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Advice Needed-Mount Alvernia or Thomson Medical Centre

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by jessica, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. jessica

    jessica New Member

    Hi all mummies,

    Which hospital is better in terms of value and service??

    Mount A ot TMC?? Please advise.


  2. hbcedi

    hbcedi New Member

    What type of setting, care do you want? Define that and then go and ask open ended questions to ascertain their style. Ex., If you want to birth in any position that is comfortable to you, ask am I allowed to birth in any position I am comfortable in? If you are wanting to room in with your baby, ask what their policy is on mandatory observation of infant after birth.
  3. pietra

    pietra Active Member

    hi kiwi,
    i gave birth at TMC 2 months ago and really satisfied with their service.. and not mention that the food provided was really good. all the staff there are really helpful
  4. Hi Phoebe

    How much did u pay?
  5. hui32

    hui32 Active Member

    hi kiwi, i delivered both my bb in mt a in 2004 & 2005..their services are great!
  6. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member


    I gave birth to my daughter in TMC in 2004. The service is great, just like staying in a hotel. Food is not bad either.
  7. maywong

    maywong Active Member

    Mount A - Older surrounding, but has alot of parking space. Great for visitors.

    TMC - New Buildingm but has limited parking space.
  8. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    My SIL delivered at Mt A. The sisters are very warm. Building is old.

    TMC parking lots are limited and expensive. But my hubby had 2 days complementary parking coupons during my stay.
  9. vannyk

    vannyk Member

    You mean TMC has complimentary parkin during our hospital stay? My hubby will be glad to know this. btw, when did you deliver?
  10. catz

    catz Active Member

    think it's only for single-bedder.. but yes, you can save A LOT of $$ with these complimentary parking. [​IMG]
  11. ling156

    ling156 Member

    Hi vannyk
    I gave birth in TMC in 2003 and I think you get 1 complimentary parking ticket if u stay in a single-bedded room during yr stay. It's only limited to 1 per day so use wisely. ;)

    Service wise, the nurses do take real care of you and are really helpful. Even after the birth, there'll be nurses asking after you and pactation consultants popping by to see if you have any problems breastfeeding etc.all in all, I enjoyed my stay there. Will go back there when I deliver my second one...
  12. angelmomz

    angelmomz New Member

    I like tmc, service veri good, nurses veri helpful
  13. etelle

    etelle Active Member

    i like Mt A. The sisters are all very friendly and service is very good. The confinement food is a thumbs up too hee hee [​IMG] The building looks old on the outside but then i stayed in their 1 bedded and felt like in a hotel suite leh [​IMG] i also stayed in the 2 bedded also equally as good [​IMG]
  14. cleo

    cleo New Member

    I stayed at Mt. A. Must say that all the nurses and midwives were v good. In v good hands. [​IMG]
  15. curry

    curry Member

    hi kiwi28,
    i gave birth at Mt A and I thought the stay was quite okay. But now I nurse a personal grudge against them because I feel that they are partly responsible for my failure in breastfeeding. When my baby was brought to me for breastfeeding the first time, the nurse just jogged my breast and pushed it into the baby's mouth without teaching me patiently and left quickly. Baby still suckled quite well. But the second time she just pushed the baby's mouth into my breast and left. I tried to do it myself but realised she couldn't suckle well for the second breast. Called the nurse and she brought me a nipple shield cos my nipple quite flat. And she left quickly again although I was not very certain on how to handle the whole process. Later they pushed baby back to the nursery and subsequently, nurse came to tell me my baby kept crying and would I like to give her forumla milk. I "gong gong" say ok loh...

    The second day I tried to breastfeed again and my nipples were very sore. Nurse told me to stop for a few days until my nipples healed.

    My breastfeeding was a failure when i reached home. Couldn't latch her on properly at all. I tried to pump but ms very low until almost zero.

    When I heard frm my friend how the nurses and lactation consultant at TMC came by everyday to teach her to breastfeed and see how she is doing, I felt like crying. Mt A should have done better and the nurse should not have offered forumla milk so readily. My impatient baby gal found it exasperating to suckle when she has experienced the fastmilk flow from the bottle.

    My friend rec the lactation consultant at TMC called Mrs Wong. I went at 6 weeks but it was too late. Mrs Wong said there's nothing wrong with my breast and nipples, in fact i have a big aerola area great for breastfeeding, just that I didn't manage to breastfeed properly at the start, and the Medela pump is too weak to stimulate flow.

    Imagine my grief. I really found it hard to come to terms that I cannot breastfeed my gal. So because of the experience I would think TMC is better if you believe strongly in breastfeeding. But I suppose it varies from nurse to nurse. What you need to do is to be very sure and not be led by the nurses to drink FM so easily.

