Advice needed on bad sleeping habit


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i have a baby gerl age 16mths old
she have dis bad sleeping habit.
during the day she will sleep at ard 3pm latest 4pm.
and wen she will sleep fer almost 4 hrs.
and during the nite. she will have a hard time sleeping.
she can stay awake up to 2 am in the morning. when she manage to sleep. the next day she will still wake up early in the morning.
any advice on this cus im really worid about her sleeping habits..


then u may try to let u r child sleep early like noon time but not til the evening
maybe u can try to bring her out
let her play wf other kids in the evening (nowadays a lot of ppl bring their kids to garden/ playground aft work)
shower her then abt 8-9pm then prepare her to sleep loh
i did that


Oh, I wouldn't let my gal sleep so long in the afternoon, maybe 2 hours max and sleep at around 2pm or 2.30pm, so that she will wake up at 4pm or 4.30pm. If not, she would turn into a night owl and the rest of the family cannot do anything else liao...

Maybe you can start to standardize her sleep time everyday at an earlier timing and wake her up 2 hrs later.


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think u might want to consider not letting her sleep for 4 hrs. try waking her up during dinner time.


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Hi Nana, you should wake her up after 2 hours and keep her occupied with activities. This hopefully will keep her afternoon nap short and she will sleep longer at nights.


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Hi, my boy is 16 mths too, and he is sleeping at 11pm, wake up at 830am, nap 2 times, each time 1 hour in the day. but my mom told me is not Good, as my nephew is sleeping only 30mins with 2 nap times, and sleep through frm 8pm till 730am. well, i guess that gotta do with the parent's sleeping habit too.


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hi, mamiOF2,i personally think, 3 mths old better get as much sleep as baby wish. according to folks, the grow better and drink more milk


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hi, for young babies, it is best for them to sleep as much as possible. Sleep is critical to their growth / mental development
Yes, sleep is important and helps children to grow well. But sometimes, when kiddos don't sleep the hours and times we think is best, just do what you can to adjust it, to promote it, but don't be too hard on yourself.

My eldest, when she was a 2mth old baby, decided she doesnt need naps. Which means this mighty baby is awake from 9+am to dusk. I nearly collapsed. This went on for a few weeks and I did everything, singing the same lullaby 800 times (sang so many times I decided to count. She inisted on live singing, not CD or my voice on the voice recorder), slinging and rocking her the whole day, playing keyboard and rocking her on her fp bouncer, car rides, white noise, all sorts of CDs, etc: She was amazingly healthy, just that she didnt nap and we could not accept that. I kept trying to do better and got more and more stretched.

In the end, we conceded that, ok, she is just not tired then and if she was tired, she'd sleep. It was a passing phase, thankfully.

We encountered sleep challenges again when she was one year plus. She would not sleep till avg 3am, and she would insist on doing boxes and boxes of flashcards. I then realised that esp games tire her a little, so worked that in. Thankfully, that was a passing phase.

So if you feel like you're in the midst and can't get out, it may just well be a passing phase. It will pass, and then you might recount it with a chuckle.
But if baby or kid is missing out on sleep because they are uncomfortable, unwell, then that warrants a different level of attention.

If they are healthy and growing well in all aspects, as many veteran moms told me before, they will sleep when they are sleepy...


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Oh Nelle... your gal super lor!!! 1 yr plus sleeps at 3am and wanna play games some more! OMG! I tink it's gonna be my turn soon cuz mine just turned 1!
No lah, hahaha, don't worry, most parents don't have kids who sleep so very late!

Thankfully, it was just a passing phase and only lasted for a few months. Kids' body clocks are usually quite cooperative with the schedule the parent imposes.


<font color="aa00aa">Any tips for baby to wake up LATER???

My baby is 3.5mths' old and has started flipping recently. She generally falls asleep around 7:30pm BUT she keeps waking up after midnight!

Before she could flip, I would just rock/carry her back to sleep or give her a feed and leave her in her cot. But now, she keeps flipping!

Her night flips are driving me crazy! Any tips to deal with this???</font>


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My method of making babies sleep well....

<font color="ff6000">Afternoon Nap</font> - I'll close the curtain at 2pm. Make the room dimmer..... Lie down with him and sing him songs..... eventually, he'll fall asleep with me.

<font color="ff6000">Night Sleep</font> - I'll shut off the TV, and off the light. Repeat with the procedure. 9pm is his sleep time. He'll wake up at 7am next day.

Above routine was done for the first year. And eventually, he got into the routine.


hi, does your child already skip daytime nap at 2yr old? i noticed whenever i let my gal have a daytime nap (be it mid morning or afternoon), she will definitely only feel sleepy and doze off at 12midnite. end up, i am now skipping her off from all sorts of daytime nap, so that i can let her sleep at 8.30-9.30pm right till next morning at 7am wakeup. normally, at what age will a kid totally skip off all daytime nap?


I let my son sleep whenever he wants 'cos he gets really cranky if we stop him from resting. Like Einstein suggests, we do the same. Encourage a few hours nap in the afternoon and then dark-out by 9 plus by getting him to help switch off TV, sockets etc and packing up toys.