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Advice Needed!! Is post natal massage necessary after delivery?

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by ccindy_chua, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. ccindy_chua

    ccindy_chua Member

    Hi, need some advice about post natal massage. Some of my friend told me that its good to have it but some said its not good. Is it true that after massage and binding it will cause your tummy to wrinkle up? Im already 36weeks preggy and going to be due soon. Hope i can get some advice asap. Cheers!

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  2. brainysmurfs

    brainysmurfs Member

    Hi Cindy,

    so far no one tells me it is not good to have post-natal massage. My MIL, sister, friends and colleagues encourage me to engage one.

    My boss says that her uterus is 'dropping' and the massage lady help to push it back. The binding helps our hips to go back.

    But there are ppl who tells me to get qualifying ones. Some say malay massage ladies are better so it all depends on u. Hope this helps.

  3. ccindy_chua

    ccindy_chua Member

    Thanks brainysmurfs.. I think I will be getting 1. But I saw so many different recommendation. Abit confuse who to engage.. Have u engage 1 before?

  4. annetay

    annetay New Member

    Hi cindy,

    I had postnatal massage for both my baby after my delivery. Mostly all my office fren too had their postnatal sessions. You can feel more energetic and so relax after the massage. But must get experience ML to do it for you as that many therapists out there now a days. Get recommendations frm your frens. Mind done by traditional holistic postnatal centre as get gd feedback abt their service frm many mummies in these forum since many yrs back.

  5. ccindy_chua

    ccindy_chua Member

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks. I have already book 1. But too last min she might not be able to slot me in. Just hope that she is able to after i delivery.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  6. buffyfemme

    buffyfemme Member

    Hi Anne & Cindy

    Can pm me the details of your ML? Thanks a lot.

  7. annetay

    annetay New Member

    Hi Buffy,

    Sorry for the late reply as been busy past wk, bb not feeling well. You can go the company website jamumassage.com and call them for more detail.Very satisfied with their service.

  8. jenniferluy

    jenniferluy Member

    hi buffy, do you still need a contact? my post natal masseuse was also malay lady. her name is jamalaya.

  9. jtan9181

    jtan9181 Member

    Yea.postnatal massage necessary.I have bought an extra binder,original price is $28,now at $18 now up for grabs.nice nursing cover at $28,now at $18.SMS me at 96832398 if interested in this gd deal

  10. masitahubby

    masitahubby New Member

    Call:Mdm Mas/Masita (90510005)


    *Post Natal Massage*

    $50 for 90mins

    She do full body massage from head to toes,

    in any case if mummies has blocked milk ducts, She will help clear blocked ducts as well..

    no extra charges for the wrapping cloth..

    follow by a traditional tummy wrapping (bengkong), which is a long cotton cloth to,

    shrinks the tummy and helps mummies reduce weight.

    every sessions she will helps to push up the uterus, clears water retention, blood clot, wind & spasm.

    Her postnatal massage includes a 90mins customized body massage to relief stress & muscle tension.

    She use Herbs essential oil mixed with unique qualities that aid to relieve wind and body ache.

    she will apply special fat burner lotion before performing the tummy wrapping.

    *Head To Toes Full Body Massage*

    $40 for 90mins

    *Pre-Natal Massage*

    $40 for 90mins


    $50 for 90mins

    no tpt charges islandwide and no hidden cost..

    no standard package,is all up to individual budget & judge the result yourself..

  11. ethan09

    ethan09 Guest

    has anyone done the meridian treatment massage by Originsajamumassage? Wonder if its any good or should I just stick to the traditional jamu massage.

  12. sunday7

    sunday7 New Member

    anyone tried post natal massage by Madam Wati, a malay lady?

  13. angel_loi

    angel_loi Active Member

    Anyone got post natal massage to recommend based on Johor?

  14. littlebabies

    littlebabies New Member

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. Also looking around for postnatal massage and have enquired with few postnatal company. So far I saw many gd comments for traditional holistic postnatal centre. The lady boss was frenly and answered to all my quires. Will visit singaporemotherhood exhibition at singapore expoto make my bookings as I saw someone posting in the bp thread that they are having promotion there.

  15. rima

    rima New Member

    hi mum, i wuold like to recomended my post natal lady massage , she been doing for at last 9yrs and i am still keep in touch with her and having her massage at last i a mount she is malay lady with skillfull massage.her name jenny this her phone no 83305461

  16. elaine33

    elaine33 Member

    Hi I'm new to this forum. I just gave birth and going to 3 months after one more week. Is it too late to have a post natal massage? Any recommendation for good post natal massage with your experience? I called and asked before but it cost 400++. Did anyone come across any cheaper yet good result too? [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  17. elaine33

    elaine33 Member

    Hi rimapitaloka,

    How much does jenny charge? Is a home massage or she have a shop?