    Sorry for the long post, also wanted to air my grievances.
  16. joyzelee

    joyzelee New Member

    Curry - sorry to hear your experience... itz true BF is tough initially, n u need all the expert help possible. Put it behind u ok? u tried your best *pat pat your shoulders*

    Me gave birth in TMC too... itz true their lactation nurses are a lot more patient when compared to other hospital, they actually come by a few times per day to make ure u r doing it rt, and to see if you need any help.

    they also provide 'class' during your stay, incluing things like how to bath your BB, how to BF, and how to alleviate engorgement etc. I found it v useful.

    Facilities wise, TMC is a lot newer than Mt A... and btw, the complimentary parking is for all class ward, not juz 4 single-bedded rm.

    Oh yah, TMC provide v gd 'bu3 tang1', to stimulate milk supply, and their confinement meals r quite gd too... I heard a lot of mums send their HB to TMC specially to buy the soup ;)
  17. curry

    curry Member

    hi sunflower

    Thanks, i suppose time will heal my the pain...sigh
  18. ixwong

    ixwong Active Member

    I like TMC service. They still call me after I have discharged to ask how am I coping. Nice touch.
  19. krazy

    krazy Active Member

    i gave birth at Mt A but i had a wonderful experience with the nurses there. in fact, the nurses were extremely patient when teaching, helping me with breastfeeding. one of my nipples were inverted and i had so much trouble initially. i remembered, the nurse, she pushed in my baby at 6am... and she didnt leave until like 630-645am.. and that was because other patients were pushing the call bells and she probably got to push their babies to them..

    sis kang was wonderful.
  20. bliss

    bliss New Member

    hey mummies..

    any one took a 2bedded at Mt A? How much cash fork out??
  21. jj04

    jj04 Member

    Hi Jo

    I took 2 bedded at Mt A in Nov last yr, mine was Csection, forked out abt 2.5k after medisave
  22. shiaolea

    shiaolea New Member


    I think Mt A is good. The lactation consultant came everyday to check on me. I think you have to make a point to request. SOmetimes, they are so in demand that it is difficult for the consultant to prioritise. I made a point to inform them even before I was admitted to deliver through my gynae that I had problems breastfeeding. The consultant Even called up once a week up to 3 weeks after I discharged from Mt A to check on how I was doing. Did not managed because of short nipples, but was quite touched with the service.

    The nurses are great! They really care. The facilities are old, but I think the personal touch is the MOST important of all.

    Not sure about TMC, but Mt A is much better than KKH. Delivered there too. Grhhh.....

  23. bliss

    bliss New Member


    urs is how many bedded?
  24. gal_gal

    gal_gal New Member

    Hi all

    Any good gynae to recommend in TMC?

  25. joyzelee

    joyzelee New Member

    Hi Evelyn,
    my gynae is K C Yeo.. he is gd n experienced. Both my boys were delivered by him. Most imptly, he is pro natural birth, n pro Breastfeeding... I tink tis is v impt if it is what u wan... [​IMG]
  26. hbcedi

    hbcedi New Member


    I am a doula and always being asked by moms who will support their birth plan. Can you tell me about KC Yeo's natural birth philosophy? I have not worked with him before. Thanks!
  27. joyzelee

    joyzelee New Member

    Hi doula,
    he ever mentioned to me b4 he will monitor the bb's situation, if possible, he will try not to induce as many a times, after being induced and the bb is not ready to be born, it will lead to E-Caeser... n he will encourage patients to consider natural... I ever heard 1 of the patients insist on Caeser on non-medical grounds n he firmly rejected her.
    Tell u more if you wnt, mayb u can PM me [​IMG]
  28. hbcedi

    hbcedi New Member

    The criteria I generally encourage women to ask to find out if dr. is pro natural birth and will honor their birth plan is: When do you find it necessary to induce? Can I labour and birth in the position of my choice? Can I eat and drink during labour? Is there a time limit to how long I can labour? How often do you find it necessary to perform an episiotomy? What is your c section rate?
    The answers received can tell you whether or not they are pro natural birth.
    Let me know if you need to know the reasons behind any of the questions. :)

