Advice Needed: How to remove milk stain from baby's milk bottle



Anyone can share on how to remove milk stain from baby's milk bottle. Had tried to use baby's liquid cleanser however it does not come off.

Hi blisslive

My experience is to soak the bottle with water after my girl finishes the milk....then a while later wash with cleanser and should come off...

Try and see if it works on the kind of milk powder/milk bottle you use...
Hi blisslive,

How bout putting some beans in it and shake it with water in it, and then shaking it again with beans but this time without water. It works for me.
Hi Zolldoll

What kind of bean you use ?

But if the milk stain had been on the milk bottle for quite awhile already how to remove the stain ?
Hi, sorry for the late reply. I use red or green beans lor. But if after trying and all else fails, i would advice you to just change the bottle, it would be the best for your child.
A pump of the nuk cleanser, filled the bottle with 1/2 water and washed it with the nuk brush. The nuk brush comes with a teat brush as well.
u can oso use the rice to put in bottle & shake hard..the stains should be able to remove. It's the same concept as using the beans.
Hi, SIL was just telling over the weekend that she used white vinegar to sterilise the bottles and the stains came off.

hope that helps.
Hi, my MIL used jiff to wash off the milk stains on the medela bottles, then used a sterilize tablet to soak for an hour or 2, then boiled the bottles 2 times. I saw that there are some scratches on the inside of the bottles. Are the bottles still safe for using?
Hi Blisslive,

I used to have milk stain on the milk bottle.I realised that if i soak the bottle with a warm solution made from the liquid cleanser works.
After feeding, rinse the bottle and soak in the warm solution. Later then wash as per normal and the stain will be removed.. (",)
Hi Blisslive,
an article from Parents Mag. latest Nov/Dec issue suggested using toothpaste and it will works wonder to remove the stale milk smell from milk btl.
Apply a little on the btl brush and brush the btl.

How abt those milk stain on the sterilizer itself?? I tried scrubbing it but ends up with all the scratches but milk stains still there....
Consider twice, thrice to change the bottles. Even there's no stain, periodic bottle replacement is advisable since today plastic bottles r used; and frequent sterilizing does changes the chemical composition of the material.

Anyone can share on how to remove milk stain from baby's milk bottle. Had tried to use baby's liquid cleanser however it does not come off.

Just hanging around and stopped by, I've successfully removed them completely. At the beginning, I was suggested to use silicon sponge, but it didn't work. I filled it with hot water for some time, and then pulled put the water, poured some vinegar inside and shake the bottle for about 3 minutes. And then use the baby bottle brush to brush every part inside the bottle. At last once again, I filled it with hot water, then it was sparkling clean.