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Advice Needed - Illness/Sickness in Childcare

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by smurftie, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. smurftie

    smurftie Member


    my 25 mths old son is attending childcare since he's 21 mth old...but he only attend half day, occasionally will place him till 3/5pm...then my mum will fetch him hm

    since then every mth he'll get sick...for the past two mths his illness was the serious kind, with fever the previous mth & tis time (while i'm on confinement) flu & cough for a wk plus, return to childcare a few half days, then followed by HFMD...

    currently i'm on maternity leave, finishing my confinement tmr, however my concern is tat when i return to work, i intend 2 place my son to full day and my mum will help 2 care my newborn...but seeing my son getting sick every mth, unable 2 go childcare for a few days or even a wk, by then my mum will b unable 2 care for 2 kids, especially one of them is sick...& i can't b taking leave for a wk every mth...

    although i've heard ppl say kids will tend 2 get sick in childcare & tis is 2 build up their immune system but every mth a bit too often...& i tink when yr child is sick best nt 2 go childcare but 2 rest at hm till recover...whereby it'll take a few days 2 a wk plus 2 recover...

    i do hve in mind tat i'll monitor 4 the next few mths & c, if it still persist, will hve 2 tink of alternatives...either a maid 4 my mum & my son stop gg 2 childcare or i might really hve 2 quit, whereby i hope nt, cos i myself doubt i can handle 2 kids.. [​IMG]

    i would like mummies who have children in full day childcare to share how to due with such situation?

  2. b2b3m4

    b2b3m4 Active Member

    My kids 5 & 3 are in CC and 11 mths in Infant care. Falling sick is part and parcel of these centres and there isn't really much u can do except to take leave. U really need a supportive boss and spouse who will share out the load should the child unable to go to school. That being said, dun forget the centres are closed on Teachers and children's day too and there r days for training snd spring cleaning. Unless u intend to cope ur child at home all day long, otherwise they can pick up bugs in malls and playground too. To me, it is more impt to build up their health. Therefore i usually prepare nutritious food for them, ensure they have ample rest and they take multivits too.

    otherwise u can consider althernatives like sending to a nanny.
  3. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    hi b2b3m4

    tks 4 yr advice...

    just wondering if yr child is just down w flu/cough, when he's slightly better do u still send them there or wait till he truely recovers? cos 4 tis centre i've seen parent gave the teachers the med 2 b fed 2 the kids...so it seems like even though the kids nt fully recover, they still send them there...

    toking abt ample rest, my son tends 2 sleep at abt 10 plus, then wake up 8 plus or sometimes we hve 2 wake him up 2 go sch...izzit consider late 4 him 2 sleep? cos in centre, they can't sleep 4 long but the most 2 hrs...whereby i tink sometimes my son if tired can sleep till 3 hrs...

    nutritous food...wat kind of food?
  4. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi SM,

    So long as the child gets better and no fever, the CC will allow parents to bring their kids back to the CC.

    For my daughter, she also fell sick quite often in the 1st yr she was in PG/PN - Almost every other mth. She was down with HFMD and also suspected H1N1 (with high fever). As long as the child is still growing, this is part and parcel of growing up, learning to fight those millions of viruses.

    I just convert my daughter (3yo) to fullday CC since last mth. So far, she is doing ok, except for a bit of running nose.

    I read from some books that kids above 2yo needs about 10 - 11hrs sleep a day. So, your son should have enough sleep.

    My daughter is also eating well in CC and I give her more nutritious dinner - Soup with fish/ meat/ lotsa veg. My daughter is also a fruits lover and she eats lotsa fruits.
  5. b2b3m4

    b2b3m4 Active Member

    Hi-5 Snowball,
    Yep, the same for my kids. In fact i was on leave yesterday bcos my 11mth old has fallen ill with fever, cough and dripping nose. The centre already warned me the previous evening when i picked her up. Another 3 babies down with the same runny nose.

    Whether your child has enuf sleep, he will self adjust by himself. CC is very structured. They eat, bathe, sleep the same time everyday. Compared to the times when they are not in CC, their sleeping times are so much more fixed. My eldest, 5 year old, the moment the time hits 10pm, she will fall asleep, be it in granny's house, in the car or else where.

    As for food, that's my biggest headache. All their breakfast and dinner are from home. Dinner definitely has all 3 major food groups, protein, carbos and greens. Fish is often serve but that is bcos i believe fish is impt for brain development. Examples of what i give them..

    1. Grilled/steam fish or chicken
    2. SAusage or nuggets (less often)
    3. Eggs (sunny side up, omelettes with vege like tomatoes & mushrooms or minced meat)
    4. Baked beans
    5. cheeses

    Carbos: rice, baked harsh browns, bread buns, sticks, corn chips, prata

    1. Stir fry / steam local vege
    2. Raw vege with dips (easy & fun)

    So if you see, the kind of food to offer them to endless. Not to mention the number of 1 pot dish, chicken rice, baked pasta, macaroni that u can offer them.

    Tonight is Mac and cheese with brocoli and portobello mushrooms.
  6. lovedogs

    lovedogs New Member

    Hi SM,

    I share the same headache with you. My #1 is 29 mth old now and has been attending full day CC since 22 mths. Before CC, I let her tried out 2-hr playgroup 3 times a week when she was 19 mths to hope she can adapt to CC better. At that time, I was on maternity leave so I was able to afford sending her to a 2-hr playgroup.

