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Advice needed. Mindchamps or Schichida method?

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by isabellali, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. isabellali

    isabellali Active Member

    Wonder which is better?? Schichida method or mindchamps?? I know schichida method is more on right brain training. But what does mindchamps focus on?? Mummies who have kids attending / attended these classes, pls give some advice. On the fees and programme structure.. Thanks a million~

  2. cutie

    cutie Member


    how old is yr child?
  3. isabellali

    isabellali Active Member


    My kid is turning 5 this coming august.
  4. cutie

    cutie Member

    oh. same age as my gal.

    are u refering mindchamps enrichment or their pre-sch child care?

    mindchamp is not taking in enrichment classes for 5 yrs old anymore. the minimum is primary 1 now for their enrichment classes.
  5. isabellali

    isabellali Active Member

    Ic, thanks for letting me know..

    But would like to know the diff, can anyone pls advise?
  6. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    Hi Isabella,
    Are you still interested in Mindchamps? Actually, mindchamps has classes for preschool but the classes are full until end yr 2009. If any of you are still interested in going down to take a look and reserve a place for your child, let me know & I can forward you the contact. The other programs are for P1 to tertiary level and they focus on 3 mindsets (champion mindset, learning mindset & creative mindset). They teach techniques to tap on the child's mind so that he/she can excel in the studies. I was told that Schichida is more of flash cards. One of my friends spent $$ on Schchida for his son but it didn't work for him. Let me know if you are interested in Mindchamps as my niece has enrolled in mindchamps. I can provide more details to you.
  7. znzyzyzx

    znzyzyzx New Member

    My daughter has attended both mindchamp and Shichida before, if you ask me to choose between the two, I would rather go for shichida.
  8. tobebride

    tobebride New Member

    Hi znzyzyzx,

    May I know how old was your girl when she attended mindchamp and Shichida? Thanks.
  9. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    Perhaps you could share with us more on Shichida & how it has helped your girl so that we can also do a comparision? tks.
  10. cutie

    cutie Member


    Both mindchamps and shichida are different. Mayb ur child is more suitable to shichida??

    my no1 started shichida at 11 mths old till abt 4 yrs old. She likes and enjoys the lesson. But my no2 doesnt like and she cant sit still thru out the lessons.She will be attending Mindchamps nxt yr.

    Shichida is right brain stimulation while mindchamps is not.
    Can u share yr experience among the two here?

  11. znzyzyzx

    znzyzyzx New Member

    Hi, Hi,

    I do not meant that my daughter benefited very much from Shichida.

    I did not send my two younger kids to shichida as well, because I think it is too expensive, and for it to be effective , there is a lot of participation from the parents. By just going to the lesson one a week is not going to help.
  12. znzyzyzx

    znzyzyzx New Member

    I am not saying that mindchamp is no good , but I think it is overpriced for that kind of methods that they teach in class.

    I mean, those memory method (by using funny picture, linking , etc ,etc) , use highlighters to highlight the important points, etc, etc, it is nothing spectacular to warrant that kind of fee.

    It is more or less like Adam Khoo's "I am gifted , so are you" or the Learning Mastery "Smart Kid" kind of staff, which they are charging about $1500, whereas Mindchamp charges more than $2500.
  13. aladin

    aladin Member


    My daughter attended shichida enrichment course once a week when she was 16mths, and nw she is 18 mths. Need alot of practise at home, like card flashing, esp games, etc.

    Are you referring to enrichment course or Right Brain School? Shichda has a child care program as well.
  14. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    there are many techniques & strategies used by mindchamps & they are scientifically proven & many well known educators are key experts behind designing these programs. this includes mrs carmee lim the former SGS principal & a well known maths lecturer from nus.

    Besides looking at the price which is a key concern to many of us, it is gd to look at the no. of hrs, content of programs & the value that mindchamps can provide your children. BTW, Mindchamps has weekend workshops for parents & family to attend to have a deeper understanding on the programs. Make an informed decision after you have found out more from the different education institution.