  29. joyzelee

    joyzelee New Member

    Hi Doula... some qn I kay b able to ans, coz I asked him b4 long long time ago when I had my 1st child.
    1) He only find it nec to induce if it is past 42wks n the bb is startint o pass motion in the womb.
    2) We are encouraged to walk ard as much as possible, there's no need to chk into the labour suite immediately. He told me walking ard will help with the dilation. You can choose your most comfy position to gif birth, but he encourage gravity assisted positions.
    3) can drink can eat, as we need energy to push, but try not to eat too much, as too full makes it difficult to push
    4) Episiotomy - he will access the situation. If there is a high possibility of a tear, he will cut, as a neat cut is easier to stitch, n neater, rather than a star shaped tear.
    5) C- section rates I never ask.
    Above is based on my memory, not to be taken as the gynae's stance [​IMG]
  30. hbcedi

    hbcedi New Member

    Sunflower -
    I like most of his answers!! It might be easier for him to stitch a cut, but easier for you heal from a tear than a cut. It also increases your risks for fecal incontinence later. The World Health Organisation recommends a c section rate between 12 - 15%. After that, the c sections performed are unnecessary. Can you tell me in which practice he is?
  31. joyzelee

    joyzelee New Member

    huh? which practice is asking where is he located, is it? K C Yeo is located in TMC... 5th level...
  32. hbcedi

    hbcedi New Member

    Ah, ok. I just called his office and receptionist says he does not work with doulas
    ;-(. Perhaps you could ask why in your next appt? Thanks.
  33. mamy

    mamy New Member

    hi doula, can i know which are the gynaes that are pro natural birth you've work with?
  34. hbcedi

    hbcedi New Member

    can, lah! Dr. Paul Tseng, Dr. TC Chang, Dr. FM Lai, Prof. Rauff (NUH), and I hear about Dr. Chong Yap Seng (NUH). I am sure there are others who are open to natural births, I just have not had the oppty to work with them!! Anyone else have gynaes they would like to recommend that are open to natural, non intervention births? Anyone had a water birth?
  35. mamy

    mamy New Member

    doula, thankyou very much. any of the above dr. you've mentioned delivers in KKH? how do a doula helps to deliver baby?
  36. crystallized

    crystallized Active Member

    hi doula,
    i hv similar qn as minimouse. how does a doula really assist during delivery? [​IMG]
  37. hbcedi

    hbcedi New Member

    I believe that FM Lai attends births at KKH. You will need to check with him. He is at A Company for Women at Camden Medical Centre. I recently spoke at KKH's O&G nursing association about HypnoBirthing. So many attended this talk (over 150) they had to change venues! They were all quite impressed with the benefits of HypnoBirthing.

    A doula is a professional labour supporter. She 'mothers' the mother. A doula provides information to parents about all their birthing options, the benefits and risks of interventions (antenatal classes). She stays with the mother throughout her labour, providing emotional support and suggestions on positioning, breathing, wiping her forehead with a wet cloth, applying warm compresses where needed, reminding mom to go to toilet often. A doula does not replace the father, but supplements him. Reminding him when to do the things mentioned above if he is wanting to participate, or giving him a break when he needs one.

    Midwives come and go during labour, but they have several other moms they are monitoring. A doula stays with the mom the entire time. Doula's do not do anything clinical - no vaginal exams, no blood pressure checks, no temp taking.

    Studies have shown that women supported by doulas have a 50% reduction of cesarean rate; 25% shorter labours; 60% reduction in epidural requests; 30% reduction in analgesia use; 40% reduction in forceps delivery. WOW! A wonderful thing, no?
  38. hbcedi

    hbcedi New Member

  39. gal_gal

    gal_gal New Member

    Thank you Sunflower

    Is your experience with TMC good?
  40. joyzelee

    joyzelee New Member

    Hi Evelyn,
    yup. def gd. both times gd. after I discharges, they did 3 follow up calls, once per wk to follow up n make sure everythg ok, esp since I on TBF. Nice touch! n my stay there was gd too, well taken care of, n of coz, the bu3 tang1 was a plus for lactating mums... helped to establish milk supply. [​IMG]

    K C Yeo is a very caring gynae. If u r gg 2 him, hope u will like him as much as I did. He is very experienced. He was recommended by HB's colleague n I/m glad I went to him [​IMG]
  41. gal_gal

    gal_gal New Member


    Okie. thanks for your answer. at least if i want to go to TMC, i feel more secure.. haha
  42. gal_gal

    gal_gal New Member

    Hi all, anyone know Dr Phyllis Liauw? Is she good? She is in the same clinic as Dr Eunice Chua.
  43. hbcedi

    hbcedi New Member

    I have a suggestion re: advice on doctors. Rather than taking someone else's perception of who they 'liked', figure out what you want from a dr. then ask open ended questions to ensure you are on the same page. It will also empower you in making your choice rather than giving your power to someone else by allowing them to influence your thinking and choices.