    She fell seriously ill by just attending the 2 hr playgroup till i had to delay her start of her CC. When she started CC, i was SOOOOO happy that for the 1st 2 months, she did not fall sick. BUT, since July onwards, she has been sick non stop. Running nose, cough with lotsa phelgm, fever etc... up till now! This time round, she already stopped attending CC for 3 weeks!

    I have the same problem with you that my mum cannot handle 2 kids alone. My boy now going 1 year old is walking and hyper active. My 29th mth gal is also an active toddler.... when she is sick, she will most likely spread to her didi...so u cannot imagine i sometimes run to the PD 3 to 4 times a week! I am so sadden to see that she is on antibiotics so often! and this year, she already had 2 chest xrays! Last friday, she was sent for blood and urine culture tests somemore!

    I am in such a dilemma now. She is in a fully aircon CC and I am very upset with her CC why they allow parents to bring medication to feed??? In fact, just before I chance about this thread, I just called up the CC to ask to speak to the Principal...too bad she is not there. Because i am trying to source for another CC. And I found out this other CC, they insist the parents to provide a doctor's letter certifying that the child is FIT to attend school if they are still on medication. My gal's CC is currently NOT doing that...they just feed whatever medication the parents bring in. I am really upset.

    I really do not want to change school for her as she already adapted to the place and it has a huge private outdoor play area. But i really dunno is aircon the culprit? Or is it because the CC she is in does not have strict regulations of forbidding infectious and sick child from attending.

    My mum recently hired a maid to help her... perhaps u shd consider hiring a maid for your mum too... in case ur #1 has to stay at home to recover. Because bear in mind that while the child is not fully recovered, there is a high chance of secondary infection when they go back to school since their immune system is already weak.
  7. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi Kash,

    According to my daughter's CC, they will need a Dr's letter certifying that the child is fit before they allow the child to go back to CC. But, at the same time, some kids still need medication. That is why, CC allows and help to feed the medication, as appropriate.

    You may want to check the hygiene level of the CC that is causing your child to fall sick so easily.

    It is common, when my elder gal is sick, she pass it to her mei mei and vice versa.

    Hi B2B3M4 - Hi-5! In fact, I give my kids whatever we eat. When we eat at home, we avoid deep-fried food. Our food is either pan-fried, stir-fried or steam. It is only when we are out that I let them indulge and eat fast food or other stuff.

    I also give my daughter fish oil and multi-vitamin as supplements to boost her immunity.
  8. lovedogs

    lovedogs New Member


    ur gal's CC is good! I prefer that! I have never been asked to produce any doctor's MC or letter to proof my child is FIT for school even when there is medication. Now that I found out that other schools actually practice this policy, I am so impressed! At the same time, really upset with my gal's CC that they don't bother.

    From the outside, the CC looks clean leh... they don't cook in the kitchen as they cater the food...so it is pretty clean. Just that there are alot of sick kids with cough and running nose.. [​IMG]
  9. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi Kash,

    Cough and running nose is actually very common amongst children. My daughter's still having abit of wet nose and these 2 days, has been coughing at night. I did inform her CC teacher to let me know if her condition is worsened. So far, CC teacher told me she is ok in school. She also did not show any discomfort.

    I gave her cold and cough medicine twice a day and also gave her fish oil and multivitamin to boost her immunity.
  10. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    Hi snowball

    toking abt nurtritious food, my son when gave him fruits, he'll just suck out the juice & spit out the remaining...told him tat can b eaten but he just spit it out, so end up seldom give him fruits, cos he make it too messy le...so bought those puree 4 him...he likes it...

    i agree yr CC really beri strict...mine CC aso din really care...cos i find my son recovers then i send him there but the teacher din insist on letter 2 proof my child is fit for sch...

    btw, check w u all mummies...when the child is sick, izzit tat nt suitable 2 take in multi vitamins or fish oil & wait till they recovers?
    cos previously my son was on tis fish oil, but my mum finds tat since he's on tat, he's easily sick...& tat when he's sick cannot take it...i find no logic but din argue w her...then recently my aunt recommends a multi vitamins syrup 4 my son, after taking for two days, my son cough again, my mum ask mi 2 stop the vitamins, then say is nt suitable...vitamins 2 boost immunity nt 2 leds 2 sickness..but then izzit true, when child is sick cannot take any vitamins as they r taking medication?
  11. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi SM,

    Since your child is already 25 mths old, you should let him eat the fruits instead of giving him puree. I read from some articles that chewing helps to exercise the jaws/ teeth which will inturn aids in the child to start talking faster and helps promote stronger teeth.

    I started giving fruit slices to my kids when they have about 4 - 6 teeth. That was, when they were about 10 mths old. They can handle the fruits/ vegetables/ bread w/ skin / biskuits very well. In fact, they can eat French Loaf by the time they are 18 mths old & also can talk a few words at a time already.