    Anyone interested in the workshop can PM me.
  15. znzyzyzx

    znzyzyzx New Member

    Oh, and btw, Mindchamp paid commission to recruiter, sort of like Insurance agent. That is part of the reason why their fees are so high.
  16. znzyzyzx

    znzyzyzx New Member

    What I said is just personnel opinion, after sending my kids to all these various workshops. For Learning Mastery (by Ernest Wong) , at lease they have some follow up after the workshop, where they will invite you to attend some workshop on exam techniques , etc, either free or pay a nominal fee.
  17. chinlee

    chinlee Active Member

    FYI - Mrs Carmee Lim was the Principal of Raffles Girls' School.
    Indeed, I understand that they pay commission to "recruiters" much like the MLM style. I went for one such talk - quite a bit of hard selling done. The learning environment is quite friendly though.
  18. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    Sorry, it's RGS, typo error...Thanks Chin!

    FYI - My niece has enrolled to Mindchamps and my sister as her parent has to attend Parenting workshops (free) to understand what her daughter will be taught and how she as a parent should guide her child during the learning phase and provide a supportive environment for her child. And they have this global guarantee for P3 & above to assure parents that your child has mastered at least 80% of the techniques taught. Think about it, these are lifelong techniques & strategies for your child to excel in life, wouldn't it be great if you see you child doing well in life after learning the techniques? My niece will also go through a pre & post test to examine her champion mindset & learning styles before & after she starts her class. Anyway, my sister enrolled my niece last month to enjoy the attractive promotion only for National day and she will only starts in Jan 2009 so I would be able to share more next time.

    Well, as for commission, I suppose this is common as we see salespersons everywhere we go, in car showrooms, property launch, in dept store selling PCs, TVs etc...

    Looking for a program that suits our child is not easy, it is important for us to really understand the learning style of our child & his/her strengths & weaknesses. Sometimes I have to try different methods to help my sons to understand some logic, concepts and ideas to help them in their learning. Both of my sons are very different in their learning, one is more visual while the other is more an audio person. I really enjoy my time with them and are very motivated when I see them enjoy learning new things, be it play or study [​IMG]
  19. joe23

    joe23 New Member

    Hi All Parents

    I would just like to comment on Minchamps, my 8yr son is enrolled in the Mindchamps programs.iTS MONEY WELL SPEND. Apart from the excellent programs,and trainers, most of all his selfconfidence, & communication with myself and my husband has improved alot. He is so much more motivated to do his homework, and he actually has a goal set 4 himself. I would encourage everyone to check Mindchamps out...thumbs up. lol
  20. danni

    danni New Member

    Hi , Jane,
    if a kid is quite advanced for his age ( in terms of learning and maturity) and is a self-confident kid and is rather motivated already, will they still benefit from Mindchamps program? do they give any independent assessments/evaluations ? I heard that the course costs a few grand and it is a long committment in terms duration. what was your experience with them ?
  21. znzyzyzx

    znzyzyzx New Member

    Hi, Dannise,
    From my own experience with my daughter , he will not benefit much. In terms of cost to benefit, I would think that it is not so worth it.

    Having said that, I must say that may be it is still dependent on each individual kid, some kids might just "ting" , get motivated by the course, and some kids might just treat it as any ordinary enrichment programme (to go and have some fun)

    If you know of this Adam Khoo's story, you must have heard that he attended Ernest Wong's smart teen programme, and get motivated from there, and now becomes a very successful motivational speaker himself.

    I personally feel that Mindchamp, Ernest Wong's smart kid, Adam Khoo's Superkids are more or less the same, so if you really want to send your son for one of these programme, may be it is cheaper to go for either Adam Khoo's or Ernest Wong's holiday camp, where it is cheaper and a shorter period of time (4 or 5 days camp)
  22. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    Hi Danni,
    The focus of mindchamps programs for preschoolers & for p1 to tertiary level are different. If you need more info for preschoolers I suggest you go thru sasha's sharing in another thread. I've also shared some on programs for p1 - tertiary level. need to know more, can pm me.