    If you are wanting an epidural and pain meds, any doctor who has a pleasing personality to you will do. If you are looking for a non-medicated, 'natural' birth, ask these questions:
    1. How do you feel about me birthing off the bed in any position I choose? (Being in a upright position during birth permits gravity to help the baby move down the birth path.)
    2. When do you find it necessary to induce labour? (Remember full term is anywhere between 37 to 42 weeks - that is a 5 week span and only 5% of women have their babies on their due date. Resist the temptation to induce or try natural methods of inducing rather than medical interentions which create a much more painful labour)
    3. How long are you comfortable allowing me to labour? (Some doctors believe you should dilate 1 cm per hour. Every mum is different and as long as mum and baby are ok, why speed things up? Trust your birthing body to know how fast or slow to go.)
    4. How often do you find it necessary to perform an episiotomy? (You heal faster from a tear than from a cut)
    5. How do you feel about me eating or drinking during labour. (If you have a long labour you might become hungry and weak if denied food and water IV fluids can create an electrolite imbalance in the baby)
    6. What is your c section rate? (WHO recommends at c section rate between 12-15%. Any performed above that number are not medically necessary)
    7. How do you feel about me having a support person besides my spouse with me during labour?

    This will accurately define your doctor as one who trusts birth and a womans ability to birth without intervention or one that feels a woman's body is flawed and unable to birth without intervention. The key is to know which you want! The best way to find this out is by educating yourself to all your birthing options; the benefits and risks involved with interventions so you can make informed decisions!

    Cheers!! and happy birthing!!
  44. gal_gal

    gal_gal New Member

    Hi Doula.. actually there are lots of terms that i dont understand. Eg: what is epidural? is it a kind of injection begin injected when we are in pain! And actually i have a miscarriage before due to bb self abortion, and i think i am about 5 weeks pregnant now. Is it advisable for me to go to see a gynae now because of my previous experience? The questions that you have ask me to ask myself, it makes me so blur. Because i am reali like a baby now, dont reali understand all this pregnant questions?
  45. hbcedi

    hbcedi New Member

    It's time to start reading, reading, reading. I suggest Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy by Elizabeth Somer. Nutrition and Exercise are the key cornerstones to a positive pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy After a Loss by Carol Lanham to ensure you are not holding onto any negative emotions that might effect this pregnancy. Birthing From Within by Pam England, Hey! Who's Having This Baby Anyway by Breck Hawk, HypnoBirthing, A Celebration of Life by Marie Mongan, Obstetric Myths and Research Realities by Henci Goer. These books all reinforce the normalcy of birth. Prenatal Parenting by Fredrick Wirth to reinforce that the baby is listening and learning now, in utero and how the baby will remember its birth experience. Prenatal care and planning the birth experience is not just for you, but key to how your baby will view the world it is being born into.

    I know that is a lot, but it will definitely inform you of all your options and help you to trust your body and its ability to birth.

    An epidural is when an anesthetic is injected into the spine causing numbness in the lower half of your body. If it would make you feel better to see a gynae now, but all means seek out professional help.

    Let me know if you have any more questions. Seek out antenatal classes outside the hospital setting to ensure you learn all your options.

  46. gal_gal

    gal_gal New Member

    alright Doula. I will go and read through those pregnancy books. Think it will help me alot.
  47. erkerk

    erkerk Member

    was wondering why this topic became 'other' topic..

    Anyone can share their experiences in 2 bedded in TMC and MAH? Is the space big? hb allow to stay and the breakdown cost etc?
  48. gal_gal

    gal_gal New Member

    Hi all

    Did anyone been for the down sydrome check before. Just went to my gynae and got to knew there are this kind of thing.
  49. joeietan

    joeietan New Member

    i gave birth at TMC too. it's good. if i pregnant again will sure go TMC again cause their food is nice. even my hubby loves it
  50. mich_liu82

    mich_liu82 Member

    I discharged from TMC on 18th July. Nurses there are very nice, very helpful as well.

    I took a 4 bedded but was upgrade to 2 bedded by my gynae w/o extra cost. Which means i paid 4 bedded price but stay in 2 bedded.

    For 2 bedded, they dun allow hubby to stay, onli 1 bedded. But I think the 1 bedded is redundant unless u want hubby to be der 24 hours.

    Wat I think was at least I got a neighbour beside me, at least got someone to talk to when u r bored though I might have to tolerate abit of her snoring when she sleeps lar.

    The food there is nice, u dun have to worry bout goin hungry! Basically, I think everything and everyone is good there! Definately a thumbs up!

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