    When my elder daughter started attending PG class when she was 22 mths old, I started to give her Scotts Fish Oil and she was also sick almost every 1.5 - 2 mths. She was down with fever, cough/ cold, HFMD, suspected H1N1 case, etc. I continue to give her the Fish Oil when she recovers and she fell sick again. I do not know if this is conincidental that the fish oil is not suitable for her or due to the change in environment.

    There was 1 stage when I nearly stopped her from continuing school. But, we perservered on and now, we are seeing positive results.

    Currently, I am giving my daughter the syrup mulitvitamin and another brand of fish oil which so far, is working well for her. I also did check with the GP she is seeing if I should stop these when she is on medication. He advised that it is ok to continue if it is just cough/ cold and no fever but strong advised that we let our kids eat natural food to derive the necc nutrition.
  12. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    Hi snowball

    i tried 2 give him fruits when he was less than a yr old, oni banana he'll eat, the rest, he oni chew the juice, the rest he'll spit out....my son aso grows teeth slowly than others...

    told him numerous times tat it can b eaten but he just spit it out...he doesn't wan...he oni wan the juice...

    nt oni fruits, meat & some other food, he'll aso spit it out...bread, cakes, biscuits, he loved it....but when he's hungry, meat or veg y mixed it in w the rice/porridge, he'll eat...
  13. smurftie

    smurftie Member


    so upset, last wk tue, after he recovers frm his HFMD, i sent him to childcare for two half days & two 9-5 days...then on wed, he started 2 pass out loose stools...thur worst, in total he pass out more than 5 times, cos he din vomit or having fever, so tot like adult will pass loose stools a few times, then ok le...oni fri nite we brought him 2 c doc...doc says is virus, might last him for 1/2 wks...

    so end up tis wk couldn't go childcare again...i calculate, 4 sep & oct, he din go cc for more than 14 days....

    my MIL suggest tat might b the CC problem, ask mi 2 change...but i quite resistance abt changing CC cos he's used 2 the teacher & ppl there...

    tis CC quite cheap...$200 per mth oni...izzit really cheap CC nt gd?

    really headache now...diahorea for 1/2 wks....dun tell mi another 1/2 wks gone...

    any suggestion? shd i preservered on 2 tis CC.....
  14. catyeo

    catyeo Member

    Hi SM,

    Does the CC have hygienic practices? Do the staff look like they care?

    Make sure also that when your son is at CC, he is drinking enough water. Some CC or the teachers don't care about this.

    Like I've suggested to many mummies, improve immunity by adding colostrum to the milk - just half a teaspoon, once a day. I use the ChildLife brand. Cod liver oil too - I use the Nordic Naturals brand.

    And water and vit. C and enough rest too.
  15. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    Hi coolmosz

    i've accompanied my son 2 the CC for 2 half day when he first started...2 mi seems like they do care, as after they return frm outside, they'll make sure all the kids wash their hands....as 4 drinking water, i usually judge by the water in the bottle tat i brought 2 c how much water he drinks..is tat consider okie?

    where 2 get colostrum? tis colostrum is the one tat exist in our breastmilk when we just delivered 4 the first few days? will the milk taste funny cos my son's mouth beri picky...

    Cod liver oil? nt the same as those scott fish oil?
  16. catyeo

    catyeo Member

    Hi SM,

    I can't tell you how much water is enough for your son. Each person's body has different needs. I know my son hasn't had enough to drink when he feels warm/hot to touch when I pick him up from cc.

    Yes, you are right about colostrum. It is tasteless - my son is picky and has a sharp sense of smell - but he does not sense this when I started him on it.

    The ChildLife Colostrum is available at GNC, but is many times cheaper if you get it from sprees here, or order from iherb.com yourself (direct shipment in 2 weeks USD4.00 for shipment only)(let me know if you need a code to save $5 the first time). Cod liver oil has different level of quality - you will have to pay more for better quality ones.

    Hang in there - my son used to fall sick every month at cc also. Things will get better - just have to bear with it.
  17. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    Hi coolmosz

    thanks 4 the advice... [​IMG]

    sprees? under oversea sprees or the bulk purchase?

    actually now cos my son having diahorrea, i stoped him on the multivitamins syrup which was recommended by my aunty whereby he just started for oni 3 days....but i bought normal vit C tablet 4 him cos he loved sweets so used tat 2 pacify him instead of giving him normal sweets...

    just tat dunno how long he'll take...*sigh*...if within these few mths whereby i still on maternity leave, still okie...keeping my fingers cross tat after tis "sick" mth, when i return work, he'll get better....

    actually i wanted 2 give the multivitamins syrup tat my aunt recommend even though he's sick but my mum & my hb felt since he's having diahorrea, stomach nt well, stopped him first...

    tink i'm a bit anxious 2 built his immune system, cos anything i wanna give my son 2 try & take 2 built his immunity....my SIL giving another type of multivitamins 2 his son, whereby i saw they hve tablets form as well, feel like buying 4 my son, since he likes sweets...but then then my son will b taking so many different kinds of vitamins...just different brands oni...
  18. catyeo

    catyeo Member

    Hi SM,

    Your son is only 25 months old? Make sure the vit. C tablets you got him are suitable. I don't recall seeing any vit. C tablets for so young?

    Yes, don't overload his system by giving him too many supplements. The best immunity should be built up as naturally as possbible - anti-bodies he 'develops' after each infection.