    Gd to find out more from different education institutes to make a comparison before decide which is more suitable for your child. [​IMG]
  23. joe23

    joe23 New Member

    Hi All

    Mindchamps is very different indeed to Adam Khoo,Schicida, etc. I have tried and recearched different programs, and I say Mindchamps was a lifechaning experience not only for our son, but also for myself & my husband. We attend the parent workshop. One thing... Mindchamps have scientistic proven records and they defenitely stand out above the rest. Money is one thing, but a childs future in this world is much more of a concern. I am very happy with my choice and can finally say I have found a program that works,and the standards and quality is very high. Defenitely worth spending the money on.
  24. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    Hi Danni,
    Yes minddchamps does provide pre- & post-evaluation of your child's learning styles. they also conduct assessments to ensure that your child master the scientifically proven techniques at least 80% of the standard. Some of the study techniques allow the child to improve memory, reduce study time & organise their study info to better understand them, store & recall them when needed. They have talks on weekend for parents to learn more abt how parents can help their children to excel in studies. Gd to attend to find out more & assess. [​IMG]
  25. ruthannloh

    ruthannloh New Member

    Hi hi,

    Just a passing comment.

    Our daughter attended Shichida when she was 5yrs old. The method is effective, quite parallel like Glen Doman but with a diff twitch. Both rely on flash cards. Its the worksheets and games set by shichida that stimulate the brain cells n increases the synapses within the brain matter.

    To me, making and showing flashcards can be done on our own. For games, they can be purchased from growing up fun shops here or thru the internet such as IQ balls, pyramid stackings etc.

    For Adam Khoo's, its more like a one time thingy n its more like aceing in the academics. Some of my students who attended, they showed improvement. However, the sustainability is 'questionable' here. Its like a 'touch n go' momentum.

    As for mindchamps, it has been to be extremely effective for our daughter. Its more on the holistic position and aprroach taken. As an educator, I do highly advocate this programme.

    In Mindchamps, its the life learning skills (both academic n morale values)that they instil in each child, the joy of learning n the values of gratitude to loved ones.

    I saw a drastic improvement in my daughter in terms of motivation to give her best, discipline in doing essential tasks which she used to dread, caring for people and environment etc..the bonus points came in was her grades..it improved fr bounds n leaps..we need not to remind n nag at her for homework n preparation for exam..v strange, she did all these automatically. Like a magic wand waved by the fairy godmother..which moms like me find it a miracle [​IMG]

    Initially, I was extremely skeptical n negative n so awfully nasty to the staff who was trying to explain the package.( looking back, I am terribly disgusted with my attitude which i did apologise much later...sigh...) I shared d sentiments that it was like a rip off coz each sale personnel is give s form of commission. however, this applies to things like buying a property, car etc...commission applies also.

    Hope this clarifies :D
  26. joe23

    joe23 New Member

    Hi RuthAnn & Dannise

    Mindchamps staff and programs are amazing. They take the children under they wings, and the environment is fantastic.I agree with Ruthann... Exam time has become a pleasure, instead of a nag and argument. The Mindchamps program has defenitely taught my son alot of great things, but also how to be selfmotivated. Dannise have you been to one of their seminars before?
  27. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    Glad to know that your children have benefitted from the programs.

    How old is your gal?

    Dear all,
    Yes, I agree with RuthAnn & Jane as my niece has already shown some improvement in her studies and attitude towards studying for her PSLE after she attended a 2-day seminar organised by mindchamps. My sister is so happy and like me, she is waiting anxiously for her girl to attend the program next year to see more improvement in her studies.

    If any of you need more info on the talk/seminar on weekends let me know, I will PM you the details. Gd to find out more to assess how the programs can help you children excel in their studies.

  28. ruthannloh

    ruthannloh New Member


    My Gal is 12 yr old. Just completed her PSLE examination [​IMG] for once, she did not protest studying, motivated to give her best. Prior to attending Mindchamps, it was like a daily WARFARE when it came to going to school and doing homework.Yes, I literally pulled my hairy, oh..my crowning glory [​IMG] I was at my wits end, especially with her sudden outbursts of maddness....

    I liked the graduation ceremony at the end of the Mindchamps session. The reflections given by each child were very positive and encouraging. Most of the children expressed their heartfelt thanks n gratitude to their loved ones for hands holding them, their quantum leap in their progress for their studies, improved attitudes like stop using vulgarities , esp to their parents, handed in their homework in sch and receiving fewer n fewer complaints from tecahers to parents etc.