  18. ethan09

    ethan09 Guest

    I think jamu massage is necessary to shrink the overly-stretched stomach and expel out the wind.

    I engage the services of originsjamumassage during my first pregnancy and have engaged their services for my 2nd.


    good luck [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  19. rima

    rima New Member

    hi elaine, jenny will charge abt 50 to 70 dolar perday, defending of how far you staying from her house she staying at yishun anyway ,she doing home service massage and the massage duration 1 andhalf hour sametime 2hour.she also will bath for yr baby, if you want more information pls call her,guest u will love her massage.

  20. aris

    aris Member

    Hi, is it a common practice for MLs to on the aircon while massaging? I was shivering when I had my massages for number 1.

    Any advice is appreciated!


  21. sitinoor

    sitinoor New Member

    Hi all.. U can call or message mdm aida at 94361463 she drive all over singapore.. Her chargers is $60 per session its 1hr session but some time can be more then that ( depand on ur body condition). But she very busy women, so u cant fussy with the timing.. But trust me, mdm aida is very friendly n sincere lady, with her 10years of experience she can help all mummies to solve all the post natal problems.. And she's good in pre- natal massage as well ( after 24weeks onwards her advice)..

  22. tsytracey

    tsytracey New Member

    Hi Aris

    Nope I did not on the aircon netiher did my ML ask for it when I had my first baby... I'm asking her for massage again in another 2 weeks so I guess is the same.

  23. aris

    aris Member

    Hi Tracy,

    Thanks! How is her charges & duration like? Can please share how is her massage like.

    Thanks again!

  24. mommy_viv

    mommy_viv Member

    Hi Mommies,

    May i know when can one start with the massage? My mom want me to go through 1mth confinement, without bathing. Wont the massage makes one feel sticky after that, since not allowed to bath?

    Also, it's normally for how many sessions, daily or weekly basis?

    Thanks for all the sharing!

  25. blue_skies

    blue_skies Member


    Just to share with mommies who are looking for massage ladies, I've been getting my post-natal massage from this lady (Mdm Aisah). I got her after I delivered my No.1 and now getting her to massage me after I delivered my No.2.

    I'm recommending her coz she's a really nice lady and has helped me relieve my engorged breasts (she saved my boobs again this time round). If you want to contact her, her hp no. is 81778092. I think her charges are a bit more than other massage ladies but she's really good. I paid $420 (or $60/session) for one week of massage. Each session is about 1hr - 1.5hr.

    She will massage the whole body and also do the wrap for your tummy area. You can see the effect after just 2 sessions.

    Vivienne - If you have natural delivery, you can start the post natal massage after a week. And yah, it does make you sticky after the massage coz they will use some oil to massage you. I bathe everyday, cannot take the heat :D My massage is for one week (7 days), once a day, 1hr - 1.5hr each time.

    All the best!

  26. bluemonkey

    bluemonkey New Member

    hi where to buy the binder to use after delivery?

  27. tokyogal

    tokyogal Member

    I delivered via c-sect in mid-June. Been using the binder which I bought from my gynae (it's sold at Guardian Pharmacy too).

    Did massage with a Chinese lady, Xiaowei, (who was a Malaysian, now staying in Spore) from my third week after delivery. Her massage style was more of qi massage (tcm oriented). She was very detailed and explained every steps she did during the first 2 sessions. I was definitely more energised after the massage, and best thing of all, she solved my backache problem. One thing though, as she doesn't only do post-natal massage but also normal treatments, she's always fully booked. Also her charges are more expensive than many ($990 for 7 sessions) and I think it's money well-spent.

    6 weeks after my delivery, I tried out massage with another lady called Iris. Iris deployed tui-na technique coupled with traditional stomach binding. My stomach flattened after the massage sessions. Her charges are lower than the first massuer - she charges $80 for 1hr of homevisit.

  28. buffyfemme

    buffyfemme Member

    I am at my 3rd week after C-section.

    My gynae said I can do post-natal massage but must avoid the wound area. Otherwise, I have to wait for a month.

    I would like to ask if I engaged a massage lady now, would my tummy be slimmed down as she cannot massage the wound.

    Can anyone advise me?