    As for the sprees, they're in the overseas thread. Colostrum can be ordered from other sites besides iherb but I found iherb most convenient.

    Actually I started my son on vit. C only recently - he just turned 5. He is still on colostrum which he started before 2 (suitable for infants too).
  19. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi SM,

    So poor thing. Do give your son some yogurt which will help to build up his stomach strength. Get yogurt suitable for kids like Yoplait Petit Miam.

    Hope your Son will recover soon.

    Did the dr give your son any water replacement supplement? U can try Hydralyte which is also suitable for infants. My #2 was done with Salmonella bacteria attact when she was 6 mths old and her PD prescibe this for her to replenish the water and salt lost. Think it comes in orange or blackcurrent flavour. Nice to drink.

    I also have reasons to suspect the hygiene level of the CC. There is no definite definition that cheap CCs are no good or expensive CCs are good. I have heard of affordable CCs with high hygiene levels. I think it all depends on the principal and teachers on how they practice it.

    As my daughter is already taking alot of fruits, I do not give her vit C. Instead, I am giving her Vidalyn Syrup multivitamin (by Abbott). This is suitable for kids 1 yr and older. So far so gd. U may 1 to try. Can get from Major pharmancies.

    I only give these 2 supplements to my daughter. I will only start to give my #2 when she turns 2. Agree that we shd not overload our kids to vitamins. Let them build up their immunity.

    For my daughter's CC, the teachers will make sure that they drink at least 2 full water bottles (about 400 - 500ml each) each day. They will inform me if she is not drinking that much water when we fetch her at the end of the day.

    Hi Coolmosz - I just bought Greenlife Fish Oil w/ colostrum from Guardian Pharmacy for my daughter to try. I am waiting for her to finish her current bottle before I start her on it. Do not know good or not.
  20. lovedogs

    lovedogs New Member

    Hi SM,

    I hope your son has recovered. poor thing leh... i can totally empathized with you.

    For the month of October, I only sent my gal to her CC for 5 days in total. hahahhaa..and i also paid the full month school fees. Hers is $570 per mth after subsidy.

    I let her completely recovered from her last round of fever, cough and running nose. kept her away from school. In fact, after she completely recovered, i kept her away for 2 more days before sending her back. Sent her back last Thursday. Last nite hor, she started developing fever....39.3 in the middle of the nite. Had to wake her up to feed nurofen and sponge her.... this morning.... after panadol still 39 juz now rushed down to SBCC in gleneagles to consult her PD. No antibiotics was given. I am very upset. WHY WHY WHY???? 3 days only sick again.... Should i STOP her totally from school? She is enjoying a lot and teachers told me she picked up so fast for her concert performance despite being absent for so long... hiaz.

    as for supplements, i have been giving the following for 6 mths.... like useless leh...
    1) Childlife multivit
    2) Nordic Naturals ( i thk this is the brand...nordic something lah) cod liver oil - coz it taste soooooo yucky, i had to add in her milk..
    3) sambucol

    My hb nags me everyday why am i feeding her so many supplements. She is also taking singuliar and dhatifen.

    U see, as she is always having either phelgm or mucous, her choices of fruits are sooooo limited...either apple or papaya...many other fruits will cause phelgm [​IMG] She refuses to eat the green pear or avocado so no choice [​IMG]

    my son is due for his 4th pneumococcal jab as he juz turned 1 YO.... but i can't bring him in coz his jie jie is now down with URTI and viral fever...PD said in case spread to didi.... i am so tired every week like must run to PD clinic...work also affected...
  21. lovedogs

    lovedogs New Member


    anyone has tried TCM????
  22. catyeo

    catyeo Member

  23. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi Kash,

    I bring my kids for child massage at a TCM clinic. Find its quite good. It helps the kids in digestion and helps build up their immunity.

    My gals also always down with viral infections and my sisters asked me to try child massage. We goes about 3 - 4 times a mth.

    The physician will also check them every session and will focus the massage on specific acupuncture points if she learns that they are having cough/ developing phelgm or having running nose.

    So far so good, my 2 gals enjoyed their massage very much.

    I also do not advocate too much supplements for young kids.
  24. lovedogs

    lovedogs New Member

    Coolmosz, thanks for the link.


    Do I only bring my child to TCm when she is totally recovered from fever? ie, not on any western medicine? She is always on long term dhatifen or singulair... can these be mixed with TCM?

  25. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi Kash,

    Actually you can bring your child to TCM (do go to those reputable ones) and let the physician see your child and advice.

    So far, I know TCM who are reputable in child massage are : Yu Guo (in Eunos area) and Econ TCM (they have a clinic in Chai Chee and Jurong area).
  26. lovedogs

    lovedogs New Member

    thanks Snowball. I already intend to bring her to TCM once she recovers this round.

    Yday, realised my mum gave my gal overdose of paracetamol. then today, she nvr give at all until her temp hit 38.8 [​IMG] sometimes.... hiaz...
  27. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi Kash,

    Sometimes, old folks are like that. That is why, I always write down what med to give and what time to give and have to rely on my maid to administer med for my kids.