    It was a very heart warming session. We saw parents shedding tears of pride, relieved, joy etc..It was money VERY WELL spent. Yes, it may be pricey for some of us, however money can always be earned. But the lives of our children plus the tickling of the clock, money cannot be buy them.

    I am a very satisfied mommy now. I am not looking at GREAT grades but more on the holistic improvement evident in my gal's life and it is still evident as time passes by.

    Thumbs up for Mindchamps.

  29. stressma

    stressma Member

    Hi Ruth,

    when did u sign up your daughter to mindchamps?

    my son is 4YOs now, u think still in time for schidia?
  30. aladin

    aladin Member

    i am interested in the mindchamps pre-sch. Heard they just started opening the school this year at Toa Payoh and will be opening 17 branches more ard singapore at different locations.

    Anyone planning to send their child to pre-sch instead? Would want to know more details.
  31. joe23

    joe23 New Member

    Hi Octbride_78

    I phoned my friend Sasha whom enrolled her 3yr little girl 4 mnths ago into the Mindchamps Pre-school. She gave me some info for you:

    They have a website you can check out: www.mindchamps.org/preschool.
    They apparently teach the kiddies ecnrichment classes all levels from Playgroup - K2.

    As follows:
    *Reading & Writing made fun
    *Fun with Phonics
    *Music for the Mind
    *Inter-hemispheric Strategies.
    *Neuro- Mooves Gym

    * You don't need 2 pay 4 any of these classes, all included in monthly sch fees.

    I Hope you will find this info, and website helpful!!!!
  32. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    Hi Octbride_78,

    When I last checked with my friend at Mindchamps Pre-school, I was told that the classes are full until 2nd yr 2009. Many people are in the waiting list. If you are interested, you need to register for your interest to be in the waiting list. Maybe can consider for yr 2009 (if they have vacancies in later part of 2009) or yr 2010. Just note that the focus of the strategies for preschoolers and P1 - tertiary are different, in case you have children of different age groups. If you need more details, let me know I will PM you the contacts & info.

    Mindchamps learning programs focus on unleashing the best potential in our children. The children are so happy learning in the classes. Their techniques and strategies are good as you need to start young in developing your children's learning habits and creativity which are very impt in their later stages of learning and in schools.

  33. aladin

    aladin Member

    thanks jan and wan wan!
    Can u pm me on more info?
  34. ruthannloh

    ruthannloh New Member

    Hi All,

    As a mom n an educator, I would want to send my children to Mindchamps when they are in Primary school. One of my rationale is that younger children may not be able to grasp the learning concepts well, especially if she/he is not ready for solid learning. While in primary sch, they are more mature.

    Meantime, when they are in the kindergarten, gear then up with reading skills. Reading skills are important and crucial. Once they are able to read, comprehend and write, its half the battle won.


  35. joe23

    joe23 New Member


    I absolutely agree, Mindchamps is great for our children. I have met so many parents and people whom are so happy about sending their children to Mindchamps, & they can see a positive change in their children. So defenitely thumbs up frm alot of people & kids out there!!!!!
  36. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    Hi RuthAnn,
    Agree with you that reading skill is impt. Once the child is able to read, he is able to do well in all other subjects like Eng, Maths and Sci. Reading forms a basic and yet impt foundation for our children to excel in schools. Your daughter is fortunate to have you to develop & nurture her from young [​IMG]

    Hi Octbride,
    Will PM you.
  37. jean_foo

    jean_foo New Member


    Does anyone heard of Kidsgrow centre? I heard it's a centre to assess a child strength and weakness.
  38. jul34

    jul34 New Member

    Kids Grow has now changed their name to Brain revolution. Its about training your child's brain to excel in reas like co-ordination,motivation, creativity, etc etc. I went for their parent workshop in Nov and has just enrolled my kid there. Have you heard anything about its effectiveness. I have yet to see real results but my boy definately enjoy going there.
  39. jul34

    jul34 New Member

    Kids Grow has now changed their name to Brain revolution. Its about training your child's brain to excel in areas like co-ordination,motivation, creativity, etc etc. I went for their parent workshop in Nov and has just enrolled my kid there. I have yet to see real results but my boy definately enjoys going there. Have you heard anything about its effectiveness.
  40. angel

    angel Member

    I was once considering mindchamps. Is it such a coincidence that mommies who posted rave reviews just joined the forum in Sep/Oct 08 and their first post is on Mindchamps?
  41. jam2008

    jam2008 New Member

    haha , agree with you, angel.
  42. add_leaf

    add_leaf New Member

    Just would like to share some thoughts.