  29. bunnymummy82

    bunnymummy82 Member

    hi buffy

    sorry i did natural delivery so no idea. but all i can say is post-natal massage is very relaxing for me. i enjoyed every session. i like the breast massage best as i breastfeed, so massaging the breast reduced the tension on my precious boobs. haha...

    i will like to recommend babies bellies for post-natal massage. i was having bad engorgement on a fri night. my original massage lady could not come immediately, so i called babies bellies for faster action. though it was after their office hours, the lady who picked up was very kind to advise me on what to do to rid my engorgement. thereafter she allocated a massage lady called Maia to me.

    Maia was very skillful and i feel very comfortable during every massage session. i did 7 days package and though it is slightly more exp than freelance price. but i feel its worth it.

  30. wens

    wens Member

    I also use babbies bellies for my post natal massage. I would say be careful in choosing ur masseuse coz I did have a very bad one (unexperienced and happened to be a new hire) but I finally found one that I really like. Describe to them what kind of pressure you like - they will assign u a masseuse according to your massage preference. One more thing, make sure you ask if the masseuse is experienced (how long she's been doing massage). Usually the older the better...

  31. wens

    wens Member

    Btw, yes I think post-natal massage helped me in losing the baby weight.. I almost gained back my prenatal weight after 2 month naturally (no diet).

  32. cakhcakh

    cakhcakh New Member

    I highly recommend Kak Ida. She didnt watch time when she did her massage. My first session went on for 2.5 to 3 hrs. Subsequently 1.5 to 2 hr. Real value for money. Same like other, she does binding, massage but what i like abt her.. when she does this hot treatment to remove wind and water retention. And if you sign up 10 session, she will do the slimming massage for free. She not that calculative type. That i like abt her.

    You may reach her at 96552394.

  33. mommy_viv

    mommy_viv Member

    Hi Wani,

    May I know how much she charge for 10 sessions?

  34. tlynne

    tlynne New Member

    Hi Tokyogal

    Does Xiaowei do binding/wraps as well? How long does each session last?

  35. annetay

    annetay New Member

    Hi mummies,

    I find that postnatal massage is something that we should not miss. I had my postnatal both my 2 babies by traditional & holistic postnatal centre and really recommend their service. They are located now at joo chiat. May visit their website jamumassage.com

  36. jess9574

    jess9574 Member

    Bad experience with Kak Ida (96552394) service. Not punctual, appointment at 11am but only turn up at 1pm. Moreover, no sms or call to inform about the delay. Massage skill not good also.

  37. chyanne

    chyanne Member

    Baby bellies postnatal massage is good, took a 7 days package at $399, but need to add transport $5 to $7 depend on where u stay and $20 for rental of the tummy wrap but wil be refund after u return. The lady tat massage me is ana, she is good and skillful, strength is according to what u request, friendly and very experience, after 2nd day wrap, tummy already flatten and back to my prenatal weigh after 3 weeks [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  38. zodiacstar

    zodiacstar New Member


    anyone used Aunty jenny 83305461? wana know how is the massage process like as found there is an other aunty Jenny

    Thanks very much mommies!

  39. graceloh

    graceloh New Member

    Hi zodiacstar, I had my postnatal by traditional & holistic postnatal. They did jamu massage as my mum insist that my postnatal must with jamu applications. You may check if aunty jenny will did traditional jamu massage or just with oil.The process of jamu massage you may look frm the company website that I engage. jamumassage.com

  40. hi mummies - am recommending my massage lady for those who cannot stand too much 'heat'. her name is Liza and her number is 96412314. she's punctual, quiet (doesn't engage in idle chatter), pressure can be adjusted. her rates are $400 for 5 sessions, $700 for 10. she uses ginger oil and cream. the jamu is in the form of a tablet so good for those with sensitive skin. The only 'downside' was that i was expecting to sweat loads and smell like a ginger plant after every session - but i didn't. so i'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

  41. dreamies

    dreamies New Member

    hi all mummies..any 1 engage service from Ida (94361463) or Khatijah (98001394)? do they use the bengkung cloth for wrapping? thks

  42. sani55

    sani55 New Member

    Actually I am not sure properly about natal massage after delivery. But I can advice you to take a look at Aiasn massage West Palm Beach to get some info about your topic. It can be helpful to find out your answer.

  43. danika

    danika New Member

    Anyone can assist me on a good n really experience lady in massage n jamu..n does a good job...
  44. Jomel Ng

    Jomel Ng New Member

    Hi! Do you still have the contacts of xiaowei and iris? Thank you :)

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