    My MIL is illiterate, can only tell her, but sometimes she will forget. Either give too much or forget to give.
  28. lovedogs

    lovedogs New Member


    headache... for the overdosage...i have always write down the amount. But normally she will tell me no need to write, she knows how to read from the bottle. Hiaz.... and for today, i dropped my kids off downstairs at her block and told her once she go up, please measure, if above 37.5, please give panadol. Reason being before we set off from our house, my gal was 37.4 so i nvr give yet. But i have no idea why she nvr bother to give until she hit 38.8 at 1pm. I dropped my kids off at 9.15am. My mum is not really old folk leh....she is 56 so i consider her rather young...but but... dunno why she can be sooooooooooo blur...
  29. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    Hi coolmosz

    the vit c i bought is frm PD, the nurses says it can b taken by 2yrs & up...

    okie, since i've bought tis multivitamins syrup, i shall finish it up & c....

    tks.. [​IMG]

    Hi Kash

    my son still having diarrhoea, went 2 PD yest again as he finishes his med, so doc gave another rd of it, w additional med 2 cure his diarrhoea...hope he'll recover b4 i return hm tis wkend....yr mum oni recently hired a maid 2 help her...so previously how she manages 2 take care of 2 kids? yr job must b quite flexible 4 u 2 care of yr kids....i'm just worried abt the maid problems...aso as currently i'm staying at my mum's place during wkdays, my bro & sis aso staying here...w maid, will b quite cramp le...

    btw, can i check w u the procedure & the fees involved in getting a maid? so far yr maid any problems?

    Hi snowball32

    nope PD din give anything 2 aid his water supply...but my mum will prepare barley water 4 him 2 bring cos if just water he won't drink much of it...

    Vidalyn Syrup multivitamin is the brand tat my SIL gave his son...i aso saw they hve tablets form, tinking when i finish my vit c tablets, will get tis tablet 4 him 2 take...

    oh Fish Oil w/ colostrum, hve fish oil & colostrum, so no nd 2 take two types of supplement le... [​IMG]

    really yr CC nt bad, will make sure the child drinks water & nd letter 2 certify the kid is well b4 letting them return...convenient 2 say which CC is tat? [​IMG]
  30. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    hi Kash

    izzit too busy in handling 2 kids, 4get or miss out the dosage? cos i find myself when comes 2 two kids, especially when one is sick, more grumpy, then will make mi more anxious, end up make mistakes here & there....

    tat's y mi & my mum most afraid of kids getting sick....
  31. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi SM,

    My daughter's at Agape Little Uni. So far so good, but the CC going to increase the CC fees.

    Accordingly to my daughter's PD, it is impt to give the child water replenishment as diahorrea will cause dehydration. Anyway, Hydralyte can be bought from Guardian Pharmacy. I bought a box to keep a home (for just in case) as it can be taken by adults.
  32. jajnj

    jajnj Member

    My GP ever told me that we need not buy special stuff to hydrate a child unless he is voimiting & having very bad diarrhoea. My 3rd dd (23mths) was also having diarrhoea too but stop vomitting & he said just buy H2o drink (non gassy / original) type. It's cheaper & works the same.
  33. smurftie

    smurftie Member


    my son still having diarrhoea, seen PD three times....changed another PD on the third visit, visited the PD on Sat, doc changed medication, doc given 4 days medication, doc says if condition din improve, will hve 2 send his stools for culture tests...2day is the 2rd day of medication, sun morning his stools seem much better than previous...but then later he started his watery loose stools again & the frequency of it din improve, still stays at 4-6 times...since he's having diarrohoea, he kept on having nappy rash, end up he's on cloth diaper most of the time....tiring, hve 2 wash the cloth diaper & hve 2 wash his bottom so many times a day...

    mummies, do u tink i shd go KKH 4 consultant instead of just sending his stools for test? i've changed PD hoping the doc will give different diagnoses & his condition will improve...seems like end up still the same...actually quite worried dunno wat's wrong w him...tis coming wk gg to 2rd wk of diarrhoea..

    *sigh*...another wk of childcare gone...tot tis wk he can return sch... *sigh*
  34. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi SM,

    Do your son's poo poo has blood stains? If yes, likely it is bateria infection (my daughter caught Salmonella bacteria) when she was about 4 mths old. I brought her to see PD (near our home) when she had diahorrea for 2 days but din improve. So, bring her to see the PD she saw when she was born. The PD immediately ordered that her poopoo be sent for culture and confirmed the bacteria attack.

    Apply nappy rash cream on him as the buttock area will be painful. Try Desitin, its very good. Meanwhile, make sure you keep your son hydrated.

    Since its already a few days, suggest that you send him to KKH or go back to the PD to insist for a stool test.
  35. lovedogs

    lovedogs New Member

    Hi SM,

    That's a long time since ur boy is having loose stools. I also suspect Salmonella bacteria coz a fren's boy caught it last time. I agree with Snowball that quickly send his stools for bacteria culture.

    Hope he gets well soon. And impt to keep him hydrated.

    Dun worry abt CC...its like that. My gal only attended 5 days for whole of october. And for this month, I am only planning to send her for 2 half days this week. Actually I spoke to the principal that I want to keep her away for 1 full month to get her immune system back to normal. But the principal asks me to bring her back in for the full dress rehearsal and also the concert performance this friday. SO i guess its ok. After that, i will keep her at home and will not send her back until 1st week of Dec.