    I too, was interested in Mindchamps and my 4yr-3mth girl just started with Shichida this Jan.

    After having gone through a number of 'training' techniques, it is the parent who needs to walk the learning journey together with the child.

    Being a busy working mother, I had felt guilty not spending time to work on learning skills earlier. Now, I have a chance to redeem myself by home-schooling my kids for a year in Melbourne.

    If us parents are too busy to spend time with our kids on learning, then we really have to consider enrolling them in Mindchamps, Shichida-type kindergartens, where the child-teacher ratio is lower and more individualisation can be made to accommodate each child's learning preference.

    If us parents have time to work on learning skills with our kids, then, perhaps it's better to enrol in enrichment classes whilst we brush up on our parenting skills at the same time.

    My 2-cents.
  43. enjie

    enjie New Member

    Can a Pri 1 kid be able to understand the concepts learned in Mindchamps to apply to their studies? For P1, roughly how much is the course fees & how long is the course & how often per week? How many students are there in each class?
  44. cloverfriend

    cloverfriend Member

    Hello mummies, i'm contemplating sending my gal to the preschool Jan'10 (the yr she turns 3). One of the reasons is the proximity to my in-laws place and convenient to ferry her daily. Though I would have preferred to enrol her into Pat Schoolhouse based on cirriculum if it is nearby. Has any mummy consider these two options and chosen Mindchamps over Pat Schoolhouse ? Can share with me the thoughts ?
  45. audreylau

    audreylau New Member

    hi mummies,
    My son is with MindChamps Preschool since last year Aug2008. I have accompanied him for a week when he was new with MindChamps.

    Good things that I would like to comment is the cosy environmen (their gym, gourmet moment, music class etc), lots of encouragement given to the kids, generous portion given for each meal, I am so impress with everything that the preschool provided.

    Recently, things start to irritate me! Newly bought uniform lost just within a week, workbook charge for $8, $5 for a communication book. So annoying, feel like my head place on a chopping board! some more the turn over rate for teachers are high and his classmate, 5 to 6 of them left too!
  46. ffl

    ffl New Member

    Hi Audrey, I fully understand how you feel. I have the same or may be worse experience than you.
    a exercise book cost $5 isn't so terrible as now I was requested to pay $250 for the graduation album with concerts costume. I did not even spend S$250 for my Master Graduation but just Kidergarten need it...
  47. yinnie

    yinnie New Member

    Hi all, i'd also like to find out more abt some of these brain training programs. Considering for my boy.

    A couple of my colleagues sent their kids to brain revolution. one said it was v effective for her boy and really helped him learn. the other said she has yet to see results but at least her daughter enjoys going for the lessons. So i'm still undecided. cos it's quite ex!

    My cousin n his wife sent their son for shichida n it seems pretty effective. But my friend didn't feel it did much for her boy and has stopped sending him there!

    So overall, I'm still unsure and there are so many dif programs out there!! Any more info n feedback would be appreciated! [​IMG]
  48. shenielle

    shenielle New Member

    I have checked with MindChamps, but disappointingly I am in the waiting list. There have another branch at Tanglin Road, which I am interested in. However, various branches have various teachers. Can I ask anyone here whom have sent their kids in Tanglin Road and appreciate if there's any feedback about this place.
  49. sea_kite

    sea_kite New Member

    Hi all,

    Does any have bad experience with their teacher ?
  50. audreylau

    audreylau New Member

    Wow!!! tats a lot to spend on e kiddo. They should have pre-amp parents first before release out the price!!!

    Shenielle Nunis
    My son at TPY MCs.
    Last week happen to drop by MCs at Tanglin road. This is wat I like, they have outdoor activities for the kids, this include sand play n water play. plus small number of kids in e class compare to TPY.

    Eve & Adam Family
    Yes, I did! Last year really make me struggled to deal with the teacher, feel so disappointed to have her as my child's teacher. Things changed this year, so for the time being im happy with them!!!

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