member

    Sighed. Got blocked duct again. Try to use hot/cold compress to clear it but some area still lumpy especially at the side of the breast.
    Really struggle for the breastfeeding as I have 3 times mastitis attack within 4 months.
  9. pcherrie

    pcherrie Member

    thru my experience, the more u're trying to clear the block duct while pumping, the more the block duct will not be cleared! try thinking of other things, soon the let down will come. it will not be cleared in 1 pump. but at least will clear half. then rest for awhile, after an hr or so, pump again. at least it works for me. i'm using avent manual breast pump & it works wonder on me. =)
  10. nelle_nelle

    nelle_nelle New Member

    Doing the nipple roll and C press is very important.

    When your milk is very rich, it can cause ducts to get blocked. So take heart, and be watchful of any congestion. Best to clear it before area swells and fever kicks in.
  11. lucy

    lucy New Member

    I have experience bad blockage till twice fever in a wk. The side of my breast was very lumpy and even I can't sleep in the nite. Till my fren who had session with Mdm Rokiah frm traditional holistic postnatal centre ask me to have a sessions with her. She was so experience as when she came and by seeing my breast, she told me that I had bad blockage. She compress my breast with hot stone and in few mins I feel the letdown. My breast feel very light after my session. She shared on how to encounter blockducts problems. I advise new mummies to get her service if got problem like me so that we won't feel so stressful abt breastfeeding. Call her to get advise at 92716091
  12. nelle_nelle

    nelle_nelle New Member

    How long was the session? Did she come to your house or where?

    How much did it cost?
  13. blurquen

    blurquen New Member

    so if got nipple blister still can breastfeed??
  14. elaineheng

    elaineheng New Member

    For me, my confinement lady taught me to used cooked rice wrapped in a handki and row in circular mode in affected area. I used hot towel before but not as good as rice. Once I noticed the blockage, I will used the rice before expressing and during. By second express, I will feel total relieve! Try it and see if it works for u. [​IMG]
  15. dingdong

    dingdong New Member

    Actually its good if you hve a milk blister cos youknow your source of trouble. Have you tried using a syringe over the white pimple and pull the sryinge? Sometimes you will get a fountain of milk once the blister is broken. Later apply purelan on the nipple to aid healing.
  16. kcc

    kcc New Member

    I just delivered last wk and tried to BF when my breast was swollen and painful and I had fever. I suspect breast infection cos my nipple was cracked and bleeding last wk.

    There's an area that is painful and swollen, so I keep massaging it when I pump, sometimes using hot compress, but don't really help.

    Not sure how lei... After pumping, it is softer, but still dem painful. Any idea how?
  17. pennychan

    pennychan New Member

    yes i think you have a infection,,, you need to express and do it regulary to prevent it from gettign too engorge that lead to infection.. for painful probably the cracked nipple aid to it too... ( try apply your breast milk over it and air). do not wear bra for too long let the area rest...

    it should get better with regular pump and latching,, cos there may be some area that are still blocked [​IMG]
  18. kcc

    kcc New Member

    I took the antibiotics given and now the swelling and pain is gone. [​IMG]

    But hor... when I pump out, I realise that the infected side produces half of the other side! [​IMG]

    Hopefully it will recover and produce same amt. I remember my last pregnancy, my production was almost equal both sides.
  19. nelle_nelle

    nelle_nelle New Member

    Congrats on baby!

    Glad to hear things are getting better. Don't worry, milk production on this side should get back to normal after this infection clears. Give it some time, and proper draining of bm and the quintessential "massage" techniques.

    I gave birth week too, a 3.53kg last fri afternoon. When was yours?
  20. susan96

    susan96 New Member

    Hi Jing,
    maybe you could get advise by Mdm Rokiah from traditional & holistic postnatal centre in Kovan. I had very bad block breast after my delivery and many mummies is these forum recommended her service. It really helps me alot, as my supply increase and she teach me a lot of methods and cares about breastfeeding. Can visit her website jamumassage.com
  21. benaneo

    benaneo Member

    I used a sterilized needle to break the white bleb on my nipple. To sterilize the needle, I Put it under fire for a while, then wait for it to cool before gently poking on the white blister. Once the blister breaks, milk flows out from the duct behind the blister. Sounds scary but it is actually not as painful as it sounds. It works for me the 4 to 5 times i had blocked duct due to white bleb on nipple. After that, do massage the hard lump behind the duct and manually express out the blocked milk.

    If you have a blocked duct due to a milk blister, and you don't unblock it, pumping and latching will make it worse. Imagine a pipe filing up with water and blocked at the end. The part that is blocked will become hard and distended with all the milk in it that cannot be released.

    Mothers are great! May all breastfeeding mothers enjoy breastfeeding and hope that you will have an easy breastfeeding journey!
  22. p2me1a

    p2me1a New Member

    After a few bad experiences, I am now paranoid. Anything that feels like a blocked duct to me, I will immediately call my lactation consultant and set up an appointment. I use the Mt Alvernia parentcraft centre ones, even if you didn't deliver there, you can use their service still. Chargeable of course.
  23. benaneo

    benaneo Member

    Hi pst,

    I totallyunderstand what you mean when you say paranoid. I cant count the number of times I had blocked ducts with 10 fingers. I used to visit parent craft LC at Thomson so often they know me by name. Even had to go to a breast surgeon when LC can't resolve the blocked duct. Tough.
  24. benaneo

    benaneo Member

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