    Then I will also book a place in a new CC which is non Aircon. This new CC has a good policy where by they do not feed medicine unless there is a doctor's letter certifying the kid is fit for school. If child is coughing or having running nose badly, will be quarantine as well. I don't really like the teachers as compared to my gal's current CC....curriculum also not very impressive. But but...my priority is her health...so i bo pian have decided to change. But their earliest slot in mid feb...so i still have to keep my gal in her current CC till then. I think i will change her again in 2011 to a better nursery care which I found. But long q.... 1 year waiting list.
  36. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi SM,

    How is your son now? Hope he is recovering well.

    My #2 is down with Herpes Virus - kinda mouth ulcer with swollen gums. 2nd attack in 2 mths. My #1 got a cold sore on her lips and PD advised that she could have passed it to her meimei [​IMG]

    Hi Kash,

    How's your gal now? Fully recovered already? Better CCs usually have long queues. I waited for almost 1 yr to confirm a place for my daughter.
  37. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    hi snowball/kash

    thanks 4 asking, my son still having loose stools, but the frequency has reduced to 4 times for the past 3 days...2day, till now 3rd time..still on med, yest went 2 the PD, asking 2 send his stools for test...

    wed & 2day, send him 2 CC but stayed there for 2 hrs, b4 they serve food 2 the kids, i brought him hm cos worried abt the food he ate..now keeping his food simple & light...

    tis is the longest illness he ever had....*sigh*...really thank god i'm on matenity leave, b at hm & help out...when i'm back 2 work, dunno how...

    Hi kash

    ya i agree w snowball, gg CC will hve long queue....btw, if yr gal nt gg CC, yr mum will care yr gal & yr boy har...how's the maid so far? been having tots abt hiring one as well 2 ease myself & my mum...but worried abt maid...any advice 2 share?

    how's yr gal?

    Hi snowball

    oh dear...2nd attack in 2 mths, & yr #1 aso sick...so who's caring 4 both of them now since u b working & they couldn't go CC? yr #2 & #1 must b beri cranky w mouth ulcer & swollen gum, any med? izzit similar 2 HFMD kind of mouth ulcer? will take how long 2 recover 4 them? tat time my son HFMD, doc gave some cream 4 the mouth ulcer but i hve difficult 2 apply on his son...he beri resistance 2 it, end up after applying it for 2 days we stopped upon seeing him ok w eating & drinking...
  38. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi SM,

    Oh dear, it has been quite a # of days already.
    Make sure you keep your son well hydrated.

    I have a maid to help out with housework & cooking while my MIL look after my #2 and my BIL's son. They can be a good help if they are good but can be a real pain if they are naughty. So far, I should say my maid is ok (not fantastically good) but considered not bad when compared to those horrible maids around.

    Herpes virus is basically have fever, mouth ulcers and swollen gums. PD prescribed anti herpes viral medicine and should clear up within 1 week. Similar to HFMD, my gal experienced reduced dieting due to the pain in the mouth. Just give her cold/ cool food to eat. Luckily she still 1 milk.

    My #1 has fully recovered after 3 days and went back to school. #2 still in recovering stage but her diet got better and less cranky these 2 days.

    Thanks SM for your concern and wish your son will get well real soon.
  39. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    hi snowball

    thanks... [​IMG] just now my son poo has become harden le...yest his poo frequency stayed at 2 times, 2day 3 times but the last one was hard stools...so happy finally his stools is back 2 normal...tmr shall c...

    oh at least yr #1 has recovered, leaving yr #2 but since her diet is getting better, tink she's on recovery road.... [​IMG]

    oh u hve a maid har...convenient 2 share on the procedures & fees involved in getting one? mi really giving serious tots of having one but just worried abt those maid problems...aso abt the $ involved, cos all their spending will b on us le..including doc fees rite?

    i'm so depressed, firstly over my son's diarrhoea, then last mon mi myself suddenly had tis red patches of rashes all over my body...mum says is hong mok...seen doc 4th time...been a wk le...tink like tis will come off & on...just tat the itch is killing mi...cos it has it all over my body....now hve 2 tend 2 my son & my bb...& with the itch...*stress*....cos of tis, 4 the past few days i lost my appetite...
  40. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi SM,

    My #2 also almost recovered. She has gained back almost 90% of her ususal appetite.

    Hiring Maids - Different employment agencies charge different fees. You have to decided if you 1 to employ Filipino or Indonesian or from Myanmar. Do be careful to choose a good agency as they can be very helpful when the maid gives pblm. You can read in other thread on Advice on hiring Maids and Experience. Some of the postings can scare you off but there are still good maids around. You can also learn tips and tricks to handle your maid.

    For myself - I hired a Filipino maid as my MIL cannot speak Bahasa Indonesia. With Filipino, at least my MIL can still communicate with her with her broken English.

    Hiring Fees - About $740 (inclusive of Insurance with Indemnity/ 1st time medical chkup). What I paid is considered high when compared to other agencies. But, so far, I find my maid from this agency still ok. The Agency personally picked the Maids from Philippines for hiring here. I got to know this Agency from other threads in this Forum.

    Maid's Loan - $2040 (equivalent to 6 mths' pay). We hv to pay Agent upfront and deduct from maid's pay (repayment over 6 mths)

    Pay - $360 (no off-day)

    Levy - $170 (Working Mother with children below 7 yo got better subsidy)

    Others (Dr fees/ Maids makan/ sundries/ etc) - About $100 - $150 per mth.

    6-mthly medical chkup - $30.00 (twice a yr)

    Total cost of hiring - About $700/ mth (all-in)

    I would advise that there is an adult at home to supervise the maid as your kids are still young. I am lucky to have my MIL stay with us on weekdays to help look after the kids while we are at work. My maid primary duty is to do housework and cooking. Secondary duty is to help look after the kids.

    Problem - My last maid, after repaying her loan, they start to come up with all sorts of pattern - demand off-day on weekends, ask to have her HP back, etc....We gave in to her and let her have her HP, in the end, she was on the phone almost allday (altho' we did tell her that she can only use her HP at night after she finished all her work).

    1 practical pblm you have to handle is your maid's relationship with the oldfolk. Communication misunderstanding is very common. It happens to both my maids and we have to be the middlemen.

    Oh dear, you have "hong mok"? Could be due to stress, do make some waterchestnut water to drink. It helps to clear. My #2 also got this after fever. Do take care [​IMG]
  41. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    hi snowball

    tks 4 sharing abt the maid fees etc..

    wow, still come 2 abt $700/mth, still tink abt $500/mth can settle....

    cos of my sis who is still studing, my mum can't stay w us & look after the kids...if nt i'll ask her 2 do tat...but she says when my sis step into poly/jc, she can stay w us on wkday....but tat will b in yr 2011, another yr 2 go...now on wkday i'm staying w my mum, wkend then i go back....

    hmmm..if wanna hire, hve 2 recalculate our financial...cos still hve 2 give my mum $ allowance...

    tat's wat i'm worried abt maid problems...aso my mum can't speak english...bits & pieces still managable ba...but doubt the maid can understand..[​IMG]

    so yr last maid, u sent her hm or her contract is up?

    thanks...[​IMG] might b stress or i switch on my mum vacumm cleaner which was left there untouched for 2-3 yrs..the bag never changed, so my mum suspect it's tis tat leads mi 2 tis fong mo as the dust particles came out & stick 2 mi...cos it was 1am tat i use it, so went 2 bed straight away, oni next day in the evening then i bath...never tot the vacumm cleaner can b so harmful...

    it's been coming on & off....*sigh*
  42. lovedogs

    lovedogs New Member


    oh dear! hope your children are feeling better today! It is really tough to be parents! glad to hear that your #2 is gaining back her appetite. must be heartpain for you.

    for CC, we have decided to keep her in the existing CC as it is actually pretty reputable. Intend to stop her from CC from now to perhaps 1st or 2nd week of Dec... no choice will juz pay the fees. hope by then her immune system is better.

    She has not recovered yet. Initially, she seems to have lesser phelgm and mucous.... very veyr sad as this morning, she sneezed and a lot of thick mucous again. tmr have to go PD [​IMG]

    Now worry abt my 12-mth boy. Yday morning rushed him to KKH as he suffered from high fever since sat morning.. last nite even 39.9!!! even with ice water sponging or shower, his temperature juz doesn't fall.. he so poor thing!!


    glad to hear that your son is better now... i think. Did u eventually bring his stools for testing? Hope ur hong mok is better now? normally it is due to allergy correct? Antihistamines shd help i believe.

    My dad hired a maid to help my mum. I myself do not have a maid. This maid seems ok i supposed. Been here for almost a month only so still too early to comment. if your mum prefers some help, it will be a good idea if a maid can help her esp with the household chores....
  43. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    hi kash

    oh dear, the fever beri high 4 yr son...one after another hor..at least there's a maid & yr dad 2 help things out...must b beri tiring 4 u...as parent most concern is when their kids r sick...poor thing...so i tink 2day u din go 2 work...btw, so far since Nov, how many days u work?

    ya, 2day his stools r all hard one, although he poo twice 2day but at least his stools r back 2 normal...

    my mum says if my son continues 2 b tis way, then can hire a maid 2 help things out....then he no nd go CC...i'm tinking if hire a maid i still wan my son gg CC cos he can learn things, oni when he sick then the maid will b handy, cos she can help things out when my son couldn't CC...

    i'm concern abt the $, all in all involved...

    thanks 4 asking, my hong mok 2day is gone but dunno when it'll come again...*sigh*...

    ya, eventually we sent his stools 4 test, 2day PD called & said his stools contain no bacteria, it's okie...
  44. smurftie

    smurftie Member


    2day my son seems 2 b having a bit of runny nose...cos yest he already started rubbing his nose, PD says when he did tat, he's having sensitive nose...

    so yest gave him med 4 his sensitive nose...2day he went CC but oni for 2 hrs...came back seems 2 hve a bit of runny nose, quickly give him runny nose med...then he kept on sneezing...so worried it'll pass 2 his sis...if it's just sensitive nose then i'm nt tat worried..anyway i gave him both med 2 cure it...

    *sigh*...really one after another...
  45. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi SM,

    My last maid - Contract up, she requested for transfer. I paid her air ticket $$$ and she bear the Agency transfer fees (think it was $400).

    If you decide to hire a maid, 1 way is to bring her with you to your mum's plc everyday with your kids. Good idea to keep her to help out and also an adult to watch over her. When you son is fully settled into CC, then you can consider to do away with her. But, agree that this can burn another hole in your pocket. Do your financial plng carefully before the final decision.

    Runny nose - it is quite common in kids. When they have runny nose, I let my kids take Zrytec. It helps them to recover faster. Zrytec is also good for those wif sensitive nose. When my kids were babies, their PD prescibed Zrytec drops over Idalydin drops for my kids.

    Take care...its in evitable that kids pass the virus to one another #1 to #2 then back. I agree that it can be very tiring looking after sick kids.

    I am still recovering from my sleepless nights last week from looking after my daughter.

    Hi Kash,

    How is your son now? Actually, if your son has settled into the CC, not advisable to keep changing CC.
  46. lovedogs

    lovedogs New Member

    Hi SM,

    glad to hear ur boy is now back to normal and his stools results are normal [​IMG] I think he is having running nose again as u sent him back to school. That's my experience also. hiaz...if we want our kids so young to attend CC, i guess we have to accept that such things will always happen. PD always also tell me she sensitive airways etc...to me no loh, she has caught something thats why displaying symptoms like running nose. And when it is like that, she is contagious and can anytime spread to her didi...

    my boy's fever has subsided! thank goodness...brought both kids to PD yday during my lunch hour and PD said if my boy still has fever by tonite, tmr has to bring back (but he was ok whole of yday afternoon and last nite [​IMG] hope he is on the road to recovery liao...however, he is still cranky and wants to be carried all the time although he can walk liao). As for my gal, her voice box is still infected and having phelgmy cough and running nose. PD said it will take weeks and he doesn't want to over medicate her....she is on ventolin puff and zrytec only.

    U mean whether i was on leave in Nov? Yes, I took 1.5 days leave last week... coz brought them to TCM (which I don't think help at all) and also coz last friday my gal's CC concert day...took leave to watch her perform [​IMG] sooooooo cute! heehee...

    Hi Snowball,

    heehee....it is my gal who is in CC...my son juz turned 1 YO only...so dun have plans to send him to CC so soon... [​IMG]

    ur girls fully recovered liao?? btw, what is the min amt of Vit C for toddlers per day? My gal is approaching 30 mths.... thanks...
  47. lovedogs

    lovedogs New Member

    hi Snowball,

    As I was told that antihistamines will have side effects, it is better not to let the kids take for long term. Zrytec is 1 of them. The side effect will be after continous taking of the same med, the body will no longer respond to it anymore. so the med will deem to be ineffective.
  48. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi Kash,

    Oopps, I mistook your gal for the younger child...blur me :p

    Yes, my girls have fully recovered and regained their buddly self. So happy [​IMG] I am giving my #1 multivitamin (Vidalyn) - above 1 yr - 4 yrs : 2.5ml. I also give her fish oil w/ colostrum (suitable for 2 yrs and above) - 1 buslet per day.

    I will only start my #2 when she start PG next year.

    In fact, most western medicine got side effects if taken long-term. So, I usually stop when my kids fully recovered. Thanks for highlighting.
  49. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    hi snowball/kash

    glad 2 hear tat both yr kids r recovering... [​IMG]

    thanks...my son recoverd frm his runny nose, now is cough...instead my PD gave mi sensitive nose med, ketotifen, 4 my son, seems quite effective 4 him...so now giving him normal cough med 2 ease him...at least his runny nose din last long...

    abt maid, my hb tink nt wise 2 get them...cos of $ & the problem involved...he says shall c how my son is when i return 2 work...

    my hong mok (rashes) came back, it really bothers mi a lot, affecting my appetite & sleep...makes mi quite stressful...doc gave mi tis med, tat is has antihistamines effect after checking internet on the med...but doc din say, oni say it's meant 4 itch but really after taking it b4 i sleep, the next day all rashes cleared up...then yest when i had the rash again, i din take it, some cleared up, some appear again...but the med will cause drowniess, so dun dare take it during the day...tink everynite i'll take one 2 decrease the effect of histamines...dunno when my rash will completely cleared off.. *sigh*...
  50. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi SM,

    When are you going back to work? Do make arrangements that are comfortable to both of you and your mum. It can be quite stressful for oldfolks to look after young kids actually. My MIL helped us to look after our kids (with maid to help). But, when my BIL also bring his son over, I can see that my MIL get stressed out. That is why we decided to switch my #1 to fullday CC. Luckily she is adapting well at CC. We plan to send #2 to fullday CC when she turns 2 in 6 mths' time so let my MIL can relax a bit. By then, we also plan to do away with the maid.

    Oh dear, your hong mok came back? Do try to drink more cooling drinks (water chestnut boiled with Parsley/ roots on), Or you can boil JinYing Hua with Crysanthenmum tea. It is believed to help clear body toxic and helps you heal faster. You can also apply some calamine lotion to sooth the itch.

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